October 16, 2020

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The top 20% of products on Amazon are earning 80% of the revenue

The days of ignoring Amazon SEO, throwing up any old product on Amazon, and then waiting for the paychecks to start rolling in are long gone. Instead, in an increasingly competitive marketplace, Amazon continues to develop algorithms to match sellers’ products with their shoppers. Your product has to be relevant.

Today, if you’re not maximizing the impact of your Amazon SEO, you’re in great danger of losing out on sales. After all, the top 20% of products on Amazon are earning 80% of the revenue!

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Amazon says third-party sellers made more than $3.5 billion from Prime Day

Thanks to Prime Day 2020, small- and medium-sized businesses in 19 countries made $3.5 billion this week on Amazon. That’s according to the retailer’s own stats. In typical Amazon fashion, the company didn’t disclose how much revenue it made during the two-day event, nor did it say anything about total sales. Amazon did mention that the $3.5 billion third-party sellers made represent a 60 percent increase over their earnings during Prime Day 2019. It also made a point of noting that third-party sales grew more than its own.

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Changes In Amazon Rules For Customer Communication

Amazon made a lot of changes to its guidelines for sending messages to customers. The following is excerpted from an article by ZonGuru and we pasted it here because it is so important to get it right or you could lose your Amazon account.

Amazon’s new terms of service prohibit the following messages:
  • Order or shipping confirmations
  • Thank you messages or here to help messages
  • Marketing or promotional messaging, including coupons
  • Language that either incentivizes or persuades the buyer to submit positive product reviews or seller feedback
  • Language that requests removal or an update of an existing product review
  • Language that requests a product review only if they have had a positive experience with the product
  • A repeat request (per order) for a product review or seller feedback
Amazon prefers a consistent messaging experience for its customers and states all permitted messages should not contain the below:
  • External links, unless they are secure working links (https, not http), necessary for order completion or links to Amazon
  • Attachments except for product instructions, warranty information, or invoices
  • Logos, if they contain or display a link to your website
  • Link to opt-out of messaging
  • Sensitive content in images or text (e.g. bare skin, violence/gore, adult/offensive language)
  • Tracking pixels or images
  • Email addresses or telephone numbers
  • Images of purchased products as Amazon includes those on your behalf
  • Images that do not relate to your brand or company
  • Accessibility issues as specified in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines from the Web Accessibility Initiative
  • Emojis
  • GIFs
  • Message margins over 20% max-width
  • Image or graphic sizes larger than 80% max-width
  • Overrides of Amazon’s default line height, font family, or font color
  • Fonts in more than three sizes
  • Message bodies that are centered or that otherwise override default text alignment settings
  • More than two line-breaks (spacing between paragraphs) in a row
  • Unsecure images (http instead of https)
  • Spelling errors or grammar issues
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The Prosper Show - October 27-28 - Virtual

Prosper Virtual Show is ideal for the established Amazon seller who wants to learn how to make their business more profitable by partnering with leading solution and service providers to help them grow. They aim to provide the resources, skill development, strategies, tools, and knowledge top Amazon sellers need to Prosper.

Accomplished Amazon sellers will benefit from their sessions that will feature the best practices and structured and unstructured and networking opportunities. Customized to the needs of online sellers who want to improve their businesses on Amazon, this conference features multiple former Amazon insiders as well as CEOs and general managers from top Amazon marketplace solution providers.

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