July 09, 2021

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Another Mass Amazon Account Suspension Sweep Could Be Coming

Suspensions Incoming?

We're all well aware that review manipulation is a big thing on Amazon. While offering free products or gift cards to people who leave reviews is clearly against the Terms of Service, many sellers still do it and get away with it.

That might be coming to an end. Pressure from the FTC, as well as overseas regulators, will soon be forcing Amazon to take action on these sellers.

The rumor is that a number of suspensions are coming soon, as well as a program from Amazon to audit products in their warehouses for illegal product inserts.

Read more on the situation here from EcomCrew:

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How to use Amazon product inserts to get reviews....legally>

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Prosper Show is ideal for the established Amazon seller who wants to learn how to make their business more profitable by partnering with leading solution and service providers to help them grow.

They aim to provide the resources, skill development, strategies, tools, and knowledge top Amazon sellers need to Prosper. Accomplished Amazon sellers will benefit from their sessions that will feature the best practices and structured and unstructured networking opportunities.

Customized to the needs of online sellers who want to improve their businesses on Amazon, this conference features multiple former Amazon insiders as well as CEOs and general managers from top Amazon marketplace solution providers.

  • Direct access to leading solution and service providers in the exhibit hall, eager to see you prosper
  • Network and reconnect with your peers from the top tier of Amazon sellers
  • Connect with 40 speakers, including more former Amazon experts than any other event

July 13-15 - Westgate Resort - Las Vegas

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Teikametrics is giving away $1,000 cash, Apple AirPods Pro, and more during Prosper Show 2021!
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You don't need to be attending Prosper to sign up and win. You can use this link to add your name to the mix.

Register here>

Amazon's Internet Famous Store

Amazon has launched a storefront dedicated to TikTok’s viral favorites! The Internet Famous storefront features trending products that have gained outstanding mass approval.

You'll probably recognize some of the most popular items that have gained attention on the social media platform, like Seasum's butt-lifting leggings, those awesome and satisfying foot peel masks, and a super-smart toaster that promises to make you the "perfect" toast every time.

See it here>

Prime Day 2021: Boom or Bust?

Let's not pretend that everything was great and wonderful for third-party sellers this past Prime Day. As a whole, we didn't do as well this year as in the past.

Below is an excerpt from an excellent article from SellerEngine:

It’s easy to see why things might not have gone swimmingly for Amazon sellers this Prime Day.

Amazon moved the date forward by a month with virtually no prior warning.
This led to inventory issues, which were made worse by China’s shipping crisis.

Also, the Lightning Deals window closed in April, making it near impossible for latecomers to promote their products.

Finally, changes were made to warehouse restrictions (from the ASIN level to the account level) and they were applied the same day.

As for buyers, people on a monthly payroll may have found it hard to budget for a shopping spree in the second half of June. That’s especially likely if they were saving up for a vacation, and their finances were stretched too thin after Easter.

Read the article>

A Peek Behind the Curtain of Prime Day 2021

Helium 10 has access to a lot of data and below is a link to their Prime Day results assessment. It is a bit more optimistic than the article above, but still not a glowing review.

In this article, they will take a deep dive into the data to look at things like keyword demand trends, sales trends, and PPC trends!

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Or scroll down Numerator's page for a fun review of Prime Day>

Why Amazon Is Suddenly Restricting Your Inventory

Inventory and restock limits are trying the patience of successful Amazon Sellers. Worse still, Amazon keeps changing how these limits are managed, affecting how you plan and run your business.

This article gives a great breakdown of the latest changes to inventory restrictions, how they came about and what you can do about it.

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Deciphering Amazon’s A9 algorithm updates

This short informative article should be titled "How To Get Found In Amazon's Search Results".

It is short and well written and something that will help our products show up for customers when they search.

Read it>

What is Amazon DSP and how does it differ from Sponsored Ads?

Through Amazon Sponsored Products (opens new window)or Amazon Sponsored Brands (opens new window)advertisers can target potential customers on the Amazon platform. But besides Amazon, there are many other websites on the Internet where potential customers can be addressed.

DSP is a term from online advertising and stands for Demand Side Platform. This is a technology or software that enables advertisers to place targeted bids for advertising space on other websites. Thus, with the help of the Amazon DSP software, you can address Amazon customers who are also on other websites.

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cost of selling on amazon

Soon you won't be able to use HTML in your listings

A message from Amazon:

In order to provide security for our customers as well as versatility to list products on non-HTML devices, after July 17, 2021, we will stop supporting the use of HTML tags in the product description on product detail pages. Please refrain from
any use using of HTML content on detail pages as outlined on our Product Detail Page Rules help page.

We encourage you to update any product detail page for your listings with an HTML tag ahead of the date indicated above. You can use Seller Central or your usual channel for such updates.

Any product description containing HTML tags in the product detail page which are not supported after July 17, 2021, will stop showing HTML formatting. For example, if you use HTML tags in one line of a product description, the line might be removed or shown without HTML formatting, depending on the usage of the tag.

Some sellers are really happy at the prospect of emojis disappearing from bullet points. Emojis, however, are not usually HTML but Unicode, and thus a type of character just like ordinary letters and numbers. So the unsightly little symbols will still be on some people's listings.
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Please note that as per Amazon policy, products that make any antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-fouling, contamination, deterioration, or other pesticidal claims (for example, products marketed to disinfect, repel insects, remove allergens mold, mildew, or prevent/kill bacteria), may be considered a pesticide.

Amazon launched new product types last month that enable sellers to describe their products more accurately while creating a listing in the Amazon store. For example, ‘Measuring Cup’ is a more granular product type than the “Kitchen” product type. Check if there is a new, more granular product type that more closely matches the product when creating listings to provide more relevant attributes.

Starting August 16, 2021, as part of Selling on Amazon policy, Amazon will automatically authorize US return requests that fall within Amazon’s return policy, including items where sellers filed requests to exempt SKUs from the Prepaid Return Label program. For returns of seller-filed SKUs that are exempt from the Prepaid Return Label program, sellers will continue to have the option to upload a merchant-paid label. Return requests that are out-of-policy or category-exempt will continue to be sent for manual authorization.

Overview of Seller Central Features

Get an in-depth overview of the key features in Seller Central, including the updates Amazon made to the platform in May.

Get more info on this>

AMZScout Pro

AMZScout is both a web app and an extension that helps people pick a niche based on BSR, monthly sales, profit, and other information. The Web App includes sales and revenue estimates, competition spying, keywords explorer, sales rank, profit calculator, sales history per year, FBA fees (including storage), listing quality, trends, product tracking, and quick product sourcing. Find out what are the most popular keywords for your products and choose the best ones to increase your sales.

The extension provides estimated monthly sales, exact keywords used for a product, estimated monthly income, the lowest sales price, the FBA fees, a profit calculator, Best Seller Rank, average rating, number of reviews, monthly revenue per review, and other useful tools.

Receive 1,000+ Amazon profitable products & niches over the course of an annual subscription. They provide 19 of the top 1% profitable niches and products weekly, one for every popular Amazon category.

The products and niches are selected by AI out of 600+ million products as huge upcoming opportunities.

Check out AMZScout Pro>

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