July 16, 2021

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And Godspeed Jeff Bezos for your launch to space on Tuesday, July 20. May you and your crew return to our beautiful planet safely.

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Amazon Seller Metrics: What's Critical for Account Health

Amazon Seller Metrics You Need to Watch

Certain Amazon seller metrics will impact your ability to sell on the marketplace.

And while there are multiple Amazon seller metrics that you must stay on top of, there is a handful that directly impacts your selling privileges. Fortunately, Amazon has made them much easier to monitor with the introduction of the Account Health page, which can be found under the Performance menu in Seller Central.

Learn which ones matter most to your account health>

Examples of listing makeovers

This article from Helium 10 gives an overview of makeovers of two Amazon listings and they are dramatic.

I just love before and afters, but they also show how improving these listings really increased sales.

See this>

Amazon’s Crackdown on Chinese Sellers

Amazon has suspended hundreds of top Chinese sellers over the past two months. The company seems to be just now enforcing its rules for blatant policy violations like manipulating customer reviews. These are tactics that some of those sellers have used for years.

The suspended brands were decent products but relied on illegal tactics to get ahead of the competition. They didn’t outwit the Amazon system to peddle worse products. They cheated the system because they likely felt that if they didn’t, others will. Amazon’s ineffective oversight of the marketplace enabled this. And it worked for many years.

The above is from another excellent article from MarketPlace Pulse.

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15 Common Retail Arbitrage Sourcing Mistakes

Retail arbitrage is a great way to make money selling on Amazon. However, there are several ways that you can make retail arbitrage work against you. Mistakes can lead to wasting time, losing money, or making far less than you should.

In this article, OAChallenge dives into each of the 15 common retail arbitrage mistakes that they see sellers make when sourcing products to resell on Amazon.

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How to Get an Amazon Choice Badge to Boost Your Sales

The coveted Amazon Choice badge isn’t there to simply make products look good to potential customers. Amazon actively rewards sellers with the badge by showing the listing to more customers, ultimately, earning you more sales!

Want one? Find out how you can get an Amazon Choice badge by hitting the link below now.

Learn how>

Smithsonian To Receive Historic $200 Million Donation From Jeff Bezos

The Smithsonian will receive a $200 million donation from Jeff Bezos, founder and executive chair of Amazon, and founder of aerospace and space flight company Blue Origin. The donation is the largest gift to the Smithsonian since the Institution’s founding gift from James Smithson in 1846. A $70 million portion of the donation will support the renovation of the National Air and Space Museum and $130 million will launch a new education center at the museum.

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Webinar: Using Wish To Find A Great Product Niche

Ever wanted to know the best way to find a great product niche?

Join this webinar on how to find a great product niche that you can profitably sell on Amazon using Wish Wholesale--the new cool kid in the manufacturing space!

You’ll walk away knowing:

  • How to find hot product opportunities on Amazon right now
  • How to find the best manufacturers

Wednesday, July 28 @ 3:00 pm PST / 6:00 pm EST 🇺🇸

Save your spot now>

Amazon Prime-Like Shipping Available on BigCommerce

Online sellers can reap the benefits of Amazon’s FBA fulfillment service even when they don’t sell on its marketplace thanks to its Multi-Channel Fulfillment service (MCF). This week, Amazon announced it has integrated with BigCommerce to make it easier for merchants on that platform to take advantage of Amazon’s order fulfillment services.

So anyone who has a BigCommerce store can use Amazon to ship their products.
Sure Amazon can make some money doing that, but I would bet they have a bigger motive for the future. Shopify infuriates Amazon, so why not embrace their competition? Last year, Walmart started offering Shopify integration, so this is not surprising.

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q4 webinar
It's already time to start preparing for Q4 on Amazon! Join this webinar to learn what you should do now to set yourself up for success and get tips to maximize your profits this holiday season. The panel of experts includes industry leaders from Cahoot, eComEngine, Kaspien, Tinuiti, and Wholesale Sourcing Experts.

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Prevent complaints by using seals on consumables

In a recent analysis of buyer complaints, Amazon found that buyers perceive products as “used” when they arrive or are manufactured without seals.

If you sell products in the Consumables product group, we recommend that you go to Preventing Product Condition Issues to review the notes on missing and broken seals.

For suggestions on how to optimize your inventory and prevent complaints about product condition issues, watch our Preventing Product Condition Complaints video.

See the video>

Jungle Scout Summer Sale....this is a special sale that the general public won't see:

jungle scout summer sale 2


Walmart Sellers Doubles in Size: Over the past twelve months, the Walmart marketplace has doubled in size to reach 100,000 third-party sellers. This is the second year in a row that the multinational retail corporation has doubled in size. The significant increase is largely due to partnering with Shopify and BigCommerce platform sellers.

SAFE-T claims, which stand for Seller Assurance for Ecommerce Transactions, are important for sellers who feel they are not responsible for an Amazon-issued (but seller-funded) refund to their buyer. This new center will be the single point of contact for all SAFE-T claim-related communication. You can find it in Seller Central. From the Orders tab in Seller Central, go to Manage SAFE-T Claims.

Want to give the ever-popular Seller Labs a try? From now until the end of the month, you can redeem the code COCONUT to save an additional 30% off two months of Seller Labs PRO. New users will still get their free 30-day trial.
Check them out here>

FBA Multi-Tool

FBA Multi-Tools is a Chrome extension that shows you on the Amazon product page if you are restricted from selling and if the product is hazmat. The extension gives you the ability to bring up a Keepa chart and quickly decide if the item is a good seller, checks how often Amazon is in stock, shows average FBA price + much more. Under the Keepa graph is a list of the Top 5 current prices.

It also comes with an FBA Calculator to work out all your profits and ROI’s. It also shows you the profit margin, all FBA fees, the BSR, and the break-even price. There is also a private label checker and a sales estimator to help you make the right decisions. You can also export to google sheets with a single click.

The app is compatible with US and EU Marketplaces. The app is compatible with US and EU Marketplaces. For those in Europe see the prices in GBP and Euros and you can also see EFN fees and there is a VAT option.

Newer features include:
  • One-Click Auto Ungate
  • Item Scoring System – Looks into many data points such as ROI, profit, sales, Buy Box stock, competition on the item, and much more and returns a score based on these points.
  • An interactive Keepa style graph
  • Instant ROI buy price checker, avg rank & Buy Box Price (30,60 & 90 Days). Plus a new stock checker & UI Design
  • Results Page Calculator (Keepa, sales estimator & export) Make decisions before loading the product page
  • VA Check-In, time & screenshot monitor feature added (Monitor your employees' work & hours)
  • Sales Estimator is partnered with SellerApp.com to provide you with one of the best sales estimators on the market. Estimator works on UK, US & EU marketplaces.
  • Stock Checker – Check your competition's stock levels
  • Displays top 10 sellers
  • Total new FBA & FBM seller counter
Free trial available.

Check out FBA Multi-Tool>

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