September 18, 2020

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Amazon Creates Its Own Black Friday

Amazon put a new date on the calendar last week. No it’s not Prime Day. But it has told its sellers that “Black Friday” deals will start on Monday, Oct. 26, leaving the rest of the retail world to read the tea leaves on Amazon’s Q4 plans.

Amazon Early Black Friday Deals will start and run through Nov. 19. There will be three weeks of Amazon Early Black Friday Deals with different products on special offer each week. The traditional “Black Friday” falls on Nov. 27 this year; Cyber Monday is Nov. 30.

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Buyer-Seller Messaging Changes Webinar - September 22 - 1 PM EST

This is a free webinar from EcomEngine and Teikametrics on the recent changes to Buyer Seller Messenging on Amazon. Topics to be discussed include:
  • New updates to Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging policies
  • How the Request a Review button works and the results sellers are seeing
  • Answers to your questions about Amazon's Buyer-Seller Messaging policies
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Amazon's murky world of one-star reviews

Amazon's marketplace is being abused by independent sellers using one-star reviews to harm rivals, the BBC has been told. Newsnight spoke to a number of those affected who believe their sales have suffered as a consequence. A consumer rights champion now wants a UK watchdog to investigate further, as part of a probe into fake reviews that is already underway.

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ASGTG & Retail Global join forces for Virtual Conference - September 23

ASGTG is joining forces with Retail Global to deliver the best free eCommerce content on the Internet. With two tracks, the event will feature a marketplace track focusing on the likes of Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. The second stream will take a deeper dive into eCommerce such as selling from your own website with topics such as SEO, marketing, and the future of online retail moving beyond Covid-19 to be discussed.

September 23, 2020

retail global

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How on Earth do I find the right supplier to manufacture my product?

Finding the right supplier for your product is a job in itself. Where do you even start looking? And once you’ve actually found a list of suppliers, how do you sift through the mountains of data? There’s SO. MUCH. STUFF. Zonguru, in collaboration with Alibaba brings you Easy Source. Instantly find suppliers with a proven track record of delivering results. Powerful filtering options let you find suppliers to meet your exact Private Label requirements like location, manufacturer/agent, price/MOQ, verified revenue/shipments, and more. Crafted by ZonGuru. Powered by

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