January 22, 2022

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How Many Sellers Are on Amazon?

Amazon is one of the largest seller platforms in the world, with 6.3 million total sellers and an incredible 1.5 million active sellers in 2021, according to Marketplace Pulse. Of course, this should come as no surprise since Amazon is the largest online retailer in most of the world.

There are a lot more stats addressed in the blog post linked below.

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FBA Freedom Challenge - Free Event

The FBA Freedom Challenge is a 5-day live training event designed to help people start their own Amazon business. It is hosted by Ben Donovan (brandbuilderuni.com) and Jon Elder (blacklabeladvisor.com). Each day attendees receive live training and are sent a daily assignment to ensure they are taking action through the week.

VIP Upgrade
Standard enrolment is free, but attendees can choose to upgrade to VIP to gain behind-the-scenes access. This means they will be able to join the Zoom call and ask direct questions following each session. Standard attendees can watch these sessions but only from the Facebook stream.
VIP also gives lifetime access to the event recordings which will otherwise be removed at the end of the challenge.

8-Week Brand Builder Incubator
In the final stages of the event, attendees will be invited to the “Brand Builder Incubator”. This will include:
  • Lifetime access to all current & future Brand Builder University courses
  • 12-months access to BBU+ - a membership community featuring weekly support calls and monthly masterclasses
  • An 8-week coaching intensive with Jon and Ben featuring weekly coaching and implementation calls
  • A startup software bundle

Hurry as the event starts Monday, January 24th

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Amazon Seller Fees Explained

2022 Complete Guide

As FBA fees skyrocket, what other Amazon fees should sellers look at in 2022? With all your Amazon seller fees explained in plain English, this is one blog post you won’t want to miss.

Since the latest edition of the “Amazon Fees Explained” series, a lot has changed for buyers as well as sellers on Amazon. There are no more ASIN-level storage limits, Early Reviewers, buyer details in FBA shipment reports, or Scan & Label tools.

Instead, we have country of origin (COO) requirements, lower IPI thresholds, higher FBA fulfillment fees, new size tiers, and free replacements for self-fulfilled orders.

We also have programs like Amazon Explore, Heavy & Large, and Amazon Selling Partner 360, which come with new Amazon fees.

Here’s what Amazon seller fees will look like in 2022.

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How to Rank High on Amazon

If you're struggling to get your listings to rank on page 1 of the Amazon search results, you won't want to miss this free webinar! You'll learn about Amazon Best Sellers Rank and how to improve your rankings to see a boost in your sales.

What will be discussed:
• How product reviews influence ranking
• The importance of listing optimization
• Keyword research strategies
• Tips to help you get maximum traffic and visibility for your products

27th January 2022, 9 AM EST

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Amazon Seller Account Suspension: The Experts’ Guide

One of the most alarming things about selling on Amazon is how suddenly you can have your account suspended.

With very little warning, you can find your Seller account is gone, and it can take quite a long time to get it back.

There are various reasons why this happens. Most commonly it's because your Seller performance isn't consistently high – and the standards you have to meet when selling on Amazon, in terms of customer satisfaction, are very high indeed.

But there are also simple ways in which sellers slip up, such as entering a wrong number during registration, or by including a website URL in the product descriptions, which can lead to suspension. Sometimes the reason can be as simple as not being entirely familiar with the rules in a different country.

Here's a handy guide from the experts at e-Comas on the main reasons accounts get suspended, plus how to avoid getting suspended, and what to do if it happens.

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2022 Trends & Predictions for E-Commerce Marketplaces

It can be tricky figuring out what to prioritize this year with evolving consumer behavior and new technologies emerging. Feedvisor's newly released 2022 Trends and Predictions in E-Commerce Marketplaces report shares the most significant predictions for 2022 from their Amazon experts to help you narrow your focus, as well as tips for formulating your e-Commerce strategy.

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The State of Amazon: 2022 Data Report

Sellzone and Kaspien bring you this useful report on the State of Amazon.

Full of useful insights, this report will help you make better business decisions in 2022.

Here are a few takeaways:
  • The 2020 eCommerce surge was temporary. Amazon experienced a 7% decrease in traffic in 2021.
  • Amazon is still the biggest player, although, seven out of its top 10 competitors managed to grow their market share in 2021
  • Amazon ad costs rose, increasing 26% on average CPC compared to 2020
  • Electronics dominated product searches in 2021

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Amazon To Expand Account Health Phone Support To Pro Sellers

Amazon will roll out 7-day-a-week on-demand phone support to Pro sellers who have questions about the health of their accounts. A Call-Me-Now option will be added to the sellers' Account Health page throughout 2022, which reads: "If you have any questions about your account health, have an account health specialist contact you right away."

Get more info on this from eCommerceBytes>

5 Challenges New Amazon Sellers Face

There are some universal challenges many new sellers face after launching a product. We counted 5! Check out this guide to find out what they are and how to overcome them to keep your business growth on track.

This guide discusses the challenges new Amazon sellers face and how to overcome them.

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Master Online Arbitrage in 2 Weeks and Take Your Amazon Business to the Next Level

The OA Challenge is an easy-to-follow online program that covers all of the key elements of online product sourcing for Amazon sellers in 2022 and beyond. The challenge is live but you will also get access to all recorded sessions so you can take it at your own pace if you'd like.

There is a new OA Challenge beginning on February 7th, 2022.
Early-bird signups before January 24th can get $50 off with this promo code: EARLYBIRD50

Check out their website and see what others are saying>

Amazon Brand Registry Benefits in 2022

With millions of sellers and a rapidly growing third-party marketplace, Amazon continues to expand and improve the Brand Registry. When it comes to building and protecting your brand on Amazon, there’s no better way than enrolling and managing your business through this program.

Having been around for several years now, the Brand Registry is great for allowing registered brand owners to ensure their intellectual property is protected and accurately represented on Earth’s biggest marketplace. But last year, it became a portal to unlock marketing tools across Seller Central, Vendor Central, and the Amazon Ads platform.

To get the most out of the Amazon Brand Registry, you must know how to access and utilize the expansive features it offers. This blog from ECommerce Nurse will discuss the benefits of the Brand Registry in 2022, and help you have your best year yet.

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The Ultimate Guide to Amazon A+ Content

Amazon is a highly competitive marketplace, and smart sellers will use all tools available to get an edge—especially when they’re free.
In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into Amazon’s A+ Content, how to set it up, and how it can increase your conversion rates.
  1. What Is Amazon A+ Content and Why Is It Important?
  2. What’s the Difference Between Amazon EBC, A+, A++, and Premium A+?
  3. How to Register with Amazon Brand Registry
  4. Self-Registering Your Trademark for $250
  5. How to Add EBC to Your Amazon Listing
  6. EBC Modules vs. Pure Images: Which Is Better?
  7. What Types of Content Should You Include in the EBC?
  8. Amazon EBC Best Practices
  9. Final Thoughts
Read this excellent article from EComCrew>
freedom ticket
Helium 10 invites you to join them on January 27th at 11 am PT for their latest webinar — Becoming an Expert Amazon Seller with Freedom Ticket.
Freedom Ticket is an award-winning FBA course from Helium 10 that teaches you everything you need to go from a total beginner to an expert seller.

In this exciting live webinar, you’ll get an introduction to everything Freedom Ticket has to offer:
  • Discover why 95% of sellers pick the wrong product and learn to avoid doing the same
  • See why Amazon is still a great opportunity — but only if you treat it like a real business
  • Learn how Helium 10’s data can be used in tandem with Freedom Ticket’s proven strategies to outclass your competition
  • Find out why it was voted Best Amazon FBA Training Course by Seller Poll
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Free BSR Chart

The Amazon Category Best Sales Rank Chart might not be as pertinent as it was in years past, but it still provides value and is worth a look.

Every product is assigned a BSR by Amazon that changes by minute, hour, or day. This rank is indicative of how well an item is selling in its category. A rank of 1 would be the best product in that category. The higher the BSR, the fewer the sales of that product. As with most things with Amazon, it is complicated.

The BSR Chart lists the rankings per category. so let's say you are sourcing books and you find one with a BSR of 3 million. You might think you should pass, but in Books, a rank of 3.5 million is in the top 5%. Home and Kitchen is another category where a rank of 4 million is in the top 5%.

Consider this chart yet another tool in helping you to find products to sell on Amazon. The chart can be downloaded from Chris Grant's website at the link below. Sign up and he will send you a new one as he updates them.

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Free ASIN Index Checker

Make sure your customers on Amazon can find you with this FREE tool by ZonGuru. Index check your ASINs for any keyword on Amazon and never get left in the dark again.

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PODCAST: The Changing Landscape of Amazon Advertising— Brent Zahradnik

Amazon sellers have realized the impact that brand marketing can have on sales and are quickly adapting their business strategy to suit. So, what should you consider during the transition?

This week Brent Zahradnik—a Google and Amazon Ad expert and the founder of AMZ Pathfinder—talks about the changing landscape of Amazon advertising and its future.

He discusses why sponsored ads will remain the foundation of Amazon advertising and the importance of understanding the nuances of ad strategies before outsourcing advertising work.

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Year End Reports For Your Accoutant

Here is some helpful advice from Chris Grant at Cleartheshelf.com:

1. Log in to Seller Central, hover over REPORTS, and click on PAYMENTS.
2. Click on the DATE RANGE REPORTS tab.
3. Click the GENERATE REPORT button.
4. Select the SUMMARY option.
5. Choose the account type you want to include.
6. Select the CUSTOM date range option and enter from 01/01/2021 of the year to 12/31/2021.
7. Click GENERATE.

Reasons for Amazon Stranded Inventory and How to Address Them

Running an Amazon FBA business isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. There are many frustrating aspects of selling on Amazon that we as sellers always need to be aware of.

One major facet of selling on Amazon, or any e-Commerce business, is inventory management; knowing where your inventory is and if it’s all accounted for, how it’s performing, etc.

That’s why it’s very important to check your stranded inventory frequently to avoid unnecessary storage fees or account issues.

Below is a link to a great article on this from the folks at Jungle Scout.

Learn more>


  • Only products in new condition that measure 18 x 14 x 8 inches or less, weigh 3 lb. or less, and are priced at $8 or less are eligible for Small and Light.
  • Some sellers are complaining about old & resolved IP complaints popping up on their dashboard; "We cannot accept this invoice because: -- It was not submitted."
  • Rumor has it that Amazon Prime Day 2022 will take place on the 18th and 19th of July. Amazon isn’t likely to reveal the date for the annual sale until closer to the date. Jowever, it appears Amazon will bring the event back to mid-July instead of having it in June as it did in the summer of last year.
  • Inventory has to arrive within 30 days of the ASIN first being created otherwise the ASIN gets removed. Not something you want to see happen...


SmartScout is a tool for Amazon Sellers that can quickly find brands and products that match specific criteria. It was built by Scott Needham, a massive Amazon seller who owns BuyBoxer. This is the software he used to build his impressive Amazon business, which sells over 300,000 products. The data comes from deep within Amazon.

There are tools in this software that you will not see anywhere else. Their FBA Calculator tells you what exactly needs to change with a product as far as size and weight in order to be put in a cheaper tier. This is invaluable for private label sellers.

Their traffic graph will show you how many people saw your products and where that traffic came from. This tells you which products to focus on with advertising and what is most important to stock.

The traffic flow map will show what products are usually suggested by Amazon as an “also bought with” product. This can help tremendously with possible bundles and also which other products to target so your ad shows up on their page.

With the subcategories tool, you can quickly scan all the subcategories within any category on Amazon using SmartScout's intuitive file directory system. Perform in-depth analyses of products and brands on Amazon within similar or related subcategories so you can expand your product offerings

The software also gives you access to key filters such as Amazon in-stock rate, the average number of sellers, average selling price, and even sales revenue. The software gives the sales breakdown of each brand to find which sellers are doing most of the volume. It also lets you see which brands are private-labeled.

One of the best features of SmartScout is seeing which products are out of stock across Amazon categories. No other software seems to do this. And if you can find those products elsewhere and send them to Amazon, you can usually name your price if it is a hot product.
  • Searches are fast, easy, and fun
  • Use numerous data fields, such as the number of sellers, revenue, etc to zero in on the best products
  • Know if there is a dominant seller who gets 60% of the sales
  • See the Amazon in-stock rate
  • Products are rated on a score of 1 to 10 with their in-house rating system
  • View your information by category, brand, product, or seller. You can even view products and sellers of multiple brands in different tabs
  • Use extensive product filters to narrow down the best private label products for your business to sell
  • Quickly see the average rating and buy box price on any item
  • Just import an Excel file, and SmartScout's UPC Scanner will give you a data table you can filter and sort to unearth the most profitable products for your wholesale business
They also offer courses for Amazon sellers.

Use Promo Code A2ZSC for 20% off the first month or annual plan

Starting at $97 per month – Free Trial

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Pay as you grow with Teikametrics Flywheel 2.0

Teikametrics Flywheel is the AI-powered advertising platform to connect, optimize, and grow your business on Amazon, Walmart.com, and beyond.

AI-Powered Flywheel 2.0 is free for businesses under $10K in monthly marketplace sales. Affordable, scaled pricing for everyone else.

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