April 09, 2021

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What is Amazon?

Every year between Christmas and New Year's there is a movie that I always watch in an attempt to put my life and the world into perspective. The movie is called I Am and was created by Tom Shadyac. Tom is famous for being the director of films like The Nutty Professor, Bruce Almighty, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Liar Liar, and many others. But amidst his success, he had a life-changing health event and the I Am movie is the result of the epiphanies he experienced. In the movie, Tom speaks with intellectual and spiritual leaders asking two central questions: What’s Wrong With the World? and What Can We Do About it?

And Tom walks the walk. He gave away his millions to help the homeless and less fortunate. In Memphis, where he lives now, he has funded a rock climbing gym for low-income kids, where he also feeds those who are hungry. His father helped Danny Thomas build St. Jude's Hospital and ran it for decades. St. Jude's treats children with cancer at no cost to the families. They are the most trusted charity in the world. And now Tom's brother runs St. Jude's Hospital.

And so toward the end of the film, Tom tells the story about G. K. Chesterton that around 1908 the London Times asked him, along with other notable authors, to write an article answering the question, “What is wrong with the world?” Chesterton’s response was to send them a brief letter that said, “Dear Sir, Regarding your article ‘What is wrong with the world?’ I am. Yours truly, G. K. Chesterton.”

The film goes on to expand on the question of "What is right with the world". And hopefully, the answer we would all like to give is "I am."

I bring this up because I came across an article from 2019 by Zack Kanter who tries to define Amazon. It is rather long, but one of the most important points made was that Amazon is, was, and always will be consumer-centric. Amazon's end goal is to please the customer. However, the weakest link seems to be Amazon sellers who cheat the system and otherwise don't care about the customers or other sellers at all. I think sometimes Amazon is tough and unfair to sellers, but I doubt we even know the tip of the ice burg of what they have to put up with due to bad sellers who sell counterfeits, fakes, and damaged goods, along with hijacking and sabotaging other sellers.

So when we are asked what is right with Amazon, I hope you will join me in saying I am.

Read Zack Kanter's article>

What States Fully Embrace Amazon?

SmartScout Pro came out with some really interesting data recently. For example, do you know what state houses the Amazon Sellers with the highest average sales per seller? It's not California or New York. It's the cornhusker state, Nebraska, with an average of $234K per seller. California, New York, and Florida are the top 3 states for total sales volume on Amazon though. Those states also account for the highest number of sellers in a state. Lots of other interesting data points are in their report as well, with sortable graphs. You can see which states sell mainly toys or household goods. Want to know the number of Amazon sellers per state...it's all there.

See it for yourself>

Attention Book Sellers

Media Merchant software is looking for two or three book dealers who are willing to participate in a beta test of their new software called M2. During the beta test, the booksellers can use M2 for free to list books and ship them. As a beta tester, the sellers can continue to list books for free with the understanding that if M2 doesn’t make it to production it will have to be discontinued.

M2 can be found at www.mythrealclan.com which is where you would register to use the application so that you can participate in the beta test. They have produced a series of videos on how to register for M2 and use it that are available from the toolbar of the M2 login page and on YouTube.

Amazon Vendor Central: Everything You Need to Know

This is another excellent article from Webretailer and is the best I have found on the subject.

Amazon Vendor Central is actually a completely different concept from Seller Central. It’s crucial to understand the fundamental differences and not just compare each feature separately.

While a lot is written and said about Seller Central, information on Vendor Central can be harder to come by. There is some level of mystery surrounding exactly how it works. So, in this article, they have answered the most important questions that people have about Amazon’s vendor side.

Go here to learn more>

Why Investors are Racing to Buy Up Amazon’s Hottest Third-Party Sellers

There’s a modern-day gold rush on, except instead of the hills and creek beds of the American West, the landscape of this one is the vast, rich expanse of Amazon.com. With not a pan or pick in sight, fortunes are being made as an ever-increasing number of private equity investors flock to the eCommerce behemoth in search of what has become one of today’s richest commodities — successful Amazon third-party sellers.

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How to Lower Your FBA Fees: 6 Ways to Reduce Costs

It really is possible to lower your Amazon FBA fees. You won’t get Amazon to give you a discount, but you can change the way you use the service so you aren’t incurring unnecessary charges. You should also make sure that all your data is accurate, and claim back fees for any undetected mistakes that Amazon makes.

Small changes could save you a little on every product you store in Amazon’s warehouses, and a little more again on every order that Amazon fulfills for you. Multiply that by thousands of units stored and thousands of orders fulfilled, and those little changes can add up to big savings.

This excellent article from Webretailer lists six key strategies to help you reduce your FBA fees, and add those savings straight back to your bottom line.

Read the article>
New Amazon Sellers
What is JungleCon you ask? This is your passport to all things Amazon. Designed for aspiring and seasoned sellers alike, this free virtual conference explores a variety of engaging seller topics.

JungleCon will feature presentations, tutorials, and insights from Amazon experts. Upgrade your selling strategy and take your business to new heights.

Embark on your journey to Amazon success. JungleCon is a free, two-day conference for sellers presented by a crew of Amazon experts.

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FREE PPC Audit Tool

Helium 10’s PPC Audit tool will instantly review the data and provide actionable insights based on your specific campaigns. This includes uncovering duplicate keywords, and wasteful spending. It also helps you to see more clearly the metrics in your campaign that are working.

The first thing you need to do is download your 60 day PPC search term report from Seller Central. Then you can upload it on the PPC audit page of Helium 10, then enter your Target ACoS.

Since it is free, you have nothing to lose and only money to gain. So tighten up your Amazon advertising and save money while making more sales.

Check it out>

Refund at First Scan (RFS) for seller-fulfilled returns will launch in May 2021

Amazon will issue a refund at the first scan for items returned through Amazon’s Prepaid Returns Label program. A buyer will receive a refund once the returned item is dropped off at a designated carrier location using the Amazon prepaid return label issued. Returns that are self-ship or use a merchant paid label will not be eligible for a refund at first scan.

I guess the most important thing is what happens when a customer-damaged item is returned. Here is that answer:
What happens if the returned item is lost or I receive a materially different item after the customer is issued a refund at the first scan?
In case you receive a damaged or materially different return due to customer fault, you can file a SAFE-T claim on Seller Central within 60 days of a refund charge to your account. Please use the Seller Central refund workflow to provide grading details of the item you received and attach relevant pictures showing the damage to the item while submitting your claim.
For items lost or damaged in transit, the seller will be responsible for filing a claim directly with the carrier to receive a reimbursement.

How Amazon explains it>

Amazon Small Business Academy offers free, live webinars

The Amazon Small Business Academy introduces you to emerging digital strategies and brand-building techniques through free and live webinars.
The webinars focus on specific topics and feature Q&A sessions with experts from Amazon who will guide you from practical application to advanced techniques. You can learn new skills and best practices for selling successfully.
Register now for the upcoming webinar series from Small Business Academy:
  • April 5, 2021: Keyword Optimization
  • April 12, 2021: Advertising
  • April 19, 2021: Service Provider Network
  • April 26, 2021: IP Accelerator
  • May 3, 2021: Handmade
  • May 10, 2021: Automated Pricing Tools
  • May 17, 2021: Account Health
  • May 24, 2021: Multi-Channel Fulfillment
  • June 7, 2021: Top Tips for Launching your Amazon Sales
Visit the Small Business Academy page to register for the webinars, view past presentations, and access additional resources.

Prime Day 2021 Prep: How To Prepare For An Amazon Glitch

I never realized that Prime Day was such a glitchy mess until I read this article from SellerEngine reminding me of the nightmares that have occurred. It is quite an embarrassing list for Amazon. It's worth a read, if only for the entertainment value.

Read more about this>

Prime Yourself For Prime

Deadline to Submit Lightning Deals
April 16, 2021: Deadline to submit Lightning Deals for Amazon North America marketplaces.

Deadline to Submit Coupons
May 28, 2021: Deadline to submit coupons in all previously listed marketplaces.
FBA Inventory Cut-Off Dates for Sellers

FBA Inventory Cut-Off Dates for Sellers
May 31, 2021: Inventory must have arrived at FBA Fulfillment Centers for Amazon US & CA

As you may remember, Amazon keeps Prime Day a secret until it is time.

Read more about how to prepare>


BuyBotPro is the first fully automated FBA calculator, online arbitrage & wholesale analysis tool. The extension analyzes thousands of data points to score deals from 1 – 100. As well as being an FBA calculator and a buying assistant, it checks eligibility, hazmat, private label status, competitor stock and estimated sales. There is no need to pay for Keepa when you use this tool as it is built-in.

BuyBotPro Features:
  • Automated Deal Analysis & Buy Decisions: 7-second results.
  • ROI & Profit Checker: Tells you how much you'll make after fees, taxes, etc.
  • BSR Checker: Tells you what percentage BSR your product is (Top 1%, 3%, 5%).
  • Competition Analyzer: Analyzes your competition for you.
  • Private Label Checker: Checks for the likelihood of it being a private label.
  • Hazmat Checker: Automatically checks if the product is hazmat.
  • Eligibility Checker: Tells you if you can sell the product.
  • Suggested Purchase Quantity: Tells you how many units to buy.
  • Amazon Fees Breakdown: Tells you exactly what your Amazon fees will be.
  • Buy Sheet Automation: It enters your deals into your buy sheet for you.
  • VAT Calculator: Accounts for VAT.
  • Custom Criteria: Tell BuyBotPro what ROI, BSR & PROFIT you're looking for.
  • Profit Margin Calculator: Shows true ROI after fees.
  • Sales Estimator: See the number of sales for a product 30 days, 90 days, and predicted 90 days.
  • Buy Score & Reason: Get a score on whether to buy and the reason for the score.
  • Competition Analysis: See at a glance the Top 10 Sellers, their estimated stock levels, and their price.
  • Variation Feature: At the click of a button see all variations for that product.
  • Sales History Charts: Awesome charts showing you FBA Price, New Price, Amazon Price, and Sales Rank for 7 – 360 days and all opening in large windows for super easy at a glance information.
  • And so much more…
This is the software we use when sourcing products for sale on Amazon. You can find our write-up on it, including videos showing how it works here.

Other news:

Today we'd like to introduce you to an exciting company that is revolutionizing the Amazon funding space with business-friendly funding for Amazon sellers like you.
The company's name is AccrueMe and they will fund your business with $10k-$1M. They apply a unique model that doesn’t require you to make regular required payments or pay any interest – it’s really revolutionary and inherently fair!

AccrueMe only profits when you do which means AccrueMe's interests are aligned with you as an Amazon seller... like you, they want your business to grow and increase profits and will help you do that.

AccrueMe truly is the ultimate win/win business-friendly funding solution for Amazon sellers like you. It would be definitely worth checking out if you are profitable on Amazon and looking for growth funding.

Even more, here's a special offer for you - get started with AccrueMe today and you’ll receive a $500 sign-on bonus when you get funded. To claim the $500 sign-up bonus, just apply using this link https://www.accrueme.com/?afmc=2o and tell them we sent you.

One of the founders of AccrueMe, Don Henig, said you can reach out to him directly by email if you have any questions at Don@accrueme.com.

We are making this introduction in an effort to help you grow. AccrueMe may pay me a small referral fee or a revenue share if they invest in your company.

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