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Software in this category will alert you to the latest happenings on your Amazon listings. They monitor for such things as other sellers hijacking your listing or Amazon suppressing your listing. But there are many other metrics where you can be sent an alert. Choosing software tools for your Amazon business is an important decision. While we do not recommend any products, as we are unable to test them all, we try to bring new products to your attention and  give you enough data to make an informed decision.

Please note that software prices change all the time.

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Starting at $49.00 per month – Free Trial

Amalytix is a tool that notifies you about listing-changes, orders and returns, new competitors, reviews and feedback, changes in stock, competition price changes, customer inquiries, seller performance, and keyword rankings.

  • The seller dashboard shows sales statistics, alerts, keyword rankings, product reviews and inventory across all your Amazon marketplaces
  • There are several alerts you can configure such as buybox won/lost, new competitors on the listing, negative product reviews received, negative seller ratings received, product listing changed and product is out of stock
  • Keep an eye on competitors’ prices, keyword rankings and customer feedback
  • Review historical data on all products such as listing changes, returns, sales, etc.
  • Monitor all your sponsored product and ad campaigns to identify unprofitable search terms and move them to the negative list in seconds
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Starting at $20.00 per month – Free Trial

AMZAlert provides an Amazon solution that will send you instant notifications of unpredictable actions such as price changes, negative reviews, hijackers, product suppression, changes in star ratings, and more.

  • Just some of the alerts you can receive are:
  • Buybox/hijackers
  • Leeches
  • Product suppression
  • Negative reviews or deleted reviews
  • Best seller badge changes
  • Best seller ranking (BSR) changes
  • Product category changes
  • Product keyword ranking changes
  • Product title, image or listing changes
  • Star rating changes
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Starting at $10.00 per month – Free Trial

Azon Seller Tools is a collection of essential tools to help Private Label FBA sellers build and grow their Amazon business. It is a unique collection of indispensible tools that are designed to help save lots of time, energy, and resources, so you can concentrate on running a successful business.

It consists of 29 tools that come with manuals and instructions:

  • Keyword generation and analysis
  • Best seller list research
  • Listing hijack alerts
  • Super URL builder
  • Product evaluation
  • and more
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Starting at Free

Bindwise is a monitoring tool for Amazon sellers that notifies you immediately about negative feedback and hijacked listings.

  • Get alerts when your product detail pages are altered by competitors or by Amazon
  • Be alerted for changes such as titles, category, images or incorrect product details
  • Get immediate email notifications when hijackers start selling on your Amazon listings
  • The software makes it easy to keep track of what needs to be shipped or confirmed and sends an alert so you don't miss the deadline
  • Bindwise notifies you immediately about negative feedback, so you can reach buyers right away
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Starting at Free, then $99 per month

DataHawk is a web-based Amazon analytics tool that helps you track keywords, product rankings and performance.

  • It also calculates monthly sales estimates, , runs product research and does market analysis based on keywords.
  • See up to 15 thousand product ideas out of over 6 million products from their database
  • Monitor changes in Best Sellers Rank, number of product reviews, average ratings, pricing, changes in listings, BuyBox competition and estimated monthly sales and get daily email alerts.
  • View keywords search results and see which keywords have high search volume and low competition
  • Receive new keywords suggestions based on Amazon customer search queries and top-ranking products
  • Browse the top selling products on each Amazon sub-category
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Starting at $19 per month

Deepsell is a provider of alerts and monitoring solution for Amazon sellers. The software uses the official Amazon API to retrieve information about your listings. It then analyzes this data and sends you important alerts based on your own custom-defined criteria. The software is 100% compliant with Amazon's Terms of Service and never makes or submits any changes to Amazon.

Types of Alerts:

  • Buy Box Alerts
  • Inventory Alerts
  • Sales Notification Alerts
  • Price Alerts
  • Amazon Listing Change Alerts
  • Listing Health Monitoring
  • FBA Fee Overcharges
  • Listing Hijacking Monitoring & Piggybacker Alerts
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Starting at $27 per month – Free Trial

Elite Seller provides professional-level tools for Amazon Sellers. It is an all-in-one software that automates your entire Amazon business with ease. Because it allows sellers to manage all of their Amazon accounts in one place, the software is also powerful enough to be used by Amazon agencies that manage many Amazon accounts. 

  • Customizable Dashboard and Widgets
  • Unlimited Products
  • Alerts
  • Products Manager
  • Orders Manager
  • Email Automation
  • Review Tracking
  • Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts
  • Keyword Tracker
  • Keyword Research
  • Customer Reviews
  • Product Launches With ManyChat
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Starting at $9.97 per month 

Listing Eagle provides real-time alerts via email or text when one of your listings is suppressed by Amazon or another seller adds their own product to the listing, which is also known as hijacking.

  • Receive notifications instantly, so that you can respond immediately.
  • Use one of the well-written, effective email templates that allow you to fire off a cease & desist warning immediately on receiving an alert that one of your listings has been hijacked.
  • Be alerted if Amazon suppresses your listing so that it can not be found via Amazon’s search results
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Starting at $19 per month – $1 Trial

SentryKit is a cloud based solution that monitors the state of your Amazon store using artificial intelligence.

Over a dozen alerts can be sent, including:

  • Changes to the the title, bullet points, dimensions, weight, description, fees, images, new reviews, critical reviews, review count, star ratings, category or subcategory
  • Keywords, if they fall below a set threshold
  • Hijacker and sales alerts, such as a new seller or if you lost the Buy Box
  • Sales volume changes, competing seller price changes , listing suspension or listing suppression
  • Stock level warnings
  • The software will track your sales and BSR and the data will never be more than 30 minutes old.
  • View your total and sellable stock from the dashboard.
  • The software is mobile friendly

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