December 25, 2020

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Now You Can Buy Individual Genuine GTIN Barcodes For Your Products

A few years ago when I have several products that needed barcodes, I had to pay $800 per year for them, and what a hassle it was. Lately, when I needed barcodes, I just bought some off of eBay, which wasn't the greatest idea.

But now you can buy just one GTIN number for a new product for $30 from the real deal... This is a recent development just announced in November. So now you can have your own authentic GTIN number without having to lay out hundreds of dollars.

Here is an article that gives the specifics.

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Amazon Feedback Removal Guidelines: What You Need to Know

Negative or incorrect seller feedback is bound to happen at some point. Below is an article that shares how it impacts your account status and what you can do to protect your seller account.

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Here is a recent announcement from Amazon:

December 16, 2020
Update to FBA shipment closure timelines from Amazon
In order for us to receive your inventory more efficiently and minimize delays, shipments created beginning today will be automatically updated to Closed status if they become more than 90 days old. We strongly recommend that you ship the full quantity entered in the shipment to Amazon as soon as it is created.

Amazon Brand Protection is Broken: Here’s How to Fix It

Amazon continuously recruits new sellers, adding product selection, and driving lower retail prices for customers. Amazon does not distinguish between which sellers are authorized by brands to sell their products, and which are not, but it does have well-documented policies regarding acceptable seller behavior.

Were Amazon to manage product risk preemptively, much of the counterfeiting and poor customer experiences would simply disappear. Customers would be protected, while brand owners would become more trustful that Amazon is protecting them. Let us examine the actions that Amazon could take.

The above is from an excellent article on WebRetailer.

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27+ Best Amazon Seller Podcasts to Help Your Business in 2021

If you need some inspiration, encouragement, new ideas, or tips and tricks to help navigate selling on Amazon, then this article will help you find a podcast. The article is really well written and worth a look.

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Jungle Scout Special

Since Jungle Scout is so popular and they are having such a huge special the whole month of December, we include this ad. Runs from 12/1 to 12/31
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