August 27, 2021

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Amazon Seller Fees & Transactions: this will blow your mind

Back in the day, I used to sell a whole lot of products on Amazon. I was buying huge pallets that I never saw because they went to a prep center and then into Amazon.

One of the biggest mistakes I made back then was not getting my accounting set up from the start. And also I would use my credit cards for both business and personal expenses. It created quite the tangled web when it came time to organize it.

I chose to use Xero for my accounting software. But I also signed up for A2X. A2X software will take your Amazon seller reports and export them into Xero. Sounds simple, right? But it is more complicated than that because sometimes the reports would span two months and A2X would "fix" this issue so that it made sense to Xero and kept the monthly balances in check.

But the mind-blowing thing about A2X....and I have not seen this with any other software... is the list of fees and what Amazon charges us as sellers. Look at your reports in Seller Central, and they reduce it down to one or two lines. The real list of fees is just staggering. Every week I would see some new fee that Amazon was charging me for. I really enjoyed using A2X and it saved me a lot of time.

You really have to see this list of fees. It is crazy all the things we are charged for that without A2X we would never know about. I count over 70 different fees. When A2X pulls your seller report from Amazon, they list out each fee and categorizes it for your accounting software.

If you want to try A2X, then use this code for 20% off each month for 6 months. A2Z_10_6MON_2021
Prices start at $19 per month and you can use it with Xero, Quickbooks, or Sage.

See the massive list of fees>

Why Your Best Amazon Keywords Stopped Working

It’s pretty alarming to check on your Amazon ad campaigns and find that the keywords you think should be driving your business are doing nothing for you — or even worse, wasting your ad spend.

The question is: why did your best Amazon keywords stop working?

There isn’t one easy answer. Amazon is complex, but there are four key areas that can help address your performance issues.

Here is a link to an excellent article from Teikametrics that covers this.

Read it>

What’s a Good Amazon Return on Ad Spend (RoAS)?

RoAS is a metric that measures how much revenue you’ve made in sales for each dollar you’ve spent on ads. Essentially, it tells you whether or not your ad campaign is working.

As a marketer on Amazon, it’s important to have a good understanding of your RoAS for each product you sell. By learning how to calculate this metric, you can measure the performance of your ad campaign, find out if you’re earning revenue, and know when to make changes to your campaign to make it profitable.

The people at Jungle Scout have written an excellent article on this telling you how to calculate this really important metric.

Learn how to do this>

Amazon is reportedly planning to open department stores

  • Amazon is planning to open large retail locations that resemble department stores, according to The Wall Street Journal.
  • The move would mark Amazon’s latest experiment with physical retail stores after stealing market share in the retail landscape from regular retailers.
  • The company has opened brick-and-mortar book stores, grocery stores, and cashier-less convenience stores in recent years.
Read a bit more>

Seller Rocket Can Get Your Product Seen

Get your products featured on editorial recommendations and leading product review articles that drive high converting traffic with their network of top digital publishers.

And get this! There are no upfront costs. Seller Rocket offers performance-based pricing that varies on volume and channel. They charge per parent ASIN on Amazon and collect a revenue share from sales through affiliate links. You only
pay when your product is featured in a review and is generating sales.

They are having a webinar to explain all this. It is free, so why not?

September 7, 2021 - 11:00 AM EST

Save your spot>

Free Semrush Academy Courses On Amazon Topics

Semrush, who is all about SEO, for some reason has some free Amazon courses.
They are quick...I watched a couple and learned a thing or two.

Check it out>

The Impact of Amazon Reviews on Sales Performance

With about 83% of people trusting online reviews over advertising, building social proof on your Amazon product detail page is necessary to gaining sales. When potential customers browse through your Amazon reviews, they’re looking for unbiased information beyond what’s provided in your listing content.

But there are a lot of other advantages of online reviews. They are covered in this insightful article from MarketplaceOps.

Read more>
valuation 300x250@2x

This includes your Amazon store as well. I also like to go out to Flippa and look at the Amazon stores for sale, just to get some good ideas for products to sell.

Get an evaluation of your Amazon store>

Check out Flippa Amazon stores for sale>

Amazon Success Story

When it comes to Amazon success stories there is none bigger than this one. This is Jeff Bezos at the beginning:

bezos in the beginng

Are You Making These Amazon Listing Policy Mistakes?

There’s arguably nothing more important than getting your product detail page right. A good listing not only convinces a customer that your product is worthy of their investment, it also sets the proper buyer expectations, which can lead to fewer returns, negative reviews, and poor seller feedback. But above all else, a good product page complies with the Amazon listing policy.

Listing policy violations are climbing and causing sellers some serious problems. Many of these issues are avoidable. This article digs into the guidelines and identifies some of the biggest mistakes that sellers make.

Learn more>
amazon seller insurance

Learn How to Do Amazon PPC Keyword Research Like the Pros!

Think of it this way: if your product is the engine and your product page is the car, then your PPC campaign is the fuel that powers everything to bring in sales.

Understanding the right way to execute and manage PPC campaigns is what separates successful sellers from those struggling to break even.

This blog covers:
  • The role of Amazon keywords and their importance
  • What is PPC, and how is it used for product advertising
  • The different types of PPC models on Amazon
  • Optimal keyword research methods
This is another awesome article from Zonguru...

Learn more>
Jungle Scout Pre-Holiday Strategies
As we move into the high-traffic holiday season, raising your visibility on Amazon is key to get in front of more customers.

In this webinar, Jungle Scout partners with Tinuiti, to discuss the most effective ways to step up your discoverability on Amazon before the holiday season — including tactics you can implement immediately.

Here’s what they’ll cover:
• How to improve your discoverability with expert-endorsed Amazon advertising strategies
• Boosting the buyability of your listings with A+ content and images that convert
• Tools to improve your rank, including your share of voice
• Three actions you can take right now to get in front of customers before the
holiday season

Tuesday, August 31st at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET

Save your spot>

2021 Global Imports Report

Global trade may be bouncing back from major disruptions in 2020. How has it evolved in 2021 and what trends are shaping the U.S. import landscape? Here are some key insights we uncovered:
  • U.S. imports in 2021 now surpass early numbers in 2020. The total number of imports in the first half of 2021 exceeded 7.5 million, a 33% increase over the first half of 2020. And based on the current trajectory, imports are slated to increase 20% year-over-year compared to 2020.
  • Two countries are leading total U.S. imports behind China — and they’re both in Asia. While China commands 40% of U.S. imports, India’s share of imports grew faster than any other country in early 2021, followed by Vietnam, up 32% and 14% respectively.
  • The bulk of global trade is dominated by a handful of countries and categories. Ten countries account for 72% of the total share of imports, and three industries make up 45% of U.S. imports in 2021 — trends that have persisted since 2015.
All data represents the United States maritime imports from January 1, 2015, to June 30, 2021, from 237 unique countries. Jungle Scout analyzed more than 79 million maritime U.S. import records, including information on the shipper and shipment, from which country and category are extracted.

Download the report>


  • Amazon released this statement "To stay informed, please sign up to receive updates on these bills and other legislation that could impact your business by visiting . This website is run by Amazon and is subject to Amazon’s privacy policy. If you provide your contact information, we will help you communicate directly with your elected officials on this issue in the future if you choose to do so (please note that you must be a seller incorporated in the U.S. with a physical U.S. address to sign up)."
  • TikTok announced this week that it was partnering with Shopify to allow in-app purchases on the TikTok app.
    That is big news -- not just for Shopify and TikTok, but also for Amazon.
    Now, people who find a product on TikTok won’t have the same incentive to click over to Amazon to buy it, given that they can make a direct purchase within TikTok.
  • Amazon killed the name Alexa: according to the Social Security Administration. Since Amazon introduced its smart device, the popularity of Alexa as a baby name has plummeted roughly fourfold.

Scan Unlimited

A lot of sellers come to my website because they have searched for this software. It is really popular and there is probably a reason for that. Test it out with a free scan of one of your wholesale lists.

Scan Unlimited is web-based, intuitive scanning software for Amazon sellers. Just upload a spreadsheet of products from your wholesale supplier and the tool will parse the data to give you all the information you could ever need to find profitable products. You can search by UPC, ASIN, EAN, or ISBNs. Quickly search over 100,000+ items per hour to find profitable products that are in high demand on the Amazon marketplace.

Scan results will include Buy Box price, sales rank, category, FBA fees, ROI, and the number of offers. It also shows weight, dimensions, whether Amazon is selling it, and more. Find out how many competitors are priced to win the buy box and compare fulfillment methods and feedback. There is also a Keepa Chart included which allows you to access 30, 90, and 365-day new price, amazon price, and sales rank history.

Once you have the results of your scan on the screen, advanced filters allow you to narrow down your list to the most profitable and quick-selling products. Click on any product and get a detailed page about that product that includes a Keepa chart…at no extra charge. You will see the date and time of the last price change. You can see the other sellers, including their rating, feedback, and stock. There are links to eBay listings as well. You can do a one-off search of a product by UPC or keyword and get the same info.

The software accounts for multi-packs, shipping, whether you are FBA or MFN, and supports multi-currency exchanges. It will even auto-correct UPC codes if they are missing zeroes. Sort, filter, analyze your scans all within a browser like Chrome or Firefox. Scans are available for download, but you can always access past scans in the cloud. You can even scan multiple files at once.

You can easily switch between Amazon marketplaces: US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

$40 per month – Free Trial of one scan per month.

Check it out here>

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