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Facebook Groups are in incredible way to learn new tricks and tips, make friends and get that all important support that you aren't going to find anywhere else. Working for yourself can get lonely and overwhelming. Most of the groups below are private, but just go ahead and click the “Join” button and get on in there and mingle.  We have tried to pick the most popular, most helpful and most fun groups.  We decided to only list 100 of the most popular Facebook groups for Amazon sellers.  We left off the ones that were created by software companies, as we wanted groups that applied to most sellers.  In this list we even have two groups with the same name…how does Facebook let that happen? Also keep in mind that groups can change their name sometimes, but the links should all still work.  Member counts are updated once per month.

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Facebook Group Name # of members Description
Amazing group by Kevin David. Lots of free training, cheat sheets, tips, tricks and support
We're sellers living that Merch Life! Come learn about Amazon's new print-on-demand platform called Merch by Amazon!
Amazon FBA High Rollers is the official online discussion forum for listeners of the AM/PM Podcast (www.AMPMpodcast.com)—the number one go-to resource for Amazon sellers.
Our mission here is simple. To help and provide the tools necessary to build a successful, profitable Amazon business. And have fun doing it!
This group is for online entrepreneurs who want to hang out with other creative, successful online biz owners.
This group was created with the goal to unite, inspire and inform the Amazon FBA private-label community!
This is a NON judgmental place to come with your questions, concerns, and ideas for building our FBA Businesses!
This group is for Amazon marketplace sellers to share information, tips, best practices. If you currently sell on Amazon.com, co.uk, .de, fr, ca, co.jp, .es, .it, .in or if you are planning to sell on those marketplaces, this group is for you.
The purpose of this group is to help Amazon sellers of all levels improve their businesses. If you sell with Amazon FBA and want to learn more and engage with others, this is the place to do it!
This group was created to help Online Sellers with questions, advice, and suggestions to improve their business.
This is ground zero for Amazon Sellers on all issues related to compliance.
This group is for new sellers on Amazon to ask questions and get help and support from other newbies and experts.
Amazon FBA Seller Group Focused On Sourcing for Amazon. Includes Exclusive Tricks, Tips and Lists. Not Affiliated with or endorsed by Amazon Inc.
Amazon Insiders is a leading go-to resource for Amazon sellers. This is the platform to network with like-minded individuals and get answers to questions about all things related to Amazon FBA, private labeling, and more!
Welcome to the Seller Tradecraft Family! This is our secret laboratory for sharing unique Amazon selling tactics and creative ideas.
The purpose of this group is to provide timely updates about relevant changes to Amazon, plus provide you with additional tips & strategies for selling on Amazon.
Share tips, strategies and ideas for selling private label products using Amazon FBA.
Advice on all things Amazon. I hope you're ready $ecret $oldier, because this group WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
Supportive Community of Amazon Private Label Sellers and future Sellers.
This is not your typically FBA group. We don't sell you the dream of making "millions" on Amazon, but instead try to call your attention to the scammers and bad characters out there. Hint: There are a lot of them out there.
Welcome to my Facebook Group. Although this group consists primarily of booksellers or people wanting to become booksellers, there is all kinds of Amazon and Reselling related info here.
If you are new to selling on Amazon using FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and even a mixture of MF, then this is the group for you!
Community of Amazon Sponsored Product Ads (PPC), AMS, and advertising experts offering guidance, troubleshooting, resources and assistance.
This group is for resellers that wish to learn more on how to use Amazon FBA to increase their sales. We have a heavy emphasis on books as well as Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage, and Private label.
This group is for Amazon FBA seller.s. It is strictly for sellers only. It is a group that allows sellers get answers to their questions by other sellers.
The SuperHero Lifestyle will teach you real skills that will help you create a business that will enable you to fund your freedom and do whatever it is you want to do.
The Amazing Freedom group is designed to be a supportive community of Amazon sellers that are driven towards improving their businesses.
With most Amazon Facebook groups focused on private label selling, we wanted to create a place where wholesale sellers (and aspiring wholesale sellers) can come to discuss the intricacies of the business, network with like minded entrepreneurs and help each other out by engaging in discussion about what works in wholesale.
A Supportive Community where your inner warrior is supported in order to see you exceed your Amazon Sales Goals.
Are you just getting started with Amazon FBA? Me, along with our growing community are here to help! You'll find proven tips and strategies tailored for beginners to build your private label FBA journey into a successful business.
Welcome Amazon Sellers or HOPEFULLY soon to be Amazon Sellers to the BEST Amazon Facebook group that focuses on Online Retail!
A place for Amazon sellers to discuss driving traffic to Amazon and eCommcerce sites. Get started with audience building and taking control of your sales here.
A place for aspiring Amazon FBA sellers to ask questions, discuss ideas and more.
This community is a forum where ideas can be exchanged, friends can be made, and businesses can be built. Selling books is not a "get rich quick" business model - it takes lots of hard work and discipline to build a business with consistent income.
This is the place for sellers who want to develop their FBA and Private Label business on Amazon to share advice, strategies and resources and keep each other motivated.
Amazon and eBay FBA Powersellers Unite group was started to create a go-to resource for Amazon and eBay sellers. This is the place to network with like-minded individuals and get answers to questions about Amazon, eBay, FBA, private labeling, RA, OA, product sourcing and more
Welcome to the Full-Time FBA group! In this group, we'll talk about what it takes to turn part time hours into a full-time income with Amazon FBA!
Let's use this space to support each other and share knowledge regarding all things Amazon and especially the UK and Europe. Join like-minded people to share hits & tips, latest news, information or just chat
The Amazon FBA Wholesale group is a place to collaborate and exchange advice with other wholesale sellers who will push you to grow and be there to celebrate with you when you succeed.
OverGrowth is a community for Amazon & Ecommerce sellers founded by Multi-Million dollar Amazon & Ecommerce seller, Brian Burt.
Brought to you by 7 and 8 Figure a year sellers.
Connect with Amazon warriors crushing it on Amazon!
This group is for ungating in the main categories like Health & Personal Care, Topicals,sports&nutrition,supplements,lighting,pet suplies, Grocery and Beauty. We DO give guidance for subcategories or private label item
Welcome to Amazon FBA Winners! Learn from us to grow your Amazon business, start your own entrepreneur journey, and be your own boss! We encourage all members to post, share, and ask questions.
Welcome to The Amazon Seller. As a member we want you to be involved and help our community to be successful. There’s no question too silly, simple or wrong to ask. If you have a point, make it.
Free Amazon training and support group.
Welcome to The Biggest Amazon FBA Group In The UK!
A passionate community of sellers creating private label brands and selling on Amazon FBA, Shopify and other platforms. Lets help each other grow and excel to the next level.
Sourcing from China best practices gathered and shared here. We call that Smart China Sourcing.
This group is all about learning how to better market your Amazon based business. We post daily tips on FB marketing, content generation, SEO, conversion rate optimization, copywriting, audience building practices and more.
Welcome to EcomHub's Official Facebook Group! In this group, we discuss high level Amazon FBA strategies!
FBA, (Retail/online arbitrage, bulk/wholesale) and Private labels through Amazon. How to do each strategy remotely and scale up.
Data Hunters is about providing helpful answers to your Amazon questions, creating friendships and a community with other Amazon sellers, celebrating successes, and encouraging each other through tougher times.
The aim of this group is to keep ahead of the eCommerce game. I currently run my own brand of physical products. I started it on Amazon UK, US and EU and I also sell on Shopify.
This group is dedicated to hardworking entrepreneurs. Learn sourcing. Save money. Make money. Welcome!
This is FBA Allstars, ground zero for building bigger, better, private label profits and expanding existing Amazon businesses. I’m aiming for a 7 figure exit from my Amazon brand at the end of year one - aim high, accomplish the incredible.
What's up! Samer Brax here, and I created this group so that we can all help each other with our Amazon FBA journeys.
This group is for those interested in learning how to start an Amazon FBA business. To join this group, you need to sign up and watch this FREE beginner Amazon FBA video series.
This group is intended to provide a forum that is easy to access, open and ultimately helps entrepreneurs achieve their goals. If we have tried services, products and other resources that have proven to be of value we may share some of those ideas from time to time as well.
Questions & Answers Group about finding a supplier on Alibaba for your Amazon FBA products then you have found the right group.
Selling on Azon is a members only group exclusively for listeners of the James Jones Selling on Azon podcast.
Amazon resource group by Matt Loberstein.
Merch by Amazon School group for all things Amazon Merch. Feel free to share any resources related, such as ideas, themes, third-party tools.
The best group to learn and start making money on Amazon FBA. Ill be giving away the most POWERFUL, NEWEST, and MOST EFFECTIVE methods and tips on how to grow your Amazon business from 0 to multiple 6 figures and even 7 figures per year for FREE!
Facebook group for Private Labelers.
This group is for Canadian online sellers looking to connect with other successful entrepreneurs. We focus mainly on Amazon FBA, but welcome discussion around eBay, Shopify and other platforms too.
This group is for anyone that is looking to sell or currently sells on Amazon.co.uk. This group is for us to share knowledge and to share our own successes and failures
Want to learn from Kale and Taylor (KTnine) and other like minded Amazon sellers? This is the group for you!
A friendly place for FBA sellers to ask, post, and build relationships with each other.
This group is little different compared to other groups in the FB Platforms. This is to help the newbies who are thinking about online business and guide them to start their business in Amazon.
Welcome to the Marketplace Superheroes Facebook Group! Inside you'll learn the exact step by step system that will teach you how we've built a 7 figure business selling physical products on Amazon.
Get tips & Tricks for selling more on Amazon. We've built a million dollar Amazon business, and we're ready to share our Amazon Seller knowledge and experience with you!
We are Orange Hat...the most advanced amazon sellers in the world. No gurus, no fake accounts, no BS. Solid info and help.
A free group centered around Amazon FBA including Online Arbitrage, Retail Arbitrage, Private Label, Wholesale and more!!
In this Group, Amazon Sellers share their experiences, business tips and other useful info. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and I personally will be more than happy to help!
Facebook group for sellers doing Amazon Merch.
This is a value-driven community and a place for entrepreneurs to collaborate, contribute, and succeed together!
This is a private group of Amazon FBA and other eCommerce mega earners designed to collaborate and share ideas to get started and grow your Amazon and other eCommerce business.
Our group is made up of Amazon moms, dads, families and individuals. We are dedicated to helping Amazon sellers make the best decisions for their business.
Offers support, tips and tricks for FBA Sellers and online businesses.
The Wizards of Amazon is an Amazon Seller community. Access to this Facebook group is for Amazon Private Label, Arbitrage, Wholesale, Merch and Amazon Self Publishing sellers of all experience levels.
The mastermind is focused on helping Amazon sellers grow and become more profitable on the marketplace by sharing best practices and assisting one another overcome the challenges associated with Amazon sales, ranking, sourcing, and feedback among other issues.
FBA Warriors Group strive to become the #1 open community for Amazon FBA Sellers. This community is for all things to do with selling on Amazon and using the FBA program.
This group is for newbies to Amazon FBA and those who are relatively new and still want to learn. But veteran members are more than welcome too.
Welcome to the Seller Systems Amazon community! A unique group that discusses Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage, Wholesale, and Private Label all in one spot!
FBA Millionaires is a podcast designed to help you pursue your goal of earning a 7-figure income as a professional Amazon Seller.
Helping people take their business to the next level with simple and effective private label strategies
This group is for Amazon FBA related topics. Please be helpful in your posts and comments and be open to all questions as members are of all stages of their Amazon journey.
Our objective is to be a European based “go-to” resource for Amazon sellers from all over the world. Please use this group to network with like-minded individuals and get answers to questions about Amazon, FBA, private labeling and Digital Marketing!
From well-known industry experts, to struggling beginners— We are sharing knowledge and experience for the greater good.
Honest Amazon FBA'ers is all about honesty and about selling on Amazon. I want this to be a SAFE PLACE where we will learn and challenge each other. The internet is full of misinformation at this point so the goal of the group is exactly that. To keep everyone honest. We don't want anyone mislead just so they buy something, like a lot of Facebook groups out there.
This group is made for people who make something cool and unique and sell it online.
Their mission is to create the biggest network of private-label Amazon sellers in the world.
No description available
This is a group mainly for posters from Amazon UK & US Seller Forums but also for any other sellers who are looking for free advice!
From beginner FBA seller to tenured expert, Amazon sellers get their tips and news here.
This is where all the strong and confident ladies will be hanging out to chat about their Amazon business and beyond.
Join this group if you are looking to enter the Amazon FBA world, grow your amazon business and start your entrepreneurial journey!
A fast-growing community for Amazon FBA sellers. 6-year+ FBA sellers answer your questions.
Our Amazon group is for new beginners and existing sellers. We share our knowledge and skills to help each other out

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