September 25, 2020

Hello Amazon Seller,

Amazon Extends Holiday Returns Window

One of Amazon's latest announcements:
In anticipation of customers shopping early for the holidays, we have temporarily extended the return window of our returns policy.
The Amazon Extended Holiday Return Policy for 2020 requires that most orders delivered between October 1 and December 31 be returnable through January 31, 2021. This policy includes orders that are shipped by you and orders that are shipped by Amazon.
Although the return window for most orders is extended, it can vary by category. You can see the return deadline in each category on our Returns Help page.

To learn more about our return policy, visit Amazon’s Return and Refunds policy page .

Needless to say, there are a lot of Amazon sellers upset with this news. Hey, let's return out Halloween costumes at the end of January.

Amazon SEO in 2020: A Comprehensive Guide

This article serves as a hands-on tutorial on how the Amazon search engine functions within the platform and how you can formulate a sound Amazon SEO strategy for your business.

An Overview of the Amazon SEO Process
The Amazon A9 Search Engine
The Two Essential Factors to Rank Higher

How to Write a Killer Sales Copy
How to Take the Best Product Photos
The Most Common Amazon SEO Mistakes

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New Way For Amazon Sellers To Get Funding

Sellers always welcome access to capital and lawyer advice. And that’s exactly the kind of bet that a unique kind of venture capitalist called AccrueMe is bringing to Amazon sellers. There are no monthly payments and no interest and they don't own your business. If you are ready to take your Amazon business to new levels, but lack the capital, then this might be for you. Below is an article about the company.

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Reminder About Changes To Buyer Seller Messenging

On 3rd November 2020, changes to the Buyer-Seller Messaging Guidelines will come into effect. This is actually good news overall, but you will probably have to make changes to your emails as Amazon will become stricter at taking action against non-compliant sellers.

Here are the key highlights:
  • Update to the type of messages you can and cannot send to buyers
  • You can still send requests for reviews
  • A clear list of what you cannot send
New rules come into effect on 3rd November 2020
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Amazon Virtual Product Bundle Tool

Would you like the ability to create product bundles without sending additional inventory to Amazon? Are you looking to test and validate product combinations, or cross-promoting them? Amazon has launched a new function named Virtual Product Bundles, to help sellers do just that!

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Launch, Grow, and Protect Your Brand On Amazon

Do you want to learn how to launch, grow, and protect your brand on Amazon? Join this webinar on Thursday, October 1st at 2pm ET featuring Amazon expert Shannon Roddy of Marketplace Seller Courses.

Shannon has worked with over 100 brands and manufacturers to launch, grow, and protect their brands on Amazon. He has successfully helped launch over 23 #1 New Releases, 4 #1 Best Sellers, and 29 Amazon's Choice Products. Whether you're new to Amazon or an experienced seller, you are sure to learn something new from Shannon in this webinar!

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Top Secret Mission Game From Seller Labs

Are you ready to become the top Amazon seller in your category? For too long the secrets of successful selling have been hidden. We are proud to say, we are boldly unlocking them now.
Don't miss this chance to get access to Amazon selling tips that others don’t want you to know:
  • How to Build A Strategy
  • Ranking on Amazon:
    Getting Your Products Seen
  • Advertising on Amazon:
    Driving More Sales
  • Messaging Customers:
    How to Get More Reviews & Feedback
  • Beating Black Hat Tricks
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How on Earth do I find the right supplier to manufacture my product?

Finding the right supplier for your product is a job in itself. Where do you even start looking? And once you’ve actually found a list of suppliers, how do you sift through the mountains of data? There’s SO. MUCH. STUFF. Zonguru, in collaboration with Alibaba brings you Easy Source. Instantly find suppliers with a proven track record of delivering results. Powerful filtering options let you find suppliers to meet your exact Private Label requirements like location, manufacturer/agent, price/MOQ, verified revenue/shipments, and more. Crafted by ZonGuru. Powered by

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