Amazon’s Many Private Label Brands

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For a company that started out as an online bookstore in 1994, Amazon has various logos of products sold on amazoncertainly evolved. They are the largest retailer, even outpacing Walmart. They are known worldwide as “the everything store”. Apparently that is truer than the vast majority will ever know. Amazon creates sub-companies and buys existing companies like they are going out of style. It does cause one to ponder if there might be a lack of focus and strategy or, at the very least, that they are spreading themselves too thin. Some of the companies they have purchased in the past few years include Zappos, Whole Foods, Ring, Kiva Systems and Plug Power. Interesting, but this post is about the 135+ Amazon brands. Most sellers don’t even know they are there. And not only are there Amazon brands, there are also over 330 exclusive brands from other companies that only sell on Amazon.  All told, there is way north than 24,000 products.  But Amazon claims that all these products are less than 1% of their total sales.

Things are not always what they seem, especially with Amazon.

I first became interested in this topic and started keeping a list of Amazon brands a few years ago after I read a story about a seller who had invented a toy that did really well on Amazon. The seller was doing really well with his unique toy, but then one day, another company started selling an almost identical product. And so he sued. But when due diligence was done, it turned out he was actually suing Amazon, because they were the “company” that sold the product that was almost identical to his. I don’t know how it all worked out. I hope he won because he held a patent for his product.

So why the secrecy, Amazon?

But with Amazon having so many of their own private label companies, it does cause some concern. Sure, it is their company and their platform…I get that. It’s just that most of their brands seem to be a big secret. But more importantly, it gives Amazon the ability to compress pricing for competing sellers. We aren’t talking about backwoods categories here. Their private label brands are in clothing, technology, and household products. AmazonBasics includes 20 different categories. And Amazon has the wherewithal to put their products front and center when a customer performs a search. Or when a customer orders something generic, like batteries, through Alexa, what brand do you think the customer will get?

There are over 135 Amazon private label brands. I am missing a few, but here are the ones I could find. The search is difficult because there are the Amazon brands and then there are the exclusive brands that belong to other companies but are only sold on Amazon. I am not listing those here…everything listed below is a brand that belongs to Amazon.

Amazon Private Label Brands

206 Collective – men’s and women’s dress and casual shoes
28 Palms – men’s casual clothing
365 Everyday Value – grocery products
7Goals – women’s athletic clothing
A for Awesome – children’s clothing
Amazon Collection – men’s and women’s jewelry
Amazon Echo – electronics
Amazon Elements – vitamins, supplements, and baby wipes
Amazon Essentials – wide variety of men’s and women’s clothing
AmazonBasics – large variety of household items
AmazonCommercial – commercial supplies
AmazonFresh – coffee
Arabella – women’s lingerie and sleepwear
Basic Care – Health and Household
Basic Perspective – girls’ accessories
Belei – skincare
Buttoned Down – men’s dress shirts and sweaters
Cable Stitch – women’s sweaters and dresses
Camp Moonlight – women’s tops and tees
Clifton Heritage – men’s dress shirts
Coastal Blue – women’s swimwear
Comfort Denim Outfitters – men’s denim
Common District – men’s outerwear
Core 10 – women’s athletic clothing
Crafted Collar – men’s dress clothing
Daily Ritual – women’s clothing
Daisy Drive – women’s pants, tops, and dresses
Dayana – women’s swimwear
Denim Bloom – women’s denim
Denim Crush – women’s denim
Denim Garage Classics – men’s denim
Due East Apparel – women’s activewear
Ella Moon – women’s tops, dresses, and sweaters
Emma Riley – girls’ dresses
Essentialist – women’s dresses, tops, and skirts
Filgate – leather belts and wallets
Find – men’s and women’s clothing
Flying Ace – men’s casual clothing
Franklin & Freeman – men’s dress shoes
Franklin Tailored – men’s suits and dress clothing
Good Brief – men’s underwear and casual clothing
Good Man – men's clothing
Goodsport – women’s and men’s activewear
Goodthreads – men’s shirts, shorts, and pants
HALE – women’s pants, skirts, and jackets
Happy Belly – coffee and nuts
Haven Outerwear – women’s coats and jackets
Hayden Rose – casual women’s clothing
House of Boho – women’s belts
Indigo Society – women’s denim
Iris & Lilly – women’s lingerie
Isle Bay Linens – men’s casual clothing
James & Erin – flowery women’s tops, dresses, and sweaters
Jump Club – men’s athletic clothing
Kailee Athletics – women’s plus size athletic clothing
Kid Nation – children’s clothing
Kold Feet – men’s and women’s socks
Lark & Ro – sleek women’s tops, dresses, and outerwear
Leather Architect – wallets and bags
Lily Parker – women’s denim
Madeline Kelly – women’s intimate apparel
Madison – women’s denim
Mae – women’s intimate apparel
Mama Bear – baby products
Mariella Bella – women’s tops, tees, and dresses
Meraki – men’s and women’s clothing
Mint Lilac – women’s athletic clothing
Moon and Back – baby clothing
Mountain Falls – beauty and personal care
Nature's Wonder – Vitamins
Nothing But Denim – men’s denim
Obsidian – sunglasses
P2N – sports nutrition
Ocean Blues – women’s swimwear
Orchid Row – women’s hats and accessories
Outdoor Ventures – men’s and women’s outerwear
OWN PWR – nutritional supplements
Painted Heart – women’s tops, tees, and skirts
Paris Sunday – casual women’s skirts, dresses, and coats
Peace Love Maxi – women’s dresses and jumpsuits
Peak Velocity – men’s active wear
Pike Street – linens and bedding
Pinzon – sheets and towels
Plumberry – women’s dresses and skirts
Presto! – health and household cleaning
Quality Durables Co. – men’s denim, pants, and shirts
Ravenna Home – classic furniture
Rebel Canyon – men’s and women’s leisure clothing
Revly – vitamins
Rivet – mid-century modern furniture
Romantic Dreamers – women’s tops and dresses
Rugged Mile Denim – men’s denim
Savoir Faire Dresses – women’s dresses
Scout + Ro – children’s clothing
Selene – women’s sleepwear
Serene Bohemian – women’s tops
Shopbop | East Dane – fashion retailers for women
Signature Society – women’s tops and dresses
Silly Apples – baby clothing
Single Cow Burger – prepared meal kits
Smitten – women’s leggings
Social Graces – women’s formal wear
Society New York – women’s dress clothing and hand bags
Solimo – everyday and household goods
Something For Everyone – men’s and women’s casual clothing
Spotted Zebra – girls’ clothing
Sprout Star – children’s clothing
Stocking Fox – women’s stockings
Stone & Beam – modern furniture
Suite Alice – women’s dress clothing
The Cambridge Collection – women’s formalwear
The Casual Grey – women’s outerwear
The Drop – women’s clothing
The Fix – women’s shoes and accessories
The Lovely Tote Co – women’s handbags
The Luna Coalition – women’s dresses and jumpsuits
The Plus Project – men’s and women’s plus size clothing
The Portland Plaid Co – men’s and women’s outerwear
The Slumber Project – men’s and women’s sleepwear
Thirty Five Kent – men’s shirts and sweaters
Toes In a Blanket – men’s and women’s socks
Trailside Supply Co – men’s outdoor clothing
True Angel – women’s tops and sweaters
Truity – yoga and athletic wear
Ugly Fair Isle – men’s and women’s sweaters
Velvet Rope – women’s dresses and skirts
Wag – pet food
Wickedly Prime – snack foods
Wild Meadow – women’s dresses
Wood Paper Company – men’s shirts, pants, and outerwear
XoDo Intimates – women’s intimate apparel
Zanie Kids – baby clothing

I bring this up not to complain about Amazon doing what they do best.  It is what is, they are what they are.  But I wanted to alert you to these brands, so that when you are out there niche hunting, you will steer clear of the niches already populated with an Amazon brand. Amazon is certainly a force like no other. 

If you would like a list of companies Amazon has purchased, visit this Wikipedia site:

Do you know of any Amazon private labels missing from the list?

Please feel free to share…

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