July 02, 2021

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Cybercriminals go after Amazon Prime Day Shoppers

Check Point Research has conducted an analysis of cyber threats related to Amazon’s Prime Day in the weeks leading up to the event. They have found alarming signs of malicious and suspected domains being erected, which are expected to lure eager online shoppers in various phishing campaigns to steal credentials and gain unauthorized access to funds and financial transactions.

  • In the last 30 days, over 2300 new domains were registered about Amazon, a 10% increase from the previous Amazon Prime Day, where the majority now are either malicious or suspicious
  • Almost 1 out of 2 (46%) of new domains registered containing the word “Amazon” are malicious
  • Almost 1 out of 3 (32%) of new domains registered with the word “Amazon” are deemed suspicious
  • CPR provides examples of malicious impersonations of Amazon Customer Service, as well as the log-in page for Amazon Japan
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Christmas in July????

We are officially halfway through 2021. After the eternity that was 2020, this year is flying by. How prepared are you feeling for the holiday season?

With Prime Day in the rearview mirror, it's time to start planning and making adjustments for November and December. The longer you have to mitigate potential fulfillment challenges, or properly estimate and secure an ad budget based on the developing needs of your business, the better you’ll be able to execute as we hit Q4.

In this webinar, Teikametrics and Deliverr will detail the challenges and opportunities for brands to navigate as they plan for the holiday season, including a detailed checklist to help structure your key pre-holiday tasks.

They will cover:
• Detailing why sellers and brands should begin preparing for the holidays now
• Outlining what to expect across fulfillment and advertising during Q4
• Highlighting common issues to avoid and plan for
• Laying out a detailed holiday planning checklist for sellers and brands

Thursday, July 8th from 1-2 pm EST

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Amazon Brand Registry: The Essential How-To Guide

Has the Brand Registry process got you in a spin? Unsure what the true benefits of becoming Brand Registered are? The good news is Brand Registry is a relatively simple process that is available to all private label Amazon sellers, not just the big guys!

Brand Registry unlocks tonnes of benefits, including protecting your business from unscrupulous sellers and providing access to exclusive selling tools such as Amazon Storefronts, A+ Content, Amazon Analytics Reports, and much, much more!

To help you get started Zonguru has put together a quick and easy how-to-guide so you can breeze through the registration process and be well on your way to increased sales!
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How To Utilize Amazon Product Videos To Boost Your Listings

If you want to optimize your Amazon listing, Amazon Product Videos are one of the most foolproof ways. These videos promote your products in creative, enticing, and exciting ways. There is less room for misunderstanding.

The written description may be a little misleading or the customer may get the wrong impression. You have a chance to make everything clearer and demonstrative in your videos.

Here is a link to a really good article with all you need to know about adding videos.

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Make 2-day delivery a competitive advantage everywhere you sell

Were you negatively affected by recent FBA storage decreases and can't keep enough stock at Amazon?

Or perhaps you are an FBM Prime seller who isn't jazzed about having to ship on Saturdays to provide 2-day delivery.

Deliverr is an FBA alternative that has no storage restrictions and is trusted by thousands of sellers across Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, and other sales channels. It takes 2 minutes to sign up, and you can start fulfilling your orders in as little as 10 days. Their pricing is fully transparent (check out their cost-calculator tool), and they have no contracts, minimums, or hidden fees.

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The above is a Twitter feed that is full of fascinating tweets concerning sellers on Amazon.

I read about this hashtag in the ASGTG newsletter:

If you are in a time-sensitive stressful situation, exhausted all standard & escalation paths, and can still not get a serious issue resolved, escalation tweets have been shown to be effective. This format works best. Please remain clear, very kind, & respectful for best results (#workWithUsAmazon).

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Bundles on Amazon

Bundling products in your Amazon store can be a great way to increase sales and introduce your customers to other products your brand carries.

Creating bundles has historically come with some issues, including the time these bundles take to build and tying up inventory in bundles that you aren’t initially sure will sell well. But with Amazon’s virtual product bundles, these issues have been remedied, offering sellers an excellent opportunity to give bundling a try.

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If you are bringing in goods from China...

China, US, & EU Shipping Updates for the Month of June

Make sure your inventory strategy is taking into account the current dynamic global shipping and freight situation. And it is not good.

Now is the time to order your products from China if you expect to have them by Q4.

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Soon you won't be able to use HTML in your listings

A message from Amazon:

In order to provide security for our customers as well as versatility to list products on non-HTML devices, after July 17, 2021, we will stop supporting the use of HTML tags in the product description on product detail pages. Please refrain from
any use using of HTML content on detail pages as outlined on our Product Detail Page Rules help page.

We encourage you to update any product detail page for your listings with an HTML tag ahead of the date indicated above. You can use Seller Central or your usual channel for such updates.

Any product description containing HTML tags in the product detail page which are not supported after July 17, 2021, will stop showing HTML formatting. For example, if you use HTML tags in one line of a product description, the line might be removed or shown without HTML formatting, depending on the usage of the tag.

Some sellers are really happy at the prospect of emojis disappearing from bullet points. Emojis, however, are not usually HTML but Unicode, and thus a type of character just like ordinary letters and numbers. So the unsightly little symbols will still be on some people's listings.

Amazon is acquiring a podcast hosting and monetization platform

Amazon Music is getting more serious about its podcast endeavors. Today, the company announced that it’s acquiring Art19, a major podcast hosting and monetization platform for an undisclosed sum.

This means Amazon will now have a hand in hosting podcasters’ shows as well as selling ads against them because Art19 operates an ad marketplace that targets and inserts ads into programming.

An Amazon Music spokesperson says nothing will immediately change on the Art19 platform.

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If someone "makes legit invoices" that are not based on real sales you will get suspended for forged invoices. It also substantially hurts the actual supplier whose invoice you are fabricating as Amazon may not accept them in the future, so kindly avoid them regardless.

There was a "related account" sweep on June 25th and again on June 30th. Check if the root suspended account was an account you tried to open and never passed verification.

Guide to Navigating the New Amazon Seller Central

Get an in-depth overview of the key features in Seller Central, including the updates Amazon made to the platform in May.

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Refund Sniper

Did you know that Amazon is inadvertently stealing from you? This comes in the form of mishandled returns, incorrect weights, and sizes, lost items...the list goes on. Refund Sniper will find all those tidbits for you and it only costs you a percentage of what they recover. Do you want to deal with Amazon over returns and missing inventory? They will do it for you. Let them account for every item in your inventory.

RefundSniper helps to recover refunds for Amazon FBA sellers. Their team of Amazon specialists analyzes all of your data to efficiently monitor inventory, lost and damaged goods and returns so that you receive all the refunds you deserve. The software performs a historic, 18-month look-back of your inventory and tracks each of your products to ensure that every item is accounted for – either sold, in stock, or reimbursed. All cases are submitted by live humans who verify the validity of the case before raising it with Amazon Seller Central. This ensures that they are complying with the Amazon terms of service.

You won’t pay the RefundSniper team until they’ve recovered funds. They will only charge a fee for recoveries, refunds, or recovered inventory obtained through cases generated by them. You’ll be charged a flat 30% of the recovered funds.

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