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21 Ways YOU Can Make Money With Amazon

image of swirling money People think of Amazon as a place to buy things, but it is possible for you to also make money with Amazon. There are people making millions of dollars selling on Amazon. Good for them. But just a fraction of that would change most people’s lives. If you could use a little extra coin, then keep reading and see if something interests you.

1. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Amazon FBA is the preferred way to sell on Amazon. With this program, you send in your products to an Amazon fulfillment center. They will take care of picking and packing them for orders and delivering them to buyers. They also handle all the returns and customer service. Since most products have more than one seller, if you are an FBA seller, you are more apt to get the sale. But of course, there are fees involved for selling this way. The most important thing to note is that Amazon charges $39.99 per month for an FBA account. You have to get the product shipped to you first from wherever you get it, which will cost a bit. Then you pay to ship them to the fulfillment center, but at a special shipping rate. Then Amazon charges you fees to work their magic, which is usually around 15%. Also, if your product takes a while to sell, there could be storage fees. But don’t worry, you can still make money. It is way cheaper than starting a physical retail business. Way cheaper! And you can't beat the traffic Amazon brings to their site every day. People are there with the intention of buying something. Just to give you an idea of a real-world example: I purchased 10 copies of a new game for $23.50 each.  By the time I added in all the shipping and Amazon fees,  my costs were $42.46 each. I sold the games for an average of $62.07 each, for a profit of $19.61 per game.  That is a 46% return on my initial investment. So you can easily see how money can be made on Amazon.


I am sure you are wondering where you would get your “products” to sell on Amazon. That is a post all on its own. But here are the usual sources of products:

  • You can create your own product, as in something you make or have manufactured.
  • You can create your own brand from products sourced from places like China. The items are then labeled and packaged with your logo and branding.
  • You can buy products from wholesalers and sell them on Amazon at a marked up price. You will need a resale certificate from your state. These are usually very easy to get. This is the preferred method to find products.
  • You can buy products at other stores, such as Walmart, Target or thousands of others and sell for more on Amazon. There are many software programs that can help you with this. You can find a list of them here. 
  • You can buy products at local stores or find items at garage sales or Goodwill to send to the beast that is Amazon.
  • You can resell used books, games, and toys. This has worked really well for me.

I’m sure this all seems a bit overwhelming, but there are lots of ways to learn how to sell on Amazon.

Check out our courses page. 

Check out the mentor's page for some excellent advice for free.

2. Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)

Seller Fulfilled Prime allows you to store your items in your own warehouse. You must ship Prime orders the same day they are ordered. Like the FBA sellers, you are more likely to get the sale over other sellers who don't have the Prime designation.

There are no fees, except you have to pay the shipping charges. So the big expense here, over FBA, would be that you need a warehouse and possibly hired help.

Amazon is very selective about who gets to take part in this program. You will need to perform with the same precision they do. The requirements to become a Seller Fulfilled Prime merchant include:

  • Shipping more than 99% of orders on-time
  • Offering Premium Shipping Options
  • Having an order cancellation rate of under 0.5 percent
  • Using Amazon Buy Shipping services for at least 98.5 percent of orders
  • Allowing for all customers inquiries to be handled by Amazon
  • Delivering orders with Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime carriers
  • Agreeing to Amazon’s returns policy

3. Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM)

With this option, you’re responsible for the entire fulfillment process. You are also responsible for your own returns and some customer service. You can actually lower your costs significantly with this option. But, you won’t get the sale as often as you would if you were using one of the first two options. Most buyers on Amazon only look for items that sell as “Prime”, since they get the fast and free shipping. But you will still get sales and also pay much lower fees to Amazon. This works great if you also sell other places like eBay or your own online store.


In deciding which of the three above methods are best for you, there are other considerations as well.

Use FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon):
Products are small and light
Products are fast-moving
Products are low-priced

Use SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime):
You are a multi-channel retailer
Products are heavy or oversized
Products ship in multiple boxes
Products are personalized or customized
Products are perishable
Products require traceability

Use FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant):
Products are slow-moving items
Products are heavy or oversized
Products that ship in multiple boxes
Personalized or customized items
You have free help with shipping and packing

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4. Amazon Associates (Amazon Affiliates)

If you have a blog and website, you can drive traffic to Amazon by recommending products to your readers. If any of your redirected visitors buy from Amazon, you will get a commission. And it doesn't even have to be things that you recommended. If they follow your link, for a certain amount of time, you get a commission on anything they buy.

Try not to get too excited, the commissions are not that high with the Amazon Associates program. It depends on the product and category and can range from 4-15%. Still, you can earn some extra lunch money if you have a blog and a following.

5. Merch By Amazon

If you have an artistic streak, then Merch by Amazon might be for you. You can upload your artwork, choose a product that you want the artwork printed on and set a price. You can make artwork for t-shirts, long-sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and PopSockets. Amazon is always adding new printable items.

If customers order your product, Amazon handles the printing, shipping and customer service. For instance, a t-shirt sold for $25 will net you almost $12 in royalties.

6. Amazon Flex

You can join Amazon Flex and deliver products to customers in your local area. According to Amazon’s Flex page, you can earn $18 to $25 an hour as a Flex associate. Moreover, you can set your own working schedule and there are opportunities 7 days a week.

7. Delivery Fulfillment Warehouse Associate

If it's available in your area, you can apply to be a delivery warehouse associate. This is not the same as working in a fulfillment center. Your focus will be on getting packages delivered to the customer. There are both full and part-time positions available. You will be working out of one of these Amazon locations:

  • Fulfillment centers
  • Sortation centers
  • Delivery stations
  • Prime Now locations
  • Campus Pickup Points
  • Customer service centers

8. Amazon Work from Home

You can apply for a job as an Amazon Work-from-Home Customer Service Associate. Even though you are working from home, the position isn't available everywhere. Use the filters on the left of the page in the link below to find a job that suits you. The base pay starts around $10. There are also non-customer service positions for those with a qualified technical background. Other jobs include cloud tech account managers, engineers, advertising associates, and technical trainers. But there are lots of other jobs as well.

9. Amazon Warehouse Fulfillment Associate

Amazon fulfillment centers are in almost every state and new ones open all the time. Fulfillment associates can earn $15 per hour or more. Work inside an Amazon warehouse includes selecting, packing and shipping customer orders. If you like a fast-paced, physical position that gets you up and moving, then this would work for you. Work a set, full-time schedule. Shift options include overnight and days, and usually at least one weekend day.

10. Self-Publish Kindle eBooks

You can self-publish eBooks through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. For books priced between $2.99 and $9.99, you earn 70% of the purchase price. For books priced outside that range, you earn 35%. Think about what things you know that other people might pay to know. If you are an artist, you could publish a collection of your work. Your book could also be fiction or you can write about something you are passionate about.

11. KDP Print Books

If you’re already creating a Kindle book, it makes sense to add a paperback version as well. Amazon has this covered with an in-house print-on-demand service called KDP Print. As the author, you will earn a 60% royalty before deducting printing costs. You’ll need to create a separate book file and cover for your paperback. KDP Print books are handled through the same author dashboard as Kindle books.

12. Amazon Audiobooks 

If your book is suitable for audio consumption, then this is another way to make a nice royalty. It will also make you look more legit if you have audio, Kindle and paperbacks to offer your customers. Amazon created the Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) to make it easy for authors to create audiobooks. There you can find narrators to produce your book for you or upload your files if you’re doing it yourself. Self-published authors generally earn 20%-40% royalties through ACX. How much you make depends on the distribution options you select and how your producer is paid.

13. ACX Voice Over Acting

If you have a soothing voice, then you are in luck. You can narrate books for others who need audiobooks recorded as an audiobook narrator and producer. If you know your way around audio engineering equipment and software, this might be a good fit for you. You will make fixed-price bids on projects that authors post on ACX. Or you can opt to take a share of the audiobook royalties when it sells. In both cases, you’ll submit your audition and compete with other narrators.

14. Amazon Handmade

If you are a craftsman or an artisan, you can apply to Amazon Handmade. Think of it as Amazon’s version of Etsy. You control your own prices and can ship out your products yourself. The fees are much higher than Etsy, as they charge 15% commissions and a $1 minimum referral fee. Amazon is also very selective about who they allow into the program.

The Handmade program is open to Artisans who make:

  • Accessories
  • Artwork
  • Baby Products
  • Beauty and Personal Care Products
  • Clothing
  • Shoes and Handbags
  • Home Products
  • Outdoor and Home Care
  • Jewelry and Watches
  • Kitchen and Dining Products
  • Pet Supplies
  • Sporting Goods
  • Stationery and Party Supplies
  • Toys and Games

15. Amazon Selling Services

Selling Services allows assemblers, house cleaners, handymen, etc., to sell their professional services to Amazon customers in their area. If you’re adept at fixing a leaky faucet, cleaning, landscaping or organizing, then you could find work here. It is Amazon’s version of Angie’s List. If you are matched with a customer who uses your services, Amazon will take a 15 – 20% cut of the transaction. They are also selective in who they choose and you will need to have general liability insurance.

16. CamperForce

The Amazon CamperForce program brings together a community of enthusiastic RV’ers. Amazon hires campers for a variety of seasonal opportunities. They allow you to choose from seasonal assignments in a variety of locations. Your responsibilities will be in the areas of picking, packing, stowing, and receiving. Sometimes Amazon will cover your campsite fees and may even pay for some of your utilities.

17. Amazon Trade-In

Amazon will pay you for used books, games, DVDs, Kindle devices, tablets, cell phones, and other products. This option won’t earn you any cash, but Amazon is willing to pay you with an Amazon gift card. All you have to do is gather your items, and Amazon will give you an estimate of how much you will earn for it. They give you a free pre-paid USPS or UPS shipping label too, so all you have to do is package up the item and send it off. If you’re in the mood to purge, check out what your items are worth to Amazon.

18. Amazon Alexa Skills

Alex Skills are the commands used by Amazon’s popular Echo devices. You can build special Alexa voice apps, called “skills.” As a skill developer, you can set your own price and earn 70% of the revenue when users buy it. For example, Nick Schwab created a free ambient noise skill. He now has 10,000 paying customers for a premium subscription version, priced between $0.99 and $1.99 a month.

There is also an Alexa Developer Rewards program to encourage developers to build out the ecosystem of skills that already exist.

19. Amazon App Store

Amazon Developer Services and Technologies allows those so inclined to write apps to sell them on Amazon. This includes:

  • Amazon Alexa – as mentioned above, get paid for creating Alexa skills
  • Amazon Dash – get paid for creating reorder experiences for Amazon devices
  • Amazon AppStore – develop Android apps and games for Amazon Fire TV, Fire tablet, and mobile platforms

20. Amazon Mechanical Turk

You can join Amazon Mechanical Turk to help others with tasks that require human interaction. Tasks include data entry, transcription, categorizing, and image recognition. This is not exactly high on my list of recommendations as it has a sweatshop mentality. And there are some users who seem to know how to game the system. But if you are sitting at a mindless job doing nothing, why not make some coin?

21. Twitch Streaming

Experienced video gamers can earn serious money broadcasting their games live on the Amazon-owned Twitch.tv. Twitch streamers make money with a share of the site’s subscription fees, advertising on their channels, donations, and selling merchandise to their fans. The most popular players are estimated to be bringing in $300,000 or more per year!

What’s your preference for making money via Amazon? Feel free to hit the add comment button!

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What Is Standing In The Way of Your Dreams?

Could it be you?

Could more money help you realize your dreams? Your dreams matter, they really do. Do your New Year's resolutions revolve around money or the wish for more of it?  If you are like most people, you want something different than your current situation. But how do you change your circumstances? When the topic is money and how more of it could change your life, the next question is where to get that extra money.  One of the best answers is to find yourself a side hustle so you can get your hands on that extra cash.  Selling on Amazon is one of the best side hustles out there.  I have asked friends and family to try selling on Amazon, but I usually get excuses like the ones below.image of porsche with a tag that says dream “I’m too tired.” “I will suck at it.” “It would be too much work .” “Everyone will think it is stupid.” “There isn’t enough time.” “I inherited my laziness and I can't change.” “None of my friends are doing it.” “I’ve failed at other things I’ve tried.” “No one believes in me” “It won't happen for me, I didn’t get that hand dealt to me.” But what if someone offered you a million dollars to give it a try? That would turn things around, wouldn’t it? Why is that?

Let's Give It Some Perspective

Imagine you are in an awesome relationship. Life is wonderful. And then, without warning, the other person breaks up with you. You are devastated, heartbroken, life sucks. You live in squalor and pizza boxes are everywhere. Taking a shower seems pointless and calling in sick is your new norm. Your friends can’t get you to meet up. You are MIA from social media. You are in a downward spiral. It is like you are living on life support. You have no energy for anything. Life is empty and pointless. Then, out of the blue, your ex texts you. “I am so sorry, I've made a big mistake, can you ever forgive me”, they beg. They can’t wait to see you. Suddenly you are in the shower singing your heart out. You put your life back to the default setting before the breakup. You are ecstatic to see your old flame. So what changed? One minute you had no energy, the next you can’t stop your heart from racing. The difference is that when you were heartbroken, you put up a “Closed” sign to your heart and soul. You shut down and turned off your life energy. But when the person who rejected you came back, it brought you back to life. But like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you had the power all along to flip the energy switch. You just didn’t know it. We actually have way more control over our energy and emotions than we think we do. And so it is with other facets of life. You work so hard and you are so tired….too tired to start that side hustle. It is so much easier to make an excuse and switch your energy and life force off. It’s so much easier to chill and veg. Which brings us back to the million dollars. You see, given the right incentive, you could change anything in your life. The only thing holding you back is you. You control the switch.

If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If not it’s an excuse.

As far as excuses, we all make excuses every day. I’m no different. I eat things I shouldn’t, skip exercise, and procrastinate on lots of stuff. And behind every poor decision I make, there’s an excuse. But when we take action, we focus on the things we can control. Lots of people have quit making excuses, got up off the couch and got their side hustles going. They are now in control of their time and money. Don't you owe it to your future self to at least try? Sure you might have to give up the games, partying, and TV to do something that is going to change your future reality. Cranking up a side hustle isn’t easy. But neither is working in a cubicle or a restaurant forever and for not enough money. It is soul-sucking and there is a price you pay for that. Start trying, even if you don’t have it all figured out yet. Take the first step. And then take the next step. There is a lot of help out there. That is what this website is all about. If you want to try selling on Amazon, there is an excellent course that sells for $1 per month from Brock Johnson. Check out his course and others here: https://a2zsellercentral.com/courses/ flowerfields photo with quote about dreams

Set goals and milestones for yourself.

It gives you a road map of how far you have come and where you are going. I keep a journal on my computer.  When I am really discouraged, I jump ahead a year and write to myself about where my life is at that point.  It might seem silly, but it really helps.  And when I come upon a journal entry that was written in the past, I am always amazed at how far I have come. I know you’re thinking there will be times when you just want to quit. When that happens, think about the people who you will help when you make success your reality. Simply make the decision to believe in yourself and make succeeding your priority. Your circumstances don’t define you, nor do the people around you. You are not the story others tell about you. You write your own story. Believe in yourself. Your opinion of yourself is the only one that matters. It's so important to keep looking forward and seeing the future you want to create. If you can see it, you’ll keep moving towards it. The story you tell yourself is the story you live. Your entire life is based on the thoughts you choose.

If you believe it you are more likely to take the actions necessary to achieve it.

There might be times when you want to give up, but don’t lose sight of your purpose. Sometimes we get burned out because we forget why we do what we are doing. You are not hopeless until you give up hope. “Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope.”  Hal Lindsey Hopeful is thinking that the future will be better and that you have a role in making it so. Lastly, just remember that in a year from now, you’ll wish you started today. Would you rather be surfing Facebook or watching Netflix after a hard day of work at a job you hate? Or would you rather be bringing in a new income stream so you can work from home and have more freedom in your life? I love the smell of possibility in the morning, don't you?
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Would You Trust Amazon To Set Your Prices?

Are you are a professional Amazon seller and also have a brand registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry? Then you might have received an invitation in August 2019 to join a new program from Amazon called “Sold By Amazon. In short, it lets you submit products to be priced by Amazon’s algorithm. The new program, referred to as SBA (Sold By Amazon), serves the purpose of helping grow your business. It doesn’t cost anything additional to the FBA seller and storage fees remain the same. But there is also a second purpose of allowing Amazon to control the product’s sale price, by dynamically pricing your products to make sure they are lower on Amazon than anywhere else. Amazon has tried to exert some control of prices in the past, with language included in the seller’s agreement. But that presented legal issues and has since been removed. Another plus for the seller is that SBA will guarantee that your brand won’t ever be priced out of the Buy Box should another seller hijack your listing. If you are selling hundreds of products on Amazon, this will definitely work in your favor.  Amazon ensures you have the best price, while making sure that Amazon has the best price across other marketplaces like Walmart and Jet. With Amazon controlling your prices, you will certainly be more competitive. Who knows better what the best price is for any given product than Amazon?

So How Does It Work?

Sellers who sign up to the program give Amazon permission to cut the price of their products at their discretion. The seller will get a guaranteed payout called Minimum Gross Proceed (MGP). You will control which products to enroll in Sold By Amazon. This way you will never get less than the MGP for your product. The MGP will be renegotiated every few months. If you get the MGP you want, then you never have to worry about losing money on your products. When one of your products sell, in essence, Amazon buys the product from you for the agreed-upon price. But the really good news here is that if the item sells for more than the agreed-upon price, you get the extra. So if you have agreed to sell an item for $15 and Amazon sells it for $20, you get to keep the extra $5. That’s not such a bad deal. And even better, if Amazon sells your item for $12, you still get the agreed upon $15. And another little perk is that since Amazon is the seller, they incur the tax reporting obligations for the sale.

So Is This A Good Idea?

When I first heard of this program, I immediately thought it was a bad idea. But after looking into it, it might just work for some sellers. I guess the key here is agreeing to a price with Amazon where you actually make some money and know that you will always make at least that much. One of the downsides I see is that if Amazon sells my $15 product for $12, does that damage my brand in any way? Amazon’s game is to sell and to sell quickly. We all know about the “way too low” prices that result from that. And as always, Amazon is always looking out for Amazon and how they do that seems to change with the weather. If you are special enough to get an invite, I would just test it out on a few products. I think it would improve your performance scores with Amazon as another perk. And I think there are perks for early adopters, like no additional cost for returns. Probably the most important plus is, if it doesn’t suit you, you aren’t locked in and can remove any product you choose and revert it back to normal FBA. I think that is the main selling point here and the reason I would sign up given the chance. I am not sure how Amazon will decide which products will be accepted or how the Minimum Gross Proceed (your guaranteed price) will be decided. With a little luck and a big dose of fairness, this could really help some sellers.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes I complain that Amazon is codependent when it comes to pricing. They want to make their customers happy no matter what.  Sure I get that they want to be the lowest across all the markets, but I think they should put a little more value on what they deliver to the customer and realize that value can cost a bit more. With Amazon, customers get a better website experience, a better delivery experience, a better customer service experience and other important features such as reviews and a history of what you have bought. Those things are important and are worth an extra buck or two. Sure people are paying for Prime, but look at all you get with Prime…fast delivery, movies, music…so much stuff. If I had any advice for Amazon, it would be something I learned 30 years ago when I was a new salesperson. And that is, “something for nothing has no value”. So what do you think, would you let Amazon control your pricing?
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Amazon’s Many Private Label Brands

For a company that started out as an online bookstore in 1994, Amazon has certainly evolved. They are the largest retailer, even outpacing Walmart. They are known worldwide as “the everything store”. Apparently that is truer than the vast majority will ever know. Amazon creates sub-companies and buys existing companies like they are going out of style. It does cause one to ponder if there might be a lack of focus and strategy or, at the very least, that they are spreading themselves too thin. Some of the companies they have purchased in the past few years include Zappos, Whole Foods, Ring, Kiva Systems and Plug Power. Interesting, but this post is about the 135+ Amazon brands. Most sellers don’t even know they are there. And not only are there Amazon brands, there are also over 330 exclusive brands from other companies that only sell on Amazon.

Things are not always what they seem, especially with Amazon.

I first became interested in this topic and started keeping a list of Amazon brands a few years ago after I read a story about a seller who had invented a toy that did really well on Amazon. The seller was doing really well with his unique toy, but then one day, another company started selling an almost identical product. And so he sued. But when due diligence was done, it turned out he was actually suing Amazon, because they were the “company” that sold the product that was almost identical to his. I don’t know how it all worked out. I hope he won because he held a patent for his product.

So why the secrecy, Amazon?

But with Amazon having so many of their own private label companies, it does cause some concern. Sure, it is their company and their platform…I get that. It’s just that most of their brands seem to be a big secret. But more importantly, it gives Amazon the ability to compress pricing for competing sellers. We aren’t talking about backwoods categories here. Their private label brands are in clothing, technology, and household products. AmazonBasics includes 20 different categories. And Amazon has the wherewithal to put their products front and center when a customer performs a search. Or when a customer orders something generic, like batteries, through Alexa, what brand do you think the customer will get? There are over 135 Amazon private label brands. I am missing a few, but here are the ones I could find. The search is difficult because there are the Amazon brands and then there are the exclusive brands that belong to other companies but are only sold on Amazon. I am not listing those here…everything listed below is a brand that belongs to Amazon.

Amazon Private Label Brands

206 Collective – men’s and women’s dress and casual shoes
28 Palms – men’s casual clothing
365 Everyday Value – grocery products
7Goals – women’s athletic clothing
A for Awesome – children’s clothing
Amazon Collection – men’s and women’s jewelry
Amazon Echo – electronics
Amazon Elements – vitamins, supplements, and baby wipes
Amazon Essentials – wide variety of men’s and women’s clothing
AmazonBasics – large variety of household items
AmazonCommercial – commercial supplies
AmazonFresh – coffee
Arabella – women’s lingerie and sleepwear
Basic Perspective – girls’ accessories
Belei – skincare
Buttoned Down – men’s dress shirts and sweaters
Cable Stitch – women’s sweaters and dresses
Camp Moonlight – women’s tops and tees
Clifton Heritage – men’s dress shirts
Coastal Blue – women’s swimwear
Comfort Denim Outfitters – men’s denim
Common District – men’s outerwear
Core 10 – women’s athletic clothing
Crafted Collar – men’s dress clothing
Daily Ritual – women’s clothing
Daisy Drive – women’s pants, tops, and dresses
Dayana – women’s swimwear
Denim Bloom – women’s denim
Denim Crush – women’s denim
Denim Garage Classics – men’s denim
Due East Apparel – women’s activewear
Ella Moon – women’s tops, dresses, and sweaters
Emma Riley – girls’ dresses
Essentialist – women’s dresses, tops, and skirts
Filgate – leather belts and wallets
Find – men’s and women’s clothing
Flying Ace – men’s casual clothing
Franklin & Freeman – men’s dress shoes
Franklin Tailored – men’s suits and dress clothing
Good Brief – men’s underwear and casual clothing
Good Man – men's clothing
Goodsport – women’s and men’s activewear
Goodthreads – men’s shirts, shorts, and pants
HALE – women’s pants, skirts, and jackets
Happy Belly – coffee and nuts
Haven Outerwear – women’s coats and jackets
Hayden Rose – casual women’s clothing
House of Boho – women’s belts
Indigo Society – women’s denim
Iris & Lilly – women’s lingerie
Isle Bay Linens – men’s casual clothing
James & Erin – flowery women’s tops, dresses, and sweaters
Jump Club – men’s athletic clothing
Kailee Athletics – women’s plus size athletic clothing
Kid Nation – children’s clothing
Kold Feet – men’s and women’s socks
Lark & Ro – sleek women’s tops, dresses, and outerwear
Leather Architect – wallets and bags
Lily Parker – women’s denim
Madeline Kelly – women’s intimate apparel
Madison – women’s denim
Mae – women’s intimate apparel
Mama Bear – baby products
Mariella Bella – women’s tops, tees, and dresses
Meraki – men’s and women’s clothing
Mint Lilac – women’s athletic clothing
Moon and Back – baby clothing
Nothing But Denim – men’s denim
Obsidian – sunglasses
Ocean Blues – women’s swimwear
Orchid Row – women’s hats and accessories
Outdoor Ventures – men’s and women’s outerwear
OWN PWR – nutritional supplements
Painted Heart – women’s tops, tees, and skirts
Paris Sunday – casual women’s skirts, dresses, and coats
Peace Love Maxi – women’s dresses and jumpsuits
Peak Velocity – men’s active wear
Pike Street – linens and bedding
Pinzon – sheets and towels
Plumberry – women’s dresses and skirts
Presto! – health and household cleaning
Quality Durables Co. – men’s denim, pants, and shirts
Ravenna Home – classic furniture
Rebel Canyon – men’s and women’s leisure clothing
Revly – vitamins
Rivet – mid-century modern furniture
Romantic Dreamers – women’s tops and dresses
Rugged Mile Denim – men’s denim
Savoir Faire Dresses – women’s dresses
Scout + Ro – children’s clothing
Selene – women’s sleepwear
Serene Bohemian – women’s tops
Shopbop | East Dane – fashion retailers for women
Signature Society – women’s tops and dresses
Silly Apples – baby clothing
Single Cow Burger – prepared meal kits
Smitten – women’s leggings
Social Graces – women’s formal wear
Society New York – women’s dress clothing and hand bags
Solimo – everyday and household goods
Something For Everyone – men’s and women’s casual clothing
Spotted Zebra – girls’ clothing
Sprout Star – children’s clothing
Stocking Fox – women’s stockings
Stone & Beam – modern furniture
Suite Alice – women’s dress clothing
The Cambridge Collection – women’s formalwear
The Casual Grey – women’s outerwear
The Drop – women’s clothing
The Fix – women’s shoes and accessories
The Lovely Tote Co – women’s handbags
The Luna Coalition – women’s dresses and jumpsuits
The Plus Project – men’s and women’s plus size clothing
The Portland Plaid Co – men’s and women’s outerwear
The Slumber Project – men’s and women’s sleepwear
Thirty Five Kent – men’s shirts and sweaters
Toes In a Blanket – men’s and women’s socks
Trailside Supply Co – men’s outdoor clothing
True Angel – women’s tops and sweaters
Truity – yoga and athletic wear
Ugly Fair Isle – men’s and women’s sweaters
Velvet Rope – women’s dresses and skirts
Wag – pet food
Wickedly Prime – snack foods
Wild Meadow – women’s dresses
Wood Paper Company – men’s shirts, pants, and outerwear
XoDo Intimates – women’s intimate apparel
Zanie Kids – baby clothing

I bring this up not to complain about Amazon doing what they do best.  It is what is, they are what they are.  But I wanted to alert you to these brands, so that when you are out there niche hunting, you will steer clear of the niches already populated with an Amazon brand. Amazon is certainly a force like no other. 

If you would like a list of companies Amazon has purchased, visit this Wikipedia site:

Do you know of any Amazon private labels missing from the list?

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Welcome To A2Z Seller Central

welcome featured imageWelcome, Amazon Seller! I am so glad that you found this website. For the past two years, I tried selling on Amazon. It was not easy and I wasn’t very successful, even though a massive amount of money and effort was put into it. Disillusioned with Amazon, I decided to help others by building this website.  It seemed logical since I had gained all of this hard-earned knowledge about selling on Amazon. Sure, it is mostly about what not to do. I am good at researching and organizing information, so why not?  My goal was to create a website for Amazon sellers to find all the tools they need in one place and also be able to read reviews on software. It took so many months to create this site because I kept finding more and more software for sellers on Amazon. It is amazing how much software is available.

Have you ever heard of Jungle Scout?

Of course you have because they advertise like crazy. But you might not know about the hundreds of other pieces of great software out there. Most offer a free trial and some are even free. I divided the software section into categories such as accounting, advertising, or shipping, so whatever you need will be easy to find. Please look around and discover what you have been missing. I almost gave up selling on Amazon, but now I am jazzed and excited to try new things. There were a few software packages I hated to include on the website…. but I did…because I wanted to keep them a secret for me to use.  Besides software, you will find books, courses, events, Facebook groups, mentors, prep centers and tools. Enjoy! screenshot of a2z website

Why I Wrote This Site

I  came to the realization that serving and helping others is the path to a fulfilled life. A2ZSellerCentral is here to help you be more successful with your Amazon business. I worked at the last job for a bank for ten years and was a senior vice president of information technology. I don’t capitalize that title as it wasn’t important then or now. I spent 10 years working 12-15 hours per day and 6-7 days a week. An 80 hour week was a short week. And when the owners sold the bank, they sold me along with it, as if I were a piece of furniture or an asset.  All those years, they promised me that when the bank sold, I would receive enough money to retire.  I received nothing…. zero.  I wasn’t alone, everyone got treated badly. One person had worked there for 20 years, and even she received nothing.  But hey, don’t worry about the 6 executives at the top. They got hundreds of thousands of dollars each and the owner got tens of millions.  I call the everyday working world Slavelandia, because that is what it has become. And I want to help as many of you as possible to escape from Slavelandia. Your health, relationships, life, and world will improve when you work for yourself.

Focus on Inspiration and Motivation

My experience has been that “it is done unto you as you believe” meaning what you tell yourself and your self-conscious is usually what will come to pass. I didn’t know this for the longest time, but two decades ago I was selling computers and started imagining computers leaving the warehouse and money coming into me. This changed everything. Soon I was the #3 salesperson in a sea of 800 salespeople because of it. buddha sayingSo expect inspiring, positive posts from me and from the guest authors. Don’t worry, I will not go all woo-woo or religious, but will write about positive things to add inspiration to your day. Most Amazon Sellers work by themselves. It can get lonesome and when it is only you, it's hard to stay motivated. I get that. Your power does not come from your job, uniform, career, status, circumstance, fame or the label people give you. Your power comes from your heart, soul, spirit, passion, and love that exists inside you. You are more powerful than you think.

Going Forward

Amazon continues to expand rapidly and it is difficult to keep up. The great thing about that is the ongoing and growing opportunity we have as sellers to create the income of our dreams through Amazon. Part of my bigger vision is to help you grow with Amazon by keeping you abreast of all the tools available to you. After months of work, I am only getting started. I continue to find software to add and lots of things to discuss in this blog. And I want to do a whole section on services for Amazon Sellers. So much to do, but I am excited to finally share my website and see it grow. As an Amazon Seller, you know the value of reviews, so I am hoping you will help others by reviewing any software you have used. I hope together we can keep the ratings fair and honest. Measures are in place to ensure that the ratings treat each product equally and so that bots and people with the wrong intention will find it difficult to cheat. Please use the search in the header to find the software you would like to review. Amazon is never, ever boring, so I invite you to sign up for the newsletter down below in the footer. It is once a week with Amazon news you might have missed, along with anything special I see that week that might interest or benefit you. I would love to hear what’s on your mind in the comments below and am so glad you stopped by. Enjoy the site!

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