May 21, 2021

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Ultimate Guide For Winning the Amazon Buy Box

As well as explaining the dynamics of how Amazon decides who wins the Buy Box this article delves into some practical tips to help sellers increase their Buy Box win rate and what to do if you lose or your buy box win rate decreases.

My favorite tip is how to guarantee sales from the traffic you drive from outside of Amazon, even when you're not winning the Buy Box.

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FBA New Selection Program for those of you with new Product ASINS

I have touched on this before but Amazon has added some more perks for sellers who bring new products to the Amazon marketplace.

FBA New Selection program provides free storage and removals for eligible, standard-size items and free return processing for apparel and shoes. Plus, if you’re a new FBA seller, you can get a $100 discount on Amazon partnered carrier shipping.

In addition, FBA New Selection offers these new benefits:

Sponsored Ads:
For new-to-FBA sellers, Amazon will offer up to $200 in sponsored ads promotional clicks and the free creation of advertising campaigns.

No ASIN limit
Allow an unlimited number of eligible new-to-FBA parent ASINs. It was previously 500.

Oversize item eligibility
For up to 30 units per parent ASIN, Amazon will provide free storage for up to 90 days and free removals for up to 180 days for eligible oversize items.

Improved benefits for apparel and shoes
Amazon increased the free storage benefit from 50 units to 100 units per new standard-size parent ASIN and extended the period for waived storage fees from 90 days to 120 days. Amazon also increased the free removals benefit from 50 units to 100 units per parent ASIN for 180 days. Eligibility for the customer returns processing fee waiver was extended from 120 days to 180 days, and the waiver applies to 20 units instead of 50 units per parent ASIN.

To qualify for the new benefits, eligible parent ASINs must be received at a fulfillment center on or after April 1, 2021. To learn more and enroll, go to FBA New Selection.

How to Remove Amazon Negative Seller Feedback

This is a beginner's kind of article about the steps to take to remove negative seller feedback (not to be confused with product reviews). It is well written, so I thought I would share it.

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Amazon Explore

I have previously written about the Amazon Explore program. And at the time, I thought it was more about customers buying experiences from tour guides and such from around the world. But I came across a video today that shows how it can work in a physical store. You don't even have to have a selling account on Amazon, I don't think. I was kind of blown away by the video so here is the link:

Watch Amazon Explore video>

80 Hot Products - Free Ebook

I like ZonGuru software a lot. Their software is excellent and the company is committed to helping sellers become successful on Amazon.

Today I came across an interesting link on their site and wanted to share it. It is an ebook on 80 Hot Products. They go into detail on each one as to why it is a good product. It is so well done, I will probably refer to it often.
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In looking around, I found another link that offers free resources for developing a great keyword strategy for your listings on Amazon, which they describe as the Halo Effect. I signed up to get the goodies and a quick look shows me this is really useful. There are also some optimization tips and other info. Zonguru has a Keywords On Fire module that helps seek out short and long-tailed keywords for your products.
Check it out>

You can read our write-up on Zonguru on our website here.

Creating Variations on Amazon: What Is and Isn't Allowed?

Get a better understanding of product parent-child relationships, including when to use them and the Amazon policies to pay close attention to. This is an excellent article that spells it all out.

SideNote: I would also like to point out that there is another kind of Amazon listing that is considered a variation and that is one where there is a one-pack and a three-pack, for example. But this article does a great job of explaining the usual kind of listing variations.

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The 2021 Definitive Guide To Amazon Advertising

For sellers and brands on Amazon, advertising is a critical element of success. So it’s important to understand the opportunities and pitfalls of advertising on the marketplace.

Teikametrics totally updated their new free Amazon ads ebook for 2021. You’ll see it’s got all the information and insights you need to launch and optimize your Amazon ad strategy.

Their new guide covers:
  • How to win with Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Amazon DSP
  • What elements of retail readiness need your attention for successful ad campaigns
  • Strategies for profitability on the Amazon marketplace
This isn’t one of those flimsy “ebooks” that turns out to be 9 pages and a meaningless chart. They're giving you 44 pages of detailed information and actionable tips to study, implement, and watch your business take off.

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How to Answer Amazon Customer Questions

On Amazon, customers are able to ask questions about your product directly on your listing. Once the questions are answered, they will be publicly visible on your listing page, just above the customer review section.

Both the seller and other customers can answer these questions. Once a customer asks a question, customers who have purchased that product in the past may receive an email of the question with an option to answer. You as the seller will also receive an email notifying you of the question.

Amazon labels questions answered by the seller or manufacturer, so shoppers know it came straight from the source. Learn some tips and tricks to do this right.

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How to use Amazon's new "Manage Your Customer" Engagement Tool

Now sellers have yet another opportunity to engage and retarget their existing customers. In early March, Amazon quietly rolled out the Manage Your Customer Engagement tool that sends engaging emails to a brand’s followers informing them about the new product launches and discount offers. It’s almost like running an email campaign, with the only difference being that you don’t have the email list. Keep on reading to learn about this latest tool and how it can enhance your shopping experience and drive brand growth.

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The Amazon A10 Algorithm: All you need to know to get ranked on page one

Ranking in organic search results is key for achieving success on Amazon.
Doing so allows you to benefit from the millions of shoppers on Amazon, using the platform’s search engine to find their next online purchase.

Amazon’s own software decides which products show up in the search results, in which order, for each search a customer performs.

So, appeasing that algorithm – known as A10 – is central to success when selling on Amazon. It used to be called A9, but they upgraded it in the past year.

Competition for placement is fierce, with more than 2 million sellers on the Amazon marketplace all trying to do the same thing. So understanding everything about how the A10 algorithm works is vital.

Learn about A10>

Free Beginners PPC Course

PPC doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn PPC basics in Helium 10's free, easy-to-understand PPC course. It's designed for beginners, featuring modules from their popular FBA training course, Freedom Ticket.

Check it out>

Seller Assistant App

Seller Assistant App is a Chrome extension that combines an FBA Calculator, IP Alerts, Quick View, and Stock Checker in one tool. The app integrates right onto the Amazon product page and pops up for you to see everything at once with no extra clicks or scrolls.

Analyze current and historical data, create your product notes, and save the result to Google Sheets making both arbitrage and wholesale sourcing much easier. The app speeds up product analysis while finding more profitable products.

You can find our write-up on it here.

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