March 05, 2021

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Do you want to take your business further? Maybe it’s being first to market with a new trending product. Maybe it’s trying a new shipping option to make going global easier.

With March Expo – an annual month-long showcase of new products, sellers, and services on – your business can discover new ways to thrive! Explore March Expo and find new opportunities for your business today!

March 1 - 31, 2021

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Jungle Scout Acquires Downstream to Expand Amazon Advertising Capabilities

Jungle Scout has acquired ad tech leader Downstream Impact. Welcome to the Jungle, Downstream!

Downstream is an Amazon advertising and analytics software company. Its enterprise-ready software solution helps large brands and enterprises measure, manage, and optimize their eCommerce advertising campaigns with best-in-class machine learning automation and insights.

With Downstream, Jungle Scout customers will have a full-funnel view of their Amazon business, including never-before-seen advertising insights, along with sales, pricing, competition, and more, and be able to take actions on all the available levers to improve their business.

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Amazon Explore: A New Way to “Travel”

Amazon, Amazon, Amazon...what will you offer next? When I first started reading about Amazon Explore, I thought that it was just a virtual video sort of thing. But it is way more than that.

When you visit the Amazon Explore page, you can browse bookings by price, new experiences, or by region. If you like what you see, book your time slot and mark your calendar! You can find your booking time in the “Orders” section of your Amazon account as if you purchased a product.

When your scheduled time rolls around, your host will live stream directly to you – one on one (or whoever else is in the room with you). However, this is not merely a passive viewing experience. If it was, you’d go watch a 4k video of Italy on YouTube right?

Amazon Explore allows for an interactive experience between host and guest. Ask your host questions, snap photos, talk to local artisans you may run into by chance, and shop online for souvenirs… all live from your virtual adventure. Items you purchase from your host are all handled securely through Amazon’s payment system (everything is already tied to your Amazon account).

How often is it that you get a personal, one on one tour of somewhere halfway around the world with live access to a local expert who can answer your questions on the fly?

And if you live in an interesting place, you could even become a host and make money.

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How to Boost Amazon Conversions from Abandoned Shopping Carts

Cart abandonment is more common than you think. The average eCommerce store loses about 75% of its sales to digital cart abandonment. Simply put, if you improve your cart abandonment rate, you earn more sales.

This guide on how to boost your Amazon conversion rate covers where you can find your conversion rates and gives you some useful tips on how to increase the number of potential sales that turn into actual sales.

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How to Optimize for Alexa Voice Search

Voice search and Amazon are tightly connected because of Echo products that feature an AI assistant named Alexa. Since Alexa only “shops” on Amazon, more people using Echo means that more customers will be shopping on Amazon.

And just imagine if your product was what Alexa "sold" the customer when they asked for Coconut Shampoo? Here is an article from SellerLabs on how to increase your chances of being the chosen one.

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First Product on Amazon With One Million Reviews

Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker became the first product on Amazon to amass over a million reviews. Popular products on Amazon have exploded in the number of reviews, thus changing their perceived value after the company introduced one-tap ratings in late 2019.

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Helium 10 Crosses One Million User Threshold

Just wanted to give a shout-out to Helium 10 for crossing the 1 million users mark.

"We were not the first software to the market for Amazon sellers," explains Chief Amazon Strategist Bradley Sutton. "However, we quickly became the number one option for sellers worldwide due to our unrivaled breadth of software we have, the value, the education, the data accuracy, and functionality."

Use this Promo Code - A2ZSC50 for 50% off your first month for Helium 10. software or you can do the free version of Helium 10.

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Ecomdash Offers Free Plan

Ecomdash now offers a FREE plan for all new customers who process less than 30 orders each month.

Ecomdash is a cloud-based inventory system that also includes order management and shipping management capabilities in one platform. It is designed for small to mid-sized online retailers who sell through multiple channels. The platform sends and receives data from online sales channels, suppliers, and fulfillment centers, giving users increased visibility over their retail operations.

The free plan includes:
  • Import up to 30 sales orders a month
  • Automatically sync quantity for 100 products
  • Connect unlimited sales channels
  • Create and manage unlimited product listings
  • A Free 1-hour Onboarding to learn how to use Ecomdash to be successful
  • Online Chat and Email support
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Business Growth Tool for Amazon Sellers Adds New Profit & Accounting Features

Automate Pricing fallows you to quickly update prices across a large catalog of products, without spending a lot of time to make updates listing by listing. With the newly launched business pricing rules, Amazon Business sellers can now create rules that will automatically update their business prices and quantity discounts. You can make these updates based on changes to your consumer prices, saving both time and effort.

Similar to existing price rules, you can control the prices by defining rule parameters, setting minimum and maximum price boundaries for single-unit business prices, and selecting the SKUs on which to automate pricing.
For quantity discounts, the percentage discount you enter for each quantity tier will be used to determine the minimum price applicable for that specific quantity tier. For example, if the minimum price for a SKU is USD $20, and you entered 10% as the discount on 5+ units, the minimum price applicable for quantity tier 5+ units would be USD $20 * (1-10%) = USD $18.

For more information, see Create a business pricing rule.

Amazon Seller Feedback: The Essential Guide

In an effort to maintain its high standards, Amazon is frequently updating its review guidelines for both buyers and sellers. It’s important to stay on top of the latest procedures, what’s allowed and what’s not — so that you ensure you’re making the most of your position as a seller and not running up against any of its rules.

The link below takes you to another insightful article from Webretailer.

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Other Amazon news:

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BQool has updated its repricer to be all AI-driven. No more detailed and customized rules, just a few settings, and choose the below AI strategies, the AI will handle the rest. Starting at $25 a month, which is affordable. Go to BQool.
  • AI Buy Box Winner I - Intense Competition
    Reprice aggressively. Recommended fulfillment type: FBM
  • AI Buy Box Winner II - Moderate Competition
    Reprice moderately. Recommended fulfillment type: FBA, FBM
  • AI Buy Box Winner III - Low Competition
    Reprice incrementally. Recommended fulfillment type: FBA

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