September 03, 2021

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How Sellers Can Take Advantage Of Amazon Outlet

Amazon Outlet is the place where you’ll find all markdowns, closeouts, and overstock deals for items from all categories.

Sellers can now take advantage of Outlet deals to recover some of their investment on products that maybe don’t sell as much as they had hoped.

In this article, AmzAdvisors teaches you how to list your products on Amazon Outlet.

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The Complete Amazon PPC Strategy and Training Guide for 2021

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is the primary way to market your product on Amazon. A PPC campaign targets relevant keywords and displays products to potential buyers. Through this advertising model, merchants secure top spots on search pages and divert traffic towards their product listings.

However, creating and executing an effective Amazon PPC strategy is easier said than done. It requires a whole lot of patience and fine-tuning to get the desired results. This guide covers the A-Z of Amazon PPC and also shares strategies on how you can maximize visibility for your products!

This is another excellent article from the hardworking folks at Zonguru.

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Amazon Rolls Out Seller Metrics Measuring Returns Performance

Sellers who don’t use Amazon’s FBA fulfillment service get a new set of metrics – this time, to measure how well they handle returns. With the holiday shopping period nearing, it’s just what sellers don’t want to be thinking about.

The dashboard will have a companion tool, the Returns Analysis page, which sellers can use to identify listings that have issues and identify the top return issue for each of your product listings so you can take action to improve the return experience.

Read about this on EcommerceBytes

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Customer Review Manipulation: The Gist And The Guidance (We Have So Far)

I didn't pay much attention to this at first, but apparently, Amazon's false accusations of review manipulation are a real thing...a real big thing. As if selling on Amazon isn't hard enough already. This seems to be affecting way more sellers than it should.

If you want to know more, check out this article from SellerEngine.

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Order Handling Capacity For Merchant Fulfilled Sellers

With Order Handling Capacity you can now set a limit for how many orders you can handle. If you receive one more order than your limit the feature automatically adds one day to your handling time for all additional orders on products that have 0-2 day handling time. This is to help make sure you are not overwhelmed with orders.

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Are you speaking to prospective buyers the right way within your product detail pages? Are you accounting for how search algorithms process your listing to match with search results? Sellers run into issues around word choice all the time with Amazon listings.

In a seller or brand owner's haste to get a product live, they throw together some words and just hope for the best.

Guess what? That doesn't work. This webinar will tell you why and how to fix it.

They will cover:
  • How the words on your product listings can cause negative product reviews
  • Words (including keywords) in your listing and how they impact your advertising efforts
  • How product reviews on Amazon can give you great insight into listing optimizations you need to make
  • Why connecting all these dots will make you more successful on Amazon.

Thursday, September 9th from 1-2 pm ET

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Free Semrush Academy Courses On Amazon Topics

Semrush, who is all about SEO, for some reason has some free Amazon courses.
They are quick...I watched a couple and learned a thing or two.

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How to Optimize Amazon FBA Shipping Costs from China

While every eCommerce merchant focuses on selling their product online successfully, shipping from China to Amazon FBA can be a challenge, especially when trying to sell on Amazon.

A major budget consideration for eCommerce and Amazon FBA sellers alike is they are always looking to reduce the cost of shipping from China to the Amazon warehouse.
Choosing the right freight forwarder can be almost as important as the right supplier making it one of the most important decisions for Amazon FBA sellers trying to send their goods to the Amazon FBA warehouses. Does this describe you and your business?

In this article, Forceget will outline how to optimize and leverage shipping costs from China to Amazon FBA.

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The folks at Super Hero Sellers and the people behind The OA Challenge are joining forces to bring you THE BEST Q4 group on planet earth. A combination of education, resources, leads, guidance, and more will come together to help you have the most profitable holiday shopping season on Amazon. Plus, you will have some fun along the way.

If you decide to join you will get:
- 50+ OA BOLOS (Be On Lookout) Per Week
- 25+ RA BOLOS Per Week
- Weekly Training
- Dozens of Webinars
- Private Listings Created for The Group
- 500+ BOLOS for Black Friday/Cyber Monday
- Live Sourcing Intel Sessions
- and more...
Early Birds Save $100 until September 12th!

If you are into Retail Arbitrage/Online Arbitrage, then this might be something to help you become a much more successful seller on Amazon.

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Amazon Success Story

Cards Against Humanity is the most successful private label product ever on Amazon.
This game is advertised as the “card game for horrible people” but has proven to be the funniest, most popular toy and game to be delivered through the platform.

It was created by a shy college student who needed something to help him with social interactions. He then used Kickstarter to get his game to market.


Amazon Announces New Robotics Fulfillment Center Plus Five New Delivery Stations in Florida

In a recent press release, Amazon announced it’s investing in 5 new delivery centers across Florida, as well as in 1 state-of-the-art 630,000 sq. ft. robotics center in Tallahassee.

Expected to open in 2022, the 6 new sites will boost Amazon’s existing $18 billion investment in the state.

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This all-day conference will include lightning talks and breakout sessions with experts - no being talked at for hours.

They keep these events small and intimate and are only offering 100 in-person tickets, and they're going fast. Register today to avoid disappointment.

Here is the expert lineup!

  • Andrew Waber from Teikametriks, with data and insights on how to be a better advertiser on marketplaces
  • Theron Harmon from Harmon Brothers, whose clients’ ads have been seen over 1.4 billion times and have driven over $400 Million in sales
  • Jason Boyce from Avenue7 Media, a Top 200 Amazon Seller, who drives 2x growth for the 6, 7, and 8 figure brands he works with
  • Sajag Agarwhal from Movley, who have transformed the product inspection process, to make it accessible and simpler, so your product quality can drive growth
  • Carlos Alvarez, the original Wizard of Amazon, teaches thousands of sellers how to succeed
  • Chris McCabe and Leah McHugh from eCommerce Chris will be there to talk about all things account and brand protection
  • Amy Wees, CEO of Amazing at Home Business Consulting and inspiring entrepreneur

Use coupon code INSIGHTS for 10% off an in-person ticket!

This event will be live-streamed to ticket holders if they can't make it.

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  • From Oct. 1, 2021, sellers must fill in tracking information for their FBA shipments during the shipment creation workflow and through AWS. This way, Amazon can avoid delays and make items available for sale while in transit with In-Stock Head Start.
  • Amazon introduced a new widget in General Shipping Settings. It enables sellers to override current settings and fulfill orders on holidays, even though they don’t count as operating days. Using this widget, sellers can offer faster shipping and handling for MFN orders during the holidays.
  • Amazon is expanding its A-to-Z Guarantee and selling insurance through Amazon Insurance Accelerator. From Sep. 1, 2021, Amazon will pay claims up to $1,000 for items that cause damage or personal injury, if sellers have valid insurance.
  • Amazon’s partnership with buy-now, pay-later company Affirm will give shoppers the option to make payments via monthly installments. A win for big-ticket sellers, the program will be available on purchases of at least $50 and incur no late charges or hidden fees.

Seller Labs

Seller Labs delivers 4 standalone modules.
Feedback Genius helps you to grow and improve seller feedback and product reviews with targeted, timely, and relevant emails. Great feedback improves your chances of winning the Amazon buy box.
Ignite offers decisions based on data so you can spend less time managing complex campaigns. Spend less money on ads and grow sales using targeted keywords. Easy-to-read reports allow you to understand which ads, keywords, and search terms are driving your sales. You can centralize your PPC campaigns from up to 7 Amazon marketplaces in a single location.
Quantify will automate your custom reports, with pre-built templates to get you started. Understand what’s making you money and costing you money in an instant. Monitor your inventory and avoid being out of stock or long-term storage fees. See key metrics on a daily to annual level with detailed sales information on a per-SKU level.
Scope allows you to boost your Amazon SEO by discovering high-traffic keywords right on Amazon. You can also compete for search positions by spying on the keywords that are driving a ranked ASIN’s organic traffic. You will also be able to monitor keyword and product performance. Find the perfect product to sell with price and fee calculations and sales estimates.
Seller Labs made a lot of improvements and updates to their software in 2020. These include:
  • Brand new dashboards
  • Notifications and alerts for more events, such as good and bad reviews and feedback
  • Review automation with “Request A Review” feature
  • More extensive product catalog and detail pages metrics
  • Smart filters for advertising to help you see which ads are working and which are not
  • New pricing structure where all products are included in one price
In March 2021, even more improvements to the messaging component have occurred:
  • Refreshed and compliant templates
  • Easily accessible Request a Review activation
  • Performance dashboards
  • Message compliance notifications
  • Unlimited product review and seller feedback notifications
  • & more!
In April 2021, There are even more improvements in the advertising features:
  • Automate suggestions to improve advertising campaigns and diminish wasted ad spend
  • Launch new products with our Ad Strategy Creator
  • Find new keyword opportunities
  • Schedule campaigns to run only when they’re most likely to convert
  • Create and update an unlimited amount of ad campaigns
The Seller Labs PRO Dashboard now has a Start Your Day Checklist! This checklist consists of everyday items and some conditional items to complete in order to get the most from your subscription. This could be anything from checking your latest feedback and reviews to entering a Target ACOS or COGS.

$49 per month - Get a 30-day free trial and then use the code GET50 for 30% off your first three months.

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