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amazon box with banned on sideYour Amazon account is suspended, now what? Many sellers make common mistakes which end up damaging the appeal process, delaying reinstatement, and reducing the chance for positive replies from Amazon. Reinstatement is a process, and it is very important to start implementing the right practices as soon as the account is suspended. The companies below can help steer you through the nerve wracking experience of getting you seller account unsuspended. Don't give up hope, it can be done.

Choosing to use a service for your Amazon business is an important decision. While we do not recommend any services, as we are unable to test them all, we try to bring new services to your attention and  give you enough data to make an informed decision. All always, try to check out any company you choose to do business with before signing up.

Amazon Appeal Letter offers legitimate, unique appeals which state exactly what the issues are pertaining to your specific case. They look to give you complete transparency, help fix the problems, give you guidance and assistance, as one should expect when hiring a company to work on their case. They have a 97% success rate of getting accounts reinstated. They know what Amazon wants to hear, and understand what Amazon is asking for and how things should be submitted to Amazon.

  • Inauthentic – This service is to help appeal your selling privileges being removed due to complaints of the authenticity of your items, and submission of manipulated/forged documents.
  • Performance – Selling Privileges Removed Due To Poor Performance.
  • Linked Accounts – This service is to help appeal your selling privileges being removed due to Amazon relating your account to an account that cannot be used to sell.
  • Policy Violation – This service is for accounts that received a policy violation, yet have not been suspended/deactivated.

Contact for a free consultation. Prices for a standard reinstatement start at $799, but vary based on the reasons for your Amazon issue.

Amazon Sellers Attorney helps sellers with appealing Amazon suspension, account deactivation, Vendor Central suspension, reinstatement of Amazon seller account, ASIN Reinstatement, and all your eCommerce law needs.  They offer fixed fees with unlimited revisions and free escalations provided, along with 24 hour telephone and chat support with an Amazon lawyer. Their Amazon suspension consultants are there to help you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They can also can handle any of your Amazon seller account legal needs, such as brand-gating support, trademark registration, and design and utility patent registration. They also take care of removing listing hijackers, branding and brand protection and arbitration to sue Amazon.

Rosenbaum Famularo, PC is the law firm behind Amazon Sellers' Lawyer and they have offices around the world. They help suspended Amazon sellers get their accounts and listings back.

If your Amazon selling account has been suspended, you’ve lost a listing (ASIN), been accused of intellectual property infringement, or are developing a private label brand, contact Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer for a free consultation. They can also assist with copyrights, trademarks and patents.

They have several free books on their website covering suspension, copyright, trademark, fashion on amazon and Chinese intellectual property law.

Amazon Sellers Protection has worked with Amazon sellers for the past 7 years to ensure you get the absolute best chance of reinstating your Amazon seller account. They will evaluate your situation, provide a comprehensive plan of action, and personally help you through their highly-tested and effective appeal process. Your business sustainability is their goal and they will make sure to leave you with instructions on how to better operate, manage and run your business in a way that you are protected from future suspensions.

They work with all suspension types such as policy violations, performance suspensions, trademark/copyright infringement, inauthentic Items, linked accounts, fraudulent/hacked accounts, blocked ASINS, restricted products, amazon prime suspensions and many others.

The standard appeal starts at $299 for an under 36 hour response. A 24 hour response costs $399.

Amazon Suspension was created by Amazon sellers to help you get your account reinstated. The have a 99% success rate and create original documentation to fight your case. In 2018 they reinstated 850 Amazon seller accounts. They will write your appeal within 7 days, or quicker with expedited plans.

Issues they can help you with include:

  • ​Related accounts
  • ​Inauthentic items
  • ​Expired items
  • Account verification
  • Counterfeit items
  • ​“Order Defect Rate” above 1%
  • ​“Late Shipment Rate” above 4%
  • ​“Pre-Fulfillment Cancel Rate” above 2.5%
  • Products not as advertised
  • Seller identity, Prohibited items

Their basic service starts at $299, with expedited service of 3 days available for $399. For 24 hour services the price is $899.

Amazon Suspension Lawyer reviews every case, identifies the issues causing seller account suspension and devises a unique plan of action to restore selling privileges. In the event Amazon refuses to restore your selling privileges, even after exhausting the appeals process, they have the skills and competence necessary to resolve disputes through Amazon’s arbitration process. They offer a free consultation for all prospective clients. 

They have in depth knowledge of Amazon's policies and can help resolve ASIN violations, inauthentic item complaints, inaccurate product descriptions and intellectual property violations.

  • Inauthentic item complaints
  • Wrong item ordered or unwanted product returns
  • Inaccurate product descriptions
  • Copyright, trademark infringement and intellectual property
  • Used products sold as new
  • ASIN violations
  • Violations, suspensions and appeals
  • Buyer complaints 

A-Plus Global eCommerce is a one-stop solution for a full-fledged resolution of your suspended Amazon seller account. The shortest time it takes to write an Amazon appeal letter is 24 hours. This period can increase to 3-4 business days as per the details of a particular suspended amazon account and the kind of service requested by the seller.

Their team supports you in making an authentic, compelling, and mistake-free appeal if your Amazon account is suspended. The appeal they create will be customized specifically for your Amazon account and will be professional, precise, and personalized. After submission, the team takes care to follow up on the application and ensures that the account has been reinstated.

In case of failure of resolution of an issue, they offer a money-back guarantee. However, they have a success rate of over 90% in getting Amazon accounts reinstated.

They also offer other services:

  • Suspension Prevention
  • Suspension Appeal
  • Account Health Check
  • Sales Boost
  • Website Design
  • App Development

Appeal Amazon Suspension is unlike any other service as they provide an effective, multi-step, personalized plan to analyze and provide remedies for Amazon Sellers to help them understand the root cause behind why Amazon suspended their seller account. They specialize in tough case Amazon seller suspensions and appeals. They are Amazon sellers themselves and have reinstated over 1,650 accounts in the last 5 years.

Their team has extensive knowledge of all Amazon policies, rules, and condition guidelines and the experience and expertise to handle all types of Amazon suspensions in order to help you reinstate your suspended Amazon seller account.

  • Amazon Appeal Service – Their service is to design your appeal letter so that Amazon realizes you acknowledge the problem and are offering remedies to correct it.
  • Amazon Suspensions – Discover the steps needed to reinstate your Amazon Seller Account and comply with all of Amazon's policies, rules and condition guidelines.
  • ASIN Reinstatement – They will appeal your performance notifications and prevent these issues from escalating into an Amazon suspension.
  • Intellectual Property Suspensions – Solutions for reinstating trademark, copyright, patent and counterfeit infringements on Amazon.

Appeal Wizards rescues Amazon sellers who have been suspended or had their products taken down by Amazon and need help with the appeals process. The Appeal Wizards team specializes in the Amazon appeals process and are experts in legal writing, appeal strategy, and appeal escalation. With a 100% 5-star review rate, Appeal Wizards has proven that its strategic and sophisticated approach to account and ASIN reinstatements delivers results.

If you are interested in working with their team on an Amazon suspension use the code ‘A2ZPromo' to receive a discount

They are capable of drafting your appeal in 24 hours and will be with you every step of the way to get you back to selling.

  • Amazon Account Reinstatement – Get help reinstating a suspended or deactivated Amazon seller account.
  • Amazon ASIN Reinstatement – We will reinstate your blocked product listings quickly and seamlessly.
  • Amazon Account Monitoring – We monitor your seller account to identify red flags before they lead to suspensions or deactivations.

If you are interested in working with their team on an Amazon suspension use the code ‘A2ZPromo‘ to receive a discount

Since 2014, ecommerceChris has been working to help Amazon Sellers reinstate their accounts and ASINs on Amazon. Chris and his team of former Amazonians are here to make sure your appeal will succeed. They are experts at what they do because they worked inside of Amazon Seller Performance, assessing Seller’s appeals and deciding who should get reinstated.

Services provided include:

  • Account Reinstatement – Doing it right the first time means you’ll be reinstated faster, and you can get back to business.
  • Review Solicitation Messaging Compliance – Make sure your post-order messaging to buyers is TOS compliant. 
  • Appeal Escalation – You may need to escalate. Escalation is your last shot, so it’s vital that this is handled by an expert.
  • IP Infringements – Valid or not, if you’ve received a notice claim of infringement, you need to take action. Handling the Amazon side is just as important as handling the legal side.
  • ASIN Reinstatement – Take action and respond the way Amazon wants you to.
  • Account Hacked or Compromised – If Amazon suspends you for poor account security and repeat account compromises, you need a POA drafted by someone who understands what Seller Performance needs you to do to fix it. 

eGrowth Partners provides a range of services to help Amazon sellers grow and protect their business. They help clients with their most pressing Amazon issues.

Services include category ungating, customer service coverage, product review audits, brand registry applications, account suspension prevention, account assessments and appealing against listing and account suspensions. They also provide legal assistance for trademarks, bogus IP complaints and other legal matters Amazon sellers can face.

They provide Amazon Account Management that includes weekly in-depth analysis, account clean-up, strategy sessions, consulting and other services.

ESQgo is a digital age law firm founded by a 7-Figure Amazon Seller. The world's most innovative merchants use Amazon to build their brand. It's time for a law firm that understands their needs, and protects their business. They can assist with ASIN reinstatement, Amazon account reinstatement and listing hijacker removal. They can also help with any kind of trademark, copyright or intellectual property issues.

Other issues they can help solve:

  • Intellectual property issues
  • Perception of product quality
  • Selling products not allowed on Amazon
  • Discovery of multiple seller accounts
  • Buyers complain about your products
  • Account hacks
  • Significant delivery Issues
  • Severe lack of product support
  • Bad UPC codes
  • Falsifying sales offers two services.

First they offer a monthy subscription service for $28.95 per month that is basically an insurance policy just in case you get suspended. For just a small monthly sum you'll get access to professionally written templates and videos which talk you through how to handle your current issue.

Second, they offer help with unsuspending your account if your account meets this terrible fate. Before you give them any money, they will review your situation and tell you how likely they think it is that they will succeed in getting your account unsuspended. They will hold your hand and get you through it. If they are able to help you the service is $559.

Riverbend Consulting has a 5 step appeal process. First they thoroughly research your account. Next they find the root cause and discuss it with you. Then they create a custom appeal letter that answers Amazon's concerns. They have a standard appeal which takes 3 days or an expedited appeal that is ready in 24 hours. Follow up is included in case additional letters are needed. And finally they provide suggestions to keep your account healthy and active. They can help with:

  • Inauthentic Claims
  • Counterfeit Claims
  • Used Sold As New
  • IP Counterfeit Infringement
  • Trademark Infringement
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Late Shipment Rate
  • Order Defect Rate
  • Linked Accounts
  • Safety Complaints
  • Forged Documents
  • Review Manipulation

Sellercare® is the exclusive reinstatement consulting company for Payability. When Payability clients get suspended, Sellercare® manages their Amazon suspension cases and assists with reinstatement.

Sellercare® is a consulting firm that caters to established Amazon sellers with high-volume sales on Amazon. They are the first U.S based consulting company to offer e-Commerce seller performance services to Amazon sellers. They offer a variety of services which range from account management software, suspension prevention, blocked ASINs, account notations, infringement complaint retractions, and resolving the most difficult account suspensions. We are a one stop shop for all seller performance related matters for top seller clientele. They have reinstated over 1900 accounts this year.

Services include account reinstatement, ASIN Reinstatement and Complain Retraction, along with suspension prevention.

Suspension Experts offer a service that is like health insurance, but for your Amazon account. So instead of spending hundreds of dollars if your Amazon or ASIN gets suspended, just pay a monthly fee and they will be there to help you if it does happen.

Unlimited Suspension Support
Expert support for your Amazon suspension at no additional cost.

Unlimited ASIN Support
Blocked ASIN Support for your products. Bespoke appeal letters and plan of action.

Quarterly Account Reviews
Prevent suspension and follow best practice with a call and account review.

$99 to join, then $19.95 monthly.

Thompson & Holt are an independent Amazon specialist firm based in Manchester, United Kingdom which was established in 2014. They are one of the UK’s leading Consultants in Amazon Seller Suspensions. They have helped over 5,000 Amazon Sellers reinstate their Amazon Seller Accounts and ASINs since 2014.

Their core sector of expertise is dealing with Amazon Seller Suspended Accounts and reinstating them in the shortest possible time. They utilize the experience of ex-Amazon staff who used to work in the Amazon Seller Performance Team and review Seller appeals, they know how to write your Amazon appeal letter and plan of action to get you back selling on Amazon, in as little as 24 hours, although the average time to get reinstated is 72 hours.

Standard appeal is $660. 

YoungLanes Amazon Appeal will work directly with Amazon representatives to get your Amazon account reinstated usually within 24-48 hours. They use internal contacts within Amazon Seller Performance to identify your exact suspension issues, and then draft strong plans of actions solely based on details

EBay Seller Account Suspension Reinstatement – $499.00
PayPal Account Limitations Release / Reinstatement – $799.00
Complaint Retraction & Listing Reinstatement – $399.00
7-10 Business Day Standard Amazon Appeal Package – $275.00
3-5 Business Day Expedited Amazon Appeal Package – $475.00
12 – 24 Hour – Guaranteed Reinstatement Package  – $625.00
Amazon Account Protection Services – $1,599.00
Negative Feedback Removal Service – $199.00
Amazon Ghost Account Creation – $1,099.00
Amazon Seller Suspension Insurance Coverage – $500.00

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