April 02, 2021

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Amazon Tops Six Million Third-Party Sellers

Marketplace Pulse recently released a study showing that the Amazon marketplace hit a milestone. 6 Million unique sellers. Half of them (51%) are selling on the North American marketplace. Amazon is also adding 2000 new sellers per day when adjusted for duplicate accounts. One huge footnote is that most of these sellers seem to no longer be active. Out of the 6 million sellers, the number of sellers active enough to get at least 1 single feedback in the past year is only 1 million.

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Build Brand Loyalty From Outside the Amazon Box

What can you say about Norm Farrar? Sure, he's nice. Super nice. Smart? Heck yeah! An expert in eCommerce, Amazon, and all things digital marketing? You betcha. And, he's joining us to share his considerable knowledge about driving traffic to your brand on Amazon.

We'll cover:
  • Press releases and the potential impact on your product launch
  • Content marketing ideas that can drive customers to your Amazon listings
  • The rise of micro-influencers and how you can leverage them to help promote your brand
  • Other out-of-the-box tips to help you grow your business

Tuesday, April 6th from 1-2pm ET.

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FREE PPC Audit Tool

Helium 10’s PPC Audit tool will instantly review the data and provide actionable insights based on your specific campaigns. This includes uncovering duplicate keywords, and wasteful spending. It also helps you to see more clearly the metrics in your campaign that are working.

The first thing you need to do is download your 60 day PPC search term report from Seller Central. Then you can upload it on the PPC audit page of Helium 10, then enter your Target ACoS.

Since it is free, you have nothing to lose and only money to gain. So tighten up your Amazon advertising and save money while making more sales.

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Fake Reviews On Amazon

Here is part of a statement that Amazon released about the actions they are taking on fake reviews.

“To do this, we use powerful machine learning tools and skilled investigators to analyze over 10MM review submissions weekly, aiming to stop abusive reviews before they are ever published. In addition, we continue to monitor all existing reviews for signs of abuse and quickly take action if we find an issue. We also proactively work with social media sites to report bad actors who are cultivating abusive reviews outside our store, and we’ve sued thousands of bad actors for attempting to abuse our review systems. We encourage customers concerned about the authenticity of reviews left on a product to use the “Report abuse” link, available on each review so that we can investigate and take the appropriate actions."

Exploring Amazon’s Viral TikTok Products

The Power of TikTok

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok accounts with just a few followers can rack up millions of views due to the content suggestion algorithm. If the content appeals to the right audiences, the views and engagement will follow. In that way, TikTok offers sellers, brands, and businesses a relatively level playing field when it comes to reaching new audiences through social media engagement.

This post reviews some examples of Amazon products that went viral on Tik Tok. How did they reach so many viewers, and how did that popularity affect their Amazon sales? We used Jungle Scout’s Chrome Extension to track monthly sales and price changes before and after each product achieved viral popularity on TikTok.

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Amazon Wants Prime Users To Buy Through Their TV

This article sheds light on where Amazon hopes to take its advertising offering. In short; up to the heady heights of TV advertising. Or perhaps more precisely; streaming device advertising.

The big wigs at Amazon call this 't-commerce'. The ability to connect TV-style content with advertisers isn't new but the opportunities created by internet-enabled devices offer a new and more powerful way to deliver value for consumers and advertisers alike.

We see the same principle at play as we do with many other Amazon initiatives. How do we create a more valuable and relevant version of a classic business model? This development just goes to show how much Amazon has become a dual-purpose retail and advertising platform.

It's all very exciting for brands that are able to capitalize on the aspects of engaging with Amazon.

Face Mask Trends on Amazon After One Year of COVID

Helium 10 has written this deep-dive article and the correlation between Covid spikes and face masks.

Let’s look at the roadmap before we dive in:
  • A new industry is born – A year told in Amazon mask search traffic
  • Which masks are most popular? What’s the difference between them all?
  • The rise of filters, face shields, and other “advanced protection”
  • New COVID variants and the efficacy of “double masking”
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Amazon Small Business Academy offers free, live webinars

The Amazon Small Business Academy introduces you to emerging digital strategies and brand-building techniques through free and live webinars.
The webinars focus on specific topics and feature Q&A sessions with experts from Amazon who will guide you from practical application to advanced techniques. You can learn new skills and best practices for selling successfully.
Register now for the upcoming webinar series from Small Business Academy:
  • April 5, 2021: Keyword Optimization
  • April 12, 2021: Advertising
  • April 19, 2021: Service Provider Network
  • April 26, 2021: IP Accelerator
  • May 3, 2021: Handmade
  • May 10, 2021: Automated Pricing Tools
  • May 17, 2021: Account Health
  • May 24, 2021: Multi-Channel Fulfillment
  • June 7, 2021: Top Tips for Launching your Amazon Sales
Visit the Small Business Academy page to register for the webinars, view past presentations, and access additional resources.

The Insurance Requirements for Amazon Third-Party Sellers

Until recently, Amazon has stated the insurance requirement in the ToS, but it has not required sellers to prove that they have product liability coverage. Given the recent lawsuits, Amazon will start to enforce this requirement with sellers who are doing $10,000 or more of monthly sales.

“Sellers with professional selling plans on Amazon.com must provide proof of Commercial General Liability insurance. This insurance, obtained at the seller’s expense, shall cover up to $1,000,000 per occurrence and in the aggregate and must include product liability, bodily injury, or personal injury, property damage, and other requirements as stated in the Participation Agreement. The insurance must indicate that “Amazon.com, Inc., and its affiliates and assignees” are added as additional insureds.”

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Prime Yourself For Prime

Deadline to Submit Lightning Deals
April 16, 2021: Deadline to submit Lightning Deals for Amazon North America marketplaces.

Deadline to Submit Coupons
May 28, 2021: Deadline to submit coupons in all previously listed marketplaces.
FBA Inventory Cut-Off Dates for Sellers

FBA Inventory Cut-Off Dates for Sellers
May 31, 2021: Inventory must have arrived at FBA Fulfillment Centers for Amazon US & CA

As you may remember, Amazon keeps Prime Day a secret until it is time.

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Zonbase is a web-based tool that helps Amazon sellers research products, find profitable niches, estimate sales, perform keyword research, and track product rank in the Amazon search.
  • Keyword Search helps you find the best keywords for your listings and advertising.
  • Reverse Keywords allows you to see the keywords of your competitors.
  • Track your product's rank on Amazon or you can use it with any product to see rankings over time.
  • Find profitable products to sell on Amazon from over 20 million products in the Amazon database.
  • Zonbase Research Chrome Extension speeds up the process of finding profitable products.
  • Sales Estimator lets you see an estimate of the number of items that will sell per month for any product.
  • Hot Product Finder helps you find the most gifted products, products with increasing sales, and those with a lower number of reviews for less competition.
  • Listify allows you to create an optimized product listing containing all the common keywords buyers search for.
Exclusive training, one on one with an expert, on how to use these tools is included with your subscription.

It is definitely worth a look. You can find our write-up on it, including videos showing how it works here.

Other news:

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