February 19, 2021

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Trending: Amazon Merch That Says “Trust Me, I’m Vaccinated”

In the "Damn, I wish I had thought of that" department, comes this article from Jungle Scout on "I've Been Vaccinated" merch.

It probably isn't too late, for all you creative folks out there.

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Amazon Limits Use of Payment Services to Vetted Providers

Amazon launched a new program that impacts how sellers can receive proceeds from their Amazon sales. Many merchants choose to have disbursements made directly into their bank accounts – those sellers won’t be impacted by the new policy. But some merchants use a third-party service, which Amazon calls Payment Service Providers (PSP). These would be companies like Payoneer, PingPong, or WorldFirst.
  • If you do not use a PSP, but instead are using a bank account directly issued to you by a bank, no action is required.
  • Beginning on March 1, 2021, sellers adding a new bank account from a PSP must use a PSP that is participating in the Program.
  • Sellers using a PSP not enrolled in the program have until May 31, 2021, to become compliant
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How To Find Profitable Products To Sell On Amazon

For Seller Fulfilled Prime Sellers Trying To Meet The New Requirements - An Interesting Alternative

Worried about losing your Prime badge due to not meeting the new Seller Fulfilled Prime nationwide 1-day and 2-day delivery metrics? Scrambling to figure out how to quickly expand your Prime coverage?

Cahoot order fulfillment network can help!
  • Nationwide 1-Day Coverage
  • Affordable SFP Fulfillment Mon-Sat
  • Fast Onboarding
  • Advanced Monitoring & Notifications.
To learn more, visit the link below. There is an informative article. There is also a webinar on what they do, but you have to give up your information to view it.

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Inside Amazon’s Opaque Editorial Recommendations Ecosystem

I try to stay in the know with Amazon, but I am constantly surprised by new features I don't know about. A case in point is Editorial Recommendations. Why am I just now noticing them? If you go to Amazon and search for "Best Dust Mask", scroll down the third row and there is a recommendation. So the people writing them are being paid, the seller is making bank, but there is a shady side to this where others make money as well. In a world where nothing surprises us anymore, I think you will find this not too surprising, but interesting all the same.

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Free Guides & eBooks For Amazon Sellers

Looking for answers for some of the most pressing questions about selling on Amazon? Helium 10 offers guides and ebooks that cover almost all the difficult areas sellers encounter along the way to profitability. Also, there is a free version of Helium 10 you can use...not a trial...free.

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Cross-border Fulfillment in North America

I didn't write about this when it was first announced in October, but due to its obvious benefits, I thought it worthwhile to tell you about Amazon's Remote Fulfilment with FBA program. The program enables Canadian and Mexican orders to be fulfilled from US inventory.

It works in exactly the same way as the European Fulfilment Network in that inventory is sorted in the 'home' marketplace but made accessible to customers in other countries.

Once the order is made, Amazon will move inventory across the border. FBA fees are slightly higher and delivery slower.

Below is a link to Amazon's fact page on this program

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Amazon Releases New Changes To Dietary & Supplements Category

Back in early December, Amazon released new category changes to the Dietary & Supplements Category, which required specific documentation for category approval. It's a drag, but it needed to be done with all the fake supplements out there.

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Condition Guidelines For Amazon Product Listings

Most sellers sell new, but there are those of us who sell used as well. Assigning the correct condition to each product you list on Amazon is the first step toward providing a great customer experience. It is important to make a careful assessment of your product before specifying its condition.

It never hurts to remind yourself of these things.

Let Amazon explain it>

Other Amazon news:

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