August 06, 2021

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This teen brought in nearly $2 million selling gaming consoles and pools on Amazon during the pandemic

Sixteen-year-old Max Hayden brought in nearly $2 million selling gaming consoles and above-ground pools. Hayden ramped up his side-hustle of reselling items on Amazon and other online marketplaces in 2020 to the tune of six-figure margins. In fact, by specifically targeting products he knew would be in high demand and short supply at different points.

After accounting for costs like shipping and the products’ original retail prices, Max says he turned a total profit for the year of “roughly $110,000 for myself.”

Read more on how he did it>

Amazon Category Best Sales Rank Chart

While it isn't as pertinent as it was in years past, this chart still provides value.
Every product is assigned a BSR (Best Seller Ranking) by Amazon that changes by the minute, hour, or day. This rank is indicative of how well an item is selling in its category.

A rank of 1 would be the best product in that category. The higher the BSR, the fewer the sales of that product. As with most things with Amazon, it's complicated.

So let's say you are sourcing books and you find one with a BSR of 3 million. You might think you should pass, but in Books, a rank of 3.5 million is in the top 5%. Home and Kitchen is another category where a rank of 4 million is in the top 5%.
Consider this chart yet another tool in helping you to find products to sell on Amazon.

You can download the monthly chart from Fulltime FBA and it is available for several different countries.

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ASD Market Week

ASD MarketWeek

ASD Market Week is the most comprehensive trade show for consumer merchandise in the U.S. As the leading B2B trade show in Las Vegas, ASD brings the world’s widest variety of retail merchandise together in one efficient shopping experience.

Retailers of all sizes will find that the ASD Market Week show floor is filled with quality choices at every wholesale price point. Whether you have an online store, a brick-and-mortar business, or both, ASD is truly the wholesale buying event that can’t be missed for any small to large-sized retail, e-commerce, distribution, or importing business.

August 22-25, 2021

Las Vegas Convention Center

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Amazon is no longer a retailer, exactly

Amazon's days as a majority retail company seem to be numbered.
Amazon’s retail sales both online and in physical stores accounted for $57 billion in sales this past quarter, as Marketplace Pulse first pointed out, while all of its other revenue streams totaled $56 billion. That means only about half of its overall revenue is coming from first-party retail, the business that first catapulted Amazon to prominence.

The other 50% is coming from Amazon’s newer businesses: seller services, which include the commissions and fulfillment fees Amazon earns on third-party marketplace sales; subscriptions, mainly through Prime and Twitch; Amazon Web Services; and advertising. Advertising revenue jumped 87% year over year.

Below is a great article from Michael Waters at Modern Retail.

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7 Figure Seller Summit

7 Figure Seller Summit

Discover how over 30+ 7-figure eCommerce earners built, scaled, and sold their businesses so you can do it too.

Zonguru is excited to announce that they are sponsoring and speaking at the 7 Figure Seller Summit 5 (7FSS5). This is a unique 5-day online event all about how to build and scale your Amazon/e-commerce business to 7 figures. You’ll learn everything from the mindset & fundamentals of a 7-figure seller to scaling your business and profitability.

For a limited time only, you can get a Free pass to the online event!

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Really Cool WebPage

Go to the link below and put in any ASIN and you will get a ton of information about the product. Need an ASIN to try, use this one: B00YPD99KA

Sure it is designed to get you to sign up for SellerApp, but there is some great and free info there about each ASIN, and is very well presented.

See for yourself>

What Does a Suppressed Listing Mean on Amazon and How to Fix It?

Contrary to popular belief, an Amazon product listing suppression is not as bad as it may seem. That said, no one wants their product to mysteriously vanish off Amazon’s virtual shelves. So what is listing suppression?

There are two types of ‘suppressions’ on Amazon:
A suppressed listing
A suppressed buy box

Amazon may decide to suppress a listing by changing its status from active to inactive. When this happens, anyone typing in a keyword related to your product won’t find it within the search ranking pages. The only way someone can land on a suppressed product page is by entering in the ASIN and hitting search (which nobody does).

A suppressed buy box, on the other hand, is when Amazon decides to remove the buy box i.e. the “Add to Cart” button from a product detail page. Shoppers will still be able to find and land on your product listing page but they won’t be able to purchase your product.

Read more on how to fix this>
launching products during holiday season
The holiday season can be one of the best times to launch a new product on Amazon or Walmart, but doing so comes with its own set of unique challenges.
In this webinar, David Koifman, Head of Growth at Kickfurther, joins Teikametrics to discuss key considerations as you gear up to launch a product during the holidays, when you may need additional capital, along with real-world examples of successful holiday-season product launches on online marketplaces.

  • Detailing critical aspects of holiday product launches for marketplace sellers and brands
  • Highlighting how to plan for and avoid roadblocks to your success that are becoming common in 2021
  • Understanding when and how to bring in additional capital without hamstringing your product launch
  • Discussing real-world examples of successful product debuts on marketplaces during the holiday season

Thursday, August 12th from 1-2 pm ET.

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Make 2-day delivery a competitive advantage everywhere you sell

Were you negatively affected by recent FBA storage decreases and can't keep enough stock at Amazon?

Or perhaps you are an FBM Prime seller who isn't jazzed about having to ship on Saturdays to provide 2-day delivery.

Deliverr is an FBA alternative that has no storage restrictions and is trusted by thousands of sellers across Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, and other sales channels. It takes 2 minutes to sign up, and you can start fulfilling your orders in as little as 10 days. Their pricing is fully transparent (check out their cost-calculator tool), and they have no contracts, minimums, or hidden fees.

Check them out>

How to Improve Your Amazon Inventory Performance Index Score

A big determinant of success as an Amazon seller is how well you can manage your inventory. With proper inventory management skills come reduced storage fees and inventory costs, and increased overall profitability.

Amazon has a built-in metric to help sellers gauge their inventory performance over time: the Inventory Performance Index, or IPI. The IPI is designed to help sellers fully understand the health of their inventory, so they can be as efficient and as profitable as possible.

So what exactly is the Inventory Performance Index score, how is it measured, and how does it affect you? This article from Jungle Scout goes over all of this and more.

Learn more>

4 Tips on How to Write Amazon Product Titles that Drive Clicks

If you want to become a successful Amazon seller, you need to make every customer’s journey clear and consistent, starting with something as small as a product title.

The link below takes a look at a few useful tips that will help you write great Amazon product titles that not only drive clicks but also boost your sales.

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Jungle Scout Summer Sale....this is a special sale that the general public won't see. Good until August 15th.

jungle scout summer sale 2


Amazon is adding $9.95 delivery fees to Whole Foods deliveries in some cities, the latest indication that -- if even Amazon can’t pull it off -- the model of rapid, free grocery deliveries might lack a real path to profit.

Find out the worth of your Amazon FBA business in just 3 minutes. The Flippa Valuation tool provides an accurate valuation of your business. Flippa is the world’s #1 marketplace for buying and selling Amazon stores with more buyers than anywhere else. Amazon stores sell fast on Flippa for between $50K and $5M with new Amazon businesses going for sale on Flippa every week. You never know, you might decide it’s a good time to sell.


Sellerboard has an amazing amount of features and starting at $19 per month is quite the bargain.

Sellerboard offers an abundance of tools for Amazon sellers to know their true profitability, monitor their ad campaigns, keep up with restocking, request reimbursements from Amazon, and stay on top of their store metrics. They also have a feedback feature.

The Live Dashboard displays detailed information about Amazon fees, PPC spend, return costs, promotion costs, and your fixed costs. You can also view by time period (today, yesterday, or this month) and by-product. The software offers configurable charts, that enable a quick and convenient analysis of your Key Performance Indicators. The view can be filtered by marketplace or product. They provide a smart, clickable P&L statement, with the ability to focus on every parameter (e.g., amazon fees) of each time period. The Cashflow tool allows you to manage your cash flow, by clicking the add button to fill in the amount of additional investment in the business, the amount paid for the goods, as well as dividends and VAT. Payments and Expenses are filled automatically. The forecast will help you to plan the amount of available cash and make the right management decisions.

Exact details on any product, and by any time period are available. See actual sales, profit, fees, and expenses related to each product on a granular level. Amazon has a lot of fees but the software tracks them all including storage fees, long-term storage fees, inbound shipment, remissions, labeling fees, etc. The software retrieves all Amazon-related data automatically. Track other expenses, such as maintaining a warehouse, virtual assistant, photoshoots, sample costs, software tools, etc.

The PPC Dashboard is your main tool for analyzing your key performance indicators. Here you can see your daily profit in real-time, as well as drill down into any period of time or product and see a list of all fees. All the data will be added to your Sellerboard account automatically and you don’t need to enter anything manually. However, there are a few very important indicators, which you won’t find in Seller Central. The software uses an algorithm for the most accurate profit estimates for each campaign, group, and even keyword. You will also be able to understand at what ACOS stage advertising costs will start to pay off. Also, get detailed indicators on what is the best amount to bid.

For every product you can specify production and shipment time to the FBA warehouse or your prep center and the software will calculate the selling speed per product, based on your 3, 7, and 30-day sales and automatically notify you whether it's time to restock the FBA warehouse or to place a new order with your supplier.

Send automated messages to your buyers, to collect more feedback, product reviews and provide better customer service. Unlimited campaigns with flexible settings, e.g. targeting by product, country, marketplace, repeat customers, and much more. Use their proven predefined message templates or set up your own. Define the perfect moment for your message to arrive.

Sellerboard helps you find FBA errors and request your money back through Seller Central. Sometimes your inventory is lost or damaged by Amazon employees in the FBA warehouse and is not reimbursed by Amazon. Another possible FBA error is returns that were reimbursed to the customer but were never actually sent back. The software finds these cases automatically and provides a text template, which you can use to ask seller support to research the case and reimburse you for the missing items.

Check it out here>

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