sourcing logoSoftware in this category will help you find products to buy online and then resell on Amazon. You should always approach this selling method with caution as there are some methods that are against Amazon's terms of service.  The software packages below will help you find the most profitable deals out there, while saving you tons of time.  Most have free trials and many have free training to help you make profitable decisions. We hope this is helpful for you and your business. Choosing software tools for your Amazon business is an important decision. While we do not recommend any products, as we are unable to test them all, we try to bring new products to your attention and  give you enough data to make an informed decision.

Please note that software prices change all the time.

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Starting at $99.00 per month

Daily Source Tools offers daily lists of pre-screened profitable products to buy retail and sell on Amazon. They consistently deliver high cash profit and fast turnover buying opportunities.

  • Since Aug 2014 the products on the lists have averaged 1.6% Amazon Rank, 96% net ROI and $9 net profit
  • There are two lists and they have the smallest subscriber circulation in the market (60 and 25 people only)
  • The lists only contain products with a minimum of 40% net ROI and a maximum BSR of 3%
  • Product lists include URL links to Camel Camel Camel, Cashback sites and Coupon codes
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$149.00 per month

Seller Essentials creates Essential Daily Deals, a list of items that can be purchased from online retail websites and resold for a profit using Amazon FBA.

  • The list will provide a minimum of 200 deals per month
  • It is sent five days per week and the products will be in various categories and price ranges
  • Each deal promises a minimum ROI of 40% and $5 profit per item
  • Peference is given to products with the best potential for selling fast.
  • Coupon codes, shipping discounts and cash-back deals are presented on the deal sheet to save you even more money
  • Membership for the Essential Daily Deals list is limited to 100 people.
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Starting at £39 per month 

FBA Wizard Pro helps you find profitable products to sell on Amazon and eBay by automatically searching over 600 retail websites and wholesalers.

  • Add filters to your searches for sales rank, total profit and many others elements
  • View the profit, ROI, Amazon sales rank and category, along with things like the weight and the number of sellers
  • Uses the Best Seller Rank data to estimate how many units a particular product sells per month
  • Displays the inventory that every seller on a particular listing has
  • Use reverse scans where you select a category and the software will then search all retailers for those products where you can make a profit
  • Scans over 4000 retailers.
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Starting at $21.00 per month

Gated List is an exclusive shoe sourcing list. Their daily shoe source list will educate to be a skilled buyer for shoes.

  • The lists are capped at 25 subscribers each and are delivered as an Excel spreadsheet
  • Each day, Monday through Friday, only one list goes out and only a maximum of 25 subscribers receive it
  • Each lists contains the data needed to make an informed decision on what to purchase
  • There are several subscription options ranging from 5 days a week to a la carte
  • There is also a coaching program on selling shoes
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Starting at $175.00 per month – Free Trial

OAGenius is a suite of tools that helps arbitrage sellers discover opportunities, list products, manage inventory, monitor prices and dropship orders. There are two Modules:

Sage: List products on Amazon for dropshipping from other online stores such as Walmart, Wayfair, Costco

  • You can organize orders, calculate profits, automate shipment tracking, set order status, create customer service notes and search for orders in seconds
  • Quickly list and sync your inventory for seamless and effortless automated management
  • Get individual SKU reports or supplier level reports including profitability, the volume of orders, refund rates and more
  • The software monitors the available stock of an item across supported retail sites and adjusts your listing quantity accordingly
  • Pause and relist items as they go in and out of stock on your sourcing site so you can take a measured approach to prevent ‘out-of-stock’ items from being sold.

Gravity: Source items from online stores to sell on Amazon

  • Navigate to a product page or category page on one of their supported source sites and the system will show you matching products, pricing and cost breakdowns 
  • Run the extension while browsing any of their supported sourcing sites to find profitable products fast.
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$99.00 per month

OALEADS is an Amazon online arbitrage sourcing list.

  • You will receive 5 or more great leads every week day
  • Estimated profits takes into account the FBA fees and inbound shipping costs
  • Receive leads with +/- 20% margin or 50-70% ROI and at least $8 in profit
  • They also try to source for products below 150K BSR
  • Coupon codes, cash back and gift cards can be added to help maximize profits
  • All deals are sourced by hand instead of software and you see them fresh that day
  • Only 50 people per month are allowed to be on their list
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Starting at $99.00 per month – Free Trial

OAXRAY is a Google Chrome extension that assists sellers in finding profitable items at common online retailers in order to resell them on Amazon, also known as online arbitrage.

  • Navigate to a page within an online store and scan the page to turn it into a spreadsheet of items with links to the Amazon product page, links to CamelCamelCamel and Keepa data, and columns of info on pricing, sales rank, profit and ROI, etc.
  • See if the item is selling on other websites and where you might get a better buying price
  • It can also account for discounts like Ebates or gift cards
  • Supports over 400 online retailers
  • Sell Merchant Fulfilled or FBA since the extension supports calculations for both
  • The tool analyzes all the products on a search page with one click or can analyze multiple pages simultaneously
  • OAXray allows you to upload a spreadsheet of UPCs and prices to check against the Amazon catalog
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Starting at $129.00 per month 

Online Arbitrage DEALS is an Amazon deal sourcing service that will supply you with profitable arbitrage deals Monday through Friday.

  • The number of leads you get is dependent on your subscription, which is available in three different levels
  • New deals show up in your account as they are available
  • The deals are found by an army of virtual assistants who are constantly on the search for the best deals out there
  • You will have your own deal flow which will be unique to you
  • The software is built to naturally throttle delivery of the deals so you don’t share with too many people
  • Provides information such as the product, fees, BSR, ROI, profit, number of sellers and Keepa information
  • Deals will have at least $3 profit and at least 30% ROI after fees are taken into consideration
  • The largest percentage of the deals are in the top 1% or 2% best seller rank on Amazon
  • Free training is also provided
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100 Free Listings – $.10 each for more

PriceYak allows you to source from Amazon, Walmart, Aliexpress, and Costco and resell those items on Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.

  • Features include automatic listing creation, automatic repricing (based on price and availability at the source) and automatic ordering
  • Just feed the system the ASIN or part number and a beautiful listing will be created on eBay
  • The state-of-the-art repricer catches changes in price or availability at the source market and adjusts your listing
  • Takes into account the PayPal and eBay fees
  • Automatic ordering places the corresponding order to the source for you within 10 minutes of a purchase
  • The software also handles the tracking
  • There is also an integrated stock monitoring process which will remove items from your eBay store should they go out of stock on Amazon or other sources
  • Filters out those listings that are high risk of takedown on eBay, based on a comprehensive blacklist
  • Once an item is sold, it is automatically relisted
  • Handle returns with a One Click option for the customer
  • Manage gift cards for purchases
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Starting at $37.00 per month – Free Trial

ProfitSourcery is a USA and UK Amazon product sourcing tool for people wanting to sell on Amazon.

  • The software analyzes and compares millions of products from thousands of different suppliers and compares them against Amazon's prices.
  • Leads are from the top 20% of Amazon's bestseller list with a minimum of $15 profit margin (after Amazon seller & FBA fees)
  • Receive 5 new profitable products per day
  • The cost of the product and the Amazon Referral and FBA Fees are listed separately
  • There is a free course included
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Starting at $67.00 per month – Free Trial

SourceMogul is a software sourcing tool to find profitable products to buy at retailers to sell on Amazon.

  • Search by retailer or any Amazon category, such as toys and games
  • Unlimited monthly searches of 183 US or 184 UK stores, with more stores added all the time
  • Just set up searches for the stores you are interested in and the software runs in the background to find the products that meet your criteria
  • Stores are cached for faster results and those with a lightening symbol have been cached within the last 24 hours
  • Results include embedded Keepa sales and price history charts, competitor info and fees breakdown
  • Includes a brand restrictions checker and current stock checker at the retail store
  • See the products from the store and from Amazon side by side, so you can compare to make sure they are the same
  • Add store or online coupon codes, shipping fees, VAT status (UK), etc. so that you can see your true profit
  • Save your favorites to a wish list that can be rescanned at anytime to update the pricing and availability
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Starting at $89.00 per month – Free Trial

Tactical Arbitrage is web-based software that allows you to scan over a thousand global retail sites to find matches in the Amazon catalog, either by UPC or by product title, that will be profitable to re-sell on Amazon.

  • Set up bulk scans of multiple pages and multiple websites to scan at one time and get text alerts when it is finished scanning
  • Set the filters for ROI, profit, item size, whether Amazon is selling it, negative keywords and more
  • The results will show you links to product pages on the online store’s site and Amazon
  • Review columns of info on pricing, sales rank, profit and ROI, among other things
  • Advanced algorithms quickly calculate Amazon fees, source discounts, cash backs and shipping costs
  • Reverse the search and start with best-selling Amazon products and look for matches on online retail stores
  • Or even search Amazon for items to buy and flip back onto Amazon
  • Upload a wholesale manifest and let the software quickly analyze it to find you profitable deals
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Starting at $39.00 per month – Free Plan

Tactical Bucket is a web-based software suite that works with Tactical Arbitrage software for online arbitrage sourcing. It has many features, including X paths (adding new sites to Tactical Arbitrage), multi-domain bulk lists, discounts, ASIN extractors, top 500K ASINs in categories, and lots more. It allows you to turbocharge your Tactical Arbitrage account.

  • One click installation directly into Tactical Arbitrage
  • Create large Tactical Arbitrage bulk lists extremely fast
  • Updated daily
  • Easy to follow the walkthrough
  • Tutorials on every page

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