July 31, 2020
Hello Amazon Seller,
I hope this email finds you safe and experiencing some increased sales as people buy more items online. It is such an alternate universe we seem to be living in, but we will find a way through it somehow. One thing that is standing out time and time again from the users that we speak to, is a gradual awakening to the fact that a break from traditional life, whether in quarantine or otherwise, has had some positives. This suggests that potentially the future is very bright and a new way of doing things is on the horizon. Work less, enjoy more, and make the most of ways that you can gain an income, without being a slave to the system.

Here are some articles about Amazon that you might have missed.

Amazon Buy Box completely stopped rotating for the past few weeks, starting July 2, 2020.

Numerous Amazon sellers are reporting a decline in sales for the month of July due to their products having lost rotation in the Buy Box.

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The issue seemed to be corrected the third week of July but there was a lot more wrong on the Amazon side than just the BuyBox issue.
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Amazon Account Health – A Guide for FBA Sellers in 2020

If you’ve logged into your Amazon Seller Central account to find something called the Account Health page and have no idea what it’s about, this post is for you.

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Amazon FBA Sellers: Clean Out or Pay Up by August 15

FBA’s next long-term storage fee inventory cleanup date is August 15th.

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How to Rank Your Products for Amazon A10 Algorithm 2020

Customers can't buy your products if they can't find your products.

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Here is a free guide to winning the Buy Box.
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