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Unfortunately, there are many reasons that Amazon sellers might need the legal services of an attorney.  Sometimes it might be for good reasons like getting a trademark or patent. But at other times there can be issues either with Amazon, suppliers, other sellers or customers that cannot be settled without legal intervention.  The firms below can help you through these trying times. We have limited our list to only those companies that specifically say that they help Amazon sellers.

Choosing to use a service for your Amazon business is an important decision. While we do not recommend any services, as we are unable to test them all, we try to bring new services to your attention and  give you enough data to make an informed decision. All always, try to check out any company you choose to do business with before signing up. T

Amazon Sellers Attorney helps sellers with appealing Amazon suspension, account deactivation, Vendor Central suspension, reinstatement of Amazon seller account, ASIN Reinstatement, and all your eCommerce law needs.  They offer fixed fees with unlimited revisions and free escalations provided, along with 24 hour telephone and chat support with an Amazon lawyer. Their Amazon suspension consultants are there to help you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They can also can handle any of your Amazon seller account legal needs, such as brand-gating support, trademark registration, and design and utility patent registration. They also take care of removing listing hijackers, branding and brand protection and arbitration to sue Amazon.

Rosenbaum Famularo, PC is the law firm behind Amazon Sellers' Lawyer and they have offices around the world. They help suspended Amazon sellers get their accounts and listings back.

If your Amazon selling account has been suspended, you’ve lost a listing (ASIN), been accused of intellectual property infringement, or are developing a private label brand, contact Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer for a free consultation. They can also assist with copyrights, trademarks and patents.

They have several free books on their website covering suspension, copyright, trademark, fashion on amazon and Chinese intellectual property law.

eGrowth Partners provides a range of services to help Amazon sellers grow and protect their business. They help clients with their most pressing Amazon issues.

Services include category ungating, customer service coverage, product review audits, brand registry applications, account suspension prevention, account assessments and appealing against listing and account suspensions. They also provide legal assistance for trademarks, bogus IP complaints and other legal matters Amazon sellers can face.

They provide Amazon Account Management that includes weekly in-depth analysis, account clean-up, strategy sessions, consulting and other services.

ATLawip is a Georgia law firm that assists Amazon sellers with legal matters. The chief attorney for this firm is Jeffrey Breloski, who is a well known attorney for speaking out about the rights of Amazon sellers.

They offer the following services:

  • Amazon Utility Patent Neutral Evaluations
  • Intellectual Property Infringement Reports
  • Brand Registry 2.0
  • Transparency
  • Policy Violations
  • FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Private Label
  • Infringement Assistance
  • Listing Removal
  • Amazon Inquiries
  • Brand Gating

JPG Legal is a law firm that has been helping businesses and individuals protect and grow their brands for years. Their edge is simply that they’re cheaper than all of the good services and better than all of the cheap services. They are an actual law firm that performs actual legal work while still charging as little as or less than the online “legal services” factories. They represent clients from all over the United States and the world, ranging from Amazon sellers to retail chains and large IT companies. Services include:

  • Federal trademark application filed by an attorney.
  • Attorney overturns non-substantive USPTO Office Actions for free. Application monitored throughout its lifetime.
  • Attorney available for your questions before and after filing.
  • Comprehensive USPTO database and common law conflict search performed by the attorney. Free second search on alternative mark if needed.
  • Legal opinion on odds of success of your trademark drafted by attorney and emailed to you.
  • Attorney researches, drafts, and files any legal brief that might be needed to overcome a substantive USPTO Office Action.
  • One-year Markhound Watch membership (a $249 value).

Kronenberger Rosenfeld assists Amazon merchants of all sizes with a variety of legal services, including intellectual property and counterfeiting issues, disputes with Amazon, MAP pricing and reseller matters, and disputes with competitors.

  • Intellectual Property – developing, registering and enforcing intellectual property rights.
  • Negotiations and Competitor Resolution – Avoid and minimize disputes through negotiations with domestic and international suppliers, distributors and marketplace managers, as well as competitors.
  • Asset Purchase Agreements – Buying or selling an Amazon-based business is different than a typical asset purchase transaction in that the ASINs, sales rankings, and reviews may be just as valuable to the buyer as the associated intellectual property or inventory.
  • Reseller Agreements and Map Policies – Helps brand owners take back some control of their brand, through carefully drafted reseller agreements and MAP (minimum advertised price) policies.

Michael J. Sullivan Law can assist with intellectual property issues that Amazon sellers sometimes face. They have extensive experience with a variety of Amazon seller disputes. They have resolved most disputes out of court, but we have also taken both Amazon and various Amazon sellers to court.

They can assist with:

  • Making complaints of infringement that get the infringer's listings removed
  • Responding to complaints of infringement so that your listings are not removed
  • Stopping sales of counterfeit products and gray market goods
  • Shutting down unauthorized resellers
  • Using the courts when all else fails

RM Warner Law can assist their clients establish corporate entities, negotiate contracts, neutralize defamatory reviews, stop product counterfeiters, secure intellectual property, handle data breach legalities, fight back against online reputation attacks, and more. They are well versed in issues faced by Amazon sellers. Services include:

  • Advises on e-commerce business purchases
  • Performs compliance reviews
  • Helps rectify account suspensions
  • Assists with payment processing problems
  • Structures business entities for online retailers
  • Resolves review and counterfeit issues
  • Advocates on behalf of companies under FTC investigation
  • And more…

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