September 24, 2021

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Amazon is planning a beauty products event for October to hook early holiday shoppers

Amazon plans to hold a beauty shopping event in October in an attempt to boost holiday sales, according to a report by CNBC.

The three-week-long “Holiday Beauty Haul” is expected to be held Oct. 4-25 and will include fragrance, men’s grooming, and winter skincare deals, to name a few, the report said.

Read about this on CNBC>

Attack of the Black Hats – How to Protect Your Amazon Listings in 2021

What are Black Hat Sellers?

Black Hat sellers describe those who manipulate, undermine, and cheat the system to boost their own business or sink their competitors’.

  • You need to know how to defend yourself against black hat attacks.
  • Be aware of current black hat attack tactics. This makes it a lot easier to identify them when they happen to you. Don’t be oblivious.
  • Collect evidence and solid proof of suspicious activity on your listings. Simply telling Amazon that you think you’re being attacked won’t produce results. You must investigate and demonstrate to their satisfaction that it is, in fact, abuse.
  • Report it using the evidence you’ve gathered and show Amazon that the issues are due to another seller. Then, appeal to them to resolve it.
  • Escalate your appeal. If the Abuse team doesn’t take action, escalate it to someone higher up in the pecking order who will.
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Pick a winning product to sell on Amazon

Here is a fun FREE page from Sellzone. No signup or anything. Just pick your category, keyword, and selling price range and see a page full of products and all kinds of info on that product, including how well it might sell.

I really enjoyed playing with this page and hope you do too!

Play with this tool>

How to Make Awesome Product Videos That Grow Your Sales

Media expert Victor Blasco has gathered a number of tips, different types, and even a few examples that can help you craft outstanding product videos that can actually kickstart a successful video marketing strategy

Sidenote: There are quite a few example videos in this article and I found it really interesting, so I am sharing it with you.

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How to Write Amazon Product Descriptions that Sell— a Complete Guide

When you sell on Amazon, you don’t stand behind a counter or walk through aisles to give a quick product overview to visiting customers. On Amazon, the product description section of your listing will do this for you.

Most customers find product content (description, images, etc) very important when buying online. This means a helpful product description can play an important role in boosting your sales.

In other words, how you write your Amazon product descriptions can make a difference between a sale and just a page visit.

This is another excellent guide from Zonguru.

Read the guide>

And while we are on the subject, here is a video about listings from the SellerLabs Resonate webinar series.

See the video>

Benchmark Your Amazon Advertising Performance For Free

Sellics has a new FREE feature on their site. It is a benchmarking tool that measures your advertising strategies against those of your competitors. We tried it and it was eye-opening, to say the least, and a reason for us to reevaluate all of our advertising strategies.
  • Sponsored Ad Formats: Analyze Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands & Sponsored Display
  • Detailed Score: Understand if you belong to the top 20% – or the bottom
  • Compare ACoS: Are you too conservative? Understand profitability dynamics in your category
  • Benchmark CPC: How much are others paying for the same click? Learn how to find the perfect bid
  • Grow CTR: Do your ad formats outperform the market? If not, learn how to increase the chances of getting a click
  • Improve CVR: Are your products more bought than others? Learn how to beat the market & convince consumers
Try this free tool now>

How to Fix Amazon’s Potential High Price Error Alerts

Listings deactivated for potential pricing error
Just seeing that phrase in the subject line of an email from Amazon can cause me to lose my mind. But then I remind myself that there are some steps I can take to fix this potential error and get my listings reactivated once again.

Another great article from Steven Smotherman over at

Read the rest of his article>

Sidenote: I think there are other ways that Amazon punishes sellers for high prices. I have a listing that is mine and I am the only seller. Because they think my price is too high, I have no Buy Box. Thanks, Amazon. I was going to advertise, but what's the point? But I'm not bitter.

Amazon Accelerate

Amazon Accelerate is an annual conference hosted by Amazon for the seller community. The event features keynote announcements, educational sessions, and networking opportunities.

Attendees will learn about the newest products and services Amazon is launching to support seller success. This year's free virtual event is open to all sellers interested in taking their business to the next level, together with Amazon.

October 20-21, 2021
Virtual Event

Sidenote: This was outstanding last year and I highly recommend it.

Save your spot>

12 Steps to Get Your Private Label Products from India to Amazon FBA USA

India Sourcing Network provides you everything you need to source from India - vetted export manufacturers, trusted service providers, information about sourcing best practices, and a supportive community.

Here is a link to a YouTube video that is really excellent at laying out all the steps and the time frame for getting your India products delivered to the US and for sale on Amazon.

See the video>

And here is what to do while you are waiting on that inventory:

Learn what to do>

Extended Holiday Returns Policy

The Amazon Extended Holiday Returns Policy for 2021 requires that most of the items purchased between October 1, 2021, and December 31, 2021, be eligible for return through January 31, 2022. We will automatically authorize returns on your behalf to reflect the Extended Holiday Returns Policy.

This link takes you to a page with the return rules for various kinds of products.

See Amazon's rules>

Get a $1000 Freedom Ticket course for $37

‘Freedom Ticket’ is one of the best courses on the Internet about selling on Amazon. It was created by Kevin King who is a well-respected and successful Amazon seller. He sells the course for $997, but Helium 10 has incorporated the course into their software subscription.

It has just been upgraded to version 3.0

Freedom Ticket is a hands-on, technical run-through on how to sell on Amazon. No other training program is as candid and straightforward in its presentation of the realities of running an Amazon FBA business.
  • 8 Weeks of Training
  • 60+ Jam-Packed Videos
  • Real Data & Walkthroughs, No Demos
  • Review Slides & Written Notes For Every Module
  • 30+ Handouts On Sourcing, Accounting, Mistakes To Avoid, & More
Sidenote: You used to have to sign up for the $97 per month version of Helium 10 in order to get the course. But as of September 14, now you can access it with the $37 starter version of Helium 10. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so not much to lose to check it out.

Check it out>

Amazon Success Story

Check out Brian Meert & Maricia Magaña’s Amazon FBA success story & see how they went from $0 in profits to making their first million in just a few years! Launching their brand LITTIL on Amazon, this Amazon success story is a beautiful picture of what resilience, determination, & heart look like!

This couple worked hard to distinguish their brand on Amazon, which led to their long-term success & profitability. In a very open conversation, Brian & Maricia share all their highs & lows, as well as tips for new Amazon sellers- you don't want to miss this Amazon success story!

See the video and hear their story>
easyship ad

Amazon easily integrates with Easyship for total shipping management in one simple dashboard with a powerful suite of shipping features. This includes automated label generation, global tracking, and discounted shipping rates up to 70% off. There is no monthly fee, you only pay for the discounted shipping you use.
I am currently reading the new book by Brad Stone about Amazon, its called Amazon Unbound and focuses on the development of the last 10 years. I really liked his previous books about Amazon, Airbnb, Uber.

Check out Brad Stone>


  • Starting later this fall, investors will be able to buy stock in Amazon’s largest third-party seller. Pharmapacks, the supplier of health and wellness products that launched on Amazon in 2010, is going public via a SPAC -- with a valuation of $1.55 billion.
  • Amazon is lobbying to decriminalize marijuana on the federal level -- and Protocol suggests that it might have as much to do with the company’s hiring challenges as it does with capturing the dollars of a fast-growing new industry.
  • The past few months have been a little insane with a lot of new automatizations regarding seller-Amazon communication. For almost a month, the majority of appeals have been answered automatically in the same second they were sent in. It looks like Amazon has slowly started to integrate the feedback coming from numerous angry sellers and went partially back to reviewing appeals in 2-7 days and opening up more escalation emails.


DataHawk is a cloud-based Amazon analytics tool that helps you track keywords, product rankings, and performance. It also calculates monthly sales estimates, provides keywords search volume, runs product research, and does market analysis based on keywords. Data is displayed in both a grid and chart view.

Monitor changes in Best Sellers Rank, number of product reviews, average ratings, pricing, changes in listings, BuyBox competition and estimated monthly sales and get daily email alerts. View keywords search results and benchmark your ASIN's performance history against competitors. See which keywords have high search volume and low competition. Receive new keywords suggestions based on Amazon customer search queries and top-ranking products.

Browse the top-selling products on each Amazon sub-category. The software uses filters to show up to 15 thousand product ideas out of over 6 million products from their database helping you to understand what the customers want. Products are given a competitiveness score and keywords competition score. See the estimated monthly sales data for any product on Amazon using their proprietary prediction algorithm. Track products to assess how they do over time and if they would be worth selling. Put in a keyword and see all products that rank for it.

Your product data is downloadable to Excel, so you can get an overall view of the rankings you have had and the keywords that ranked. DataHawk is available in the US, Mexico, Brazil, in all European markets, India and Australia.

Free plan available.

Check it out here>

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