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Unless you use a prep center for all of your Amazon products, you are going to need to prep, pack and ship from your home or office. In this category we have gathered some of the best tools we have heard about or use ourselves to make this job easier.  Amazon is really specific about having labels that don't smudge, whether it is a FNSKU or a shipping label. This list is just a starting point, as each item is available from many different sources. Here are some quick tips for some common problems:
Stickers – In addition to the products below, use a damp cloth and and iron for 15 seconds.  Or try a hair dryer to heat it up. Use WD-40 for residue.
Permanent Marker – alcohol, wet dry eraser or an eraser

We are all so used to the 2″ tape guns and rolls that we don't think about spending a little more and getting a three inch tape gun.  But if you tape a lot of boxes, it can save quite a bit of money and give you a stronger, tighter seal. Instead of running the tape across the seam 2-3 times, you will usually only need one pass with a 3″ tape gun. The 3″ tape seems to be quite a bit stronger than the others.

This tool helps you reduce your shipping boxes to the exact size that you need. Cutting your boxes down to size helps save you money because smaller boxes mean less shipping costs and less weight from having to fill them with packaging. The tool is easy to  use. For a quick video of the box sizer tool in action, click here.

We use this tool for opening boxes as it prevents damaging whatever is inside the box.  

  • Durable plastic body with both concealed & protruding blade
  • Quickly & safely cuts strapping, tape, cardboard, wrapping,etc
  • Hi-vis for easy recognition in toolboxes
  • Tool-free blade change
  • Includes spare blade

You can certainly use Goo Gone or even lighter fluid to remove stickers, but we find this product to be the best out there.  Just dab it on the sticker, let it sit and then it will just come off with the included plastic scraper.

  • Removes stickers, tape, price tags and gum from hard surfaces 
  • Removes stickers from painted wood, kitchen utensils, etc.

These tools are the perfect way to peel off the stickers from the item without damaging the original package. You might want to use the Sticker Remover or the Goo Gone to help loosen the label.

  • The Original is safe for use on paper
  • The SP-2 is safe for use on hard surfaces such as metal and glass, and has a self-lubricating sheath
  • 1 Metal Blade with Cover
  • Non-stick finish
  • Ergonomic design

We sell items of all sizes so this combo set is perfect for us.  You can buy just one size from a selection of sizes on this listing as well.  A search of Amazon will turn up lots of listings.

  • 400 industrial strength poly bags per set. 100 bags per size – 6×9, 8×10, 9×12, 11×14
  • Peel off strips are super sticky. Better hold than Uline bags.
  • 100% virgin, high clarity polyethylene film.
  • High quality 1.5 Mil (.0015″) LDPE
  • 100% recyclable. Great for FBA.
  • Suffocation warnings are in English and Spanish

The Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo is undoubtedly the most popular thermal label printer among Amazon sellers. It prints 71 labels per minute. If you only want to print FNSKU labels, this is the one to get. Thermal printers don't use ink, so they can save you money in the long run. And the print doesn't smudge. And while the DYMO brand labels can be a bit pricey, there are tons of sellers on Amazon selling compatible labels at a much lower price. Just make sure you get peelable labels for your FNSKU labels, per Amazon policy


The DYMO LabelWriter 4XLcan print larger labels, up to and including shipping labels. You can use it to print Amazon, UPS, USPS, DHL, and FedEx shipping labels. But it is also capable of printing smaller labels like Amazon FNSKU labels, you just have to change the size of the labels in the printer.

  • PRINT XL SHIPPING LABELS: Print labels up to 4 Inches wide, including 4 x 6 Inches shipping labels, warehouse labels, barcode and identification labels, bulk mailing labels, and other large format labels
  • HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE: Select from over 60 professional label templates and customize text and graphics with free DYMO Software
  • PRINT FAST: Up to 53 standard 4 line address labels or 129 high capacity 4 line address labels per minute

We really like air pillows for packaging and had no idea for the longest time that they were this inexpensive.

  • These pillows are brand new and prefilled with air
  • Ready to Use!! No machine needed. This is the lightest void fill material on the market. Many times lighter than kraft paper or packing peanuts without the mess, and they are reusable. 100 pillows weigh approximately 2.4 ounces. That's only 2/3rd of a gram each.
  • Pillows are inflated to 2/3 full (manufacturers recommendation) At least 12 extra pillows are included free, to make up for any flat or under inflated ones.
  • Each pillow is perforated and connected together in a strand, so you can tear off exactly how much you need for your packaging
  • This product has a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

There are lots of shipping scales out there, we happen to like this one.  We like that the readout is separate from the scale.

  • SMART DESIGN – Postal scale is professional looking with a wide platform to easily weigh a variety of package and mail sizes. Weight reading is displayed on an easy to read, backlit LCD display. Display unit has a long extendable cord that can be easily mounted on the wall. 
  • HELPFUL FEATURES – Digital us scale comes with a number of features to make shipping and mailing simple. Tare weighing function allows user to weigh an empty box or container for net weight determination. Hold button displays and locks the stabilized weight
  • ADVANCED WEIGHING – High precision sensors gives the most accurate weight readings while auto calibration option ensures package weight readings remain reliable and consistent
  • MULTIPLE MODES – Useful for a variety of weighing purposes, electronic postal scale displays readings in g, kg, lb and lb:oz. Scale has a high capacity up to 110lbs / 50kg with a division 0.1oz / 2g. USPS postal gives instant, accurate readings, sure to match up with the post office

Depending on your business model, a wireless barcode scanner can really speed things up, especially if you are listing books, but really anytime you have several products to list. If you are a Fulfilled By Merchant seller, then these can be super helpful.

  • Long Distance Wireless Transmission Technology.Delivers up to 400m transmission in open air/100m transmission indoor. No More Data Cable Needed, easily connected with your laptop, PC etc.
  • With Mini USB Receiver,USB plug-and-play, no drive installation needed.Just plug USB and open up a EXCEL/WORD file then scan,works like a virtual keyboard input
  • Two paring mode: One-to-one mode,More-to-one mode. At one-to-one mode,one scanner only transmit barcode to the one usb receiver. AT More-to-one mode,Multiple scanners can transmit barcode to the one usb receiver – ideal in a warehouse where several people are scanning at once.
  • Two working mode:Instant upload mode / storage mode. Internal offline storage supports up to 100,000 barcodes in offline storage mode. Scan and store barcode when far away from the receiver,and then update the data to your device when you come back entering the wireless transmission range.
  • Two scanning mode:Key the trigger to begin scanning or switch to automatic mode for quick scanning without pressing any buttons

If you want to use your phone with some of the scouting tools that allow you to scan items and quickly decide if they are a good buy, then a bluetooth scanner can really speed up that process.  There are serveral to choose from but this one is 1/3 the price, has great reviews and will do continuous scanning.

  • 3-in-1 Connection Design:Compatible with Blue Tooth Function; 2.4G Wireless connection with the included USB adapter; Wired connection. Easily connected with your laptop, PC, mobile phone, tablet, iphone, ipad, POS. Work with Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS, Windows Mobile, Android OS, iOS.
  • Long Transmission Distance: Delivers up to 50m /164ft transmission distance in the environment without any obstacles
  • Two upload mode :Instant upload mode + Storage mode.Scan and store barcode in the built-in storage of the scanner,and then uploadall the stored data to your device in batch later .the internal storage can save up to 5000 barcode
  • Three scanning mode: Key trigger mode + Auto-induction mode + Continuous Mode.
  • With advanced CCD sensor ,Support reading linear barcode directly from a Computer Screen and mobile phone

We do a lot of toys and board games.  Sometimes items come in with torn shrink wrap and it is nice to be able to make the product look new.  We also shrink wrap our more expensive books. There are 24″ sealers out there, but they usually run around $200.

  • No warm-up needed, can be used right away; Portable and compact size. 16″ long sealing element
  • Auto LED shut-off indicator light. Anti-rust aluminum case
  • Perfect Seal for Bags with Varied Thickness: The adjustable timer switch allows more accurate control over the sealing process
  • Durable and robust handle resists heat and electricity; Heat Time: 3.5 Sec
  • Versatile Sealing Capability: Ideal for sealing plastics bags, polythene, bubble wrap etc

14″ shrink wrap is the perfect size for most toys and games. It is an easy size to work with.

  • 14″ X 500′
  • Clear PVC Centerfold Shrink Wrap Film Roll – 75 gauge
  • Opens to 14″ wide; Heat gun is preferable to shrink film
  • Quantity: 1
  • Meets requirements for secondary food contact

For larger items you might need 24″ shrinkwrap.  You can still use it with the 16″  Impulse sealer by just sealing from two angles.

  • 24″ X 500′
  • Clear PVC Centerfold Shrink Wrap Film Roll – 75 gauge
  • Opens to 24″ wide; Heat gun is preferable to shrink film
  • Quantity: 1
  • Meets requirements for secondary food contact

You will need a heat gun to shrink the shrink wrap tight around the box.  This is our favorite.

  • Superior coil design heats more quickly and maintains even temperature
  • High and low temperature settings
  • Durable abs body
  • Three way switch
  • Six foot power cord

Occasionally we have a bag with no suffocation label.  It is against Amazon guidelines to not have one.  So we get these, inexpensive and handy. 

  • 1000 Labels (2 Rolls of 500),2″ X 2″ Stickers
  • Suffocation Warning Labels,´Keep Away from Small Children´
  • Strong adhesive peel-and-stick labels

If you are selling or distributing products in or to the State of California you are required by law to disclose information regarding harmful chemicals in your products. Such as chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. You don’t want to get fined or worst case scenario arrested. 

  • PERFECT SIZE – 1 x 2 inch rectangle labels

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