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money iconMany sellers have discovered that Amazon does not always reimburse them for all the inventory Amazon damages or loses. They're supposed to do reimbursements automatically but there's a whole lot they can forget. This also applies to returns, as sometimes the customer never returns the product, but you never got your money back. This can actually add up to a substantial amount of money.  Software in this category will assist you in getting what is owed to you by Amazon. There are various approaches to this problem , so read through to find an approach that will work for you. Some are not software intrinsically and are really more of a service, but it seemed right to include them in this category. We hope this is helpful for you and your business. Choosing software tools for your Amazon business is an important decision. While we do not recommend any products, as we are unable to test them all, we try to bring new products to your attention and  give you enough data to make an informed decision.

Please note that software prices change all the time.

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12% of refunds recovered

AMZRefund finds potential FBA reimbursements by downloading and analyzing Amazon FBA inventory data. You can then purchase a report including the relevant order data and instructions on how to file a claim for 8% of the expected reimbursement. The software analyzes your inventory’s history to find FBA errors and calculates how much money Amazon owes you. The software looks for:

  • Units destroyed by Amazon without reimbursement
  • Refunds given to customers for more than what was charged
  • Orders refunded but never returned after 45 days
  • Items lost in FBA warehouse and never reimbursed
  • Items damaged in FBA warehouse and never reimbursed
  • Replacements sent to customer without the original being returned
  • Damaged returns and inventory by FBA warehouse workers
  • Credits and partial refunds given to customers that were drawn from your seller account
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15% of refunds recovered

AMZReimburse helps FBA Sellers get back reimbursements from Amazon for missing or damaged inventory, incorrectly handled returns, overcharged FBA fees, overcharged refunds, improper weight fees, unreturned returns or shipments not received. Their automated cloud system searches for over 20 different types of potential refunds.

  • Work your own personal refund manager, ensuring manual correspondence with Amazon that makes sure you’ll get back every cent Amazon owes you
  • Service is 100% compliant with Amazon's terms of service
  • The search for refunds goes back 18 months
  • Find missing inventory and confirm all orders are properly returned within 30 days and Amazon has refunded all restocking fees
  • They also check for overcharged commission fees
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Starting at Free 

Helium 10 is a cloud-based research software for Amazon seller to perform product and keyword research, listing optimization, product launches, keyword tracking, competitor spying, refunds, and more. There are 13 tools in the product:

  • Black Box – find products and niches based on specific criteria
  • Magnet – keyword research tool for creative keywords
  • Cerebro – keyword research from ASIN instead of keyword
  • Frankenstein – combine your keywords and sort by profitability
  • Scribbles – makes sure all your keywords get into your title or listing
  • Keyword Tracker – check the rankings of your keywords
  • Index Checker – know if your keywords are being indexed by Amazon
  • Alerts – be alerted on any changes to your listings
  • Inventory Protector – set limits on items that are promos
  • Refund Genie – checks for unpaid reimbursements from Amazon
  • Trendster – check for the seasonality or trends for products
  • Misspellinator – find the most used misspellings for your keywords
  • Xray – Chrome extension for product research
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Starting at $35.00 per month – Free Trial

Quantify Ninja allows sellers to obtain more feedback and reviews.

  • Real time tracking of sales
  • Profits manager
  • Real-time notifications and order data
  • ROI calculations
  • Keyword optimizer
  • Stop listing highjacking
  • Offer coupons and more
  • Includes tools to get money back from Amazon for money owed from refunds, returns and lost inventory
  • Includes Facebook bot to connect Facebook users with your Amazon store
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Starting at $19.00 per month – Free Trial

Refund Pad allows FBA sellers to easily identify the reimbursements they may be entitled to from Amazon.

  • Upload your Amazon Seller Central reports and the software will tell you exactly which items may qualify for reimbursement
  • Receive an easy to read report that can be submitted directly to Amazon by you
  • Helpful videos show you how to pull the reports necessary
  • Reconcile as far back as you'd like but generally Amazon will only reimburse for the last 18 months
  • Search for lost inventory, returns not sent back to Amazon, damaged inventory and returns that are over 30 days old that Amazon has allowed to be sent back, but forgot to reimburse you for them.
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$99.00 Per Year

Refund X-Ray is a software developed by the creators of OAXRAY that is designed to find all possible situations where Amazon may owe you money but did not reimburse you. As efficient as Amazon is, mistakes are made, often costing you money in lost, damaged or stranded inventory.

  • Takes reports generated from your Seller Central account and identifies items for which you are likely due some kind of compensation from Amazon
  • In compliance with Amazon policies, the software does not file refund requests on your behalf, it simply identifies for you, the items you should consider submitting to Amazon support for reimbursement.
  • It provides a convenient file for you to copy and paste into a support ticket on Amazon
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25% of funds recovered

Refunds Manager gathers all your reporst and audits them to find any money that Amazon may owe you.

  • They use a combination of software and manual review to make sure nothing is missed
  • Research goes back 18 months to search for Amazon FBA lost inventory and over a dozen other discrepancies
  • Your designated account auditor will file valid claims on your behalf
  • Once reimbursements have been issued, these will show up on the Case Management page.
  • These include reimbursements for returns, damaged inventory, overage fees, missing inventory and more
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30% of funds recovered

RefundSniper helps to recover refunds for Amazon FBA sellers. They analyze all of your data to efficiently monitor inventory, lost and damaged goods, and returns, so that you receive all the refunds you deserve.

  • 18 month look-back of your inventory
  • Tracks each of your products to ensure that every item is accounted for – either sold, in stock or reimbursed
  • All cases are submitted by live humans who verify the validity of the case before raising it with Amazon Seller Central
  • This ensures that they are complying with the Amazon terms of service
  • They will only charge a fee for recoveries, refunds, or recovered inventory obtained through cases generated by them
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25% of funds recovered

ReimburseMeNow helps Amazon sellers recoup money owed to them from Amazon for missing, damaged or unreturned inventory that has not been paid.

  • Actual person is in charge of your case and watches over every step of the process
  • Typically, a seller who has been selling for at least 6 months and sells more than $2,000 each month will have the best experience
  • Search goes back 18 months to open cases and request reimbursements
  • Takes up to 45 days from the time they first open the case for the case to be resolved and the reimbursements to be credited to your seller account
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25% of funds recovered

Seller Bench is a service that handles every step of Amazon reimbursement recovery for FBA sellers. Amazon consistently makes mistakes, such as losing or damaging inventory in their warehouses or not processing returns correctly.

  • Your case manager will find the reimbursements Amazon owes you, but never paid you
  • They handle all the work from discovery to recovery, so you don't have to do a thing
  • Your case manager reviews your account on a weekly basis and files a small batch of claims with Amazon for you
  • Claim submissions are throttled to maximize your reimbursement recovery as Amazon doesn't want a bunch of claims at once
  • They handle all follow ups related to the claims submitted on your behalf
  • When a case is resolved as successful, you'll get an email showing you how much money was recovered
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25% of funds recovered

Seller Investigators helps FBA Sellers get back reimbursements from Amazon for missing or damaged inventory, incorrectly handled returns, overcharged FBA fees, overcharged refunds, improper weight fees, unreturned returns or shipments not received. They have developed a proprietary refund search engine that reviews your Amazon account looking for money you are owed. Your case manager handles everything from filing and replying to cases.

In accordance with Amazon’s Terms of Service, they do not automate any claim submissions. Your case manager reviews each potential claim and manually submits quality claims with accurate data. They summarize all details within a simple dashboard with quick reimbursement claim fields, and complete details on payment status. The Statement View in your Payments Report shows you when and how much you will be paid. It can take up to 5 business days for your money to appear in your bank account after they initiate payment.

There are no fixed monthly charges and they only charge 25% from what they successfully recover.

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25% of funds recovered

Seller Locker analyzes Amazon FBA reports to find potential reimbursement claims.

  • Provides all the details needed for claims to be filed in Seller Central
  • The progress of claims is tracked in a dashboard
  • No more compiling reports, slaving over details, or letting someone else decide what claims of yours to file
  • Their one-click technology lets you handle your own account needs and determine what cases you want to file, with just the click of a button.
  • A Pick and Pack Fee Manager provides ongoing monitoring of product dimensions used to calculate FBA fees, and compares them to actual product dimensions so overcharged fees can also be claimed back
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Starting at $19.00 per month – Free Trial

Sellerboard offers an abundance of tools for Amazon sellers to know their true profitability , monitor their ad campaigns, keep up with restocking, request reimbursements from Amazon and to stay on top of their store metrics.

  • The Live Dashboard displays detailed information about Amazon fees, PPC spend, return costs, promotion costs, and your fixed costs
  • View by time period and by product
  • Provides a smart, clickable P&L statement, with the ability to focus on every parameter (e.g., amazon fees) of each time period
  • Track other expenses, such as maintaining a warehouse, virtual assistant, photo shoots, sample costs, software tools etc.
  • See actual sales, profit, fees and expenses related to each product on a granular level
  • The PPC Dashboard uses an algorithm for the most accurate profit estimates for each campaign, group and even keyword for your Amazon Advertising
  • Specify production and shipment time to the FBA warehouse or your prep center and the software will calculate the selling speed per product, based on your 3, 7 and 30-day sales and automatically notify you whether it's time to restock the FBA warehouse or to place a new order with your supplier
  • Send automated messages to your buyers, to collect more feedback, product reviews and provide better customer service
  • Sellerboard helps you find FBA errors and request your money back through the Seller Central for a reimbursement
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20% of funds recovered

SellerLogic Lost&Found is a reimbursement tool for Amazon sellers. SellerLogic is best known for it's excellent repricing software. This software will help you find undiscovered FBA errors and other monies owed to you by Amazon.

  • Successful analysis of individual transactions requiring consolidation of multiple FBA reports
  • Each transaction is created in Lost & Found as a separate operation
  • Four different case states – New Cases, In Progress (Amazon Pending Response), In Review (SellerLogic Pending Response), Completed – show the current state of your cases
  • Various filtering options make it easy to find the data you are looking for
  • The claims found are explained and documented in detail
  • Before you submit the case to Amazon, you will be able to fully understand the issue and the expected amount of reimbursement
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18% of refunds recovered

Seller-Repay is a tool that helps Amazon sellers recover unpaid refunds for missing and damaged inventory, failed returns and misapplied fees from their Amazon FBA accounts. Their system conducts an extensive search of your refunds, returns and inventory reports to find any possible reimbursement opportunities.

They understand how important your seller account is to you, and know that Amazon does not appreciate being spammed with automated claims. They manage your case data for you so that you’ll never exceed opening limits over a 24 hour period, while also helping to ensure you enjoy a higher success rate with your claims. The software is fully compliant with Amazon's terms of service.

The process identifies missing and damaged stock to ensure you get your money back. It also evaluates your historical sales data and identifies fluctuations in your FBA fees, ensuring any items that have been overcharged for are reimbursed to you.

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