Free Sellics Benchmarker Grades Your Amazon Advertising

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Are you doing Amazon advertising all wrong?  Here's how to find out.  

sellics benchmark graphic with cartoon girlOne of the most confusing aspects of selling on Amazon is setting up your advertising. It is difficult to know if you are doing it the best and most profitable way, as there are so many aspects to it. As a seller, you are probably asking yourself every day how you can optimize your ad spend.

But what if you could compare your performance with your competitors and identify opportunities for improvement?

And what if you had unique insights into data that allowed you to create more profitable Amazon PPC campaigns?

The one-of-a-kind Sellics Benchmarker [BETA] tool is a FREE, ground-breaking tool that gives advertisers data-based answers to help you fine-tune your advertising and create more sales and profit. It will also give you peace of mind that your ad dollars are being put to the best use.

This brand new tool allows you to analyze and compare your performance to other Amazon sellers on a country, category, and ad-format level. It will allow you to identify your strengths and weaknesses in your Amazon advertising. Now you can make changes to your ad campaigns based on data-driven insights, rather than just blindly trying different things.

The Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] data is based on an internal Sellics study with a sample representing over $2.5b in aggregated annual Amazon attributed ad revenue. The study is currently based on Q2 2020 data and will be updated regularly. 

How can the Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] help me improve my business?

Being successful in your advertising on Amazon is the key to success. But what does success look like?

Benchmarking is important because the data can vary widely across marketplaces, product categories, and ad formats. Take ACoS, which is the Advertising Cost of Sales, to show you what we mean.

For example, the average Amazon Sponsored Products ACoS in Germany is 25% while in the United States and the United Kingdom, it is 30%.

The same thing goes for product categories—the average Amazon Sponsored Products ACoS for the “Patio, Lawn & Garden” category is 16% while the “Phone” category is much higher at 41%.

So as you can see, it is important to compare yourself to other sellers in your own marketplace and category.

And there are also major differences in metrics between Amazon Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands.

The new Sellics Benchmarker [BETA] tool makes it easy, for the first time ever, to compare your ad campaigns against other sellers that are just like you. This lets you know if what you are doing is working or if there are other sellers doing it much better than you.

Sellics Benchmarker Features

The tool provides country-specific, category-specific, and ad-format-specific data to help you understand how your metrics compare with competitors.

This is a really easy tool to use and it provides data and charts so that you can easily identify the areas of your ad campaigns that need improvement.

The key performance indicators provided by the tool are:

  • click-through-rate (CTR)
  • conversion rate (CVR)
  • cost per click (CPC)
  • advertising cost of sales (ACoS)
  • return on ad spend (ROAS)

It will give you a rating, ranging from one star to five stars, in each of the key performance indicators listed above.

  • 1 star = in bottom 20%
  • 2 stars = in bottom 40 %
  • 3 stars = between 40%-60%
  • 4 stars = in top 40%
  • 5 stars = in top 20%
sellics benchmark metrics chart

If you want to have a deeper look at an individual KPI or learn what steps you can take to improve a certain performance metric, click on the plus button in the far right column next to any of the KPIs and you will get information about how the metrics are calculated, along with tips and steps to improve your score.

sellics benchmark acos specifics

The Sellics Benchmarker [BETA] also allows you to understand how much budget you are investing in the different ad formats and to compare that with sellers in your category.

sellics benchmark ad spend charts

So looking at the chart above, you can see that this seller is spending way too much on Sponsored Brands and not enough on Sponsored Products.  Good to know, right?

There is no other tool out there that provides you with this caliber of performance data at no cost.

Now you can unlock insights into how your ad campaigns are doing and identify the steps you need to be more successful at selling on Amazon.

Sellics Benchmarker [BETA] is a free tool for Amazon sellers and agencies, as well as vendors who want to know how they are doing in terms of Amazon PPC.

The tool is in the beta stage at the moment so you can contribute to developing it by trying it out and giving your honest feedback. Early access launched on October 15, 2020, and the tool is planned to be officially launched in 2021.

Grade your Amazon PPC Account

There is no reason not to use this tool, as it is FREE. You might be surprised at what you will learn about your Amazon ad campaigns.

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