February 19, 2022

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Amazon Prime Membership Growing at 30 Million Members a Year

Since the pandemic, Amazon has attracted about 30 million new members to its Prime membership program each year (in 2020 and 2021).

Meanwhile, membership renewal rates continued to improve. “The renewal rate after one year hit 94%, while the rate after two years is an impressive 98%.

Side Note: Let's see if that holds true when Amazon raises the price of Prime from $119 to $139 on February 18. In this era of inflation, a lot of customers will not be in the mood for this hike. Amazon doesn’t expect a significant decrease in membership and hopes to offset the news by increasing benefits, such as faster delivery times and savings on prescriptions.

Their stock recently went up 14%, so it seems they can do no wrong. Unless you build a huge yacht...see the next story.

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The Dutch vow to egg Jeff Bezos' yacht if a bridge is dismantled to let his boat pass

It's not exactly smooth sailing these days in the Dutch port city of Rotterdam, where locals are voicing their objection to a plan that would temporarily dismantle a historic bridge to enable the passage of a record-breaking yacht reportedly owned by former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Some are already making plans — albeit in jest — for what they will do if the project comes to fruition: throw eggs at the yacht as it traverses the water under the Koningshaven Bridge, known locally as "De Hef."

Once delivered, Bezo's boat will become the world's largest sailing yacht.

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What are brands spending on Amazon Advertising?

Amazon recently reported that advertising is a 31 billion dollar business. Every year since they rolled out advertising for their Marketplace they have only increased their investments and made concerted efforts to get Amazon Sellers to adopt this as a part of their marketing.

SmartScout decided to try and answer one simple question.
Who’s doing all the spending and where is it going each month?

What sticks out is Amazon's own investments in advertising. Several sources report that they do not charge their own brands for this space. That leads to some interesting questions. Specifically, just how fair is this marketplace? Very interesting as Amazon comes off a huge earnings report.

Check out the link below to see the crazy amount of money some brands/sellers spend on advertising. And while you are there, check out the SmartScout software. It will help you tremendously with your sourcing. There isn't any other software out there like it.

Check out the money spent, you will be amazed>

And if you like that chart, check out this chart showing how competitive some categories can be. I can promise you, you have never seen anything like this:

SmartScout Racing Bar Chart>

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Being an Amazon Seller in 2021; Year in Review

Unfortunately, we don't often hear the real, lived experiences of the good and bad of selling on Amazon.

That's why Molson Hart's annual review of his own business' performance is so refreshing. It's honest, candid and a valuable resource for any Amazon entrepreneur.

The article is long, but it is riveting with his tales of the ups and downs of running a very successful business, both on and off of Amazon. I admire his perseverance.

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5 Tips To Help You Set The Best Amazon PPC Budget For Your Business

Advertising on Amazon is becoming increasingly competitive as more brands and advertisers compete for customers. It’s crucial to set your Amazon PPC campaigns up in a way that protects you from overspending and allocates your budget for maximum impact. Follow these top tips and you’ll be well on your way to getting the level of your Amazon PPC spend just right.

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60,000 Amazon Sellers Exceeded $1M in Sales

Sixty thousand sellers eclipsed $1 million in sales on the Amazon marketplace in 2021. The number has doubled over the past three years.

According to Marketplace Pulse modeling of the seller distribution by sales volume and estimates of $390 billion in collective sales, approximately 350,000 sellers exceeded $100,000, 60,000 sellers sold over $1 million, and over 3,000 had more than $10 million in sales in 2021. More than half of those sellers sell on Amazon.com in the US. The rest, on one of the other nineteen marketplaces.

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Million-Dollar Sellers: 8 Things You Can Learn from Them

Each year, Jungle Scout surveys thousands of Amazon sellers, brands, and agencies to understand what makes these entrepreneurs tick. Among their discoveries are key insights into how million-dollar Amazon sellers rise above the pack. They analyze the paths and strategies some SMB sellers and brands take to become high earners, from their advertising portfolios down to the dollar amount they spent to launch their businesses.

They recently spoke directly to highly successful Amazon sellers to get their tips on how to transform your business and identified common traits and behaviors of Amazon’s millionaire sellers to see what game-changing strategies our data reveals.

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powerhouse roundtable
This year has been off to a busy start for Amazon sellers. There's so much happening! That's why Teikametrics is bringing together industry experts for a discussion on everything from brand building to the latest Amazon programs.

Join them for the free webinar on Tuesday, March 8th at 1 pm ET to learn:
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Amazon Adds Template Feature to Email Marketing Tool for Brand Sellers

Amazon announced last week that you can now send email campaigns to followers of your Amazon brand. This is the first time that Amazon has ever allowed brand owners to email potential customers before they have purchased a product (prior to this, all emails were done post-purchase).

The Customer Engagement tool empowers brand owners registered in Brand Registry to engage with their Amazon followers through email. Brands with 1000 or more followers on their Amazon Store will have the best experience when using this tool. However, this tool is accessible to all brands with followers.

You can now create themed email campaigns within the Customer Engagement tool. Multiple holiday banners are available with new templates being launched monthly. With these themed templates, you can suggest gifts for upcoming holidays, New Year resolutions, travel adventures, game days, and other occasions.

Start an email campaign easily in the Customer Engagement (beta) tool by choosing the theme that you would like to run from the Select event type drop-down menu. Select your themed banner in “Email Settings,” and then set up your campaign the same way you normally would.

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New Requirements for Radio Frequency Device Listings on Amazon.com

This from Amazon:
The FCC Radio Frequency Emission Compliance attribute is now available for you to add your FCC compliance information to radio frequency devices that you offer for sale on Amazon.

As per Amazon policy, all radio frequency devices (RFDs) must comply with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations and all federal, state, and local laws applicable to those products and product listings.
You may not be aware that you are selling products the FCC identifies as RFDs. The FCC broadly classifies RFDs as any electronic or electrical product that is capable of emitting radiofrequency energy. According to the FCC, almost all electronic or electrical products are capable of emitting radiofrequency energy. Examples of products that are regulated by the FCC as RFDs include Wi-Fi devices, Bluetooth devices, radios, broadcast transmitters, signal boosters, and devices with cellular technology. FCC guidance on what is considered an RFD can be found here.

If you are listing an RFD for sale on Amazon, in the FCC Radio Frequency Emission Compliance attribute, you must do one of the following:
Provide evidence of FCC authorization consisting of either an FCC certification number or contact information for the Responsible Party as defined by the FCC.

Declare that the product is not capable of emitting radiofrequency energy or is not required to obtain an FCC RF equipment authorization.

Effective March 7, 2022, we (Amazon) will be removing ASINs that are missing required FCC information from the Amazon store, until that information is provided.

Go To Amazon's Radio Frequency Devices Policy>

Amazon Infographics for Product Listing Optimization

An infographic is a collection of images, icons, colors, and data visualization to present information clearly and effectively.

Instead of learning about a particular Amazon product by reading a big block of text, wouldn’t you rather learn about the product by looking at easy-to-understand product images? Consumers want information about a potential purchase readily. This is precisely the point of using infographics on your product detail pages.

Besides your main product image, the other six images on your listing don’t need to be of products on a pure white background. You’re allowed to use unique backgrounds, text, graphics, icons, lifestyle imagery, and so on, to convey information and add visual interest.

Instead of just using straightforward product photography, you can use the space to showcase your product’s main features and benefits. That way, customers can quickly learn about your product without being limited to reading the bullet points or description.

Let Jungle Scout show you how>

Free BSR Chart

The Amazon Category Best Sales Rank Chart might not be as pertinent as it was in years past, but it still provides value and is worth a look.

Every product is assigned a BSR by Amazon that changes by minute, hour, or day. This rank is indicative of how well an item is selling in its category. A rank of 1 would be the best product in that category. The higher the BSR, the fewer the sales of that product. As with most things with Amazon, it is complicated.

The BSR Chart lists the rankings per category. so let's say you are sourcing books and you find one with a BSR of 3 million. You might think you should pass, but in Books, a rank of 3.5 million is in the top 5%. Home and Kitchen is another category where a rank of 4 million is in the top 5%.

Consider this chart yet another tool in helping you to find products to sell on Amazon. The chart can be downloaded from Chris Grant's website at the link below. Sign up and he will send you a new one as he updates them.

Get the free BSR Chart>

Free ASIN Index Checker

Make sure your customers on Amazon can find you with this FREE tool by ZonGuru. Index check your ASINs for any keyword on Amazon and never get left in the dark again.

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  • Third party Amazon sellers sell as much as the eCommerce arms of Walmart, eBay, The Home Depot, Target, and Apple combined.
  • Amazon has doubled its global workforce since the start of 2020 from nearly 800,000 to more than 1.6 million today.
  • Starting 03/31/2022, Flammable and/or Aerosol storage increase requests will no longer be accepted. Going forward, storage allocation will be based on seller performance, and how quickly units inbounded are shipped and sold.
  • There is a new Shipping Queue performance dashboard in SellerCentral.
  • A former Amazon employee has been sentenced to 10 months in prison and fined $50,000 for his role in a fraud and bribery scheme on its marketplace that involved stealing info about algorithms, paying contacts in India to reinstate suspended accounts and attacking competitors who opposed the actions.
  • Amazon bought 6.2 gigawatts of clean energy last year, making it the biggest corporate buyer of renewable power.


The Sellics advertising system enables you to track, analyze, and re-evaluate the operation of your Amazon advertising, using user-friendly and useful charts. Use the automated bidding software to save time and help you achieve a higher return on ad spend (ROAS). Track your ad performance for any given period, and see exactly which changes positively affected your campaign results.

Key features include automated keyword changes and the ability to pause keywords in your campaign ads. Set search terms to negative in your campaigns in order to get the most out of your advertising spend. Use this software to find new keywords, optimize listings, monitor & boost rankings for all your Amazon products.

The Profit Dashboard shows your exact profit margins after all your costs are deducted (Amazon fees, PPC spend, promos, item cost, etc.) It is seamlessly integrated with Seller Central and your profit data is displayed in real time.

Optimize your keyword rankings to ensure your customers find you on Amazon. Stop checking for new reviews manually and start getting automated updates! Discover your competitor’s top sellers with just a few clicks. Use the Spy feature to determine the real sales volume for any ASIN on Amazon.

Sellics will automatically calculate the perfect reorder date for each product based on it’s current sales velocity and lead time. Research using filters like estimated sales, sales rank, weight, number of reviews and a lot more to quickly find thousands of profitable products matching your winning criteria.

As of January 2022, the software is now equipped with product dashboards for each of your products, enabling you to:
• get a quick overview of your products’ current performance
• analyze historical data to understand sales, profitability, and advertising performance over time.

Sellics offers a free keyword research tool at http://sonar-tool.com. It allows you to search for keywords associated with an ASIN or you can search by keyword as well.

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