box with school suppliesIt may seem easy, but becoming an Amazon seller takes a lot of knowledge, about a lot of things. Most of the time finding answers or finding your way through the maze is so daunting you just want to give up. But fortunately, there is a plethora of Amazon courses out there. There are so many things to consider when choosing a course, such as material covered, the instructor, the price and the time required. An Amazon seller's degree of success tends to directly correlate to the amount of work he/she puts in to learning and doing. An Amazon seller's degree of success tends to directly correlate to the amount of work he/she puts in to learning and doing. We surely can't list them all, so we have picked through the best ones we can find.  

Since there is no way to know how good a course is without taking it, please do your research before spending any money on a course. Sure, there are a lot of “free courses” out there, but most are just one page and they try to sell you something else at the end.  So we left those out. The courses below come from either people we know or they have a massive following and get good reviews. We left off a lot of courses because of the negative reviews we found about them or felt they charged too much.

Amazon has their own set of courses on YouTube.  The courses cover everything from setting up your account, choosing a selling strategy and growing your business.

Master Seller Central by learning how to use key tools and applications. Take advantage of programs and features like Fulfillment by Amazon, Sponsored Products, and Lightning Deals to grow from an average seller to an advanced seller. Understand rules and restrictions and put yourself on a faster path to listing your items. Seller University is designed to answer all of your questions and help you build a successful business selling on Amazon.

The course is FREE.

At 27 years old, Brock is the CEO of multiple businesses and is well-known for going from 0 to $6 million in 6 months selling solar eclipse glasses on Amazon. Brock is also the creator of The Last Amazon Course, a comprehensive guide that changes people’s lives by teaching them about how to succeed on Amazon. The course gets rave reviews by those who have taken it.

Brock sells his excellent course for $1 per month

This course is for you if you're using Xero or QuickBooks Online to track Amazon sales, either in the US or internationally.

The course will discuss the specific challenges Amazon sellers face regarding sales tax and how to quickly and painlessly know if you're profitable using the right tools.

It will also cover all the ins and outs of inventory and cost of goods sold, including how to select the right cloud inventory tool for your business and how to calculate cost of goods sold accurately. They will wrap it up by introducing a few extra tools to help you automate your accounting process and business requirements that are often overlooked by new sellers.

Not just the why and what but also the elusive HOW.

Freedom Ticket is a hands-on, technical run-through on how to sell on Amazon. No other training program is as candid and straightforward in its presentation of the realities of running an Amazon FBA business.
  • 8 Weeks of Training
  • 60+ Jam-Packed Videos
  • Real Data & Walkthroughs, No Demos
  • Review Slides & Written Notes For Every Module
  • 30+ Handouts On Sourcing, Accounting, Mistakes To Avoid, & More
Freedom Ticket is free with a subscription Helium 10 or you can buy it separately.

Lessons Learned In Business offers a free Amazon Wholesale Sourcing Training Course. It is an extremely detailed course that goes into every detail of sourcing wholesale products for sale on Amazon. 

It covers mindset, skill set and how to build relationships with wholesalers. It covers several ways of finding suppliers and seems to have a very thorough curriculum.

This course is FREE.

Online Book Arbitrage is a free web class that teaches you how to buy books on Amazon, usually from Fulfilled by Merchant sellers and then resell them for more on Amazon.

  • Advanced search hacks – Take book arbitrage to the next level.
  • The top 7 ways to make money – These are the Top 7 things I've learned doing this for over a year.
  • How to spot profitable books – Exactly what clues to look for (there are 6 of them).
  • Examining Amazon's “Advanced Search” feature – How to utilize this for maximum profits.
  • How to choose quality search terms – And which ones to avoid.
  • The top 3 tools of online book arbitrage – These are all FREE, and will greatly streamline the process.
  • How I Figured All This Stuff Out – The history of “online book arbitrage.”
  • A step-by-step search
  • Why books are uniquely suited for online arbitrage – there's a science to this.
  • The only two ways you can screw this up – Avoid these two things, and you can't lose.
  • And So Much More…

The Proven Amazon Course was launched in 2009 and they have be continually updating the course by adding creative new strategies. This is the most comprehensive, creative and up-to-date “selling on Amazon” course in the world supported by the largest team of successful Amazon selling moderators.

They have an active, professionally-moderated 50,000 member Facebook group to ensure you have the help you need when you need it.

There are several other courses on such topics as Q4, PPC and selling particular items like coffee or print on demand merchandise.

The main course is currently $499.

This show is all about e-commerce. So it’s very much focused on selling physical products online with an emphasis of those people that are selling on Amazon. The types of products that they primarily talk about are products that are private labeled, meaning you’ve created your own brand-new products and you’re selling on Amazon. So everything is really focused on brand owners and private label sellers. But that said, anything that has to do with selling online, we’re going to be covering so that you can learn to better market and sell your own products online in whatever marketplace you’re selling on.

The podcast is FREE.

The Selling Family is made up of a married couple named Jessica and Cliff and it is truly a family operation. The main trainer for their program is Jessica who teaches everything you need to know, from A to Z on how to effectively sell your products on Amazon. The name of her training program is Amazon Boot Camp and she updates it on a regular basis. There are several modules in the program with the main one being “Starting Your Amazon FBA Business.” There are some free videos on their website that are very helpful. And they offer lots of other useful information as well.

The main course is currently $497.00.

Udemy is the world's biggest online learning platform. It is aimed at professional adults and students. For Amazon Sellers, they offer over 5,316 courses. Just do a search for Amazon FBA on their site and you will get a huge list of courses. The prices seem to fluctuate as Udemy has special deals all the time.  And always look for coupons in a Google search.  There will always be many.   Here are the current top three rated Amazon courses: 

How to Start an Amazon FBA Store on a Tight Budget

Amazon FBA – How to Pick Profitable Products in 2 Hours

The Last Amazon FBA Course – 2019 Private Label Guides

The Ultimate Amazon Seller Course by Philip A. Covington doesn't just teach you how to sell on Amazon, it teaches you how to set up a business, understand tax implications, and how to deal with a lot of back end problems, most business owners face on a day to day basis. Once you purchase his course, he offers you a spot in his exclusive FB group where others like you can connect and help one another out. He also structures his course by dividing it into actionable sections over the course of a few months. This allows you to implement things before moving on to the next thing. If you are brand new to not only Amazon FBA, but business, this course has exactly what you need. 

His course is offered at various price points, which can also include hot products picked for you.  Please visit the website for details.

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