key iconKeywords are the words that you can supply to Amazon to help customers find your product in their search results pages. Some people even refer to them as “search terms”. They are the words an Amazon customer enters in the search bar to find the product they are looking for. Keywords are super important and the software in this category helps you optimize those keywords for your listings. When you have the right keywords, Some programs do more than just keyword analysis, which is why you will see some of these same products in other categories. We are just trying to be comprehensive, without being too confusing. We hope this is helpful for you and your business. Choosing software tools for your Amazon business is an important decision. While we do not recommend any products, as we are unable to test them all, we try to bring new products to your attention and  give you enough data to make an informed decision. 

Please note that software prices change all the time.

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Starting at $15.00 per month for 20 credits

AMZ Data Studio is a cloud based solution that helps sellers find profitable products and keywords.

  • Get access to the real sales data of any product extracted directly from Amazon's internal API
  • See the BSR, impressions, sales, revenue and price
  • Find any product's real back end search terms, top-ranked and sales-generating keywords and ads keywords with the lowest ACoS
  • Track your product's keyword ranking progress, ads ranking changes and monitor your negative reviews
  • Check your product's ranking positions, search volume, competing products and relevancy score
  • Submit your keywords once and get them tracked forever
  • A free Amazon listing builder is included along with an HTML converter to spice up your Amazon listings
  • Other features include a keyword generator, various trackers and reverse ASIN lookup
  • AMZ Data Studio also has a free Chrome extension – Amazon KW Index and Rank Tracker
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Starting at $39.00 per month – Free Trial

AMZ Insight is an intelligent web-based software for product and keyword tracking.

  • Select the products that you want to track and start getting insights of rankings, estimated sales, estimated revenue and more
  • Use the Buy Box tracker to continuously track your listing and all the other offers in order to see minimum and maximum prices
  • The listing optimizer tool will analyze the item listing and score different areas against the proven recommendations.
  • The niche analyzer will tell you how much money you can make by analyzing the sales rank, Buy Box prices, sales estimates and ratings of the top products in each category
  • Track your competitors’ products by price, BSR, reviews, rating and sales
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Starting at $50.00 per month – Free Trial

AMZ Tracker is a software solution for Amazon sellers that offers deep knowledge of the pricings, product rankings, products reviews, product ratings, overall estimation of possible sales, best ranked products on Amazon, etc.

  • The competitor sales tracking feature provides a very accurate estimate of daily and monthly sales figures for any given product
  • Use the advanced keyword research tool to find words and phrases customers are searching for
  • Use the Deepwords ultimate long-tail keyword search engine to find super high converting keywords
  • Be able to track how your product ranking changes after you try different strategies
  • Increase your rankings by bringing traffic off-Amazon to your listing using the Super URL tool
  • The tool offers a listing optimizer and checks whether the keyword is in the title, description and bullet points and other elements
  • Receive alerts about negative reviews so that you can respond to the buyer quickly

AMZ Tracker provides a Chrome extension called Unicorn Smasher that opens on the Amazon search page so you can see revenue, number of reviews, quality of the listing, number of sellers and much more. It integrates with the software.

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Starting at $20.00 – Free Trial

AMZ.One provides a range of Amazon tracking and marketing tools.

  • See daily rankings for any keywords you choose and see the actual sales volume of any product
  • Find the top 30,000 best selling products in each category, sorted by the number of sales.
  • Be notified instantly when you receive a negative review, so you can react to the buyer quickly
  • Includes a listing optimizer that will help you improve your listings for titles, descriptions, etc
  • Use the software for online arbitrage, with access to hundreds of stores to find the best price
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Starting at $29.99 per month 

AMZScout is both a web app and an extension that helps people pick a niche based on BSR, monthly sales, profit and other information.

The Web App includes sales and revenue estimates, competition spying, keywords explorer, sales rank, profit calculator, sales history per year, FBA fees (including storage), listing quality, trends, product tracking and quick product sourcing. Find out what are the most popular keywords for your products and choose the best ones to increase your sales.

The AMZScout Pro extension provides estimated monthly sales, exact keywords used for a product, estimated monthly income, the lowest sales price, the FBA fees, a profit calculator, Best Seller Rank, average rating, number of reviews, monthly revenue per review and other useful tools.

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$299.00 per month – Free Trial

AMZShark is a research tool for more established Amazon sellers. The software consists of the following 13 tools.

  • Keyword Explorer
  • PPC Scout
  • Keyword Comparison
  • Competition Scout
  • Supplier Scout
  • Sales Tracker
  • Niche Scout
  • Search Rankings Tracker
  • Listing Scout
  • Hijacking Alerts
  • Super URLs
  • Review Alerts
  • Feedback Alerts
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Starting at $7.00 per month

Asinkey is an Amazon keyword research tool that provides keyword suggestions with estimated search volumes, allows tracking of organic and sponsored keyword ranks and includes a page analyzer to help sellers optimize product titles, descriptions and images.

  • Discover the best keywords with the highest search volume in order to improve ranks and sales
  • Generates a huge number of relevant keywords and makes keyword suggestions
  • Using the rank tracker to track the rankings of your keywords
  • Track both organic and sponsored rankings
  • Optimize your product descriptions, bullet points, images, reviews, etc. to improve your product visibility and rankings
  • Easily find out your competitor's keywords and phrases, including hidden keywords
  • Track your product reviews and when you get a negative review you’ll be immediately notified
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Starting at $89.00 per month – Free Trial

BidX is an intelligent solution that automatically distributes your advertising budget to high performing ads.

  • Manage keywords and negative keywords and check your performance data on a daily basis
  • Adjusts the bids and manages the keywords automatically for you using smart analysis based on click through rate and conversions
  • Allocates the right bid and adds keywords or negative keywords based on your corresponding ad group structure
  • Creates an ad group around your auto and manual campaigns and moves keywords between them to optimize your PPC
  • Add rules allowing for settings such as your target ACoS
  • Automatically analyze performance data, search terms, keywords and bids
  • All changes related to bid history, keywords and advertising are stored in a log
  • See how different bids affected your ACoS, impressions, clicks, sales, conversion rate, and more
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Starting at $50.00 per month – Free Trial

BigCentral, an all-in-one tool from BQool, is a complete sales, marketing and service solution designed to empower you to be an Amazon Top Seller. It encompasses the following modules:

  • Amazon Email Automation – Personalized email campaigns designed to increase seller feedback & product reviews
  • Amazon Seller Feedback Management – Build stronger customer relationships by conveniently managing customer feedback, while improving feedback ratings.
  • Amazon Product Review Management – Conveniently manage reviews in a central location to ensure timely response of customer issues.
  • Product Tracker – Accurately capture the product data to analyze the daily price, sales rank, estimated sales & reviews over a given period.
  • Amazon Product Research – Perform an exhaustive search across 100+ million product data points along 9 different global marketplaces, to find profitable Amazon products.
  • Amazon Keyword Research – Utilize actual search data from potential buyers to generate an extensive list of relevant keywords with the associated traffic metrics, giving you the best keywords to use for your listings or advertising.

The BigTracker product research Chrome extension is included with BigCentral.

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Starting at $59 per month – Free Trial

Captain BI is a business intelligence solution that helps Amazon sellers utilize multiple tools to manage overall business operations. With their sales analytics and profit report tools, organizations can analyze business activities and monitor product profitability more timely and efficiently. You can access and analyze key pieces of information for different Amazon marketplace accounts, stores, and products in one dashboard. These include sales, revenue, costs, and advertisement.

  • Amazon Sponsored Ads
  • ASIN Analytics
  • Analytics and Profitability
  • FBA Inventory
  • Keyword Research
  • Order Management
    Product Research
  • Refunds and Reimbursements
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Starting at $49.97 per month – Free Trial

CashCowPro was designed, developed, and built by a team of sellers and tech specialists and performs a variety of tasks.

  • Browse the 20 million best seller index on which you can get estimated sales, price, fees, BSR, FBA fees and weight using the free chrome extension
  • Monitor inventory
  • Split tests listing title, price, images and features
  • See real time sales, profits and refunds, competitor sales tracking, stock level and sales velocity
  • Monitor your own keywords (and your competition's keywords)
  • A sales velocity calculator provides an out of stock predictor
  • The automated feedback feature allows you to set up a drip email campaign to remind customers to leave positive reviews
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Starting at Free, then $99 per month

DataHawk is a web-based Amazon analytics tool that helps you track keywords, product rankings and performance.

  • It also calculates monthly sales estimates, , runs product research and does market analysis based on keywords.
  • See up to 15 thousand product ideas out of over 6 million products from their database
  • Monitor changes in Best Sellers Rank, number of product reviews, average ratings, pricing, changes in listings, BuyBox competition and estimated monthly sales and get daily email alerts.
  • View keywords search results and see which keywords have high search volume and low competition
  • Receive new keywords suggestions based on Amazon customer search queries and top-ranking products
  • Browse the top selling products on each Amazon sub-category
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Starting at $27 per month – Free Trial

Elite Seller provides professional-level tools for Amazon Sellers. It is an all-in-one software that automates your entire Amazon business with ease. Because it allows sellers to manage all of their Amazon accounts in one place, the software is also powerful enough to be used by Amazon agencies that manage many Amazon accounts. 

  • Customizable Dashboard and Widgets
  • Unlimited Products
  • Alerts
  • Products Manager
  • Orders Manager
  • Email Automation
  • Review Tracking
  • Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts
  • Keyword Tracker
  • Keyword Research
  • Customer Reviews
  • Product Launches With ManyChat
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Starting at Free 

Helium 10 is a cloud-based research software for Amazon seller to perform product and keyword research, listing optimization, product launches, keyword tracking, competitor spying, refunds, and more. There are 13 tools in the product:

  • Black Box – find products and niches based on specific criteria
  • Magnet – keyword research tool for creative keywords
  • Cerebro – keyword research from ASIN instead of keyword
  • Frankenstein – combine your keywords and sort by profitability
  • Scribbles – makes sure all your keywords get into your title or listing
  • Keyword Tracker – check the rankings of your keywords
  • Index Checker – know if your keywords are being indexed by Amazon
  • Alerts – be alerted on any changes to your listings
  • Inventory Protector – set limits on items that are promos
  • Refund Genie – checks for unpaid reimbursements from Amazon
  • Trendster – check for the seasonality or trends for products
  • Misspellinator – find the most used misspellings for your keywords
  • Xray – Chrome extension for product research
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Each module has its own price

Indition SellerTools is a cloud-base solution for Amazon sellers. It has several modules to assist with your success.

  • Content Optimization & Tracking includes keyword tracking, product listing optimization, competitor analysis tracking and logs to keep up with content updates
  • Advertising Optimization encompasses current and new campaigns, custom bidding, target setting and advertising reports
  • Accounting Automation allows for integration with Quickbooks, Xero and Sage
  • Automated Email Campaigns give you custom-branded emails that can be sent to your customers
  • Profitability Dashboard allows you to view profitability by brand, product category and even down to the individual ASIN level
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Starting at $49 per month

Jungle Scout is one of the best known Amazon tools and allows users to track products, explore product opportunities and ideas, monitor competitor sales data, calculate FBA fees, evaluate keywords and find suppliers. Jungle Scout offers two products, the Web App and the Chrome Extension.

Web App – helps you find products and niches. Its components are:

  • Product Database – allows you to search the Amazon catalog using filters such as price, weight, number of ratings and minimum sales per month
  • Niche Hunter – used for finding specific niches depending on such things as demand, competition and categories, average units sold, average price, opportunity score, competition etc,.
  • Product Tracker – allows you to track a product's performance over time, usually 30 days.
  • Keyword Scout gives you the monthly search volume for keywords using actual Amazon data.
  • Supplier Database is a first-of-its-kind feature among Amazon selling tools, helping you find legitimate global suppliers used by the world’s best brands.

Chrome Extension – allows you to make a product search directly on Amazon and gives us estimated sales figures and the BSR, price history, ratings, and many more details.

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One time price of $52.49 for Amazon Keywords

Keyword Tool Dominator is a keyword research software designed for Amazon sellers that includes keyword ranking, real-time suggestions, niche and long tail keywords, and more.

  • Unlock the searching power of the massive autocomplete databases from these websites to uncover the real keywords used by real users as search terms
  • Find hundreds of great long tail keyword phrases from just one search term
  • The popularity of a keyword is based on many factors including; search volume, sales, conversion rates, and many other unpublished factors
  • The free trial includes access to the keyword tool for up to three searches per day
  • The Keyword Tool Suite includes seven products: Amazon, eBay, YouTube, Google Autocomplete, Etsy, Bing, and Google Shopping.
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Starting at $69.00 month – Free Trial

Keyword Tool Pro is a cloud based software for keyword research that helps to discover keywords that people use when searching on Amazon.

  • Understand what people are searching for and then optimizing your listings for those keywords
  • Uses Amazon's auto-complete to get valuable keywords
  • Find long tail keywords and related keywords that you can use for your product listings
  • It will also help you to immediately discover the most popular keywords for your product listings
  • See the estimated number of people that are searching for the keyword on Amazon and how the search volume for a keyword changes over a year.
  • Monitor your competitor's keywords
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3 Products – 3 different plans

KeywordInspector is a suite of individual tools that shows you the real Amazon search volume for specific keywords.

  • KIPRT (Keyword Inspector Product Research Tool) offers data on over 150 million top Amazon products that no other web or app provides.
  • Users can search by keyword, reviews, sales per day, price, category and more.
  • Results include 30-day historical graphs, pricing, reviews, ratings, and up to 1 year of sales rank and estimated sales data.
  • The Reverse ASIN Tool helps you find thousands of keywords just by inputting an ASIN.
  • Every keyword comes with estimated search volume in Amazon that gets updated on a daily basis
  • The Keyword Trends Tool is a searchable database of over 52 million Amazon Buyer Keywords
  • Use for searching for the main keyword to find similar keywords
  • Search by average price, review count, sales rank, sales per day and rating
  • Indexation Tester uses a list of search terms to ensure that your product listing or ASIN can be found in the marketplace when customers search those terms

Two Free Tools:
Amazon Search Terms Optimizer Tool helps you to maximize the ability for customers to find your product within Amazon's search.

Amazon Search Terms Optimizer Tool to maximize the ability for customers on Amazon to find your product within Amazon's search.

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Starting at $27.00 per month – Free Trial

KeyworX is a cloud-base solution that gives Amazon sellers an idea of what works and what does not work in their efforts to scale their products.

  • Analyze any product’s organic rankings over time
  • Track the top 300 results on Amazon for each individual keyword
  • Keywords are tracked and recorded on a daily basis and data is stored for 30 days
  • Input the ASINs & keywords of your competitor and they will be tracked and reported in the same way
  • The Amazon rank checker will track and report on organic keyword positions inside of Amazon
  • See what keywords result in the most amount of sales
  • Track automatically and reverse engineer what marketing & promotional techniques have worked for you
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Starting at $29.00 per month 

MerchantWords is powered by customer searches from the world's largest e-commerce marketplace: Amazon.

  • Since 2012, the company has collected over 1.6 billion keywords that allow you to understand what buyers are searching for on Amazon
  • The Classic Keyword Tool includes short and long tail keywords, related terms, search volume, seasonality and keyword ranking
  • There are also additional tools such as Reverse ASIN Search, Page One Search Analysis, and the Keyword History Analysis Panel
  • With the Keyword History Analysis tool, you have the power to see the search history and trends of any keyword, along with related keywords
  • Discover new product ideas, increase traffic to your product listings, improve PPC campaigns
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Free to try one product, then $24 per month and up

River Cleaner is a Chrome extension that enables Amazon sellers to automatically optimize their product listings by using machine learning technology. Features include:

  • Finding competitors’ keywords
  • Checking if keywords are indexed
  • Removing duplicate keywords
  • Finding best and worst performing PPC campaigns
  • Setting max order quantity for any category
  • Finding orders by the buyer’s name
  • Alerts for changes to Amazon's rules
  • Mobile listing preview
  • Discover hundreds of valuable long tail keywords that you’ve missed and see their real Amazon search volume and relevance percentage.
  • Other features are personalized follow-up emails with the customer's name on an image or you can send videos about your produc
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Starting at Free then $29.99 per month 

Scientific Seller is a keyword research tool that helps you find the right keywords for your Amazon listings by working with Amazon and not against it.

  • The development team makes sure that their data is always relevant and up-to-date
  • Know what keywords people are using to search for different products online
  • Only shows keywords that actual Amazon buyers are typing
  • The tool gives “less obvious” results that other keyword tools don't find
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See website – 4 products – prices vary

SellerLabs delivers 4 standalone modules:

  • Scope for keyword, product, competition & listing research
  • Quantify for inventory & sales management
  • Feedback Genius for feedback & review management
  • Ignite for Amazon ad campaign management

It is ala carte and so you pick just the modules you need or bundle them together for extra savings.

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Starting at $52.00 per month – Free Trial

Seller Seo is a cloud-based set of 12 tools created to help Amazon sellers optimize their listings and PPC advertising. The software will help you with keyword research, PPC advertising and listing optimization. Here is a list of the tools, click to description to read about them:

  • Acosinator
  • Source Force
  • Listing Lightning
  • Keyword Miner
  • Index checker
  • Rank Rocket
  • PPC Dominator
  • The Rainmaker
  • Traffic Titan
  • Day Dream
  • Pandora
  • Free Keyword Tool
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Starting at $199.00 per month – Free Trial

SellerApp offers multiple tools to help Amazon sellers with their business.

  • Optimize and manage your PPC campaigns easily and effectively
  • Get top performing keywords and potential negative keywords in one click
  • Identify top SKUs and get sales, revenue, profit and PPC trends for each individual SKU
  • Know when exactly to reorder, including stock levels and sales rate of each SKU
  • The software generates a thorough report that evaluates product listings
  • Discover keywords of existing top sellers and high impact keywords for ad campaign
  • View real-time search rank of your keywords on Amazon
  • Discover top-selling product ideas and validate them based on existing competition, demand, profit margin, revenue potential and other metrics
  • Receive alerts on your product listings for hijackers, buy box pricing, bad ratings, inventory and listing quality.
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Starting at $259.00 per month – Free Trial

Sellics offers several tools to help Amazon sellers optimize their business and save money, while knowing their true profit.

  • Use their Amazon PPC automation software to save time and achieve a higher return on ad spend
  • Track your ad performance for any given period, and see exactly which changes positively affected your campaign results
  • Research high volume keywords, optimize listings, track keyword rankings, and much more
  • Get fully automated calculations of your real profit on Amazon, including Amazon fees, shipping , PPC fees, promos, taxes, and cost of goods.
  • Track your competitor's daily sales volume and monitor your competitors’ keyword rankings against your own
  • Get notified for new reviews you receive on Amazon
  • Know exactly when you’ll run out of stock based on your recent sales velocity
  • Filter through the top 10,000 best-selling products on Amazon with the Sellics Product Database. Filter by estimated sales, BSR, item weight, number of reviews and more
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Starting at $49.00 per month – Free Trial

Viral Launch is a set of tools for Amazon sellers to scale their business. The software can be accessed from the web based Viral Launchpad or from the Chrome Extension. The tools included are:

  • Kinetic PPC: Let Viral Launch manage your PPC advertising for you.
  • Market Intelligence: Gives in depth analysis on how a product listing is performing, allowing you to choose profitable products.
  • Product Discovery: Search products by categories, monthly sales, review count, dimensions, etc. and receive a product idea score.
  • Competitor Intelligence: Track a top seller’s every move to determine your potential in that market and see any ASIN’s SEO and advertising strategy, plus receive email notifications.
  • Keyword Research: Find new keywords and analyze the monthly search volumes for each keyword.
  • Listing Builder: Create listings that includes every important keyword and maximize your product’s visibility.
  • Listing Analyzer: Discover innovative and impactful listing improvements you can make today to increase your sales.
  • Keyword Manager: Track your most important keywords and sponsored ad placements daily or hourly, including sending notifications when a keyword’s rank changes.
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$20 per report- first one 1/2 off

WordTree is a keyword research tool that features a reverse ASIN lookup, rank tracker, listing builder, and more.

  • Find a complete list of keywords or phrases using up to 10 competitor ASINs per report
  • The software runs an extremely comprehensive search process, starting with over 90 million Amazon customer generated keywords, and refining them down to a select few that match the your listing
  • When the report is ready there will be a Relevancy Score for each keyword
  • Use the Listing Builder to analyze and build a profitable listing with all the pertinent keywords that will make your listing show up in customer searches
  • There is also an Index Checker that you paste the keywords into to make sure they are indexed by Amazon
  • Use the ranking tracker to to track both keywords and competitors
  • Get accurate graphs detailing your product alongside competitors
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Starting at $37.00 per month

Zonbase is a web based tool that helps Amazon sellers research products, find profitable niches, estimate sales, perform keyword research and track your product's rank.

  • Keyword Search helps you find the best keywords for your listings and advertising.
  • Reverse Keywords allows you to see the keywords of your competitors.
  • Track your product's rank on Amazon or you can use it with any product to see rankings over time.
  • Find profitable products to sell on Amazon from over 20 million products in the Amazon database.
  • Zonbase Research Chrome Extension speeds up the process of finding profitable products.
  • Sales Estimator lets you see an estimate of the number of items that will sell per month for any product.
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Starting at $9.00 per month – Free Trial

Zon.Tools is an advanced Amazon PPC Automation tool that automates all Sponsored Products advertising. It focuses on maximizing your sales while staying within your ACoS limits.

  • Keyword Guardian will make sure you don't overspend on any keyword, pausing them when necessary and re-enabling when deemed profitable
  • Keyword Recycler will look out for low performing keywords and test it with a different bid to see if it can be better
  • Keyword Miner scans your reports and will add converting consumer search terms back into the system
  • Bid Gambler will gradually increase your bids until you start getting clicks
  • Bid Nailer constantly adjusts bids based on average cost per click and your strategy
  • Term-Inator will constantly scan reports to negate any terms where needed
  • Auto-Mate efficiently adjusts your auto ad groups bids to help you reach your ACoS goals

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