August 21, 2020

Hello Amazon Seller,

We aren't going to pick sides, but Helium 10 put out some information that did not paint Jungle Scout in the best light. So Jungles Scout took the Helium 10 table of comparisons and added their rebuttal. I think the document shows off the features of both software companies. If you would like to take a look at the Jungle Scout response, then check out the pdf below. I enjoyed reading it. They are both excellent choices for helping run your Amazon business.
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Here are some articles about Amazon that you might have missed.

Don't Sell Face Masks On Amazon

Amazon NO longer approves NEW product listings for Personal Safety and Household products such as face masks! Amazon has implemented more stringent requirements for products related to the worldwide battle against coronavirus.

In fact, they’ve already started removing product listings that don't fit with their new requirements and it isn't just limited to face masks. The short video below talks about this issue and discusses what other profitable products you can sell instead.

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Ready for the holiday rush? Black Friday is a huge opportunity to boost profits and grow your business.

The sooner you start preparing, the more successful you'll be.
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Come ready with your questions about preparing for Black Friday as an Amazon seller. You'll leave knowing exactly what you need to do!

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How Influencers Can Help Brands Selling on Amazon

Did you know that Amazon has an influencer program? We didn't. But sure enough, if you have a following on social media, you can create an influencer page on Amazon with products you like and then send traffic there and get a small commission. And as sellers, if you can find an influencer to spread the word about your products, it could work out really well for you.

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Amazon Seller Insurance Requirements

If you’re like many new or experienced sellers, you probably didn’t realize that Amazon, at some point, requires you to have product liability insurance. Don't freak if you are just starting out, as you have to reach a certain amount of sales before it is required.

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