May 28, 2021

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Best way to vaccinate the masses

Train all of the Amazon drivers to give it.
Everyone will have it by Saturday.
Thursday if they have Prime.

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Why most Amazon shoppers never see your product

Amazon has seen an explosion in the number of sellers in past years, a trend that is likely to accelerate. A robust variety of products is one of Amazon’s primary advantages, yet displaying hundreds of pages of search results is clearly not wise.

In fact, Amazon has instituted a 7-page search results page limit for many categories. That means more competition for less real estate. Amazon’s apparent solution is shuffling and that is objectively what is occurring.

This article is short but eye-opening. Just because you search for your product and you find it on page 1 doesn't mean other searchers will get the same result. What a bummer and quite disturbing, actually. I guess the antidote to this is to use advertising to get people to your product and also to use outside sources to get traffic to your listing. If you do the latter, there is a correct way to create your link so that the customer sees you in the Buy Box when they click on your link. I think what you have to do is create your link to the product while on your own storefront. You have to be an FBA seller for this to work. Google it!

Read about it here>

Prime Day Coupons

Now, without knowing the date of Prime Day, how can you possibly create a coupon for those days? Don’t worry, Seller Labs has some tips for you!

Strategy 1: Set coupons to run for a wider date range. Yes, traffic will pick up on and around Prime Day, but why not start the offer a little bit early? You don’t see bricks and mortar stores only offering deals ON Memorial Day. Those sales usually run for a couple of weeks around the holiday.

Strategy 2: If it’s available, try to offer a Prime Discount. These discounts are exclusive to Prime members, and Seller Central is displaying a special Prime Day option here. However, if you select that option, the date range option will disappear, so you don’t know when the offer will run.

Happy Prime Day....whenever it is!

Policy update: Automatic verification of customer A-to-z Guarantee Claims with proof of tracking

This from Amazon:
From May 24, 2021, we will automatically verify customer claims and offer refunds on your behalf, for specific scenarios where Amazon can verify package delivery using the tracking information provided during order confirmation. This update will simplify the A-to-z Guarantee Claims experience for you and your customers and help protect your Order Defect Rate (ODR).

While the above is geared to merchant fulfilled orders, Amazon also applies it to their own orders. I ordered four items on May 18, that supposedly shipped on May 20th. The last update at USPS was this:
Departed Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item
So it never got to USPS from the Amazon facility in Texas. As each day passed and I tracked it on Amazon, there were messages like "just wait two more days" etc. So today was the day I could request action. And via a very smooth and quick chat session, someone agreed to refund my items and said I didn't have to return the items if they did show up. As a customer, I am thinking wow! $84 of free stuff. As a seller, I am appalled and mortified. I would hope that wouldn't result in a loss for me as it is a shipping issue. But what a nightmare. It's all a matter of perspective, I guess.

Of course, the items would actually have to make it to me somehow, which isn't looking good. I chose to have them refunded to my Amazon Gift Card account. He said it would take four hours and that is how long it took. I reordered the items because I don't think the original order will ever make it to me.

Read more about this on Amazon>

Soon you won't be able to use HTML in your listings

A message from Amazon

In order to provide security for our customers as well as versatility to list products on non-HTML devices, after July 17, 2021, we will stop supporting the use of HTML tags in the product description on product detail pages. Please refrain from
any use using of HTML content on detail pages as outlined on our Product detail page rules help page.

We encourage you to update any product detail page for your listings with an HTML tag ahead of the date indicated above. You can use Seller Central or your usual channel for such updates.

Any product description containing HTML tags in the product detail page which are not supported after July 17, 2021, will stop showing HTML formatting. For example, if you use HTML tags in one line of a product description, the line might be removed or shown without HTML formatting, depending on the usage of the tag.

Some sellers are really happy at the prospect of emojis disappearing from bullet points. Emojis, however, are not usually HTML but Unicode, and thus a type of character just like ordinary letters and numbers. So the unsightly little symbols will still be on some people's listings. 🤪
Prime Day Trends
  • Outlining traffic, sales, and pricing trends from past Prime Days
  • Detailing how different verticals have fared, compared to pre-Prime Day baselines
  • Discussing what strategies and tactics have worked for a variety of brands during prior Prime Day
  • Highlighting recent changes on Amazon and how those should impact your 2021 Prime Day strategy

Amazon may launch a healthcare business line with at-home COVID test and other diagnostic services

Amazon is reportedly considering launching a new line of business that expands on the tech giant’s interests around healthcare. Business Insider reported Monday that the company may offer at-home medical tests — including for COVID-19 — and a third-party marketplace for general home-diagnostics services.

Sources told Insider that Amazon could offer testing kits for infections that lead to respiratory and sexually transmitted diseases, and its long-term goal is to expand into areas such as clinical genomics.

Read more about this>

Amazon and MGM have signed an agreement for Amazon to acquire MGM

Amazon and MGM announced that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement under which Amazon will acquire MGM for a purchase price of $8.45 billion. MGM has nearly a century of filmmaking history and complements the work of Amazon Studios, which has primarily focused on producing TV show programming. Amazon will help preserve MGM’s heritage and catalog of films, and provide customers with greater access to these existing works. Through this acquisition, Amazon would empower MGM to continue to do what they do best: great storytelling.

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The PRO in Your Corner: Prime Day Webinar

Seller Labs is gathering a panel of Amazon experts with over 20 (combined) years of experience with Prime Day. They have recommendations for:
  • How to make the most of the sale, even if you missed the Lightning Deal deadline
  • How to capitalize on the increased volume of traffic to Amazon
  • How to drive traffic from your social media channels or email lists
…and so much more! When you register, drop your questions in the form and they will be able to address them LIVE.

Wednesday, June 9 at 2:00 PM EDT


Register here>

Customer product reviews policies

It never hurts to refresh your knowledge about Amazon's review policies. They seem to change from time to time and it only takes one wrong move to get in trouble with the Amazon police. Violations to Customer Reviews policies include, but are not limited to, these actions:
  • A seller posts a review of their own product or their competitor's product.
  • A seller offers a third party a financial reward, discount, free products, or other compensation in exchange for a review on their product or their competitor’s product. This includes using services that sell customer reviews, websites, or social media groups.
  • A seller offers to provide a refund or reimbursement after the buyer writes a review (including reimbursement via a non-Amazon payment method). This could be done via buyer-seller messaging on Amazon or directly contacting customers or using 3rd party services, websites, or social media groups.
  • A seller uses a third-party service that offers free or discounted products tied to a review (for example, a review club that requires customers to register their Amazon public profile so that sellers can monitor their reviews).
  • A family member or employee of the seller posts a review of the seller's product or a competitor's product.
  • A seller asks a reviewer to change or remove their review. They might also offer a refund or other compensation to a reviewer in exchange for doing so.
  • A seller diverts negative reviews to be sent to them or to a different feedback mechanism while positive reviews are sent to Amazon.
  • A seller creates a variation relationship between products with the aim of manipulating reviews and boosting a product’s star rating via review aggregation.
  • A seller inserts a request for a positive Amazon review or an incentive in exchange for a review into product packaging or shipping box.
  • A seller uses a customer account to write or change a review on his or his competitor’s product.
Helium 10 Webinar

Free Beginners PPC Course

PPC doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn PPC basics in Helium 10's free, easy-to-understand PPC course. It's designed for beginners, featuring modules from their popular FBA training course, Freedom Ticket.

Check it out>

Inventory Lab

InventoryLab is an all-in-one set of mobile and web-based tools you can use to streamline your business. There are two modules to the software, Stratify and Scoutify.

The Scoutify app allows you to scan items and quickly see competitors’ prices, whether Amazon is in stock, potential profit, ROI, sales rank, sales rank percentage, if you’re approved or restricted from selling the item, how many you already have in stock, how many you’ve already sold, plus quick links to request approval for restricted items, and the ASIN’s Keepa graph. Take it with you to stores to source inventory.

Stratify provides the tools you need from bar code labels to box-level content information. Enjoy automated accounting, restocking analysis, and a suite of profitability reports. Streamline the process of listing your inventory. The listing module helps you prepare an FBA shipment from A-Z and the software helps you comply painlessly with all the FBA requirements. Use a bar code scanner and all the information you need about that item will be pulled into the dashboard, such as the item’s current sales rank, category, size tier, and any prep needed, like poly bagging. The software can also help limit the number of FBA warehouses that you will need to ship to.

You can use Inventory Lab to keep track of your buy prices, sales prices, return on investment, inbound shipping costs, money going out for refunds, money coming in from reimbursements, and more. You can even track your mileage, cost of supplies, and anything else financially related to your Amazon business – all within the software. You can generate reports about the profitability of your inventory and many other reports. You can see the profitability of an entire category in your inventory, a particular ASIN, or a SKU.

You can find our write-up on it here.

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