price tag iconSoftware in this category allows you to competitively reprice your Amazon products. Repricers typically rely heavily on artificial intelligence tools that collect the prices of the competition and readjust your prices to get the sale. Most of these solutions take into account your competitors, your costs, Amazon's fees and many other elements.  And many of them reprice in almost real time.   Most software products do more than one thing, so you might see these products listed in other categories such as the inventory or shipping categories. We hope this is helpful for you and your business. Choosing software tools for your Amazon business is an important decision. While we do not recommend any products, as we are unable to test them all, we try to bring new products to your attention and  give you enough data to make an informed decision.

Please note that software prices change all the time.

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Starting at $25.00 per month – Free Trial

Alpha Repricer is a pricing optimization software that offers instant repricing on multiple Amazon Marketplaces, sales reports, item analytics, and detailed repricing logs.

  • The logs provide an extensive level of detail of item competition, offers received, action taken by the repricing engine, and the Buy Box winner
  • Price optimization can apply to both FBA or merchant fulfilled products
  • Create formulas based on acquisition cost, shipping cost, or Amazon fees to set your min and max prices
  • Compete with featured sellers only and exclude just launched sellers
  • Narrow down competitors with minimum feedback scores, ranking or shipping duration
  • The system reacts instantly to pricing changes by your competitors
  • The software allows you to search items on Amazon and directly list them from the dashboard
  • Keeps your inventory in sync with Amazon automatically
  • The dashboard shows your number of orders or your total sales amount by the day, week, and month or by using a custom view
  • Available on 16 Amazon marketplaces
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Each module has its own price

BQool is an AI powered solution that provides repricing, feedback and review management along with seller optimization assistance.

  • Updates prices multiple times per hour and reprices downwards to help win the Buy Box and reprices upwards to close price gaps and boost margin
  • Competitor’s handling time, expedited shipping status, back-ordered status, and date show in competitor analysis for you to make strategic pricing
  • Monitor every single price change in the past 5 days
  • The platform's revolutionary AI-Powered solution can help to get more feedback and reviews effectively
  • Automatically find the optimal email subject and schedule the ideal delivery time for each email, to get more feedback and reviews
  • Configure your campaign settings to automatically receive email alerts when your customers leave negative feedback
  • Monitor your listing rank, offer, Buy Box win %, position and fulfillment under one central location
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ChannelAdvisor is a web-based eCommerce solution for retailers to seamlessly list, manage and optimize all their products across a number of online marketplaces.

  • Works with Amazon, Google, eBay and Facebook and nearly 100 more marketplaces
  • Sync your inventory across all marketplaces
  • Software includes modules for advertising, marketing, ordering, listing and shipping
  • Connects to online shipping partners like UPS, FedEx, Pitney Bowes, USPS and Amazon
  • Use for Amazon advertisingto select the right products, promotions, keywords
  • Includes an Amazon Repricer tool to help you get the Buy Box and more sales
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Starting at $34.99 per month – Free Trial

ChannelMAX is a repricer that uses algorithms to constantly monitor information such as BuyBox, SalesRank and Sales Velocity and combines this information along with a sales target to set your Amazon prices.

  • All you need to do is input your Min and Max (by individual SKU or bulk upload) to start effectively managing your prices on Amazon
  • They can also reprice on Amazon
  • List your Amazon inventory to other channels like eBay
  • Input your SKU stock level in ChannelMAX and let ChannelMAX make sure that quantity is synchronized across all your selling platforms
  • Every 15 to 30 mins, they track your sales and inventory adjustments transactions and calculate net quantity which is then updated to the selling venues
  • ChannelMAX stock control is highly configurable including integrating with any supplier providing a feed with any format
  • ChannelMAX can automatically download your orders from non-Amazon sites and convert them as Amazon FBA orders to be directly shipped by Amazon FBA warehouse
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Starting at $20.00 per month – Free Trial

EReprice is a pricing optimization software that uses a smart algorithmic repricing strategy.

  • The software not only reprices down, but also matches and increases prices against FBA and non FBA sellers
  • It has a built in “Win Buy Box Strategy” and you can add a never ending amount of unique strategies and rules
  • Detailed dashboard allows you to analyze a variety of statistics, from your buy box percentage and number of sales to a detailed breakdown of any one product's performance
  • You can see what is selling, how many times it’s been repriced and refine your strategies based on this data
  • You can set rules for your products that automatically control things like stock, profit margins and more by using strategies that increase profitability and Buy Box ownership
  • Repricing outside of the rules you set is impossible
  • Works on mobile
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Starting at £20.00 per month – Free Trial

EUessentials is an Amazon repricer created specifically for those that sell in the United Kingdom and also in France, Italy, Spain and Germany.

  • Automate or manually update all your Amazon European prices from one unique dashboard.
  • You will see useful data such as your price, lowest FBA price, your selling position, competitor insight, best seller rank, product costs and your minimum & maximum prices.
  • Rather than pricing each market separately all markets are included in one price.
  • The software gives you the ability to input your buy price, so you have a better understanding of your ROI when your products sell.
  • The main dashboard gives you a look into all of your sales in all markets unlike the Amazon Seller Central dashboard that treats every marketplace separately.
  • It brings products from all five European marketplaces into one dashboard, providing sales and order statistics, sales reporting and order tracking.
  • Click on each tab for a more detailed view of all fees, costs and units sold per marketplace.
  • With more detail than Amazon provides for each order, the platform provides you with your cost, unit price, FBA fees (includes EFN fees) profit and ROI for every product sold.
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Feedvisor users artificial intelligence for optimization and analysis for large sellers and brands on Amazon to optimize their advertising and repricing on their Amazon accounts.

  • Identifies your high performing listings, under performing listings, and unprofitable items to help you optimize your product investment strategy and inventory levels
  • Machine-learning algorithms constantly analyze your competitive landscape and apply the optimal pricing
  • AI-driven advertising campaign platform maximizes your Amazon ad performance, promotions, and broader marketing to meet your business strategies.
  • Custom reports and views provide allow you to filter, add layers, or drill down to draw out specific details about a specific subset of items, categories, time periods, or metrics.
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Starting at $99.99 per month.

InfiPlex™ is a complete solution that manages all of your orders, inventory, pricing and fulfillment across all of your selling channels.

  • Connect to any marketplace including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, your web store and more.
  • Ship all of your orders, from all your channels, within the dashboard
  • Connect with all of your own shipping carriers.
  • Use the built-in Amazon re-pricing tools and have InfiPlex push your Amazon pricing to any other connected marketplace.
  • Detailed reporting gives you an overviews on all your sales channels
  • Supports dropshipping
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Starting at $79.00 per month – Free Trial is an intelligent repricing platform that uses industry-leading algorithms designed to win you the Buy Box or optimize the price of your private label listings.

  • The company has expanded its repricing to include Walmart and eBay
  • Narrow your competition by fulfillment method, seller rating, handling time, backordered status, and more
  • The software considers your desired profit margin, target sales velocity, and inventory levels for each product
  • Choose to reprice and compete differently against MFN, FBA, SFP and Amazon
  • There are several built-in repricing strategies or you can create your own
  • You can slowly raise your price when you’re in the Buy Box to see what the market will bear
  • In the dashboard you will be able to see the history of each sku and the reason for each price change
  • The software also integrates with InventoryLab, Skubana, Ecomdash and SellerCloud
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Free for 50 SKUs, then starts at $25

Ki-Magic is a price management service for Amazon businesses.

  • The repricing tool uses algorithmic and rules-based repricing modes and reprices continuously
  • Takes Buy Box suppression into account and tracks sales to fine-tune the algorithm
  • Manage prices based on customer events, including competitors, profit margins and times of day
  • A bulk editor can quickly change repricing options on several or all of your products at once
  • There is a free plan you can use as long as you like for 50 SKUs.
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Starting at $50.00 per month – Free Trial

logicscale has been offering repricing for Amazon sellers for ten years.

  • Software scans every 3-5 minutes via the Intelligent Scan Manager
  • Win, hold, and increase prices in the BuyBox with the BuyBoxCatcher feature that scans the BuyBox continuously and dynamically chooses the best strategy for your items
  • Potential View feature analyzes your shop's current position and identifies opportunities to gain more sales outside of the min and max ranges
  • Margin Booster applies an elaborate algorithm which strategically increases the price to ensure an optimal balance between BuyBox ownership and maximum margin earned
  • There are unlimited strategies such as exclude competition and compete FBA vs FBA
  • The 1-Click-Pricing function allows you to set rules for your entire inventory within a few minutes
  • Personal dashboard allows you to keep detailed track of what happens to your prices.
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Monsoon is an eCommerce solution offering multi-marketplace listing, inventory and order management, automated re-pricing and reporting.

  • Automate your business on Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Alibris and other marketplaces
  • Integration with various shipping companies, payment and accounting applications such as Quickbooks
  • Automatically price and re-price your marketplace listings throughout the day using rules you define
  • Know your real inventory levels at all times and sync across all channels


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Starting at $19.90 per month – Free Trial 

QMT stands for Qualified Merchant Toolkit and the software offers serveral tools for Amazon sellers.

  • Automate your Amazon pricing with price adjustments every 15 minutes
  • Manage inventory and orders with data syncs every 5 minutes
  • Use the advertising assistant for campaign reporting and managing keywords
  • Research products with a niche hunter and ROI calculator
  • Manage feedback and reviews
  • Generate reports on your store performance
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$27.00 per month – Free Trial

RepriceAlytics is the first Amazon repricing tool to embed 12 month average sales rank, average price, and more on Amazon's Seller Central repricing page, providing precision Amazon repricing data for Amazon booksellers. Know the true market value and true rank for any book.

RepriceAltyics embeds three columns of data on your Amazon Inventory  page:

  • 12-month average sales rank
  • 12-month average price
  • Average price for this month last year (for textbooks and other books that have seasonal demand)

And two crucial additional features:

  • Keepa sales rank & price history charts
  • Direct link to view FBA offers
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Starting at $49.00 per month – Free Trial

Repricehub is a repricer and stock monitor for Amazon arbitrage drop shippers. It helps Amazon sellers to prevent selling at a loss, and avoid selling out-of-stock products. It uses dynamic repricing strategies to help sellers get more sales and integrates directly with Amazon. All listing, pricing, stock, and profit monitoring tasks are handled in one place.

It is available for these countries: US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, and Italy.

  • Updates prices twice an hour, every hour
  • See your entire inventory at a glance
  • Use multiple suppliers (add more on demand)
  • Configure listings in bulk through CSV
  • Full integration with Amazon
  • Syncs inventory data directly
  • No third-party software needed
  • Lightning-fast price updates
  • Secure and super easy to set up and use
  • List products to your Amazon store directly in a few clicks
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Starting at $9.95 per month – Free Trial

RepriceIt is a stand-alone cloud-based price management solution that enables Amazon sellers, no matter their size, to be competitive in the Amazon Marketplace. Since 2006 they have helped countless Amazon sellers manage their pricing in the marketplace and can reprice all your FBA and non-FBA inventory, up to 100,000 items.

  • Offers solutions for Buy Box pricing, optimization, analysis, and more.
  • The service can reprice up to 30,000 items per hour
  • Repricing is based on the total cost plus shipping.
  • The engine will eliminate the prices that are too low and too high and then from there it will determine where best to set your price given the condition of your item and the competitive environment all the while applying the rules you set up
  • You can create up to a maximum of 20 automated repricing schedules, which can be run daily, or on specific days or times of the week
  • Competing offers that are poorly priced, will be excluded from the repricing calculations
  • The software can integrate with AOB, FillZ and ChannelAdvisor, making it a great solution for repricing books.
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Starting at 55.00 per month – Free Trial

RepricerExpress is an automated repricing solution for Amazon and eBay sellers, automatically pricing their listings competitively in order to sell more products.

  • Prices can automatically adjust in near real-time as competitors’ prices change while automatically detecting price wars and price drops
  • Sellers have huge flexibility and control over how their stocks are priced based on their competitors’ prices, location, Buy Box performance, sales history, sales rank, item condition, competitor ratings, location, shipping time, shipping charges, currency conversions and more
  • Set different strategies for Amazon, FBA and MFN (merchant fulfilled) and compete with or ignore specific sellers
  • Stop automated repricing for a period every day (normally at night) and reset to maximum price, as this can often help drive prices back up across all competition
  • Turn off repricing on a SKU level, so you only reprice the products you want
  • View important stats at a glance as you get a complete look at all your product’s prices and the prevailing prices across all your listings
  • View how many Buy Boxes you’ve won, listings in the top 20, products that are repricing, not repricing and newly added
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Starting at $120 per month – Free Trial

Seller Dynamics is provides tools for managing inventory, orders, pricing, fulfillment, suppliers, shipping and more across multiple online sales channels.

  • Integrates with Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Magento and many others
  • Automatic relisting and synchronizing when products are sold or new inventory arrives
  • Easily creating listings for multiple marketplace
  • Gather all orders into one dashboard for easy processing
  • Integrates with a wide selection of couriers
  • Includes a dynamic repricing so that you can maximize your margins across your channels
  • Generate detailed reports to see your actual costs
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Starting at $48.95 per month – Free Trial

Seller Republic is an Amazon repricing tool that helps sellers manage pricing strategies and gain Buy Box exposure, while offering pricing analytics and profitability analysis.

  • Intelligently reprice up and down dependent on your competitors actions with the built-in aggressive “win buy box strategy”
  • Set an infinite number of new strategies depending on your goals and assign to individual, mulitple or all your products
  • Set minimum and maximum prices individually or in bulk by percentage of cost or current landed price or by CSV upload
  • Their secure technology ensures you never reprice below or above your minimum and maximum prices
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Starting at $500 per month – Free Trial

Seller Snap is a fully automated, artificial intelligence powered Game Theory Repricer, guaranteeing the best possible performance no matter how the competition changes.

  • Game theory is the science of strategy of optimal decision-making
  • The software detects competitor behavior and automatically applies the best strategy for the specific situation to maximize profit and revenue
  • Input your minimum and maximum prices or the software can automatically calculate them based on cost and desired markup
  • Switch to any one of the alternative repricing methods that are rule based and include rules such as “Match lowest FBA” or “Match Buy Box Price”.
  • Set up the repricer to automatically react once a specific condition is met such as time of day, competing against Amazon, a specific seller and many others
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Starting at  $79.00 per month

SellerActive is a multichannel management platform that provides a set of digital tools that simplifies synchronized multiple listings, shipping, and processing when selling on multiple channels.

  • Supports eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Jet, and almost all marketplaces and shopping carts
  • Order consolidation and integrated shipping for all channels on one dashboard
  • Syncs product quantities across channels as sales are made
  • Includes a repricing to tool to keep you competitive across channels
  • Create detailed reports for each channel or consolidated across all stores
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Starting at  $23.00 per month

SellerChamp is the fastest way to list, reprice, ship and cross-sell your inventory on Amazon, Shopify and eBay.

  • Connect multiple Amazon or eBay accounts and switch between them
  • Keeps all your item quantities in-sync so you never oversell
  • List 10,000+ items at once via a spreadsheet
  • Scan a UPC or ASIN for an item and the software will automatically grab all of the product’s details, features and images and create a listing
  • With 1 click, automatically create your FBA shipments and assign your items to FBA regions closest to you
  • Automatically create a fullfilment order on FBA for items sold on eBay
  • Integrates with Shipstation
  • The intelligent repricing engine can continuously reprice your products across all sales channels
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$49.95 per month – Free Trial

SellerEngine Plus is a desktop application offering sellers keyword analysis, competition research, inventory management, listing management, feedback requests, and shipping management.

  • Create your FBA shipments and print FBA labels by entering your items with a barcode scanner, from an imported file or by hand
  • Add new FBA listings in bulk
  • Syncs your local inventory with Amazon
  • Reprice your items on Amazon to win the BuyBox
  • Import lists of EANs, UPCs, ISBNs or ASINs to evaluate sales rank, competition and other data to make decisions on what is worth selling
  • Use the provided email templates to contact satisfied customers asking for positive feedback

***SellerEngine Plus only works on a Windows-based desktop or laptop computer.

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Contact for price quote – Free Trial

SellerGro is an Amazon repricing tool that constantly monitors competitors for price changes and reacts to set the best price.

  • Set floor and ceiling price, define rules, start repricing and watch your Buy Box percentages increase
  • Identifies the highest price at which the seller can win the Buy Box
  • Includes competitor price monitoring and sales forecasting tools to help identify competitor strategies
  • Choose parameters for how r products should behave when competing sellers go out of your price range
  • Know exactly which of your SKUs are winning the Amazon Buy Box and which aren’t
  • Find out the reason for why SKUs lose Buy Box and gain valuable insights into how you can elevate them to the Buy Box
  • Get valuable insights into your competitors such as their ratings, shipping time and fulfillment type
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Starting at £19.00 per month – Free Trial

SellerLogic is an Amazon repricer driven by artificial intelligence that uses a dynamic algorithm to monitor listings, analyze competition and identify a repricing strategy to get your products in the Buy Box at the highest possible price.

  • The repricer optimizes not for the lowest price, but for the optimal price
  • Choose from several optimization strategies or create your own and then assign strategies to individual products as well as product groups
  • Create as many strategies as you need
  • Control prices based on order numbers in a specified period of time
  • Change prices dynamically over the course of the day depending on the buying behavior
  • Choosing competitors to price against can be based on shipping methods or number of delivery days, along with many other filters.
  • SellerLogic shows all prices at a glance, no matter in which countries you sell
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Starting at $59.99 per month – 14 Day Free Trial

SellerMobile is an advanced cloud-based software solution that offers a full suite of mobile and web-based tools and analytics.

  • Track your orders, inventory, products, listings, keywords, profitability, stock counts, loss of sales, refunds and more.
  • Scan any bar code to analyze product profit; see price history; and track your favorite products
  • Analyze and understand your Amazon ad campaigns, keywords and search terms
  • The keyword analysis tool is built to help you pinpoint high ranking keywords for your product listings
  • Automate feedback and review requests using the professionally designed default templates or create your own
  • The repricer tool will continually monitor and adjust prices for all of your listings on Amazon.
  • Click to see sales forecast, restock suggestions, lead times and potential losses if restock is not completed as recommended.
  • Seller Mobile is mobile friendly
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Starting at $50.00 per month – Free Trial

Sellery by SellerEngine dynamically manages and reprices your Amazon inventory in real time.

  • Smart filters monitor the market and react to changes instantly
  • Use customizable, intelligent pricing strategies such as automatically discounting FBA items based on their time in the warehouse to avoid fees
  • Take specific actions based on which competitor owns the Buy Box
  • Users can group their products into Smart Lists and designate specific strategies to be applied to each list
  • Reprice Private Label listings using sales velocity as the basis for optimizing prices to increase profits
  • The dynamic Minimum Price feature calculates all of your costs involved with purchasing and selling an item on Amazon to automatically ensure you never lose money on any sale
  • At this time, Sellery is the only repricing tool on the market offering true real-time repricing.
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Starting at $104.00 per month – Free Trial

Sellozo cloud based software offers Amazon sellers several tools to manage and optimize their Amazon business.

  • See a complete stream of your Amazon transaction events, with both summary and detailed views of your receipts, costs, true profit and margins
  • See all the fees broken down per ASIN so that you know the exact cost of your products and whether you are actually making any money
  • Track sales, revenue, profit as well as identify trends and spot problems or opportunities
  • Use their Repricer to automatically adjust product prices, based on criteria you specify, to win and stay in the Buy Box
  • Easily update your ad campaigns, bids, keywords – even negative flagging – and more with a few mouse clicks.
  • Eliminate wasted spend and increase sales
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Contact for price quote

SmartPrice by eComEngine is an intuitive repricing tool for Amazon sellers that provides sales price adjustment through competitor analysis and strategy based rules.

  • The web based software uses algorithms to manage your prices automatically
  • The software is easy to understand and set up
  • It reprices up whenever the right opportunity presents itself and allows you to decide who you will compete against
  • The software takes into account your shipping costs, Amazon referral fees, storage costs and FBA fees, and then pads in enough margin to cover your overhead
  • The software allows you to pull reports for various data, including your pricing history
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Starting at $499 per month

Solid Commerce enables online retailers to manage their inventory across every major marketplace & shopping cart

  • Integrates with Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet, Shopify, Magento, & 30+ others
  • Sync your inventory across multiple warehouses and online sales channels as sales are made
  • Automate label printing, bar code scanning, packing slip generation and automatic marketplace syncing
  • Tracking information is automatically sent to the channel that made the sale
  • Manage your pricing with tools to set various pricing rules for different marketplaces
  • Platform includes a solid dropshipping module that integrates fully with your dropshipper for listing, fulfillment and reporting
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Starting at $250.00 per month, plus $50 for Repricer – Free Trial

StoreAutomator is a multichannel solution for inventory control and pricing for multiple marketplaces and comparison shopping channels.

  • Supports Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart and many more
  • Create product listings using advanced data formatting and mapping features
  • List your product catalog on multiple marketplaces in a matter of minutes
  • Use the Amazon Repricer for analyzing products and repricing whenever necessary
  • Generate advanced reports
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Starting at 69.00 per month – Free Trial

xSellco is an Amazon repricing tool that combines rules and algorithms to reprice inventory in real time.

  • The moment one of your competitors reprices or goes out of stock, the software reacts immediately to help you win the Buy Box at the optimal price
  • Reprice some or all of your inventory, set simple or complex rules and target your chosen competitors
  • Make smart repricing decisions based on the price and sales history of your products
  • Ignore sellers who sell outside your minimum price bounds so that you avoid price wars and never sell at a loss
  • You can also adjust prices for certain revenue expectations with net margin repricing
  • The system uses a special pricing replicator to ensure that price is consistent on all platforms, including Magento, Shopify, eBay, BigCommerce and others
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Contact for a price quote

Zentail is an eCommerce platform which helps merchants centralize and automate inventory, order management, listing, inventory syncing and reporting.

  • Integrates with Amazon, eBay, Walmart,, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, Google Shopping and more
  • Manage all product data, listings, inventory, orders and vendor details from a single dashboard
  • Automatically adjusts your inventory across all channels when sales take place
  • Generate reports on a per channel basis

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