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translate iconIn order to expand your business to new markets, you need to translate your Amazon product listings to the target languages of the market want to sell on. On your Amazon listing, you’re competing with local sellers who know how to describe their products perfectly in the local language, so you’ll need to hire someone who can reliably do the same, or hopefully even better. But to really do it right, you will want someone who also understands keywords and how Amazon works. The companies below specifically say that they work with Amazon sellers.

Choosing to use a service for your Amazon business is an important decision. While we do not recommend any services, as we are unable to test them all, we try to bring new services to your attention and  give you enough data to make an informed decision. All always, try to check out any company you choose to do business with before signing up.

Amazon Translate is a neural machine translation service that delivers fast, high-quality, and affordable language translation. Neural machine translation is a form of language translation automation that uses deep learning models to deliver more accurate and more natural sounding translation than traditional statistical and rule-based translation algorithms. Amazon Translate allows you to localize content – such as websites and applications – for international users, and to easily translate large volumes of text efficiently.

Free Tier
2 million characters per month for 12 months
The Free Tier is available to you for 12 months, starting from the date on which you create your first translation request. When your free usage expires, or if your application use exceeds the free usage tier, you simply pay standard, pay-as-you-go service rates.

Pricing: $15.00 per million characters.

FBA Translations offers a no-hassle solution to getting your Amazon listings professionally translated by native-speaking translators who know Amazon FBA. Their language experts analyze your keywords and competitors to ensure your listing is on track for success. Your listing will be thoroughly localized and translated by professional, native speaking copywriters experienced with the Amazon marketplace.

List your products and start selling in under two weeks. They offer fast turnaround and the option to expedite your order so that you can get your listing up in no time.

Their translators are also professional copywriters who know Amazon keyword research, and how to transform your translated content into localized sales copy that reaches your target audience.

Starting at 320.00 per listing.

geekspeak provides Amazon sellers with services including product photography, optimized basic listings, A+ design, storefronts, PPC management, and listing optimization. They a part of Amazon’s Solution Provider Network as a trusted supplier for Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) detail pages and Amazon translation services.

Expect professionally written and engaging SEO (Search Engine Optimized) content with high ranking keywords that can help you turn browsers into buyers. There are three types of PPC ads that are available depending on the type of account you have – Headline Search Ads, Product Display Ads and Sponsored Product Ads. When designed and managed properly, PPC campaigns can help shoppers find your products and increase sales and geekspeak are experts in advertising on Amazon.

Photography services include tabletop, lifestyle, infographic, image processing and 360-degree photos.

Their team of professional translators go beyond simple translation by localizing and optimizing content. They ensure your keyword terms and product content are accurate based on the local terminology used in a region. 

Gengo is an official Amazon global selling partner who makes the process of translating and updating multilingual product listings easy and affordable. They process millions of words per week in eCommerce translation from sellers all over the world.

With 21,000+ qualified translators working in all time zones, new jobs are picked up and translated in minutes, no matter what time or day of the week, usually within hours.

Using rigorous multi-phased screening and ongoing review processes, Gengo produces high-quality human translation at ⅙ the cost of a traditional agency.

Low, per-word costs from $0.05. Translate all your campaigns without breaking the bank. No contracts, no upfront fees, no negotiation.

KL Translations is a London based translation agency that is proud to offer online marketing translation services in over 100 languages for your Amazon listings. They will only assign trained and skilled online marketing translators with adequate industry knowledge of a specific project. 

The company employs native and professional translators with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in online marketing translation. They are passionate about providing high quality professional service for corporate and individual clients alike. KLT offers a wide range of specialized online marketing translations and are prepared to meet your needs and surpass your expectations on any online marketing translation project.

The Phifer Group is experienced in the world of online marketing languages and offers flawless translation services. They offer many additional keyword, SEO, editing and proofing services. The can provide specialist copywriting services to meet the complex SEO requirements of Amazon. Their Native Speakers know just the right words and phrases to inspire trust and a real human connection to brands.

You can expect your order completed and returned within 1-3 business days if you are ordering a small number of listing translations.

They offer the following Amazon Listing Translation Packages:

  • Full Listing (1 Language) €50
  • Full Listing + SEO (1 Language) €65
  • Full Listing + SEO + Photos (1 Language) €74

Translate By Humans will translate and localize your Amazon listings using only humans and not computerized translators.
They will spend time understanding your products and services along with your marketing goals. This will help them create better, localized content to support your online store and ensure that all the right clients are sent your way.

Product descriptions such as size, material, specifications, etc. are important factors considered before making an online purchase. These factors need to be made available in a customer's regional language for the individual to be in a position to make a choice.

Translate user reviews so that your customers no longer have to think twice before making purchases.

Localized customer support delivered in a customer's regional language will ensure that the customer feels welcome and well understood.

Please contact for quote.

YLT (Your Listing Translation) is dedicated to one thing- providing you with the highest quality Amazon listing translations, that make more sales. They are the only agency on the market which is offering listing optimization for all internationals markets, in all languages out there. They understand sellers and also how the A9 Amazon algorithm works and how it can help you boost your sales.

  • Listing translation per language
  • Offering listing translations from English to German, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese language.
  • Translations are done by native translators from the industry, who are not ordinary translators, but also marketers.
  • Translation includes optimization and localization of title, bullets, product description, Enhanced Brand Content (no extra charge)
  • Keyword research in the target language and backend keyword strings.
  • No word limit


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