December 18, 2020

Hello Amazon Seller,

Upcoming Removal of Comments Feature on Reviews

I am quite stunned by this announcement. And it has happened so suddenly with no warning from Amazon. I like the comments under the product reviews. I read them sometimes and even click when it is helpful.

Amazon has stated that they are retiring this feature on December 16, 2020. I looked on the first product that came up on the Amazon home page and the comments and the ability to comment is still there. So I will watch this page to see when or if comments disappear.

Customers obviously like and use the feature. And sellers use it for providing help and information about their products to both present and future buyers.
Being able to reply to reviews is an important outlet for sellers when improper reviews are left on a product.

Below is a link to the thread in SellerCentral. I guess there are several threads as sellers are pretty upset about it, but this was the first one I found.

Read the thread>

Get More Customers with Amazon Subscribe and Save

Need a new way to net loyal customers? Amazon’s program, Subscribe and Save, may be exactly what you need.

Amazon Subscribe and Save is a program that allows sellers to offer their products at a slight discount if customers enroll to receive regular shipments of that product.

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Amazon Updates Sellers on Marketplace Tax Collection

Amazon has expanded the number of states for which it collects sales tax, it announced this week, adding an additional 11 states and Puerto Rico. This is a good thing for sellers.

Here’s what Amazon told sellers in Tuesday’s announcement:

You may have noticed since our last Marketplace Tax Collection (MTC) update that we’ve expanded from 32 states and the District of Columbia to an additional 11 states and Puerto Rico. When items are shipping to any MTC jurisdiction, you may see sales tax calculations made by Amazon, on your orders, at no cost to you. Taxes collected by Amazon are shown with the order details and in various Seller Central reports. Amazon remits (as the taxpayer) all taxes collected as MTC to the appropriate tax authority.
Our newest jurisdictions are:
New Mexico
Puerto Rico
Rhode Island
West Virginia

As always, please work with your tax advisor to help identify any changes to your business and tax reporting in these states. Visit our Marketplace Tax Collection FAQ 32 that contains state-specific details and your Amazon reporting options.

Amazon A10 Algorithm: What You Need to Know

Amazon is continuously updating its search engine algorithm. Learn which factors the A10 algorithm takes into account and recommendations to improve your product ranking.

Below is a link to an excellent article from Feedvisor detailing the specifics.

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Amazon sellers worry they can’t meet holiday demand as the company limits warehouse space

Who didn't see this coming?

  • Amazon in August instituted limits on product shipments from third-party sellers who use its U.S. warehouses in an effort to make sure it had enough space to store all their goods for the holidays.
  • But third-party sellers say they can’t restock products quickly enough, causing them to run out of inventory and lose out on some holiday sales.
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How to List Product Bundles on Amazon

Amazon product bundling is taking two or more complementary products and bundling them together into one listing. Instead of ordering from two or more different product listings, the customer can get everything they need with one click.

This is a great article from Jungle Scout on some bundling ideas.
Read the article>

27+ Best Amazon Seller Podcasts to Help Your Business in 2021

If you need some inspiration, encouragement, new ideas, or tips and tricks to help navigate selling on Amazon, then this article will help you find a podcast. The article is really well written and worth a look.

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Zonguru Winter Holiday Offer

Zonguru is a cloud-based solution that provides tools for Amazon sellers. There are two modes of the program: The Chrome extension for research and the Web App for all the tools
Chrome Extension:
  • Choose a category and see all products monthly revenue, sales numbers, rank information, price information, and more
  • Now includes Niche Rater
Web App:
  • Dashboard – estimate in real-time the net income generated by your Amazon FBA business
  • Sales Spy – track the number of sales generated by any product on Amazon
  • Your Products – easily enter your COGS, manufacturer delivery time, and shipping time so you can manage your re-order timelines
  • Email Automator – choose when the emails are sent and take customization to the next level by adding attachments and product review links
  • Listing Optimizer – allows you to optimize the titles of your products, descriptions, feature lists, and keywords
  • Keyword Tracker – monitor where your keywords are currently ranked, how the rank has changed over time, and how the keyword is trending
  • Product Monitor – Get email alerts whenever your listing receives a new review or hijack alert
  • Your Orders – search by customer name, ASIN, marketplace, etc. to find the customer or order quickly
  • Negative Feedback – will alert you as soon as a customer leaves a negative review
  • IP Monitor – protect your Amazon products from the theft of intellectual property related to the photos of your products
  • Historical Event Tracking - This revolutionary new addition lets you quickly tell how changes to any ASIN, yours or the competition’s, affects sales. Simply choose which events you want to track, such as changes made to the title, description, price, and more. See exactly the impact they have on market trends!
They have a limited-time holiday offer going on, and it’s a doozy! On top of getting 50% off the first month of service, you also get $800 worth of free goodies! These exclusive items, including their Hot Products eBook, Around the Track video training series, and Pathway to Success guide, are tailor-made for FBA newcomers looking to start selling like the pros, fast.
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Jungle Scout Special

Since Jungle Scout is so popular and they are having such a huge special the whole month of December, we include this ad. Runs from 12/1 to 12/31
Use this Promo Code - A2Z50 for 50% off lifetime of your subscription to Zonbase
Use this Promo Code - A2Z_20_6MON for 20% Off For 6 Months for A2X software
Use this Promo Code - A2ZSC50 for 50% off your first month for Helium 10. software
Use this Promo Code - SAPPHIRE for 20% off your first three months for Seller Labs software.
NOTE: Above offers are subject to change.

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