December 03, 2021

Hello Amazon Seller,

You’re just on a planet spinning around in the middle of absolutely nowhere. You came here to visit for a handful of years and then you are going to leave. How can you live all stressed out over everything?

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With supply change shortages and inflation through the roof, the tweet above comes as no surprise. But Cyber Monday online sales were $10.7 billion, so still lots of coin was made.

Overall, Cyber Week remains the biggest event in the retail calendar despite a dip in results this year. Consumers spent $33.9 billion online during the five-day period, down 1.4% compared to last year, according to the Adobe Digital Economy Index. Faced with such insurmountable obstacles, an increasing number of Amazon sellers chose not to participate in Cyber Week this year. This included not just supply chain issues, but Amazon imposed stocking limits and products costing more to produce. And then there is the issue of consumers having less money to spend because of inflation.

Box-Level Inventory Placement

Amazon's Box-Level Inventory Placement helps improve the distribution of your products across Amazon’s fulfillment network. For eligible inventory that you send to Amazon, we use your box-level information to streamline shipping to fulfillment centers so that your products are stored closer to customers.

The box content information that you provide determines whether your shipment is eligible for box-level placement. Eligible shipments are separated into multiple box groups, with each group sharing the same destination address. There is no additional cost to you.

If box-level placement applies to your shipment, Multiple destinations will appear under the Ship to heading in your shipping plan. You create shipments as you normally would and don’t have to send to multiple destinations.

Sidenote: This is a program that is still rolling out to all the sellers. Hopefully, this will help alleviate having to divide your shipments to be sent to different warehouses and therefore paying more in shipping. Before, if you sent everything to one location you could still get charged per item for it to be sent elsewhere. So I hope this fixes that and makes life so much easier for the sellers.

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How to improve your Amazon IPI score for FBA sellers

Are you wondering what the Amazon IPI score is and how it affects your business? This blog will detail the basics of the Amazon Inventory Performance metric and give you some useful tips to help avoid inventory-related issues that frequently plague sellers.

The fact is, too much inventory and not enough inventory can both be problematic. Solid inventory management is one of the best ways to ensure your business is as profitable as possible. Read on to learn about IPI and how to optimize your performance in Seller Central.

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A Chinese firm was harvesting millions of Amazon customers' data and selling it to Amazon's third-party sellers

In 2018, third-party companies were scraping customer data thanks to one of Amazon's own programs, according to Wired Magazine, which viewed internal documents and memos.

One company, in particular, a Chinese data firm, was able to do so because of a system that Amazon already had in place to help sellers collect metrics on how their products were performing.

The Chinese firm used the system as a backdoor to collect troves of the data and compile it in a service — dubbed AMZReview — that was advertised to Amazon's third-party sellers to help them boost their rankings.

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How to Choose an Amazon Seller Name

Your Amazon seller name is essentially your brand on the platform. It will be associated with your brand forevermore and is what gives customers their first impression of you and your product. That’s why Zonguru has shared the best tips on getting this right.

Your Amazon seller name is the image that you showcase to the world. It is the name that people will recall—both consciously and subconsciously—when contemplating a repurchase. And, depending on the products you plan to sell, it can also serve as your brand name.

And just because you already have an Amazon seller name doesn't mean you can't change it. Sellers do it all the time.

Read this fun article on the things to think about when choosing a store name.

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Amazon Board Game
Amazon is a board game, the rules are set. Those who understand them will win. Those that do not, won't, and will lag behind. In this webinar, Liz Downing is joined by Hannah Blackburn and Peter Beke of The Hawker's Club for a discussion surrounding how Amazon is a board game, how the best in class brands play, and how sellers can keep their eye on the prize.

What they will cover:
  • The Amazon Decision Matrix (a proprietary tool developed by Hawker’s Club to quantify how to make decisions that will be rewarded by the algorithm and avoid being penalized)
  • The rules of the game and how they apply to sellers
  • The more of the board game you master, the less competition you will have, as not all sellers make it.
  • How can you win the Amazon board game?

December 7th 2021, 10:00 - 11:00 AM ET

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Free BSR Chart

The Amazon Category Best Sales Rank Chart might not be as pertinent as it was in years past, but it still provides value and is worth a look.

Every product is assigned a BSR by Amazon that changes by minute, hour, or day. This rank is indicative of how well an item is selling in its category. A rank of 1 would be the best product in that category. The higher the BSR, the fewer the sales of that product. As with most things with Amazon, it is complicated.

The BSR Chart lists the rankings per category. so let's say you are sourcing books and you find one with a BSR of 3 million. You might think you should pass, but in Books, a rank of 3.5 million is in the top 5%. Home and Kitchen is another category where a rank of 4 million is in the top 5%.

Consider this chart yet another tool in helping you to find products to sell on Amazon. The chart can be downloaded from Chris Grant's website at the link below. Sign up and he will send you a new one as he updates them.

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We saw the massive disruption of the global supply chain through all of 2021.

The addition of Omicron and other potential variants have left sellers wondering what will happen to the supply chain (and selling in general) heading into 2022.

Here are two power-packed sessions with industry SMEs giving the current status of the global supply chain, and solutions/options to overcome growing challenges.

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Pay as you grow with Teikametrics Flywheel 2.0

Teikametrics Flywheel is the AI-powered advertising platform to connect, optimize, and grow your business on Amazon,, and beyond.

AI-Powered Flywheel 2.0 is free for businesses under $10K in monthly marketplace sales. Affordable, scaled pricing for everyone else.

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Free ASIN Index Checker

Make sure your customers on Amazon can find you with this FREE tool by ZonGuru. Index check your ASINs for any keyword on Amazon and never get left in the dark again.

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What Is Amazon Verified Purchase Review— A Comprehensive Seller Guide

If you go through the review section of any listing (product page), you will find some reviews with a “Verified Purchase” badge/label beneath the date the customer has left that review.

Amazon essentially vouches for the authenticity of any customer review with this badge. In other words, Amazon conveys to other customers that they can trust a particular review without any apprehension. It suggests that the customer has left this review without any bias and hasn’t been influenced and swayed by the seller in any way.

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Great Cyber Deals From Jungle Scout

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  • Amazon is rolling out a new account health page support feature that will allow sellers to speak with a representative on account health-related issues. This seems like a promising new feature, especially when account health can be some of the more stressful issues for sellers. You can access this by logging into Seller Central, accessing the account health page on the performance dashboard, and clicking "Call me now".
  • From Amazon to a seller: We're writing to you because we have concerns regarding the ordering behavior on your account with an Amazon Prime membership. The shipping activity by you or your invitees is similar to patterns we've seen when Amazon Prime is used for reselling.
  • Amazon announced a new service that allows customers to make machine learning apps without coding or technical expertise, known as Amazon SageMaker.
  • Amazon expects to become the largest U.S. package delivery service by early next year, leapfrogging shipping rivals UPS and FedEx.
  • Amazon announced that it’s launching two satellite prototypes into low-Earth orbit late next year. According to Reuters, Amazon asked the FCC for permission to deploy 7,774 satellites as part of the Kuiper Project. Within a decade, 3,236 of these should be functional. The Project Kuiper constellation will compete with Musk’s Starlink.


SellerApp’s advanced algorithms help you find the right products to sell, track, and drive traffic to product pages on Amazon, both organically and through paid campaigns.

The platform allows you to optimize and manage your PPC campaigns easily and effectively to increase ROI and stop draining money on wasteful spending. Get top-performing keywords and potential negative keywords in one click. Optimize your PPC campaigns all within the software, no need to login to your seller dashboard.

With the inventory module, you will be able to identify top SKUs and get sales, revenue, profit, and PPC trends for each individual SKU. The platform enables you to do smart inventory planning with advanced analytics to tell you when exactly to reorder, including stock levels and the sales rate of each SKU.

Improve the performance of your existing products by optimizing the product listing. The software generates a thorough report that evaluates product listings based on discover-ability and further breaks down these two factors into all the aspects that contribute to it.

Discover keywords of existing top sellers and high-impact keywords for ad campaigns while getting real-time search rank of your keywords on Amazon. Track keywords to find out which page you’re ranking on and your exact search position over a period of time to track your performance.

Discover top-selling product ideas and validate them based on existing competition, demand, profit margin, revenue potential, and a lot more metrics. Let SellerApp monitor all aspects of your Amazon business by setting alerts on your product listings for hijackers, buy box pricing, bad ratings, inventory, and listing quality. There is also a Chrome extension for insightful analytics into all aspects of a product on Amazon.

Check out the free tools section of their website for tools such as FBA Calculator, Keyword Search, Product Sourcing, Listing Quality, Trademark Search, Product Description Editor, ACoS calculator, Duplicate Keyword Remover, and an Amazon Sales Estimator.

SellerApp also offers the first Amazon review request Google Chrome app to help you get more product reviews.

There is a free version for two products and then starts @ $49/month after that.

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