Research and Scouting

Research & Scouting

binoculars iconFinding products to sell on Amazon is the hardest part and that is where the software in this category comes in.  Below is an array of various software products that will help you determine what to buy, how many and what to charge for it. Most of them try to predict future sales and demand. Some programs do more than one task, which is why you see some overlap between this category and others. There are some products below that are Chrome extensions, but if they charge a price and act more like a web app, we put them in here and not in the Chrome extension category.  We are just trying to be comprehensive, without being too confusing. We hope this is helpful for you and your business. Choosing software tools for your Amazon business is an important decision. While we do not recommend any products, as we are unable to test them all, we try to bring new products to your attention and  give you enough data to make an informed decision.

Please note that software prices change all the time.

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Starting at $34.99 per month – Free Trial

Algopix is an online product research platform that provides product market research insights for Amazon, eBay and Walmart sellers with real-time product market analysis using algorithms.

  • Discover in minutes the the best product choices, where you should sell those products and how much you should charge.
  • Analyze marketplace fees, FBA fees, shipping cost, and estimated taxes.
  • Analyze products individually or upload price lists and analyze hundreds of products at once.
  • Algopix also has a Chrome extension.

The Algopix Inventory Exchange provides their community of thousands of eCommerce sellers around the world with a forum where members can buy and sell great deals on inventory and overstock items.

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Contact for price quote

Amachete provides sellers with competitor analysis, a profitability estimator, listing hijack detection, rank tracker, automated customer emails and a product research database.

  • Find the buyers waiting for you in Germany, the UK, Italy, Japan, India, Canada, Mexico France, and Spain
  • Includes a Chrome extension that allows you to research products
  • Search their database of over 12 million products across 10 global marketplace for winning products
  • Pull in the daily or monthly sales estimates, number of reviews and average review rating
  • Send out custom emails for ten of Amazon's FBA global marketplaces for one monthly price
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One time charge of $97.00

AmaSuite 5 is a powerful software bundle that runs on both Windows PC & Macs and helps you find top selling products on Amazon.

  • The Product Analyzer generates the top 100 most sold or best-selling products in all categories
  • The Search Analyzer can show you which products are ranking on the first page of searches for certain keywords
  • The Keyword Generator extracts data from sites such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart to tell you the top words people are searching for
  • The Review Analyzer delivers reviews so you know what customers like and dislike about a product
  • The Ali Inspector generates niche keywords, analyzes bestsellers and uncovers top performing products from AliExpress
  • Also included are two courses. One for selling on Amazon and the other for being an Amazon affiliate
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Starting at Free

AmazeOwl is an Amazon product research tool designed to help private label / FBA sellers. It uses a dedicated desktop app for Mac and PC to search Amazon for listings matching specified requirements for price, best seller rank, number of reviews and more.

  • Find promising product ideas quickly just by scrolling through Amazon as the software spots high potential products and explains the opportunity to you in plain English
  • Access millions more product ideas via their Amazon product database – updated daily
  • Products are ranked with a simple 5 star system to show you the ease of entry, demand and potential profit.
  • AmazeOwl also comes with a Chrome extension.
  • The starter plan of is completely free and will be forever
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Starting at $39.00 per month – Free Trial

AMZ Insight is an intelligent web-based software for product and keyword tracking.

  • Select the products that you want to track and start getting insights of rankings, estimated sales, estimated revenue and more
  • Use the Buy Box tracker to continuously track your listing and all the other offers in order to see minimum and maximum prices
  • The listing optimizer tool will analyze the item listing and score different areas against the proven recommendations.
  • The niche analyzer will tell you how much money you can make by analyzing the sales rank, Buy Box prices, sales estimates and ratings of the top products in each category
  • Track your competitors’ products by price, BSR, reviews, rating and sales
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Starting at $20.00 – Free Trial

AMZ.One provides a range of Amazon tracking and marketing tools.

  • See daily rankings for any keywords you choose and see the actual sales volume of any product
  • Find the top 30,000 best selling products in each category, sorted by the number of sales.
  • Be notified instantly when you receive a negative review, so you can react to the buyer quickly
  • Includes a listing optimizer that will help you improve your listings for titles, descriptions, etc
  • Use the software for online arbitrage, with access to hundreds of stores to find the best price
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$19.99 per month – Free Trial

Amzpecty is a web browser extension that can easily check and track your competitors’ stock quantity, prices, sales rank and variations for up to 60 days.

  • Estimated total listed quantity (all sellers)
  • Number of offers (Sellers)
  • Each offer’s available quantity
  • Price, estimated shipping, and total
  • FBA indicator
  • Product condition
  • Highest sales rank
  • Search Result CSV File Download
  • Filter Result by FBA/MFN and/or Condition
  • Show quantity on merchant’s store front
  • NEW! View/Review latest 100 search results (paid premium only)
  • A notes tool will be added to your Amazon Seller Central inventory page which will allow you to write and view notes directly on your Amazon dashboard.
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Chrome ext $49 once,  App $39 per mo 

AmzScope consists of two applications. One is a Chrome extension that is available as a one time purchase. The other is a web app that incurs a monthly fee. Sellers use these two apps to find products to sell on Amazon.

AmzScope Scanner is a web application that hosts a catalog of Amazon products (updated daily with only products that sell), arranged in a convenient format for analysis to find market niches with high demand and low competition. Filter products by category, demand, the number of sales per month, monthly revenue, as well as ratings, dimensions and other parameters in order to laser target the best product for sale on Amazon.

AmzScope Chrome is a Chrome browser app that is used to quickly analyze the entire product niche from the Amazon page and displays product data in a convenient summary table in your browser that shows the number of sales, revenue, potential profit, number of reviews, Amazon fees and other useful information.

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Starting at $45.99 per month – Free Version

AMZScout is both a web app and an extension that helps people pick a niche based on BSR, monthly sales, profit and other information.

The Web App includes sales and revenue estimates, competition spying, keywords explorer, sales rank, profit calculator, sales history per year, FBA fees (including storage), listing quality, trends, product tracking and quick product sourcing. Find out what are the most popular keywords for your products and choose the best ones to increase your sales.

The AMZScout Pro extension provides estimated monthly sales, exact keywords used for a product, estimated monthly income, the lowest sales price, the FBA fees, a profit calculator, Best Seller Rank, average rating, number of reviews, monthly revenue per review and other useful tools.

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$299.00 per month – Free Trial

AMZShark is a research tool for more established Amazon sellers. The software consists of the following 13 tools.

  • Keyword Explorer
  • PPC Scout
  • Keyword Comparison
  • Competition Scout
  • Supplier Scout
  • Sales Tracker
  • Niche Scout
  • Search Rankings Tracker
  • Listing Scout
  • Hijacking Alerts
  • Super URLs
  • Review Alerts
  • Feedback Alerts
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$29.00 per month takes your Excel wholesale price lists or your competitor's Amazon store to search, research and calculate products for profitability.

  • View referral fees, variable closing sees, fulfillment cost, order handling, pick & pack, weight handling, 30 day storage, inbound shipping, fulfillment cost subtotal, cost subtotal and margin impact in a spreadsheet format
  • Takes into account whether you are an FBA or Merchant Fulfilled seller and factors the profit and ROI automatically
  • Import over 75 customizable research data fields into the program for deeper analysis including FBA fee calculator, sales rank, number of Amazon reviews and much more.
  • Takes an Amazon wholesale list with tens of thousands of products and filters it down to the handful of profitable products in minutes.
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Starting at $9.95 per month

ASellerTool consists of two tools for Amazon sellers: Scoutly for scouting and TurboLister for listing and they are both included in the monthly fee. These tools work well for book sellers.

Scoutly was formally called FBAScan.

  • Download the Amazon pricing database to your phone, so you will get instant pricing information anywhere
  • Use live look up to search all Amazon items using your phone’s internet connection.
  • See sales rank, merchant prices, Amazon Price, the number of sellers, etc.
  • Set a pricing trigger which is a sound or signal to tell you to buy a book based on predefined criteria

TurboLister speeds up the process of listing your inventory on Amazon.

  • Use several different presets that allow you to grade your items quickly and efficiently
  • List 100 items in an hour or less.
  • Combine items to the same Fulfillment center into one FBA shipment, print out FNSKU label and 2D box content
scout with your phone
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Starting at $9.99 per month – Free Trial

Asinhunt is a web based product research tool that allows Amazon sellers to estimate the daily sales volume for specific ASINs.

  • Track product information in real time such as price, sales ranking and inventory and how they change daily
  • See the best sellers, most wished for and most gifted products for each category and subcategory
  • Use the built-in profit margin calculator to define the best selling price for the products you are interested in selling
  • Paste a list of ASINs you want to track and Asinhunt will automatically collect: price, BSR, units in stock, merchant name, number of reviews and ratings.
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Starts at $59.95 per year – Free Trial

AZInsight by Asinzen is a Chrome extension for Amazon research that will replace numerous other tools that you may already be using.

  • Advanced Profit Calculator
  • Built-in Hazmat
  • Restriction Checker
  • Brand Detect Assistant
  • Integrated Variations Viewer and Stock Checker
  • Bulk Checker for ASINS
  • Slow Movers feature to avoid certain products
  • Integrates with Tactical Arbitrage and Inventory Lab
Now ScanEZ is included.  This allows you to scan products and scout from your iPhone or Android device.  It is available in 8 Amazon markets and is included with your AZInsight Pro account.
scout with your phone
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Starting at $50.00 per month – Free Trial

BigCentral, an all-in-one tool from BQool, is a complete sales, marketing and service solution designed to empower you to be an Amazon Top Seller. It encompasses the following modules:

  • Amazon Email Automation – Personalized email campaigns designed to increase seller feedback & product reviews
  • Amazon Seller Feedback Management – Build stronger customer relationships by conveniently managing customer feedback, while improving feedback ratings.
  • Amazon Product Review Management – Conveniently manage reviews in a central location to ensure timely response of customer issues.
  • Product Tracker – Accurately capture the product data to analyze the daily price, sales rank, estimated sales & reviews over a given period.
  • Amazon Product Research – Perform an exhaustive search across 100+ million product data points along 9 different global marketplaces, to find profitable Amazon products.
  • Amazon Keyword Research – Utilize actual search data from potential buyers to generate an extensive list of relevant keywords with the associated traffic metrics, giving you the best keywords to use for your listings or advertising.

The BigTracker product research Chrome extension is included with BigCentral.

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Starting at $25.00 per month – Free Trial

BigTracker is a product research software that allows Amazon sellers to track competitors, monitor product performance and ultimately find a profitable niche. Bqool recently purchased BigTracker and have integrated it into their website.

  • Narrow down your product niche by filtering by ASIN, product keywords, category or brand name and more
  • View the selling price, product reviews, seller rank, estimated sales, number of reviews, total sellers, inventory and other specific information
  • Explore historical data with the product tracker to make a comparison of sales, price, estimated revenues, Buy Box price and more based on historical data
  • Follow the movements of your competitors, including changes to orders, reviews and level of inventory
  • Estimated sales, revenue and a variety of sales metrics are updated daily and you will get daily alerts
  • Utilize the BigMovers scoring system to cherry-pick the high scoring products from their database of 60 million listings
  • Unique scoring system rates the products on a score of 1-99 to make the decision process easier

** There is also a BigTracker Extension that can be used to research product sales ranks, estimated sales, revenue, total sellers, reviews, ratings and fulfillment types, and other valuable product data.

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Starting at $34.95 per month – Free Trial

BuyBotPro is the 1st fully automated FBA calculator, online arbitrage & wholesale analysis tool. The extension analyses thousands of data points to score deals from 1 – 100. As well as being an FBA calculator and a buying assistant, it checks eligibility, Hazmat, private label status, competitor stock and estimated sales. There is no need to pay for Keepa when you use this tool there is a similar tool built in.

  • Automated Deal Analysis & Buy Decisions
  • ROI & Profit Checker
  • BSR Checker
  • Competition Analyzer
  • Private Label Checker
  • Hazmat Checker
  • Eligibility Checker
  • Suggested Purchase Quantity
  • Amazon Fees Breakdown
  • Buy Sheet Automation
  • Custom Criteria
  • Profit Margin Calculator
  • Sales Estimator
  • Buy Score & Reason
  • Competition Analysis
  • Sales History Chart
  • Variation Feature
  • Stock versus price graph
  • Sales heat map
  • And so much more…

**New features are added all the time, so this software just keeps getting better and better

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The software and extension are free to use.

camelcamelcamel is an Amazon price tracking software designed for independent sellers and small businesses, but also for anyone buying on Amazon.

  • Features include product searches, price history monitoring, price drop alerts, discount tracking, trend mapping and more
  • Search products by entering the Amazon URL directly into the search bar to see the lowest and highest price separately in green and red fonts
  • The site does an amazing job of tracking prices of products on Amazon and sending deals right into your inbox or to Twitter
  • For sellers, you can see the price history of a product right on the website
  • Free to use and there is also a Camelizer extension that is available for Firefox and Google Chrome
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Starting at $59 per month – Free Trial

Captain BI is a business intelligence solution that helps Amazon sellers utilize multiple tools to manage overall business operations. With their sales analytics and profit report tools, organizations can analyze business activities and monitor product profitability more timely and efficiently. You can access and analyze key pieces of information for different Amazon marketplace accounts, stores, and products in one dashboard. These include sales, revenue, costs, and advertisement.

  • Amazon Sponsored Ads
  • ASIN Analytics
  • Analytics and Profitability
  • FBA Inventory
  • Keyword Research
  • Order Management
    Product Research
  • Refunds and Reimbursements
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Starting at $49.97 per month – Free Trial

CashCowPro was designed, developed, and built by a team of sellers and tech specialists and performs a variety of tasks.

  • Browse the 20 million best seller index on which you can get estimated sales, price, fees, BSR, FBA fees and weight using the free chrome extension
  • Monitor inventory
  • Split tests listing title, price, images and features
  • See real time sales, profits and refunds, competitor sales tracking, stock level and sales velocity
  • Monitor your own keywords (and your competition's keywords)
  • A sales velocity calculator provides an out of stock predictor
  • The automated feedback feature allows you to set up a drip email campaign to remind customers to leave positive reviews
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Scanalyze is $9.00 and ScanSheet starts at $10 per month.

Cyber Monkey Deals is a fully automated online research solution for Amazon sellers that scans retail store websites in search of deals.

  • Products are scanned, compared to Amazon and analyzed for profitability
  • Calculates exact FBA fees to determine net profit, ROI and margin
  • The software only shows profitable products
  • Quickly and efficiently research products on Amazon, Ebay, Google, CamelCamelCamel, and Keepa with one click
  • Available product categories include toys, home & kitchen, sporting goods, grocery, home improvement, sporting goods, health & beauty and many others
  • Includes Scanalyze tool: Simply enter an Amazon ASIN and Scanalyze instantly calculates all fees, net profit, ROI and margin
  • Use ScanSheet if you have hundreds of thousands of deals and it will analyze them all for profit
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Starting at Free, then $99 per month

DataHawk is a web-based Amazon analytics tool that helps you track keywords, product rankings and performance.

  • It also calculates monthly sales estimates, , runs product research and does market analysis based on keywords.
  • See up to 15 thousand product ideas out of over 6 million products from their database
  • Monitor changes in Best Sellers Rank, number of product reviews, average ratings, pricing, changes in listings, BuyBox competition and estimated monthly sales and get daily email alerts.
  • View keywords search results and see which keywords have high search volume and low competition
  • Receive new keywords suggestions based on Amazon customer search queries and top-ranking products
  • Browse the top selling products on each Amazon sub-category
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Starting at $16.00 per month – Free Trial

Egrow is a web-based tool developed for Amazon sellers to help find profitable markets and products as you research Amazon marketplaces.

  • See search results in easy to understand charts and panels to help you find products that are profitable and have huge potential for growth
  • Track products and research keywords
  • Track the minimum, maximum and average metrics for bestseller rankings, prices, reviews, sales and revenue for up to 90 days for any product
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Starting at £19.99 per month – Free Trial

FBA Multi-Tools is a Chrome extension that displays on the Amazon product page. F It also shows you the profit margin, all FBA fees, the BSR and the break even price.

  • Item Scoring System – Looks into many data points such as ROI, Profit, Sales, Buy Box Stock, Competition and gives a buy score
  • Includes an interactive Keepa style graph for average rank & Buy Box Price (30,60 & 90 Days)
  • Includes Sales Estimator* Partnered with ( to provide you with one of the best sales estimators on the market
  • Stock Checker to check your competition's stock levels, displays top 10 sellers
  • See the FBA & FBM seller counter
  • Know if you are restricted from selling and if the product is hazmat
  • Use the FBA Calculator to work out all your profits and ROI's
  • One Click Auto Ungate
  • Check if product is private label
  • Export to google sheets with a single click
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Starting at $5.00 per month – Free Trial

FBA ToolKit is a comprehensive set of tools for sellers to find profitable products.

  • Enter a sales rank and it will provide an estimate of sales per day in that specific category
  • Upload a spreadsheet with a list of UPCs/EANs/ASINs and it will generate a report with current offers, estimated sales rate and profit
  • Track the price, stock and sales of all the relevant merchants in a product listing
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Starting at Free 

Helium 10 is a cloud-based research software for Amazon seller to perform product and keyword research, listing optimization, product launches, keyword tracking, competitor spying, refunds, and more. There are 13 tools in the product:

  • Black Box – find products and niches based on specific criteria
  • Magnet – keyword research tool for creative keywords
  • Cerebro – keyword research from ASIN instead of keyword
  • Frankenstein – combine your keywords and sort by profitability
  • Scribbles – makes sure all your keywords get into your title or listing
  • Keyword Tracker – check the rankings of your keywords
  • Index Checker – know if your keywords are being indexed by Amazon
  • Alerts – be alerted on any changes to your listings
  • Inventory Protector – set limits on items that are promos
  • Refund Genie – checks for unpaid reimbursements from Amazon
  • Trendster – check for the seasonality or trends for products
  • Misspellinator – find the most used misspellings for your keywords
  • Xray – Chrome extension for product research
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$47.00 one time – Free Trial

Intellizon is a Chrome extension that allows you to spy on other Amazon sellers.

  • Use software to find products that are selling well for other sellers
  • Browse a competitor's storefront and download up to 2500 ASINs and then get access to the seller data for each of those ASINs.
  • Included with your purchase is a list of 500 U.S. Amazon storefronts that Intellizon will work with
  • It works with Tactical Arbitrage, ASINspector, PriceChecker2 and ScanPower.
  • The software is 100% compliant with Amazon's Terms of Service.
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Starting at $49.00 per month – Free Trial

InventoryLab is an all-in-one set of mobile and web-based tools you can use to streamline your business. There are two modules to the software, Stratify and Scoutify.

The Scoutify app allows you to scan items and quickly see competitors’ prices, whether Amazon is in stock, potential profit, ROI, sales rank, sales rank percentage, if you’re approved or restricted from selling the item, etc.

Stratify provides automated accounting, restocking analysis, and a suite of profitability reports. Manage your inventory and view total in-stock value, sales value, and accounting details.

scout with your phone
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Starting at $39.00 per month

IO Scout is a web based research tool that allows Amazon sellers to evaluate over 150 million products according to revenue, sales, stock status, and other details. Conduct product research for Amazon, analyze the niche and explore the history of goods to get your desired profit. The software will help you find Amazon items with low competition and high margins and is the perfect tool for private labeling, dropshipping and retail arbitrage. It also includes a Chrome extension for enriched product and niche data information right on Amazon pages. A free FBA calculator is also included.

  • View the pricing history for each of the products in the database
  • View all the product reviews for each product
  • Chrome Extension available for on-page research.
  • Use bookmarks to track thousands of products
  • Product listing templates and keyword generator are included
  • FBA calculator is included
  • Software allows you to have ten users


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Starting at $49 per month

Jungle Scout is one of the best known Amazon tools and allows users to track products, explore product opportunities and ideas, monitor competitor sales data, calculate FBA fees, evaluate keywords and find suppliers. Jungle Scout offers two products, the Web App and the Chrome Extension.

Web App – helps you find products and niches. Its components are:

  • Product Database – allows you to search the Amazon catalog using filters such as price, weight, number of ratings and minimum sales per month
  • Niche Hunter – used for finding specific niches depending on such things as demand, competition and categories, average units sold, average price, opportunity score, competition etc,.
  • Product Tracker – allows you to track a product's performance over time, usually 30 days.
  • Keyword Scout gives you the monthly search volume for keywords using actual Amazon data.
  • Supplier Database is a first-of-its-kind feature among Amazon selling tools, helping you find legitimate global suppliers used by the world’s best brands.
  • Sales Analytics to get a full picture of your FBA finances

Chrome Extension – allows you to make a product search directly on Amazon and gives us estimated sales figures and the BSR, price history, ratings, and many more details.

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£15.00 per month (@$19.00 US)

Keepa is a Chrome extension and is great for getting a quick glimpse into how well products have been selling over time.

  • View extensive product details and average price
  • Quickly view listing offers including historical prices
  • Export all variation data of a product
  • eBay New and Used price history
  • Get price drop and availability alerts

**As of February 2019, users now have to pay for access.

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Pay as you go with credits – 100 Free Credits

MarketScout is a product research tool for Amazon sellers to identify high margin products to sell on Amazon.

  • Upload a spreadsheet containing a list of ASINs, UPCs and/or EANs
  • Process thousands products in minutes
  • Report will include information such as the unit weight, oversize status, fulfillment cost, item rank, number of sellers, number of FBA sellers and much more
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$50 per month

Neatoscan consists of three programs designed for Amazon book sellers.

The Neatopricer book scanning application runs from either a PDA device or on an Android or IOS phone that alerts you when you scan a winner.

Neatoscan Inventory Evaluator looks up Amazon price information for large lists of product codes, for example from auction manifests.

Neatoscan Inventory Manager is a barcode-driven marketplace management solution. Modules include receiving, inventory management, listing, shipping, repricing and reporting.

scout with your phone
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$82 per month

Price Checker 2 is an Amazon profit FBA calculator and research software.

  • Upload any list of wholesale products from your supplier, search against the Amazon database and it identifies the fast turnover, high profit items
  • Analyze up to 17,000 products per hour
  • Access links from each item to eBay, Alibaba Wholesale, Google, Keepa and CamelCamelCamel for quick product analysis
  • Detects multipacks and will auto correct incorrectly typed UPCs and add the missing 0s
  • Filter for rank level, profit level, price, number of sellers, customer reviews, product weight and whether Amazon is selling it, along with many other filters
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$9.99 per month

Profit Bandit is a mobile application that enables sellers to scan any barcode and determine if an item is profitable for resale on Amazon.

  • Live lookups using Amazon’s API ensures you have up-to-date offer and pricing data
  • Features include barcode scanning for live price lookups, profit calculation, sales rank monitoring, restricted item alerts, and more
  • Calculate all the FBA fees, and instantly see your profit based on each book or item that you scan
  • View the profit based on the product weight, Amazon fees, cost of goods, shipping rates and up to 15 other factors.
  • Know if you will be competing against Amazon
  • Alerts if it is a restricted to sell the product
scout with your phone


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Starting at $19.90 per month – Free Trial

QMT stands for Qualified Merchant Toolkit and the software offers serveral tools for Amazon sellers.

  • Automate your Amazon pricing with price adjustments every 15 minutes
  • Manage inventory and orders with data syncs every 5 minutes
  • Use the advertising assistant for campaign reporting and managing keywords
  • Research products with a niche hunter and ROI calculator
  • Manage feedback and reviews
  • Generate reports on your store performance
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$99.99 per year – Free Trial

RevSeller is a Chrome extension that allows sellers to see the sales rank, category and profitability at the top of each Amazon product page.

  • Make quick and smart purchasing decisions
  • View the 90 day average price and sales rank history.
  • Enter your costs and the tool calculates the FBA fees, margin, ROI and other details
  • See all the variations of a product so you know which variation is the most likely to sell
  • Click to search for the product on Google and Ebay
  • The extension can also be customized for what you want to see.
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$40.00 per month – Free Trial

Scan Unlimited has built a web-based, intuitive scan software for Amazon sellers.

  • Upload a spreadsheet of products from your wholesale supplier and the tool will parse the data needed to find profitable products
  • Search by UPC, ASIN, EAN, ISBNs
  • Quickly search over 100,000+ items per hour to find profitable products that are in high demand
  • Scan results will include Buy Box price, sales rank, category, FBA fees, ROI,and number of offers, weight, dimensions, whether Amazon is selling it and more
  • Find out how many competitors are priced to win the buy box and compare fulfillment methods and feedback
  • Scans can be saved for future access
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Starting at $49.00 per month – Free Trial

Scanpower is a desktop and mobile solution for Amazon sellers for sourcing, listing and reporting. It consists of 6 modules.

  • ScanPower Mobile scans barcodes using your phone camera allowing you to see live pricing data for every item in the Amazon catalog.
  • ScanPower Scout is the same as the Mobile app, but available on the internet.
  • ScanPower List allows you to scan your item once to create a new Amazon listing; choose the condition, set your price, print your FBA label, and pack the item in the box— all in one step.
  • ScanPower BoxT is the only box contents app that's integrated with your shipments. Scan and pack your shipment items while printing 2D barcodes of the box contents.
  • ScanPower Evaluate calculates the net payout for each item on your scanned list.
  • ScanPower Report is a powerful sales reporting and accounting solution with full inventory management and expense tracking including fees, taxes and shipping. Track your COGS and ROI.
scout with your phone
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$44 per month – Free Trial

ScoutIQ helps you find profitable books and other products to sell on Amazon using your phone's built-in camera to scan items to sell.

  • Search in either live mode or local database mode, where the Amazon database is downloaded to your phone
  • The Database Mode helps you scan books up to five times faster than looking up live data, updates twice a day
  • Use the built-in custom keyboard to type in ISBNs or UPCs and use the QWERTY-style keyboard to do a title search to find products without barcodes
  • Use optical character recognition so you don't have to type anything and you can scan in the book title or ISBN number with your phone's camera
  • Customizable to meet your needs
scout with your phone
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Starting at $15 per month – Free Trial

Seller Assistant App is a Chrome extension that combines an FBA Calculator, IP Alerts, Quick View, and Stock Checker in one tool. The app integrates right onto the Amazon product page and pops up for you to see everything at once with no extra clicks or scrolls.

  • Embeds right inside the Amazon product page
  • Profit and FBA calculator
  • One-click export to Google Sheet
  • Displays essential product data: ASIN, BSR, Category
  • Shows historical data for product
  • Allows searches in Google, eBay, Alibaba, and Walmart 
  • See the number of FBA/FBM Offers
  • Get total revenue and number of units sold
  • Estimate your sales and profit
  • Check the stock quantity of your competitors
  • Restrictions and Alerts
  • Intellectual Property Warnings
  • Meltable Inventory Warnings
  • Hazmat Checker
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See website – 4 products – prices vary

SellerLabs delivers 4 standalone modules:

  • Scope for keyword, product, competition & listing research
  • Quantify for inventory & sales management
  • Feedback Genius for feedback & review management
  • Ignite for Amazon ad campaign management

It is ala carte and so you pick just the modules you need or bundle them together for extra savings.

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Starting at $199.00 per month – Free Trial

SellerApp offers multiple tools to help Amazon sellers with their business.

  • Optimize and manage your PPC campaigns easily and effectively
  • Get top performing keywords and potential negative keywords in one click
  • Identify top SKUs and get sales, revenue, profit and PPC trends for each individual SKU
  • Know when exactly to reorder, including stock levels and sales rate of each SKU
  • The software generates a thorough report that evaluates product listings
  • Discover keywords of existing top sellers and high impact keywords for ad campaign
  • View real-time search rank of your keywords on Amazon
  • Discover top-selling product ideas and validate them based on existing competition, demand, profit margin, revenue potential and other metrics
  • Receive alerts on your product listings for hijackers, buy box pricing, bad ratings, inventory and listing quality.
(0 reviews)

$49.95 per month – Free Trial

SellerEngine Plus is a desktop application offering sellers keyword analysis, competition research, inventory management, listing management, feedback requests, and shipping management.

  • Create your FBA shipments and print FBA labels by entering your items with a barcode scanner, from an imported file or by hand
  • Add new FBA listings in bulk
  • Syncs your local inventory with Amazon
  • Reprice your items on Amazon to win the BuyBox
  • Import lists of EANs, UPCs, ISBNs or ASINs to evaluate sales rank, competition and other data to make decisions on what is worth selling
  • Use the provided email templates to contact satisfied customers asking for positive feedback

***SellerEngine Plus only works on a Windows-based desktop or laptop computer.

(0 reviews)

Starting at $59.99 per month – 14 Day Free Trial

SellerMobile is an advanced cloud-based software solution that offers a full suite of mobile and web-based tools and analytics.

  • Track your orders, inventory, products, listings, keywords, profitability, stock counts, loss of sales, refunds and more.
  • Scan any bar code to analyze product profit; see price history; and track your favorite products
  • Analyze and understand your Amazon ad campaigns, keywords and search terms
  • The keyword analysis tool is built to help you pinpoint high ranking keywords for your product listings
  • Automate feedback and review requests using the professionally designed default templates or create your own
  • The repricer tool will continually monitor and adjust prices for all of your listings on Amazon.
  • Click to see sales forecast, restock suggestions, lead times and potential losses if restock is not completed as recommended.
  • Seller Mobile is mobile friendly
(0 reviews)

Starting at $98.00 per month – Free Trial

SellerSprite (formerly Seller Spirit) is a web based software that offers a complete suite of tools for product research, keyword optimization and product tracking.

  • The Keyword Mining tool gives you the most relevant and optimal keywords to improve your traffic & PPC.
  • The Keyword Research tool helps you find market opportunity based on actual shopper searches for the past 2 years
  • Find the actual high traffic-driven keywords of competitors with the Reverse ASIN tool
  • Browse their large database with over 20 million products giving you the sales data and data metrics for each one
  • Use the Competitor Lookup tool that gives you insight to the price, BSR, review, rating, sales, etc. of your competitors
  • Find potential products with the Product Discovery tool based on the criteria you set, like sales information and trends
  • The Market Research tool helps find untapped markets based on market capacity, trends, competitors, volatility, etc.

**SellerSprite offers a Web App and a Chrome Extension

(0 reviews)

Starting at $27.00 per month – Free Trial

SixLeaf offers several tools and services to help Amzon sellers take their products to page one on the Amazon search pages and identify niche and product opportunities.

ZonBlaster is their tool that takes a seller through every step to have a successful product launch.

Phoenix is their tool that offers accurate sales estimations, competitive intelligence, advanced analytics claims to offer the most accurate sales estimates available, by reverse engineering the BSR.

Some of the metrics this extension provides:

  • The Strength metric is available at both the ASIN and key term level and helps identify listings and niches that might be easier to break into. 
  • The proprietary Listing Quality metric is based on components such as keyword density, usage of product features, images, and more. 
  • The BSR Consistency metric gives you a score that can alert you to an unstable BSR for a given product.
(0 reviews)

Starting at $97.00 per month – Free Trial

Smartscout is a tool for Amazon Sellers that can quickly find brands and products that match specific criteria. It was built by Scott Needham, a massive Amazon seller who owns BuyBoxer. This is the software he used to build his impressive Amazon business, which sells over 300,000 products. The data comes from deep within Amazon.

Smartscout also gives you access to key filters such as Amazon in-stock rate, the average number of sellers, average selling price, and even sales revenue. The software gives the sales breakdown of each brand to find which sellers are doing most of the volume. It also lets you see which brands are private labeled.

One of the best features of SmartScout is seeing which products are out of stock across Amazon categories. No other software seems to do this. And if you can find those products elsewhere and send them to Amazon, you can usually name your price if it is a hot product.

(0 reviews)

$149 Lifetime Access

Storefront Stalker PRO is a Google Chrome extension that works with the online arbitrage software Tactical Arbitrage and allows you to export up to 400 pages of Amazon products into a CSV (Excel) files in just a few minutes.

Easily find Amazon best seller items, movers and shakers or take a dive deep into any category or sub-category.

Import the results into Tactical Arbitrage's “Reverse Search” feature which will identify sources of those products

Export up to 100 pages of ASINs from your competitor's storefronts in an Excel file

**Tactical Arbitrage recently integrated Storefront Stalker PRO right into its software program. The exported results can also be used with OAXray and PriceChecker 2.

(0 reviews)

Starting at $29.00 per month – Free Trial

SupplySpy is a cloud based software that analyzes wholesale supplier lists, providing automated calculations that allow the user to identify products that will turn a profit and determine how much the profit will be.

  • The Bulk Analyzer tool pulls data from supplier lists and tracks price and profitability fluctuations for individual products over time.
  • Upload product lists from your suppliers to return data such as the ASIN, Profit Margin, ROI, and Sales Rank.
  • Product lists will be stored so you come back as often as you want and find more profitable products from your existing suppliers.
  • The software takes into account shipping costs, multi-packs, referral fees, pick & pack costs, monthly storage, inbound shipping and more.
(0 reviews)

Starting at $39.95 per month – Free Trial

Synccentric is a web-based solution that allows Amazon sellers to upload product lists to be analyzed for profitable products. It is designed for those who sell books and videos on Amazon.

  • Search by ASIN, MPN/Part Number, SKU, ISBN, EAN or UPC and get recent and historical data.
  • The software automatically updates product data in your account every couple hours to keep it fresh, so you don't have to run the list more than once.
  • Gather FBA fulfillment information including the FBA tier level, order handing cost, pick & pack cost, weight handling cost, and total estimated FBA fee.
  • See how many total new item sellers and used item sellers are on a product listing.

Some of the metrics available that are unique to this product are:

  • Publication Date (Books)
  • Number of Pages (Books)
  • Trade-in Value
  • 5 Images
  • Binding of a book (i.e. Hardcover, Paperback, Spiral)
  • Publisher (Books)
  • Release Date
  • Studio, such as Warner Brothers, that produced a digital item
  • Buy Box New Landed Price
  • Buy Box Used Landed Price
  • Buy Box sub-condition of a used product (i.e. New, Mint, Very Good, Good, Acceptable, Poor
(0 reviews)

Free and paid versions

Unicorn Smasher is built by AMZ Tracker and is a Chrome extension that helps Amazon sellers perform product research to see prices, bestseller ranks, reviews, ratings, estimated sales, and more for any product on Amazon. There are 2 versions, the Free version, and the Pro version.

Free version:

  • Real-time, reliable data to give you an inside look at the prices, bestseller ranks, reviews, ratings, estimated sales, and more for any product on Amazon.
  • Accurate sales and revenue estimates based on real data from tens of thousands of live Amazon products.
  • Ultra-organized dashboard to easily manage all of your AMZ product research in one place and save you weeks of tedious research.
  • Integration with AMZ Tracker to give subscribers an inside edge on finding profitable opportunities.
  • Pro version:
  • Uses a more accurate algorithm that gets a better result
  • Opportunity score
  • Cleaner and new user interface
(0 reviews)

Starting at $49.00 per month – Free Trial

Viral Launch is a set of tools for Amazon sellers to scale their business. The software can be accessed from the web based Viral Launchpad or from the Chrome Extension.

The tools included are:

  • Kinetic PPC: Let Viral Launch manage your PPC advertising for you.
  • Market Intelligence: Gives in depth analysis on how a product listing is performing, allowing you to choose profitable products.
  • Product Discovery: Search products by categories, monthly sales, review count, dimensions, etc. and receive a product idea score.
  • Competitor Intelligence: Track a top seller’s every move to determine your potential in that market and see any ASIN’s SEO and advertising strategy, plus receive email notifications.
  • Keyword Research: Find new keywords and analyze the monthly search volumes for each keyword.
  • Listing Builder: Create listings that includes every important keyword and maximize your product’s visibility.
  • Listing Analyzer: Discover innovative and impactful listing improvements you can make today to increase your sales.
  • Keyword Manager: Track your most important keywords and sponsored ad placements daily or hourly, including sending notifications when a keyword’s rank changes.
(0 reviews)

Starting at $37.00 per month

Zonbase is a web based tool that helps Amazon sellers research products, find profitable niches, estimate sales, perform keyword research and track your product's rank.

  • Keyword Search helps you find the best keywords for your listings and advertising.
  • Reverse Keywords allows you to see the keywords of your competitors.
  • Track your product's rank on Amazon or you can use it with any product to see rankings over time.
  • Find profitable products to sell on Amazon from over 20 million products in the Amazon database.
  • Zonbase Research Chrome Extension speeds up the process of finding profitable products.
  • Sales Estimator lets you see an estimate of the number of items that will sell per month for any product.
(0 reviews)

Starting at $39.00 per month – Free Trial.

Zonguru is a cloud based solution that provides tools for Amazon sellers. There are two modes of the program: The Chrome extension for research and the Web App for all the tools

Chrome Extension:

  • Choose a category and see all products monthly revenue, sales numbers, rank information, price information, and more
  • Now includes Niche Rater

Web App:

  • Dashboard – estimate in real time the net income generated by your Amazon FBA business
  • Sales Spy – track the number of sales generated by any product on Amazon
  • Your Products – easily enter your COGS, manufacturer delivery time and shipping time so you can manage your re-order timelines
  • Email Automator – choose when the emails are sent and take customization to the next level by adding attachments and product review links
  • Listing Optimizer – allows you to optimize the titles of your products, descriptions, feature lists and keywords
  • Keyword Tracker – monitor where your keywords are currently ranked, how the rank has changed over time, and how the keyword is trending
  • Product Monitor – Get email alerts whenever your listing receives a new review or hijack alert
  • Your Orders – search by customer name, ASIN, marketplace, etc. to find the customer or order quickly
  • Negative Feedback – will alert you as soon as a customer leaves a negative review
  • IP Monitor – protect your Amazon products from the theft of intellectual property related to the photos of your products

**There are two free tools: Keywords On Fire and ASIN Index Checker

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