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piles of books iconBook Sellers tend to have special needs when it comes to inventorying, listing and selling their books. This category also applies to those selling movies and music. Software in this category will help you source books, manage your inventory, list across different marketplaces and ship your books.  While you could just as easily go to the Inventory category and find software, the products on this page are specific to booksellers. We hope this is helpful for you and your business. Choosing software tools for your Amazon business is an important decision. While we do not recommend any products, as we are unable to test them all, we try to bring new products to your attention and give you enough data to make an informed decision.

Please note that software prices change all the time.

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Starting at $49.99 per month 

AMan Pro provides a listing, pricing and order management system for Amazon sellers, especially those who sell books, movies or CDs.

  • The software will import your existing listings and unshipped orders directly from Amazon
  • List single items by scanning or typing bar codes or ISBNS
  • A click on the List button puts the item into your Amazon inventory and moves onto to the next item
  • With the batch scan facility, items can be scanned quickly and uploaded to Amazon
  • Automatically download order reports and verify addresses as they arrive
  • With 1-Click, you simply select all your orders, and the software will take care of printing packing slips, postage and shipping labels while confirming shipment of your orders to Amazon
  • A customized email is sent to your buyers and an automated follow-up email is scheduled to request buyers feedback
  • With AMan Pro's auto-pricer, you can reprice your inventory every hour (or whatever period you prefer) automatically

**It is a program for Windows that you will download and run from your computer.

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Starting at $20 per month

The Art of Books (AOB) is an online bookseller’s inventory management system.

  • The software will upload your book inventory to different bookselling venues and automatically remove your books from all of them when your books sell.
  • Integrates with Endicia bulk label printing
  • One other tool available is the AOB Road Tools to use on your phone while out book hunting
  • Includes a powerful automatic product repricing system that lets you control every aspect of your repricing scheme including exactly how it's done, when it's done and how often it's done
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Starting at $9.95 per month

ASellerTool consists of two tools for Amazon sellers: Scoutly for scouting and TurboLister for listing and they are both included in the monthly fee. These tools work well for book sellers.

Scoutly was formally called FBAScan.

  • Download the Amazon pricing database to your phone, so you will get instant pricing information anywhere
  • Use live look up to search all Amazon items using your phone’s internet connection.
  • See sales rank, merchant prices, Amazon Price, the number of sellers, etc.
  • Set a pricing trigger which is a sound or signal to tell you to buy a book based on predefined criteria

TurboLister speeds up the process of listing your inventory on Amazon.

  • Use several different presets that allow you to grade your items quickly and efficiently
  • List 100 items in an hour or less.
  • Combine items to the same Fulfillment center into one FBA shipment, print out FNSKU label and 2D box content
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Starting at $225.00 per month

Basil Bookseller Software is a cloud-based solution that provides features for offline/online booksellers.

  • Includes POS, inventory control, marketing, special orders, loyalty discounts, barcoding, purchasing and more
  • Supports new, used and online book sales
  • Additions or sales are automatically uploaded and synchronized with the markets
  • Basil automatically downloads orders from online markets
  • Supports Amazon, Abe, Alibris, Biblio, Chrislands, and Barnes & Noble
  • Create pick lists, packing slips, and postage for the orders downloaded
  • Basil integrates with Dazzle and other shipping vendors
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Starting at $10.00 per month – Free Trial

BookTrakker is an inventory management solution with sales tracking, invoicing and business analysis reports for online booksellers.

  • One-Click Uploads to 28 + online selling sites, including Amazon MarketPlace, but you can also add new services, including your own website
  • Create multiple catalogs that can be set up to automatically update existing catalogs with new inventory
  • GrabIt! is a free plugIn, used to retrieve bibliographical data from the Amazon database for ISBN and ASIN lookup and can also be used for pricing and repricing
  • Print mailing and shipping labels, packing slips, invoices, reports and quotes
  • It resides on your PC and requires the Windows operating system.
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$79.00 per month – Free Trial

eFLIP is an online arbitrage software designed to help FBA sellers make a profit year-round by purchasing low-priced merchant fulfilled books on Amazon to resell at a premium via FBA.

  • Get full access to important and useful information when making a decision to buy cheaply priced books to resell
  • The software includes The Book Tracker spreadsheet that helps you track all of your book purchases
  • eFlip also offers other categories outside of books, such as vinyl and CDs
  • Their Known Textbooks database helps you quickly identify seasonal books so you can stock up throughout the year
  • The tool actively monitors over 23.3 million ISBNs
  • Your subscription includes access to the private eFLIP Facebook group and also the eFlip University where you will learn advanced strategies for profitable flips
  • The software works on any device, including mobile
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Abebooks HomeBase is a free, yes totally free, management app that provides an offline or online bookstore inventory solution.

  • The software takes care of everything from maintaining your inventory database, keeping track of buyers and issuing receipts
  • Upload your active listings to sell on AbeBooks and other marketplaces such as Amazon
  • Price Partner is an application built into the software that allows you to modify the prices of multiple listings at once
  • You can increase or decrease prices by a percentage or by an absolute amount
  • If you have more than one copy of a book, you can use the quantity field and it automatically decrements the quantity online when a book is sold
  • The software runs locally on your computer and requires the Windows operating system.
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Starting at $49.00 per month – Free Trial

InventoryLab is an all-in-one set of mobile and web-based tools you can use to streamline your business. There are two modules to the software, Stratify and Scoutify.

The Scoutify app allows you to scan items and quickly see competitors’ prices, whether Amazon is in stock, potential profit, ROI, sales rank, sales rank percentage, if you’re approved or restricted from selling the item, etc.

Stratify provides automated accounting, restocking analysis, and a suite of profitability reports. Manage your inventory and view total in-stock value, sales value, and accounting details.

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Starting at $7.95 – Free Trial

Mail Extractor is an order fulfillment and inventory management program for booksellers using Amazon and

  • The program parses the information contained in Amazon order fulfillment reports and in and Paypal/eBay e-mails to build packing slips and invoices
  • Users can send automated e-mail shipment notifications to buyers and manage inventory
  • Use it to create and print picking slips and invoices, postage can be printed using Endicia
  • Repricer is a program feature that allows for comparing the prices of your items with the prices of other Amazon sellers, and changing them in accordance with specified conditions and criteria
  • To aid in listing a bar code scanner can be used
  • The software resides on your PC.
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Contact for price quote

Monsoon is an eCommerce solution offering multi-marketplace listing, inventory and order management, automated re-pricing and reporting.

  • Automate your business on Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Alibris and other marketplaces
  • Integration with various shipping companies, payment and accounting applications such as Quickbooks
  • Automatically price and re-price your marketplace listings throughout the day using rules you define
  • Know your real inventory levels at all times and sync across all channels
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$50 per month

Neatoscan consists of three programs designed for Amazon book sellers.

The Neatopricer book scanning application runs from either a PDA device or on an Android or IOS phone that alerts you when you scan a winner.

Neatoscan Inventory Evaluator looks up Amazon price information for large lists of product codes, for example from auction manifests.

Neatoscan Inventory Manager is a barcode-driven marketplace management solution. Modules include receiving, inventory management, listing, shipping, repricing and reporting.

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$47.00 per month – Free Trial

PriceHack is an online tool that detects mispriced and under priced books on Amazon, so that you can buy them and resell them for a profit. Searching is extremely easy as you use the Amazon search pages. The number of under priced alerts are at the top of the page so you don't need to scroll. Buy low and sell high. The software will show you years of price history analytics below each book such as:

  • Current new/used/Amazon price
  • 12-month average new/used/Amazon price
  • Percentage of difference from average to now
  • Highest detected price for new/used/Amazon
  • Lowest detected price for new/used/Amazon
  • Average new/used/Amazon price for this month last year
  • Percentage below/above its average price
  • 12-month average price
  • Historical dates of highest and lowest price
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$9.99 per month

Profit Bandit is a mobile application that enables sellers to scan any barcode and determine if an item is profitable for resale on Amazon.

  • Live lookups using Amazon’s API ensures you have up-to-date offer and pricing data
  • Features include barcode scanning for live price lookups, profit calculation, sales rank monitoring, restricted item alerts, and more
  • Calculate all the FBA fees, and instantly see your profit based on each book or item that you scan
  • View the profit based on the product weight, Amazon fees, cost of goods, shipping rates and up to 15 other factors.
  • Know if you will be competing against Amazon
  • Alerts if it is a restricted to sell the product
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$27.00 per month – Free Trial

RepriceAlytics is the first Amazon repricing tool to embed 12 month average sales rank, average price, and more on Amazon's Seller Central repricing page, providing precision Amazon repricing data for Amazon booksellers. Know the true market value and true rank for any book.

RepriceAltyics embeds three columns of data on your Amazon Inventory  page:

  • 12-month average sales rank
  • 12-month average price
  • Average price for this month last year (for textbooks and other books that have seasonal demand)

And two crucial additional features:

  • Keepa sales rank & price history charts
  • Direct link to view FBA offers
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$24.00 – Free Trial

ScanLister is a desktop-based bulk listing program for Amazon that easily allows you to list any product on Amazon's website: books, CDs, DVDs, toys, etc.

  • Works for both FBA and Merchant Fulfilled sellers
  • Bulk listing mode makes speed listing straightforward — you can list hundreds of books in just a few hours
  • Detailed Listing Workflow option is for those who like to price as you list
  • See product information after every scan
  • Create shipping plans and add box content information to your shipments
  • Print 2D barcodes or upload a pack list file
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$44 per month – Free Trial

ScoutIQ helps you find profitable books and other products to sell on Amazon using your phone's built-in camera to scan items to sell.

  • Search in either live mode or local database mode, where the Amazon database is downloaded to your phone
  • The Database Mode helps you scan books up to five times faster than looking up live data, updates twice a day
  • Use the built-in custom keyboard to type in ISBNs or UPCs and use the QWERTY-style keyboard to do a title search to find products without barcodes
  • Use optical character recognition so you don't have to type anything and you can scan in the book title or ISBN number with your phone's camera
  • Customizable to meet your needs
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Starting at $39.95 per month – Free Trial

Synccentric is a web-based solution that allows Amazon sellers to upload product lists to be analyzed for profitable products. It is designed for those who sell books and videos on Amazon.

  • Search by ASIN, MPN/Part Number, SKU, ISBN, EAN or UPC and get recent and historical data.
  • The software automatically updates product data in your account every couple hours to keep it fresh, so you don't have to run the list more than once.
  • Gather FBA fulfillment information including the FBA tier level, order handing cost, pick & pack cost, weight handling cost, and total estimated FBA fee.
  • See how many total new item sellers and used item sellers are on a product listing.

Some of the metrics available that are unique to this product are:

  • Publication Date (Books)
  • Number of Pages (Books)
  • Trade-in Value
  • 5 Images
  • Binding of a book (i.e. Hardcover, Paperback, Spiral)
  • Publisher (Books)
  • Release Date
  • Studio, such as Warner Brothers, that produced a digital item
  • Buy Box New Landed Price
  • Buy Box Used Landed Price
  • Buy Box sub-condition of a used product (i.e. New, Mint, Very Good, Good, Acceptable, Poor
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One time charge of $170

The Book Flipper is an Excel Tracking Spreadsheet that can run your entire Amazon business.

  • It was created by an Amazon bookseller and the sheet itself is a full accounting program
  • You cut and paste your Amazon sales report and the spreadsheet takes it from there
  • Pay a one-time fee to track all your Amazon sales metrics! Includes unlimited updates
  • Track sales per source, analyze your profits by sales rank, create income & cash flow statements, view your inventory turn rates and track consignment sales
  • You can also track mileage, sales tax at a state level and supplies and software expenses
  • It requires Excel 2007 or later and will work with both Mac and PC versions of Excel.
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$97 per month – Free Trial

Zen Arbitrage is a sourcing tool to help find cheap books on Amazon from merchant fulfilled sellers, which you then buy and send back into Amazon at a higher FBA price.

  • This tool helps make the online book arbitrage method simple
  • The software has a 21 million books database, where you can search by condition (new/used), price, sales rank, Amazon’s price, category, title or publisher
  • It also has a 300,000 textbook database
  • The search results page will show you the lowest FBA offer, which you then compare to the non-FBA price to find profitable books
  • The tool will show you shipping costs of the book you are purchasing from the 3rd party merchant and calculate your FBA price for the book with taxes and fees included
  • There is also a built-in inventory and sales tracking tool
  • For textbooks, the software will also tell you if you are restricted from selling a book
  • The tool also scans over 30 other book selling sites – without clicking. Just hover over the icon and a popup window appears showing the lowest price copy on the Internet.
  • There is a 90-minute on-demand quick start web class

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