December 12, 2020

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Why Retailers Like Amazon and Target Are Embracing No-rush Delivery

Amazon and other retailers are offering incentives for buyers to accept a slower delivery. Much of this comes from the overload of the pandemic, but there is also a financial aspect to it. That is always the case with Amazon. But Amazon is trying to create positive outcomes from slower delivery times. Imagine the impact if Amazon offers some environmental incentive for you to select a later delivery. This is where it is heading. If trucks can leave the warehouse fuller, it is better for the environment. But there is more to it and this article covers it well.

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Predictions, Plans, and Preparations for Sellers in 2021

2020 is coming to a close, and you’re invited to a look into the future. Prepare your business for everything coming your way in 2021 with a week of insights and predictions.

Attend these daily short-form sessions hosted by top Amazon experts for their thoughts on a range of topics.
  • Getting Started on Amazon
  • Product Research and Launching
  • Advertising and Branding on Amazon
  • Brands of the Future
  • Businesses that Scale
  • Multi-Channel E-Commerce
Click the link below to learn more about each session and to mark your calendar.

Monday, December 14th to Friday, December 18th

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How to Protect Your Brand with Unique Serial Codes

The Amazon Transparency program is Amazon’s solution to counterfeiting and protecting your brand from black hat sellers who steal your product and piggyback your listing.

Transparency assigns a unique serial number to each of your product units. That way, every single one of your products’ authenticity is verifiable – and knockoffs will be easy to identify.

In addition to serial numbers, each product unit carries a scannable QR code. As Amazon fulfills your customers’ orders (if you are using the FBA model), they’ll scan each Transparency label before shipping to ensure only authentic products are being sent to customers.

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Amazon's Recap Of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

  • Independent businesses selling on Amazon—nearly all of which are small- and medium-sized businesses—surpassed $4.8 billion in worldwide sales from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, an increase of over 60% from last year.
  • More than 71,000 small- and medium-sized businesses worldwide have surpassed $100,000 in sales this holiday season to date.
  • American small and medium sized businesses have sold an average of 9,500 products per minute this holiday season to date.
  • Independent businesses selling on Amazon worldwide have created an estimated 2.2 million jobs.
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27+ Best Amazon Seller Podcasts to Help Your Business in 2021

If you need some inspiration, encouragement, new ideas, or tips and tricks to help navigate selling on Amazon, then this article will help you find a podcast. The article is really well written and worth a look.

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Benchmark Your Amazon Advertising Performance For Free

Sellics has a new FREE feature on their site. It is a benchmarking tool that measures your advertising strategies against those of your competitors. We tried it and it was eye-opening, to say the least, and a reason for us to reevaluate all of our advertising strategies.

Sponsored Ad Formats: Analyze Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands & Sponsored Display
Detailed Score: Understand if you belong to the top 20% – or the bottom
Compare ACoS: Are you too conservative? Understand profitability dynamics in your category
Benchmark CPC: How much are others paying for the same click? Learn how to find the perfect bid
Grow CTR: Do your ad formats outperform the market? If not, learn how to increase the chances of getting a click
Improve CVR: Are your products more bought than others? Learn how to beat the market & convince consumers

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9 Steps to Finding Private Label Products to Sell on Amazon

Here is a nice article with a checklist of what to look for when searching for a private label product. We found it helpful.
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Zonguru Winter Holiday Offer

Zonguru is a cloud-based solution that provides tools for Amazon sellers. There are two modes of the program: The Chrome extension for research and the Web App for all the tools
Chrome Extension:
  • Choose a category and see all products monthly revenue, sales numbers, rank information, price information, and more
  • Now includes Niche Rater
Web App:
  • Dashboard – estimate in real-time the net income generated by your Amazon FBA business
  • Sales Spy – track the number of sales generated by any product on Amazon
  • Your Products – easily enter your COGS, manufacturer delivery time, and shipping time so you can manage your re-order timelines
  • Email Automator – choose when the emails are sent and take customization to the next level by adding attachments and product review links
  • Listing Optimizer – allows you to optimize the titles of your products, descriptions, feature lists, and keywords
  • Keyword Tracker – monitor where your keywords are currently ranked, how the rank has changed over time, and how the keyword is trending
  • Product Monitor – Get email alerts whenever your listing receives a new review or hijack alert
  • Your Orders – search by customer name, ASIN, marketplace, etc. to find the customer or order quickly
  • Negative Feedback – will alert you as soon as a customer leaves a negative review
  • IP Monitor – protect your Amazon products from the theft of intellectual property related to the photos of your products
They have a limited-time holiday offer going on, and it’s a doozy! On top of getting 50% off first month of service, you also get $800 worth of free goodies! These exclusive items, including their Hot Products eBook, Around the Track video training series, and Pathway to Success guide, are tailor-made for FBA newcomers looking to start selling like the pros, fast.
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Jungle Scout Special

Since Jungle Scout is so popular and they are having such a huge special the whole month of December, we include this ad. Runs from 12/1 to 12/31
Use this Promo Code - A2Z50 for 50% off lifetime of your subscription to Zonbase
Use this Promo Code - A2Z_20_6MON for 20% Off For 6 Months for A2X software
Use this Promo Code - A2ZSC50 for 50% off your first month for Helium 10. software
Use this Promo Code - SAPPHIRE for 20% off your first three months for Seller Labs software.

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