icon of clouds and sun and rainSoftware in this category will help you forecast which products to order and how many, usually by using algorithms to look at how many have sold over a period of time. These products take into account the lead time from the supplier, the seasonality of the product and the sales velocity. Most software products do more than one thing, so you might see these products listed in other categories such as the inventory or shipping categories. We hope this is helpful for you and your business. Choosing software tools for your Amazon business is an important decision. While we do not recommend any products, as we are unable to test them all, we try to bring new products to your attention and  give you enough data to make an informed decision.

Please note that software prices change all the time.

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Starting at $49.97 per month – Free Trial

CashCowPro was designed, developed, and built by a team of sellers and tech specialists and performs a variety of tasks.

  • Browse the 20 million best seller index on which you can get estimated sales, price, fees, BSR, FBA fees and weight using the free chrome extension
  • Monitor inventory
  • Split tests listing title, price, images and features
  • See real time sales, profits and refunds, competitor sales tracking, stock level and sales velocity
  • Monitor your own keywords (and your competition's keywords)
  • A sales velocity calculator provides an out of stock predictor
  • The automated feedback feature allows you to set up a drip email campaign to remind customers to leave positive reviews
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Etail Solutions is a multi-channel eCommerce platform that allows centralized management of your eCommerce stores.

  • Integrates with Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet, Rakuten, and dozens more.
  • Control everything across all your channels from one dashboard
  • Collect all sales from your channels and process at the same time
  • Find the lowest cost supplier and shipping method.
  • Detailed report to let you see how each channel is performing
  • Maintain accurate inventory counts across all your suppliers, storefronts, and channels
  • Etail Solutions also supports touchless drop-ship automation
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Starting at $99.00 per month

Finale Inventory is the best cloud inventory software for applications involving high-volume, multi-channel eCommerce and warehouse management needs.

  • Support for most online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay , Magento, etc
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Serial number tracking
  • Integrates with Shipstation
  • Forecast sales based on sales velocity and supplier lead times
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Starting at $99.99 per month – Free Trial

ForecastRx is an inventory forecasting solution that analyzes your sales history, identifies trends and expected seasonality to predict future sales demand and future quantities of product you should order.

  • Import each product’s historic sales data and then uses proven forecasting algorithms to project that product’s future sales
  • Receive an exact order quantity
  • Takes into account details like a supplier's minimum order quantities, lead times, order intervals, case quantities and more
  • Integrates with Quickbooks Online and Desktop
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Starting at $129 per month – Free Trial

Inventory Ahead is a complete and customizable inventory tracking system that details your daily inventory metrics per item.

  • Integrates with Amazon, eBay, Walmart and many others
  • Track Amazon FBA and non-FBA orders
  • Incorporates price, shipping fees, channel fees, etc. to calculate the exact cost and profit of the product.
  • Automatically calculate your minimum and maximum selling price
  • Forecast reorders with a smart algorithm that gives reordering suggestions.
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Starting at $99.99 per month – Free Trial

Inventory Planner is an analytics and reordering tool for eCommerce.

  • Keeps up with inventory counts across a multitude of online marketplaces and shopping carts such as Amazon, Ebay, Shopify and many others.
  • Forecast sales to provide replenishment suggestions, create purchase orders, identify overstocked products, and track inventory
  • Integrates into other inventory and accounting systems such as Brightpearl, DEAR, eBay, Linnworks, Ordoro, Quickbooks Online, StitchLabs, and TradeGecko
  • Updates stock quantities when you mark your products as received across all your channels.
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Jazva is an all-in-one eCommerce management software built for high volume retailers and wholesalers looking to scale their business.

  • Connects Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify and Magento onto one dashboard
  • Use their multi-channel listing tool that speeds up listing across multiple sites and marketplaces
  • Manage listings, orders, inventory and shipping all from one platform.
  • Includes inventory forecasting and analytics
  • Integrated shipping solution ensures that you ship out and deliver your items on time
  • Track and manage orders across all your sales channels from one central location
  • Easily process returns, refunds and exchanges
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Starting at $19.97 per month – Free Trial

ManageByStats provides product sales performance graphs by brand, product line, individual product and SKU and an Amazon inventory management feature which predicts reordering quantities.

  • Includes a profit dashboard, statistics, historical graphs, a customer database, a transaction database, feedback and reviews management
  • The SellerMail add-on allows users to send automated emails to get more feedback and reviews
  • Includes an advertising and keyword tracking module to review and make changes to your ads
  • See which keywords are costing you the most money and which are making you the most.
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Starting at $99.99 per month – Free Trial

RestockPro guides daily reordering decisions by providing you with the information you need to focus on your most profitable items, while factoring in existing orders and shipments.

  • Track all of your suppliers and keeps tabs on all of the inventory moving through your supply chain
  • Captures your FBA data enabling you to stay focused on the most profitable products
  • Print Amazon-compliant labels and stickers with ease
  • Keep track of items you’ve ordered and received from your suppliers
  • Tracks your performance metrics
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Starting at $99.00 per month

SalesDash is a cloud-based platform that provides Amazon inventory monitoring and supply chain forecasting, showing which products are out-of-stock or running low. It also shows analytics of your online store and provides ads management and keyword assessments.

  • The forecast is based on velocity, trends, seasonality, lead times and other factors
  • Know exactly how many units of each ASIN should be ordered and when
  • The software includes analytics on sales by product at daily, weekly, monthly or 90 day intervals
  • See trends and seasonality and forecast profitability
  • Search orders by SKU, customer, date range, etc.
  • Provides sponsored products ads management and monitoring giving you access to analytics on the actual user inputted search term
  • Get insight into your advertising by impressions, clicks, CTR, CPC, CTR and ACoS.
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Starting at $19.00 per month – Free Trial

Sellerboard offers an abundance of tools for Amazon sellers to know their true profitability , monitor their ad campaigns, keep up with restocking, request reimbursements from Amazon and to stay on top of their store metrics.

  • The Live Dashboard displays detailed information about Amazon fees, PPC spend, return costs, promotion costs, and your fixed costs
  • View by time period and by product
  • Provides a smart, clickable P&L statement, with the ability to focus on every parameter (e.g., amazon fees) of each time period
  • Track other expenses, such as maintaining a warehouse, virtual assistant, photo shoots, sample costs, software tools etc.
  • See actual sales, profit, fees and expenses related to each product on a granular level
  • The PPC Dashboard uses an algorithm for the most accurate profit estimates for each campaign, group and even keyword for your Amazon Advertising
  • Specify production and shipment time to the FBA warehouse or your prep center and the software will calculate the selling speed per product, based on your 3, 7 and 30-day sales and automatically notify you whether it's time to restock the FBA warehouse or to place a new order with your supplier
  • Send automated messages to your buyers, to collect more feedback, product reviews and provide better customer service
  • Sellerboard helps you find FBA errors and request your money back through the Seller Central for a reimbursement
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Starting at $29.00 per month

SellerFlix provides a variety of tools for Amazon sellers, including automated inventory forecasting, spotting stale and low-selling inventory, and tools to liquidate inventory and create deals. It was previously called AMZPro.

  • Provides inventory cost and value by state and by fulfillment center
  • Alerts are available for overcharged FBA fees, monthly storage fees and long term storage fees
  • Includes insights and reports for orders, fulfillment, storage and overcharged FBA fees
  • Customize inventory forecasts for the next “X” number of months based on past “X” weeks of sales
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Starting at $59.99 per month – 14 Day Free Trial

SellerMobile is an advanced cloud-based software solution that offers a full suite of mobile and web-based tools and analytics.

  • Track your orders, inventory, products, listings, keywords, profitability, stock counts, loss of sales, refunds and more.
  • Scan any bar code to analyze product profit; see price history; and track your favorite products
  • Analyze and understand your Amazon ad campaigns, keywords and search terms
  • The keyword analysis tool is built to help you pinpoint high ranking keywords for your product listings
  • Automate feedback and review requests using the professionally designed default templates or create your own
  • The repricer tool will continually monitor and adjust prices for all of your listings on Amazon.
  • Click to see sales forecast, restock suggestions, lead times and potential losses if restock is not completed as recommended.
  • SellerMobile is mobile friendly
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Starting at $20.00 per month – Free Trial

Shopkeeper tracks your sales, calculates profit and forecasts your inventory.

  • Profit Tracking – Calculates your profits, margins, includes ppc, storage fees, sales tax and all other expenses
  • Inventory Forecast – Helps you decide how many units to reorder and when, takes seasonality into account.
  • Business Dashboard – Has widgets with most important metrics – best sellers, growth curve, overall profit margin, inventory value.
  • Combines all 72 types of fees from Seller Central spreadsheets, so you can know if your products are profitable
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SkuSuite is a multi-channel inventory and order management solution for order processing, purchase orders, inventory tracking, invoicing, shipping and warehouse management.

  • Supports Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet and many others
  • Inventory is synced in real time across all channels
  • Verification process prevents errors in picking, packing and shipping
  • Includes automated accounting tools
  • The software includes advanced forecasting and reporting.
  • Integrates with carriers like USPS, UPS, DHL, Fedex and many others

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