May 31, 2021

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Helium 10 Special Deal Ends June 3

Since Helium 10 is really popular with Amazon sellers and rightfully so, I thought I would pass along a special deal they sent today. The Platinum plan is usually $97 per month but is now half price for two months. Now might be a good time to test out the many tools that come with the software, including their new AI advertising tool called Adtomic. Here is their announcement:

Helium 10’s all-in-one suite offers 20+ tools every seller needs to give you that competitive edge. This includes Adtomic, our new PPC solution designed to optimize your campaigns.

Adtomic’s powerful account-level Dashboard and advertising Analytics offers clear visibility to key financial insights you won’t see within your seller central account. However, you can't access our new advertising platform through your free account. That’s why we’re offering you 50% OFF your first two months of Helium 10 Platinum.

This offer ends June 3, 2021, at 11:59 PM PT, so take advantage of our most popular plan. If you’re not satisfied with your Platinum plan, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

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Helium 10 comes with the following tools.
  • Black Box – find products and niches based on specific criteria
  • Magnet – keyword research tool for creative and profitable keywords
  • Cerebro – keyword research from ASIN instead of keyword
  • Frankenstein – different ways to combine your keywords and sort by profitability
  • Scribbles – makes sure all your keywords get into your product title or listing
  • Keyword Tracker – check the rankings of your keywords to keep the best ones
  • Index Checker – know whether your keywords are being indexed by Amazon
  • Alerts – be alerted of any changes to your listings
  • Inventory Protector – set limits on items that are given or sold as promos
  • Refund Genie – checks for unpaid reimbursements on lost or damaged inventory
  • Profits – measure all of your transactions for your true bottom line
  • Follow-Up – email automation to contact your customers
  • Trendster – check for the seasonality or trends for products
  • Xray – Chrome extension for product research to see crucial market data
  • Asin Grabber – grab all the top 100 ASINs
  • Profitability Calculator – an on-page tool to see how profitable a product will be
  • Inventory Levels – an on-page tool to see how much inventory other sellers have
  • Review Downloader – an on-page tool to sort and download reviews
  • Misspellinator – shows you the most used misspellings for your keywords
Here are 4 the newest tools:
  • Portals – Landing Pages Optimized For Amazon Sellers helping with lead generation and sales
  • Market Tracker – Monitor your competitors into a scoreboard to track who’s winning and your market share
  • Mobile App – Monitor Your Business 24/7 from your phone with profits, alerts, forecasts, and trends
  • ADS – Simplify, optimize, and automate your PPC campaigns from an easy-to-use dashboard
And even newer tools as of July 2020:
  • Seller Assistant Chrome Extension – helps you request reviews – Free to everyone
  • Market Tracker Alerts – Insight into you and your competitor's changes to reviews, prices, etc.
  • Helium 10 Academy – up to date training on all the tools
  • Keyword Tracker Instant History – historical keyword data on any keyword
  • Freedom Ticket Xtra – 4 monthly “Ask Me Anything” webinars with experts ($77/month)
  • PPC Audit – Get insights into your Amazon advertising software – Free for everyone
  • ADS – Simplify, optimize and automate your PPC management
  • Inventory Management – Complete inventory management with forecasting, PO creation, shipment to Amazon creation, and more.
  • Alta – Credit lines, VAT and GST assistance, advanced Amazon payments, digital wallet, supplier pay, and more.
And even more updates in January 2021:
  • Cerebro, Alibaba Supplier Finder, and a new Demand Analyzer are now available on the Chrome Extension.
  • A new enterprise plan designed for growing, large-scale businesses.
  • New preset and brand filters in Black Box.
  • An improved search so you can see the total search volume generated by all keywords entered in a multi-keyword search in Magnet.
  • Revamped members area with an onboarding checklist, a keyword search shortcut, and a feature request.
  • A QR generator and product insert creator in Portals.
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