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Knowing the key metrics of your Amazon business is the key to being successful on Amazon.  Software in this category will provide you with dashboards and data to help you see how you are doing with your profitability. You will see some of these software products are in many different categories as most do several functions.  We are just trying to be comprehensive, without being too confusing. We hope this is helpful for you and your business. Choosing software tools for your Amazon business is an important decision. While we do not recommend any products, as we are unable to test them all, we try to bring new products to your attention and give you enough data to make an informed decision.

Please note that software prices change all the time.

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Starting at $34.00 per month – Free Trial

Accelerlist is an Amazon solution for fast product listing tools, automated cash flow trackers and inventory health analytics.

  • Offers a cloud-based Amаzоn bulk lіѕtіng tool that is compatible with аnу browser
  • Print FNSKU labels and get final destination centers as you scan your items
  • Leverage the condition notes generator and competitive prices visualizer to make decisions quickly
  • Includes box level contents management, so that you can instantly print your shipment manifest
  • Create 2D barcodes for huge shipment plans
  • Visualize your business in new ways with stunning charts and crucial business information
  • Syncs with your settlement reports and produces a profit and loss statement
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Starting at $49.00 per month – Free Trial

Amalytix is a tool that notifies you about listing-changes, orders and returns, new competitors, reviews and feedback, changes in stock, competition price changes, customer inquiries, seller performance, and keyword rankings.

  • The seller dashboard shows sales statistics, alerts, keyword rankings, product reviews and inventory across all your Amazon marketplaces
  • There are several alerts you can configure such as buybox won/lost, new competitors on the listing, negative product reviews received, negative seller ratings received, product listing changed and product is out of stock
  • Keep an eye on competitors’ prices, keyword rankings and customer feedback
  • Review historical data on all products such as listing changes, returns, sales, etc.
  • Monitor all your sponsored product and ad campaigns to identify unprofitable search terms and move them to the negative list in seconds
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Starting at $19.99 per month – Free Trial

Bitclu is an all-in-one software for monitoring, analyzing, and evaluating sales and profit on Amazon. It uses easy to visualize charts and tables, using date filters to monitor your sales and see how your business is performing. It helps Amazon sellers make the right business decisions.

  • See everything in your business with just a few simple clicks
  • Track everything down to the product level, including profit
  • Add products individually or in bulk
  • Keep a log of every change you make to your listing, price, image, title or bullet points.
  • Predict when you will run out of stock and how much you need to reorder
  • Know which products are most profitable and which products have the most sales
  • Streamline daily operations with real-time data and accurate profit margins
  • Track ad spend and the profit you earned with engaging pie charts
  • Track your profit on an hourly basis with live graphs, even down to the time of day sales are made
  • Measure your click-through rate, organic sale, total sale, and paid sale conversions for a specific date range
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Starting at $59 per month – Free Trial

Captain BI is a business intelligence solution that helps Amazon sellers utilize multiple tools to manage overall business operations. With their sales analytics and profit report tools, organizations can analyze business activities and monitor product profitability more timely and efficiently. You can access and analyze key pieces of information for different Amazon marketplace accounts, stores, and products in one dashboard. These include sales, revenue, costs, and advertisement.

  • Amazon Sponsored Ads
  • ASIN Analytics
  • Analytics and Profitability
  • FBA Inventory
  • Keyword Research
  • Order Management
    Product Research
  • Refunds and Reimbursements
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Starting at $49.97 per month – Free Trial

CashCowPro was designed, developed, and built by a team of sellers and tech specialists and performs a variety of tasks.

  • Browse the 20 million best seller index on which you can get estimated sales, price, fees, BSR, FBA fees and weight using the free chrome extension
  • Monitor inventory
  • Split tests listing title, price, images and features
  • See real time sales, profits and refunds, competitor sales tracking, stock level and sales velocity
  • Monitor your own keywords (and your competition's keywords)
  • A sales velocity calculator provides an out of stock predictor
  • The automated feedback feature allows you to set up a drip email campaign to remind customers to leave positive reviews
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Starting at $27 per month – Free Trial

Elite Seller provides professional-level tools for Amazon Sellers. It is an all-in-one software that automates your entire Amazon business with ease. Because it allows sellers to manage all of their Amazon accounts in one place, the software is also powerful enough to be used by Amazon agencies that manage many Amazon accounts. 

  • Customizable Dashboard and Widgets
  • Unlimited Products
  • Alerts
  • Products Manager
  • Orders Manager
  • Email Automation
  • Review Tracking
  • Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts
  • Keyword Tracker
  • Keyword Research
  • Customer Reviews
  • Product Launches With ManyChat
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Starting at £20.00 per month – Free Trial

EUessentials is an Amazon repricer created specifically for those that sell in the United Kingdom and also in France, Italy, Spain and Germany.

  • Automate or manually update all your Amazon European prices from one unique dashboard.
  • You will see useful data such as your price, lowest FBA price, your selling position, competitor insight, best seller rank, product costs and your minimum & maximum prices.
  • Rather than pricing each market separately all markets are included in one price.
  • The software gives you the ability to input your buy price, so you have a better understanding of your ROI when your products sell.
  • The main dashboard gives you a look into all of your sales in all markets unlike the Amazon Seller Central dashboard that treats every marketplace separately.
  • It brings products from all five European marketplaces into one dashboard, providing sales and order statistics, sales reporting and order tracking.
  • Click on each tab for a more detailed view of all fees, costs and units sold per marketplace.
  • With more detail than Amazon provides for each order, the platform provides you with your cost, unit price, FBA fees (includes EFN fees) profit and ROI for every product sold.
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Starting at $19.99 per month – Free Trial

FeedbackWhiz is an advanced software designed for integrated order management, feedback monitoring, and email automation for Amazon sellers. It also has an excellent module for Profits and Accounting.

  • Organize, view, and group all your product reviews on a single screen, while managing order metrics and viewing detailed analytics
  • You can A/B test subject lines, view individual open rates, and track all messages
  • Receive notifications when you get negative reviews
  • The software can actually match directly, using code, the customer who left you the product review
  • You can go back up to 60 days, and set up a campaign that will target all your past orders
  • Statistics show your best selling products, most frequent buyers, who left you the most reviews, your most reviewed products and a quick summary of all the email campaigns you have running
  • Profits Dashboard with detailed data and analytics
  • Profits Manager- Analyze ASIN data for profit per product
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Starting at Free 

Helium 10 is a cloud-based research software for Amazon seller to perform product and keyword research, listing optimization, product launches, keyword tracking, competitor spying, refunds, and more. There are 13 tools in the product:

  • Black Box – find products and niches based on specific criteria
  • Magnet – keyword research tool for creative keywords
  • Cerebro – keyword research from ASIN instead of keyword
  • Frankenstein – combine your keywords and sort by profitability
  • Scribbles – makes sure all your keywords get into your title or listing
  • Keyword Tracker – check the rankings of your keywords
  • Index Checker – know if your keywords are being indexed by Amazon
  • Alerts – be alerted on any changes to your listings
  • Inventory Protector – set limits on items that are promos
  • Refund Genie – checks for unpaid reimbursements from Amazon
  • Trendster – check for the seasonality or trends for products
  • Misspellinator – find the most used misspellings for your keywords
  • Xray – Chrome extension for product research
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$97.00 per month – Free Trial

HelloProfit provides Amazon sellers with sales and profit analytics, both in aggregate and in detail, in near real-time

  • Track profitability overall and per ASIN, ROI and profit margin, ranking and BSR and all customer data
  • Use for new product research, payout reporting, sponsored ads analysis and FBA refunds
  • Find true profitability of your Sponsored Products campaigns better than you can with Amazon reports
  • Add, edit and pause keywords, bids, campaigns & budgets
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$129.00 per month – Free Trial

Inventory Ahead is a complete and customizable inventory tracking system that details your daily inventory metrics per item.

  • Integrates with Amazon, eBay, Walmart and many others
  • Track Amazon FBA and non-FBA orders
  • Incorporates price, shipping fees, channel fees, etc. to calculate the exact cost and profit of the product.
  • Automatically calculate your minimum and maximum selling price
  • Forecast reorders with a smart algorithm that gives reordering suggestions.
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$49.00 per month – Free Trial

InventoryLab is an all-in-one set of mobile and web-based tools you can use to streamline your business. There are two modules to the software, Stratify and Scoutify.

  • The Scoutify app allows you to scan items and quickly see competitors’ prices, whether Amazon is in stock, potential profit, ROI, sales rank, sales rank percentage, if you’re approved or restricted from selling the item, etc.
  • Stratify provides automated accounting, restocking analysis, and a suite of profitability reports. Manage your inventory and view total in-stock value, sales value, and accounting details.
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Starting at $49 per month

Jungle Scout is one of the best known Amazon tools and allows users to track products, explore product opportunities and ideas, monitor competitor sales data, calculate FBA fees, evaluate keywords and find suppliers. Jungle Scout offers two products, the Web App and the Chrome Extension.

Web App – helps you find products and niches. Its components are:

  • Product Database – allows you to search the Amazon catalog using filters such as price, weight, number of ratings and minimum sales per month
  • Niche Hunter – used for finding specific niches depending on such things as demand, competition and categories, average units sold, average price, opportunity score, competition etc,.
  • Product Tracker – allows you to track a product's performance over time, usually 30 days.
  • Keyword Scout gives you the monthly search volume for keywords using actual Amazon data.
  • Supplier Database is a first-of-its-kind feature among Amazon selling tools, helping you find legitimate global suppliers used by the world’s best brands.
  • Sales Analytics to get a full picture of your FBA finances

Chrome Extension – allows you to make a product search directly on Amazon and gives us estimated sales figures and the BSR, price history, ratings, and many more details.

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Starting at $19.97 per month – Free Trial

ManageByStats provides product sales performance graphs by brand, product line, individual product and SKU and an Amazon inventory management feature which predicts reordering quantities.

  • Includes a profit dashboard, statistics, historical graphs, a customer database, a transaction database, feedback and reviews management
  • The SellerMail add-on allows users to send automated emails to get more feedback and reviews
  • Includes an advertising and keyword tracking module to review and make changes to your ads
  • See which keywords are costing you the most money and which are making you the most.
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Starting at $19.00 per month – Free Trial

MerchantSpring is a cloud-based performance & analytics platform for professional marketplace sellers and agencies. It syncs marketplace stores to a sales performance dashboard from Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Shopify & top marketplaces in all countries. Customers can use MerchantSpring to understand their performance and opportunities to improve sales & advertising everywhere they sell. Get in-depth dashboards & reports packed with sales data and insights not available in seller accounts.

Try one tool to monitor multiple marketplaces. The software is best for established for sellers & agencies with many accounts. Even manage many on the same marketplace like 5 eBay stores. Or manage many across different marketplaces like Walmart, eBay & Amazon.  You can even manage across different countries like Amazon UK, US & AU.

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$19.99 per month

My Profit is a web-based solution to help Amzon sellers optimize their business.

  • Built by an 8 figure Amazon seller – now you can use the same tools
  • Enter your costs and quickly see your profit, profit margins, and ROI per product
  • The software factors in advertising, refunds, reimbursements and storage fees
  • See this data in conjunction with inventory levels or look at inventory levels separately with value metrics
  • You will be able to send automated feedback requests to help you get more reviews
  • The software tracks the read rates of the emails and you can split test subject lines to find what works
  • Set your advertising rules, they do the work
  • Turn ads off based on day and time
  • Sync with Xero or Quickbooks
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Starting at Free 

My Seller Pal is for Amazon Sellers who want the best tools at the lowest price.

  • Know your true Amazon profits after Amazon fees and cost of goods with automated Amazon fee visibility
  • Slash your Amazon Sponsored Products spend with their PPC waste identification workflows
  • Optimize you Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns and reduce you ACoS
  • Comes with a full branded website with your own domain name to get and stay brand registered on Amazon
  • Automate Amazon review and feedback requests with the Amazon email autoresponder
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$29.00 per month – Free Trial is a tool to accurately monitor and optimize the profitability of your multi-channel ecommerce store in real-time.

  • It combines sales data from all of your ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Woocommerce into a single dashboard
  • Look at your per-order net profit after all costs are considered including shipping, ad spend, transaction fees, discounts, refunds and more
  • Get daily profit alerts to stay on top of your business
  • Know which of your ad campaigns are most profitable
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Starting at $47.00 per month – Free Trial

PPC Entоurаgе іѕ a ѕtаtе-оf-thе-аrt ѕоftwаrе platform dеѕіgnеd specifically fоr Amazon buѕіnеѕѕ оwnеrѕ who wаnt tо spend lеѕѕ mоnеу оn еасh of thеіr Sроnѕоrеd Prоduсtѕ campaigns.

  • Identify thе most сrіtісаl соmроnеntѕ necessary for mаxіmіzіng their ROI for each PPC dollar ѕреnt
  • Their platform will quickly highlight the areas negatively impacting the performance of your campaigns, optimizing with the click of a button
  • Increase organic visibility with untapped keyword opportunities

Entourage Margins:

  • See your true FBA Fee Margin Impact
  • See which products have the highest FBA fees, including which variations
  • Get a high-level view of the impact Returns are having on your margins
  • See the overall impact of your Promo Fees on your profit margins
  • Easily see which products are costing you the most in storage fees
  • Quickly access your long term storage fees and inventory placement fees
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Profit Cyclops is a free web base profit dashboard that will show you daily and monthly profits and how much profit you made on each sale after fees. The app was written by Amazon sellers who want to help other sellers.

  • Know how much inventory you have and how much it is worth
  • See your inventory levels and how much you sold of each product in the last 15 or 30 days
  • Receive alerts that you can customize for your inventory levels
  • To see a live interactive demo of the product, please go here:
  • The software only works with the US Amazon marketplace
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Starting at $35.00 per month – Free Trial

Quantify Ninja allows sellers to obtain more feedback and reviews.

  • Real time tracking of sales
  • Profits manager
  • Real-time notifications and order data
  • ROI calculations
  • Keyword optimizer
  • Stop listing highjacking
  • Offer coupons and more
  • Includes tools to get money back from Amazon for money owed from refunds, returns and lost inventory
  • Includes Facebook bot to connect Facebook users with your Amazon store
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Starting at $99.99 per month – Free Trial

RestockPro guides daily reordering decisions by providing you with the information you need to focus on your most profitable items, while factoring in existing orders and shipments.

  • Track all of your suppliers and keeps tabs on all of the inventory moving through your supply chain
  • Captures your FBA data enabling you to stay focused on the most profitable products
  • Print Amazon-compliant labels and stickers with ease
  • Keep track of items you’ve ordered and received from your suppliers
  • Tracks your performance metrics
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Starting at $99.00 per month

SalesDash is a cloud-based platform that provides Amazon inventory monitoring and supply chain forecasting, showing which products are out-of-stock or running low. It also shows analytics of your online store and provides ads management and keyword assessments.

  • The forecast is based on velocity, trends, seasonality, lead times and other factors
  • Know exactly how many units of each ASIN should be ordered and when
  • The software includes analytics on sales by product at daily, weekly, monthly or 90 day intervals
  • See trends and seasonality and forecast profitability
  • Search orders by SKU, customer, date range, etc.
  • Provides sponsored products ads management and monitoring giving you access to analytics on the actual user inputted search term
  • Get insight into your advertising by impressions, clicks, CTR, CPC, CTR and ACoS.
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See website – 4 products – prices vary

SellerLabs delivers 4 standalone modules:

  • Scope for keyword, product, competition & listing research
  • Quantify for inventory & sales management
  • Feedback Genius for feedback & review management
  • Ignite for Amazon ad campaign management

It is ala carte and so you pick just the modules you need or bundle them together for extra savings.

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Starting at $199.00 per month – Free Trial

SellerApp offers multiple tools to help Amazon sellers with their business.

  • Optimize and manage your PPC campaigns easily and effectively
  • Get top performing keywords and potential negative keywords in one click
  • Identify top SKUs and get sales, revenue, profit and PPC trends for each individual SKU
  • Know when exactly to reorder, including stock levels and sales rate of each SKU
  • The software generates a thorough report that evaluates product listings
  • Discover keywords of existing top sellers and high impact keywords for ad campaign
  • View real-time search rank of your keywords on Amazon
  • Discover top-selling product ideas and validate them based on existing competition, demand, profit margin, revenue potential and other metrics
  • Receive alerts on your product listings for hijackers, buy box pricing, bad ratings, inventory and listing quality.
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Starting at $19.00 per month – Free Trial

Sellerboard offers an abundance of tools for Amazon sellers to know their true profitability , monitor their ad campaigns, keep up with restocking, request reimbursements from Amazon and to stay on top of their store metrics.

  • The Live Dashboard displays detailed information about Amazon fees, PPC spend, return costs, promotion costs, and your fixed costs
  • View by time period and by product
  • Provides a smart, clickable P&L statement, with the ability to focus on every parameter (e.g., amazon fees) of each time period
  • Track other expenses, such as maintaining a warehouse, virtual assistant, photo shoots, sample costs, software tools etc.
  • See actual sales, profit, fees and expenses related to each product on a granular level
  • The PPC Dashboard uses an algorithm for the most accurate profit estimates for each campaign, group and even keyword for your Amazon Advertising
  • Specify production and shipment time to the FBA warehouse or your prep center and the software will calculate the selling speed per product, based on your 3, 7 and 30-day sales and automatically notify you whether it's time to restock the FBA warehouse or to place a new order with your supplier
  • Send automated messages to your buyers, to collect more feedback, product reviews and provide better customer service
  • Sellerboard helps you find FBA errors and request your money back through the Seller Central for a reimbursement
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Starting at $49.99 per month – Free Trial

SellerLegend is an Amazon analytics tool set that includes near real-time new orders download, intelligent dashboards, inventory management, operating expenses and financial transactions. 

  • Multiple dashboards include those that show sales history, relative performance by marketplace, account valuation, promotions, products, returns by disposition, upcoming restocks and best sellers. 
  • Check every Amazon payout statement in excruciating detail, summarized by product, by brand or by product groups. 
  • See all your financial transactions and fees, as well as your unit returns, with their detailed disposition, return reason and status. 
  • Know all the fulfillment centers where you had nexus during the month. 
  • Track all your PPC sales, campaigns and product ads. Measure the performance of each keyword and search term. 
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Starting at $15.00 per month – Free Trial

Seller Metrix is a cloud-based solution that allows Amazon sellers to monitor their overall revenue and profit.

  • The software imports sales data every minute and you will probably see it sooner than in Amazon Seller Central
  • See how each of your products performs individually
  • Choose from sales, units sold, orders, refunds, ad spend, net profit, refunds or many other parameters
  • There is a pie chart view that gives you an in-depth breakdown by brand and product
  • Track the changes you make to your product listings
  • Analyze customer purchasing behavior to find hidden popular time periods
  • See exactly which keywords are doing well and which ones are not in order to optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns.
  • Works on mobile
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Starting at $59.99 per month – 14 Day Free Trial

SellerMobile is an advanced cloud-based software solution that offers a full suite of mobile and web-based tools and analytics.

  • Track your orders, inventory, products, listings, keywords, profitability, stock counts, loss of sales, refunds and more.
  • Scan any bar code to analyze product profit; see price history; and track your favorite products
  • Analyze and understand your Amazon ad campaigns, keywords and search terms
  • The keyword analysis tool is built to help you pinpoint high ranking keywords for your product listings
  • Automate feedback and review requests using the professionally designed default templates or create your own
  • The repricer tool will continually monitor and adjust prices for all of your listings on Amazon.
  • Click to see sales forecast, restock suggestions, lead times and potential losses if restock is not completed as recommended.
  • SellerMobile is mobile friendly
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Starting at $5.00 per month – Free Trial offers a wide array of Amazon seller tools.

  • Export customer information, fees including shipping label fees and other FBA fees and Amazon raw data to an Excel file
  • Know all the fees related to a certain product, so that you know your true profit
  • You will be able to go all the way back in your history for your customer information, whereas Amazon only allows 120 days
  • Some of the other features are browsing orders and buyers, revenue trend charts, profit calculation, data exports and performance analysis
  • The software doesn't just download the information, it analyzes it for you
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Starting at $259.00 per month – Free Trial

Sellics offers several tools to help Amazon sellers optimize their business and save money, while knowing their true profit.

  • Use their Amazon PPC automation software to save time and achieve a higher return on ad spend
  • Track your ad performance for any given period, and see exactly which changes positively affected your campaign results
  • Research high volume keywords, optimize listings, track keyword rankings, and much more
  • Get fully automated calculations of your real profit on Amazon, including Amazon fees, shipping , PPC fees, promos, taxes, and cost of goods.
  • Track your competitor's daily sales volume and monitor your competitors’ keyword rankings against your own
  • Get notified for new reviews you receive on Amazon
  • Know exactly when you’ll run out of stock based on your recent sales velocity
  • Filter through the top 10,000 best-selling products on Amazon with the Sellics Product Database. Filter by estimated sales, BSR, item weight, number of reviews and more
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Starting at $104.00 per month – Free Trial

Sellozo cloud based software offers Amazon sellers several tools to manage and optimize their Amazon business.

  • See a complete stream of your Amazon transaction events, with both summary and detailed views of your receipts, costs, true profit and margins
  • See all the fees broken down per ASIN so that you know the exact cost of your products and whether you are actually making any money
  • Track sales, revenue, profit as well as identify trends and spot problems or opportunities
  • Use their Repricer to automatically adjust product prices, based on criteria you specify, to win and stay in the Buy Box
  • Easily update your ad campaigns, bids, keywords – even negative flagging – and more with a few mouse clicks.
  • Eliminate wasted spend and increase sales
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Starting at $20.00 per month – Free Trial

Shopkeeper tracks your sales, calculates profit and forecasts your inventory.

  • Profit Tracking – Calculates your profits, margins, includes ppc, storage fees, sales tax and all other expenses
  • Inventory Forecast – Helps you decide how many units to reorder and when, takes seasonality into account.
  • Business Dashboard – Has widgets with most important metrics – best sellers, growth curve, overall profit margin, inventory value.
  • Combines all 72 types of fees from Seller Central spreadsheets, so you can know if your products are profitable
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Contact for price quote

Skubana is a cloud based solution designed to manage your entire eCommerce business.

  • Integrates with Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Amazon, eBay, Rakuten and other marketplaces
  • Import all orders from all channels into one dashboard for processing
  • Provides real-time information including orders, inventory, and analytics
  • Integrates with USPS, UPS, DHL, Fedex, and more allowing you to print shipping labels
  • Create extremely detailed profitability reports at the SKU level
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Starting at $33.30 per month – Free Trial

Tool4seller assists Amazon sellers by using the data analysis and store management functions to get a better understanding of your store status.

  • Analyze product traffic and rankings and calculate the profit per product
  • You will also be able to see which keywords your products are ranking with
  • The software also allows you to manage and optimize your Amazon PPC Ads
  • You will be able to keep track of advertising cost, ACoS and sales that are generated from the advertising
  • It also includes a module for getting five star reviews and monitoring feedback
  • Get notification alerts for buyer messages, performance, A-To-Z guarantee claims, inventory alerts and seller with the same listing
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Starting at $39.00 per month – Free Trial.

Zonguru is a cloud based solution that provides tools for Amazon sellers. There are two modes of the program: The Chrome extension for research and the Web App for all the tools

Chrome Extension:

  • Choose a category and see all products monthly revenue, sales numbers, rank information, price information, and more
  • Now includes Niche Rater

Web App:

  • Dashboard – estimate in real time the net income generated by your Amazon FBA business
  • Sales Spy – track the number of sales generated by any product on Amazon
  • Your Products – easily enter your COGS, manufacturer delivery time and shipping time so you can manage your re-order timelines
  • Email Automator – choose when the emails are sent and take customization to the next level by adding attachments and product review links
  • Listing Optimizer – allows you to optimize the titles of your products, descriptions, feature lists and keywords
  • Keyword Tracker – monitor where your keywords are currently ranked, how the rank has changed over time, and how the keyword is trending
  • Product Monitor – Get email alerts whenever your listing receives a new review or hijack alert
  • Your Orders – search by customer name, ASIN, marketplace, etc. to find the customer or order quickly
  • Negative Feedback – will alert you as soon as a customer leaves a negative review
  • IP Monitor – protect your Amazon products from the theft of intellectual property related to the photos of your products

**There are two free tools: Keywords On Fire and ASIN Index Checker

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