July 23, 2021

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10 Biggest Amazon Seller Mistakes In 2021 And How To Avoid Them

When you sell on Amazon, making mistakes is a given. But just what mistakes do most sellers make on Amazon? SellerEngine has made a list of the top 10 Amazon seller mistakes they came across this year.

This is a well-written article that makes some excellent points...it's worth a look.

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Amazon Suspension: How To Write An Amazon POA

If you are suspended and need to respond to Amazon, you cannot afford to make any wrong moves. Here is an excellent plan from Feedvisor on how to approach this issue.

In our experience, achieving a positive outcome comes down to 2 things
  • clear, concise, and accurate information in the POA
  • your follow up must be rigorous - stand your ground if you know Amazon is wrong and persevere
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Item not received abuse rises 33%

Some online retailers have seen a 33% increase in “item not received” abuse in the last year, according to fraud-prevention company Forter.

This abuse happens when someone buys a product online, then claims they never received the item when they actually did. Some consumers will do this independently, while others will hire someone to do it for them. Professional refund scammers advertise their services on social media sites, offering to claim refunds from retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target for a percentage fee.

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What You Need To Know About Amazon Lightning Deals

Amazon Lightning Deals are paid promotions through which sellers can offer great discounts on specific items. They are featured on the ‘Today’s Deals’ page.

This interesting form of discount is run by the thousands every day. However, they do become Prime-member exclusive offers during Amazon Prime Day.

Customers can find great discounts in many categories, such as electronics, power tools, clothing, home appliances, and many more.

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Business builders summit

Ecommerce Builders Summit

If you're looking for a way to take your business to the next level, this is it.... Industry-leading experts will share actionable strategies to dominate your niche and skyrocket your sales.

25 amazing speakers (such as Scott Volker) are going to cover a wide range of topics for eCommerce sellers including brand building, paid advertising (on and off Amazon), listing optimization, and running a more profitable business.

Price: $7

Place: Virtual Online

Date: July 27 -30, 2021

This will totally be worth $7.

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Helpful Facebook Group

While we have a whole page devoted to Amazon Seller Facebook groups, here is one group that you might want to visit if you have Intellectual Property claims against you or more serious ones where your account might be in jeopardy.

You will find helpful sellers who have been through it already to help you with your issue.

It is easy to join and you will be approved almost immediately.

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How to Increase Your Amazon Sales With TikTok Ads

TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform today. What are the different types of TikTok ads and how can Amazon sellers use them?

TikTok Ads are fantastic for online marketers looking to connect with a large audience in engaging ways. Instead of targeting people with keywords, you use demographics and audiences. That way, you’re reaching the upper funnel shoppers interested in a particular niche.

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How to find a great product niche to sell on Amazon, with Wish Wholesale

Zonguru is hosting a live webinar on how to find a great product niche that you can profitably sell on Amazon using Wish Wholesale--the San Francisco-based new player in the manufacturing space!

Wednesday, 28 Jul 2021, 3:00 PM PST

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What is the brand referral bonus program? How to get paid for driving traffic to Amazon

No, it's not too good to be true.

Amazon will start providing discounts equaling an average of 10% on product sales that sellers drive themselves. This 10% is taken off the referral fee for that sale – so instead of paying 15% to Amazon as a referral, you only pay 5%.

It's a great deal. If you're already driving traffic, it just got cheaper with these new incentives. And if you're not yet using external traffic, now's as good a time as any to start, especially if the cost was holding you back.

There are only two conditions to the program:

1. You need to be brand registered
2. Your traffic needs to go through Amazon Attribution links

These are pretty easy conditions to meet, considering Brand Registry and Amazon Attribution are two things that can help your business anyway.

I don’t own a brand, but I do drive traffic to my Amazon listings through non-Amazon marketing campaigns. Is there a program I can participate in?
All sellers are able to enroll in the Amazon Associates program to earn and monetize their traffic with up to a 10% commission on purchases brought in by their marketing efforts.

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Advanced Product Research Webinar

As an Amazon seller, you see Jungle Scout advertised everywhere. Want to see it in action? Then this webinar is for you.

In this webinar and live Q&A, Jungle Scout will dive deeper into their Product Database, Opportunity Finder, and Extension features to locate winning opportunities within the Amazon catalog. Then, they will discuss how to narrow down potential ideas by tracking their performance with Product Tracker.
In this webinar and live Q&A, learn more about:
  • Use standard and advanced filter sets to pinpoint products
  • Evaluate demand, profit, and trending products
  • Compare and refine your list of product ideas

Wednesday, July 28 at 2:00 p.m. CST / 12:00 p.m. PST

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Jungle Scout Summer Sale....this is a special sale that the general public won't see. Good until August 15th.

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The 36% YoY increase in Sponsored Product cost per click and 18% for Sponsored Brand ads point to a need to double-down in a few areas
  • conversion rate, conversion rate, conversion rate - increase those percentages to mitigate increased traffic costs.
  • cut out marginal ad placements - consider eliminating any placement, keyword, or ad format that's not a top performer
  • explore off-Amazon activity

Found another list of words NOT to use in your listing or Amazon will be very unhappy with you.

100% value
Special characters
No keywords like discount or sale
Comparison with other brands
False marketing claims
Health claims related Keywords
FAST Relief
Diseases names
FDA Approved
510 K approved
Best seller
No 1 product
Amazon choice, Amazon suggested
Top Rated
Best seller
Best selling
Special offer
Special promo
Top notch
On sale
Discounted price
Great Gift
Free shipping Guaranteed
Seen on tv
Limited time offer
Summer sale
Winter sale
Spring sale
Fall sale
Best deal
Big sale
Huge sale
Massive sale
Don’t miss out
Hassle free
Made in
Professional quality
Lasting quality
Arrive faster
Ships faster
Within hours
Perfect gift
Perfect for
Buy now
Save money
Save cash
Ready to ship
Great for
Great as
Award winning
Newest version
Added value
Retail box
Awesome quality
Over- stock
Close- out
Mail rebate
Worlds best
Imported from
Makes great
Makes the best
Make excellent
Makes perfect
Makes awesome
Makes wonderful
Makes spectacular
Brand new
Wholesale price
Top selling
Highest rated
Unbeatable price
Supplies won’t last
Plus free
BPA free
FDA Approval
Now together
Top quality
Gift idea
Buy with confidence
Shop with confidence
Super sale
Free gift
Save $
% off
Best price
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