September 10, 2021

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Amazon Seller Suspension Secrets Exposed

Suspended Seller Report from SmartScout

I just love Smartscout software. They have the most unusual reports and access to an unbelievable amount of data. They have a new report that shows the currently suspended sellers on Amazon. Selling tons of products apparently doesn't help you at all. This is proof that it could happen to any seller. See link below to see the list.

The creator of the software is Scott Needham, who is a super seller on Amazon. Below is a link to an interview between Scott and Lauren Barbera from Riverbend Consulting.

Lauren worked for Amazon for over 11 years on their Seller Performance team - she used to be the one deciding whether or not to let you stay on the platform. In this interview Scott dives into that knowledge by discussing the suspended seller report, Lauren's experiences on helping sellers stay fully compliant, and how best to respond if you have gotten suspended.

Sidenote: I was just mesmerized by this interview. To be able to hear about suspensions from someone who was on the inside at Amazon, was mind-blowing. There were times when Scott looked totally shocked at her answers.

What I took from this interview is how easy it is to get suspended for things totally out of your control. And also that Amazon measures how much time a support person spends on your responses. They are given 4-7 minutes to read your response and decide if you will ever sell on Amazon again.

Don't wait until you are suspended to listen to this.

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See the suspended seller list>

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Amazon Accelerate

Amazon Accelerate is an annual conference hosted by Amazon for the seller community. The event features keynote announcements, educational sessions, and networking opportunities.

Attendees will learn about the newest products and services Amazon is launching to support seller success. This year's free virtual event is open to all sellers interested in taking their business to the next level, together with Amazon.

October 20-21, 2021
Virtual Event

Sidenote: This was outstanding last year and I highly recommend it.

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Amazon Sellers: Inventory Tips & Tactics for 2021 Success

Covid and the pressures on Amazon's fulfillment centers capacity are creating a lot of nervousness and strife among Amazon sellers. If you are concerned and feeling a bit confused by Amazon's inventory policies and procedures then this overview from Search Engine Journal is a great place to get a handle on what is happening and how to put a plan in place.

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Brand Registry Features and Limits

The benefits of Brand Registry have snowballed in recent years to such an extent it seems like almost every new feature launched by Amazon is for registered brand owners only.

What are all the features available to brand owners on Amazon today? What are the limitations of Brand Registry, and how else can you protect your brand on Amazon?

Read this excellent article from WebRetailer to make sure you are taking advantage of all the perks if you are lucky enough to be a brand owner.

Read on>

Here are the important features of this event:
  • All the sessions will be streamed LIVE and FREE for attendees. You will be able to interact with each of the speakers and get answers to your questions directly from them during the broadcast.
  • The huge value-add of this event to Amazon sellers is what we call a KLIK Box. It features a collection of $10,000 USD worth of subscriptions, consultations, discounts, online courses, private webinars, and more from over 20 different service and software providers.
Rather than providing a bunch of pre-recorded sessions, they will be streaming the event online, so you can interact live, get your questions answered by our Amazon Experts.

During this 5-day online event, you will learn how to:
• Manage shipping and negotiate with manufacturers
• Reveal Amazon’s most profitable products and spot the best niches
• Deal with Amazon Seller Support
• Grow your review rate by up to 10x by using your virtual assistant
• Make sure you remain VAT compliant when growing your business
• Stand out from your competitors with Amazon ads
• Make acquirers and investors pay you more money for your Amazon brand
• ...and more!

September 20th to 24th, 2021

Sidenote: This one is definitely worth a look-see.

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The Reason Behind the Mass Suspension of Chinese Amazon Sellers

Suspensions because of review manipulation are not new, but people started paying more attention when even top sellers on the platform such as Aukey and Mpow, were included in the suspension. Before that, everybody thought that as long as you were raking in money for the company, Amazon would conveniently look past the issue.

This is another great article from EComCrew and, as usual, very well written.

Read the article>
ExitCon is a 6-hour live virtual summit designed to give intermediate and advanced Amazon sellers actionable steps to grow their business and prepare for a successful sale of their Amazon business for top dollar.
This live event is designed for Amazon Sellers looking to take their businesses to the next/final level (sale) so topics will include:

  • Exactly how to properly value your Amazon Business so you can sell for the highest possible price
  • The secrets to using business funding to increase cash flow
  • What you should do before an exit to maximize value
  • Unique exit/growth opportunities for eCommerce sellers in Latin American markets
  • The most important things Billion Dollar Buyers look for in an Amazon business
  • Specific steps to increase your ROI - Roundtable discussion with leading e-commerce experts, service providers & technology experts
  • And more!
If you can’t attend in real-time, simply register for the event and our friends at AccrueMe will send you the recording afterward.

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Amazon Success Story

Etailz was founded in 2008 by 2 college students and their professor. It started out as a project in their entrepreneur class about how to sell on Amazon. They had huge success and grew their revenue to $93 million, by 2015. They ultimately sold the company for $75 million in cash & stock!

The company is currently selling on all online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet & Wish under the new ownership. They have over 200 employees and even have their products in some brick & mortar shops. But it all started with 3 people who wanted to sell their products on Amazon.

The folks at Super Hero Sellers and the people behind The OA Challenge are joining forces to bring you THE BEST Q4 group on planet earth. A combination of education, resources, leads, guidance, and more will come together to help you have the most profitable holiday shopping season on Amazon. Plus, you will have some fun along the way.

If you decide to join you will get:
  • 50+ OA BOLOS (Be On Lookout) Per Week
  • 25+ RA BOLOS Per Week
  • Weekly Training
  • Dozens of Webinars
  • Private Listings Created for The Group
  • 500+ BOLOS for Black Friday/Cyber Monday
  • Live Sourcing Intel Sessions
  • and more...

Early Birds Save $100 until September 12th!

If you are into Retail Arbitrage/Online Arbitrage, then this might be something to help you become a much more successful seller on Amazon.

You'll start getting leads and access to all additional resources on October 1st, 2021 (the first official day of the 4th quarter) and you'll have access until January 1st, 2022.

Check it out>

Jungle Scout Updates

Everyone has seen the ads for Jungle Scout and many of you are using it. I came across this list of all the updates and improvements they have done in the past year. It is a bit cryptic, but I was really impressed with how they continue to improve and invest in their company.

  • Extension Overlays: Product Display & Search pages, Inside Seller Central
  • Opportunity Finder: Seasonality tags, Top 25 products, ASIN images, Redesigned UI, Keyword Scout integration
  • Product Database: ASIN variant info, Updated BSR data, Add to Product Tracker
  • Product Tracker: Redesigned UI, 6M Historical Data, New Product Data, Advanced Filters
  • Keyword Scout: Redesigned UI, CSV Export, Filters for Organic & Sponsored Keywords
  • Rank Tracker: Preset Filters, Historical Keyword Data, Reverse ASIN Search, Top 10 and 50 Rank, Onboard Index Checker, Keyword In-Listing Status, Measure Keyword Performance
  • Listing Builder: Real-Time Listing Grader, Built-in Keyword Processing Tools, Two-way Sync from Jungle Scout to Seller Central
  • Sales Analytics: Multi-product view, Sales Snapshot Emails
  • Review Automation: Automates Seller Central Request Review Process, 100% Amazon TOS Compliant, See Order and Review Status, Track Time Saved
Check them out>
This all-day conference will include lightning talks and breakout sessions with experts - no being talked at for hours.

They keep these events small and intimate and are only offering 100 in-person tickets, and they're going fast. Register today to avoid disappointment.

Here is the expert lineup!

  • Andrew Waber from Teikametriks, with data and insights on how to be a better advertiser on marketplaces
  • Theron Harmon from Harmon Brothers, whose clients’ ads have been seen over 1.4 billion times and have driven over $400 Million in sales
  • Jason Boyce from Avenue7 Media, a Top 200 Amazon Seller, who drives 2x growth for the 6, 7, and 8 figure brands he works with
  • Sajag Agarwhal from Movley, who have transformed the product inspection process, to make it accessible and simpler, so your product quality can drive growth
  • Carlos Alvarez, the original Wizard of Amazon, teaches thousands of sellers how to succeed
  • Chris McCabe and Leah McHugh from eCommerce Chris will be there to talk about all things account and brand protection
  • Amy Wees, CEO of Amazing at Home Business Consulting and inspiring entrepreneur

Use coupon code INSIGHTS for 10% off an in-person ticket!

Boston, September 23, 2021

Live stream available to ticket holders if they can't attend.

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  • Funny response from Amazon: “We are unable to process your request to re-measure FNSKU(s) xxxxxxx. Upon investigation, our internal team has communicated that the available unit is in an aisle that is closed off due to broken glass and "chemical" spills. The aisle will be closed today so that our safety team can clean it up. Hence, we are unable to re-measure the unit at the moment.”
  • Amazon announced this week that it is building two new Whole Foods stores -- one in D.C. and one in California -- with its cashier-less technology called Just Walk Out. While Amazon has previously rolled out Just Walk Out to its Go and Fresh stores, this is the first time Amazon is adding the technology to a Whole Foods location.
  • Amazon is reportedly launching its own, private-label TVs. That feels like an inevitable evolution given the success of Amazon's Fire Stick and Fire TV software, but it will probably also boost the case for the company’s ballooning ad business, which serves ads, among other places, on TV streaming platforms.
  • The new CEO of Amazon, Andy Jassy, has put out the “Help Wanted” sign. The company is looking to expand its workforce with new tech and science roles. Of the new 55,000 positions being offered, approximately 15,000 will be in countries other than the United States, such as India, Germany, and Japan.

Link My Books

Link My Books helps you to reconcile your Amazon settlements back to the deposits received into your bank, breaking down all of your sales and fees accurately.

The software takes into account storage fees, reimbursements, inbound fees, VAT, or sales tax, along with any of those other hidden fees Amazon charges. Because of the madness that is Amazon reports, software like this is a requirement if you want to know your true profit.

If you’re an Amazon Seller and are looking for a quick and easy way to import your Amazon sales and fees into Xero or Quickbooks, then no doubt about it – Link My Books is for you!

Starts at $11 per month.

Check it out here>

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