March 12, 2021

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Top Selling Amazon Products in 2021

What’s selling? What’s flopping? What’s going to be a hit in 2021? With 2020 in the rearview, and new opportunities on the rise, how are you supposed to find the top-selling Amazon products in 2021?

The link below goes to a well-written article by Helium 10. It revisits 2020 and then gets into the meat of finding the best-selling products on Amazon now. It might just be that light bulb moment for you to find your next big idea.

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Amazon Seller Kicked Off Website Spent $200,000 to Get Justice

An online merchant spent 18 months and $200,000 in legal fees fighting Inc. after it booted him off the shopping platform and seized his inventory. In the end, he received about half the $1.4 million in restitution requested.

But he did get something few of his colleagues ever do: an acknowledgment that the world’s largest online retailer treated him unfairly. Amazon rehashed their response from a year or so ago stating that very few people have actually gone to arbitration and most sellers have their issues solved amicably with the company.

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Free and returnless replacements for seller-fulfilled returns will launch in April 2021.

Instead of requesting a refund, and placing a fresh order, Seller Fulfilled Prime and Merchant Fulfilled Network customers will have the option to order a free or returnless replacement for all returns that are eligible under the prepaid Return Label program when the original item arrives damaged, defective, or materially different. Customers will only be offered a replacement if the inventory of the original item is available in-stock in your Seller Central account at the time of return request.

When a Customer requests a free replacement for their damaged, defective, or materially different seller-fulfilled returns on the Online Return Center on Amazon, they will create a zero value replacement order and will provide an Amazon prepaid return label to return the original item.

Customers will have up to seven calendar days to drop off their original items using Amazon’s prepaid return label. They will notify you to ship the replacement order once they receive confirmation of the customer dropping off their original item

You need to sign up for this. Sellers can self-serve enroll in the Prepaid Returns Label program through the Manage Seller Fulfilled Returns tool. Sellers who are not part of the Prepaid Return Label program will see messaging that states, “Get access to faster returns by taking advantage of the Prepaid Returns Label program. Learn more.” To register, click Enroll.

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Amazon plans to massively expand its new grocery store concept with competitive prices that rival Walmart

In Amazon's attempt to sell everything to everybody, they are opening grocery stores all across the US and the UK. They have opened 11 Amazon Fresh stores since September and will open 28 more this year.

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How Smart Sellers Advertise Their Way to Success

There are no shortcuts to success on Amazon. You've got to be on top of your game if you want to stay in the game.

So what are the strategies and mindsets that smart sellers embrace to win the game? Read about the 5 winning strategies on how the top Amazon sellers pave their way to success

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Shipment Confirmation Required For Fulfilled By Merchant

Beginning April 5, 2021, FBM sellers will be required to provide the carrier name when they confirm shipments via bulk feeds, APIs, or integrators. Some of the commonly used carrier names are USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Beginning May 3, 2021, Amazon will validate tracking details for all seller-fulfilled orders, and show warnings for invalid tracking details.

Amazon's FAQ on this>

How to Create an Amazon Storefront in 2021

An Amazon Store is basically your own custom branded website on Amazon that allows registered brands to showcase their products—without any distractions from competitors’ products or ads. It’ll have the look and feel of a real eCommerce store, with Amazon’s huge audience reach.

Below is an excellent article from the Jungle Scout folks who tell you how to set it up with lots of examples.

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Unsuitable Inventory Investigations Policy

Counterfeit and black hat tactics are always big talking points. The good news is that Amazon is taking this far more seriously than ever before. Yes, there is a great deal more they can do but things are going in the right direction.

Amazon is increasing the burden of proof on sellers to ensure that they are legally sourcing branded products. If they can't then Amazon will move more quickly to dispose of goods.

Undoubtedly this will create many false-positives and if you get caught in the net then it's likely to cause some pain, but the net effect across the entire ecosystem should be positive.

See the new Amazon policy>

Amazon Account Suspended? Best Practices for Reinstatement

Was your Amazon seller account suspended? Were your product listings blocked? There are many reasons for Amazon account suspensions, from improper registration to copyright infringement. Regardless of why your account was suspended, let’s talk about how to get it back! Regardless of the reasons leading to your suspension, following the best practices outlined below can help reduce time and stress and help you get back to selling as quickly as possible.

Check out the article from Appeal Wizards below. If you should ever need them you can get a discount by using this code: A2ZPromo

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Benchmark Your Amazon Advertising Performance For Free

Sellics has a new FREE feature on their site. It is a benchmarking tool that measures your advertising strategies against those of your competitors. We tried it and it was eye-opening, to say the least, and a reason for us to reevaluate all of our advertising strategies.

• Sponsored Ad Formats: Analyze Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands & Sponsored Display
• Detailed Score: Understand if you belong to the top 20% – or the bottom
• Compare ACoS: Are you too conservative?
• Understand profitability dynamics in your category
• Benchmark CPC: How much are others paying for the same click? Learn how to find the perfect bid
• Grow CTR: Do your ad formats outperform the market? If not, learn how to increase the chances of getting a click
• Improve CVR: Are your products more bought than others? Learn how to beat the market & convince consumers

Try this free tool now - it's not as boring as it sounds>

Other Amazon news:

Get a Payability Instant Advance of up to $250,000 in 24 hours based on your future Amazon or eCommerce sales - no credit scans. Next day payouts for your Amazon sales with Instant Access. Sign up today and get a $250 sign-on bonus.

BQool has updated its repricer to be all AI-driven. No more detailed and customized rules, just a few settings, and choose from the below AI strategies, the AI will handle the rest. Starting at $25 a month, which is affordable. Go to BQool.
  • AI Buy Box Winner I - Intense Competition
    Reprice aggressively. Recommended fulfillment type: FBM
  • AI Buy Box Winner II - Moderate Competition
    Reprice moderately. Recommended fulfillment type: FBA, FBM
  • AI Buy Box Winner III - Low Competition
    Reprice incrementally. Recommended fulfillment type: FBA

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