August 07, 2020

Hello Amazon Seller,

Time seems to be flying by and Q4 will be here before we know it. You can never start too early to prepare for what Amazon says is going to be a the biggest holiday season than any before it. Amazon is even buying fewer products so that there is more shelf space for Amazon FBA sellers. We could all use a great selling season. Hopefully, Congress can get it together to help people and that the economy will somewhat recover by the end of the year. Sadly with so many small businesses closed and never coming back, we will get the bittersweet benefit of that situation.

Here are some articles about Amazon that you might have missed.

Amazon Buyers Can Find Your Home Address In 30 Seconds...Yikes!

Amazon says that the seller's business name and address will be displayed on the seller profile page starting September 1, 2020. Here is an article about what you can do. I will say that I went into my account and changed my address to my P.O. box and Amazon just changed it automatically with no issue or requiring any proof.

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US Sales Tax Thresholds For Each State

To determine whether or not you need to pay US sales taxes to other states, you have to first find out whether or not you have a nexus in the state and have reached the sales limits.

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Amazon closer to launching satellites, upping Internet reach

Space...the next frontier for Amazon? Interesting article about Amazon's plans for providing Internet for all.

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Amazon Announces New Tool To Improve The Quality Of Your Listings

The Listing Quality Dashboard, a tool on Seller Central that helps customers find your listing and improve other aspects of your listing.

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